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May 22, 2017
Yeah, no.
I just read something that made me laugh so hard. 🤣I thought it was maybe a joke or perhaps the delusions of a desperate, lonely fella.
I mean, does that stuff really work?o_O

But then, I realized that sometimes you just have to tell it like it is and see what happens.😣

Sometimes I worry for all the wonderful ladies (and gents) here at Dims. Perhaps it's my overactive protective instincts. It could be triggered by some of the horror stories I've been told. :eek:Or maybe I'm just overly jaded.🧐 When I hear promises of "too good to be true" connections, my ears perk up. I wonder if any of our family of members would/could fall prey to someone out to take advantage of us (yes, even guys get bamboozled sometimes).😓

As it is early in the Hump Day morning, my brain is not quite firing on all cylinders but I just wanted, no needed, to put this out there. No disrespect to anybody. Just keeping it really real on this cool Wednesday morning.

BTW - The Doctor is in today! Shout if you need me! 😁

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