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Oct 9, 2005
SSBBW, Eating, Romance, ~XWG - a once slender girl finds marital happiness at size 64

The Blind Date
by Anonymous

I had a copy of the ad in my car. It said SWF wishes to meet a man who
likes women over 250 pounds for friendship, possible relationship. I had called Mary, and talked to her. I had learned a long time ago, not to mention weight in the early stages, so I knew little about Mary's physical appearance.

I rang the doorbell, and a very attractive, yet slim woman answered thedoor. I was dumbfounded, and said, "I'm sorry, I was looking for a Mary."

The lady said, "yes, this is the right house."

I then said, "Er, Mary Wilson."

She said, "Yes."

I didn't remember her mentioning a roommate, so I looked very puzzled.

"I'm Mary Wilson," she said. Then I thought that maybe she had a very shy roommate or sister, and was calling for her. She asked me to come in.

"SO, you like large women," she said.

I was now starting to worry. Was this slim woman going to torture me for liking large woman. Was I an insect caughtin the spider's trap?

I said "Yes."

"So, you must be an FA, then?"

Again, I answered with the simple yes. I then said that I was quite surprised that she was so slim.

"My ad didn't say I was over 250, now did it?" she replied.

"Nooo." I said.

"Well, let me explain," she said. "You remember our conversation on the phone about my last boyfriend? Well, when we met, I was a size 12. Not really fat, not really thin. But he was a jock, and was always exercising and dieting.I didn't mind. As a matter of fact, I've dated jocks, and I've dated teddybears, and I like them both. But Jim's dieting and exercising plans always included me. He was never happy. He always wanted me slimmer. I followed his wishes, and quit thinking about what I wanted. I was shopping at the clothing store, because my clothes were always too loose. I had just discoveredthat my bra size had gone down to what it was when I was 11. Here I am,a woman of 29 wearing a training bra. Oops--excuse me for being personal.

I told her that I didn't mind, that her conversation seemed interesting.

"Well, anyway, when I came out of the dressing room while making that discovery, I noticed a large woman. She was really pretty and well-kept. And she had a nice man with her who liked her the way she was. We chatted and followinmg her lead I did a lot of reading. I learned all about the "fat movement." I know about the organizations, the magazines, FA's, etc. I really admired that woman. I dumped Jim, and I placed the ad.

The point is, I want my curves back, and more. If men can like woman beingfat, why can't a woman want to be fat? I could have started sooner to gain weight, but I read that FAs like to watch women gain. Are you in?"

I thought for a few moments, and was totally floored. She was so attractive, she would look good at any weight. But I didn't know her.

She weeighed in a little more. " Here's the scoop--my ad said seeking for friendship-and anything else that might develop. You don't have to make a commitment. We can be friends--I thought we really clicked on the phone, more so than any other person who answered my ad.If you want to end it at any point --you can. I'm going to gain the weight--even if I do it alone--so you don't have to feel guilty. If you'd rather not help me gain--or if you can't stand me this thin, call me in a few months or so. I hope that you don't feel that I misled you. I guess it's no fun for an FA to date a lady in her training bra. But this is the thinnest you'll see me."

I told her that it sounded great. I told her that she was really attractive, so I didn't mind being with her. She was really tall and willowy. She wore clothes that accentuated her height and thinness. She then asked if I was ready to go to dinner. Of course I said yes.

We went to Friendly's where she had the dinner platter. She then ate my potatoes. I asked her if she wanted desert, and she said "Well, of course."

She ordered the largest Sundae they had, and ate every last bite. I was unable to finish mine. so she helped me out. We then sasw a movie, where she devoured a large tub of buttered popcorn. I told her that I enjoyed myself,and was sorry to see the night end.

She asked me if I was in a hurry to go home.

"Not really," I said.

"Well, let's stop somewhere. I know a good place."

I was a little surprised to see it was McDonalds. They have a back parking lot. It's pretty quiet this time of night, and it's secluded by trees.

"Why don't we stop and get something." she suggested

I got a soda, and thought she would get one too, but she ordered a whole meal, plus dessert and a shake. We drove to the end of the back lot, which was private. I drank my soda, as we talked. She then grabbed my hand, and put in on her breast. She said I may be in a training bra now, when I lose, I lose a lot here, but when I gain....."

After a while, we called it a night. Both of us felt really good.

I had called her the next day. She asked me if I was ready to do dinner again. I told her that I enjoyed our first date. She asked if I was embarrassed by her eating so much. I told her no. She said, "I don't gain weightvery fast, so it's going to take time just to get back to my normal size 12, even eating at this pace."

I was enjoying myself. I liked her looks and personality, so the fact that she was thin didn't bother me too much. She was so tall, that even if she reached 250, I could tell she wouldn't be that big. We were seeing each other several times a week, and her appetite wasn't slowing at all.

We celebrated our first anniversary at the Friendly's. She ordered the usual eal and deserts. While she was still thin, her body was filling out. I could tell she enjoyed her new femininity, as wore clothes that emphasized her growing breasts and hips. Our late night trip to the secluded spot at McDonald's ended with the same show and tell, but this time, there was more to show.

