Ten Things I *blank* About You...

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May 6, 2010
, Male
A mixture of dims and non-dims...

1: Sometimes you're on exactly the same wavelength as me, others I wonder how on earth we're actually friends.
2: I truly hope you don't think I only wanted to use you and then dispose of you. My timing was truly awful but you did mean the world to me.
3: You are far too nice to me after everything.
4: You get shit done, I appreciate that more than ever.
5: We've never really talked but I feel like I know you so well, you seem like a truly kind-hearted and supportive guy.
6: Your brazen sexuality is alluring, intimidating and inspiring all at the same time.
7: I don't quite get the attraction, you're cool and all but I must be missing something.
8: Treat her well, god knows she deserves it.
9: I don't want to do that, you KNOW I don't want to do that and why it's such a bad idea, so why are we having that conversation?
10: I want to tell you, but every time the opportunity presets itself I find an excuse not to. Maybe I don't want to seem like even more of a black sheep. Maybe I've had enough of being judged already.

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