Several weeks later, I went to pick her up, but she looked different. She looked more business like, and less playful. When I mentioned that she looked different, she told me that she was back into misses sizes. Each size range has a distinctive look. Juniors has the carefree look, like a teenager. Misses sizes assume a person is more mature.

"I'll have another new look when I go into women's sizes." she informed me. "I've already sent for some catalogs. I'd like to go to the mall, and check out the women's sizes. Right now, I'm just back-tracking from when I went from size 12 to 5, going from 5 to 12. But after I outgrow my size 12 clothes, it will all be new to me, so I'll need to explore my new look."

Another dew month month had passed, and her body had gotten quite attractive. Shewasn't fat yet, but she was very shapely. She was quite right about where she gained to the first time around. In a little over a year she had added 40 pounds. It was hard to believe that that thin lady who answered the door could become so shapely. After another night of eating several meals,the "body check" at the secluded spot was very enjoyable. "when I was a kid, it took me 4 years to get to a 36C, I'm glad it took me only 14 months this time. Well, here I am in my size 12 dress. I'm not a trekkie, but here I go where no woman has been before--well at least me."

I had called her up, and we made plans for our next date. She told me she wanted to go to the mall. The next day came. As we went around the foodcourt, and she ate several meals, I was wondering if she would eat so much in public once she was truly fat.

She said that she wanted to go clothes shopping. She spent a lot of timelooking. She went both to normal size stores and to large size, since she was looking for a size 16. She was still not even yet a true size 14, but wanted to be prepared, she wasn't sure how her new clothes would fit.

But there was a problem. Despite her voracious appetite, she had stopped gaining. She was quite disappointed. We stayed home, and she was in tears. "I had everythingplanned out. I wanted to be a big beautiful woman. And I'm so embarrassed. I got you expecting a large woman, and now I can't deliver. I guess the set point theory is right. I've hit my set point. I really enjoyed you, but I'll set you free so that you can date the kind of women you enjoy."

I told her that it didn't matter to me. I told her that I thought she was attractive and interesting at size 5, and that her shapely size 12 body was still fully attractive to me. And her easting was incredible.

"Oh well," she said, "I guess a million women wish they could eat like I do, and not gain. At first, it was hard to eat so much, but now I really enjoy it."

We were on vacation, so we spent most of our time together. She was goingto take back the size 14 dresses, but when she showed them to me, she decided they made her look fatter, so she not only kept them, but she wore them for me. We didn't go much of anywhere, but we hung out together. I thought that less of our time would be spent at restaurants, but I was wrong.

At 7 am, the Monday morning we returned to work, the phone rang. Mary was so excited.

"My dress won't zip." she said.

I told her that I didn't have much luck with zippers either, but I'd try to fix it that night.

"No. no, you don't understand. I'm gaining. It won't zip because I'm too big. I startedto zip it, and the fabric pulled real tight around my stomach, and then it wouldn't budge. My stomach was pulling the fabric out front. I put on my size 14 dress, and it fits. I then weighed myself, and I suddenly gained 12 pounds this past week."

As long as it took her to gain, I didn't have too much hope for her becoming too large. But his was something new.

That Monday evening, she had on her unzippable dress when she answered the door. Her tummy was a little larger. When she took it off to put on her size 14, I noticed some new stretch marks. She filled out her dress nicely. I need to pick up some new clothes. I asked her if her new wardrobe wasn't enough.

"Well, I might get some size 18s for protetion."

I asked her if she thought she would be an 18 soon

"It might be a jinx, but if I gain weight unexpectedly,I won't have anything to wear. Its best to be areful," she replied.

I had watched her gain from a size 5 to 14, but there seemed to be quite a change over the last few weeks. While the previous gains were mostly in her chest and hips, to go from skinny to shapely, she was now gaining everywhere.Her stomach and midriff were now a prominent part of her figure. Her hipshad widened, and her thighs were bigger. She was no longer between fat and thin..she was definitely fat.

She really enjoyed herself. Most of the women I dated hated gaining. Butthe more she gained, the happier she got. But reality soon sunk in. It now took her on;y a few months to change sizes. She was within the second year of our relationship a size 20, and I knew that once she hit 22, she would reach her goal weight of 250. But I couldn't complain. By now she was wearing a 44DD bra. Her breasts covered the frontof her midriff, which circled her body. Her tummy and hips filled out the lower half of her dress well.

We were at Lane Bryant, and she was picking out her size 22 clothes. Isaid, "Well I guess you've about hit 250."

"Yes," she said. "I don't think I could remain attractive any larger. You're notgoing to dump me for a larger woman, are you?"

I assured her that I liked her at any weight. As we walked out, we passed a super-sized woman. She was pretty, but she had to be between 350-400 pounds.

I pretended not to notice, and I thought that Mary also missed seeing her.

Several weeks later, Mary answered the door in her size 22 clothes.

She stood straight up, twirling around. Her breasts, tummy and hips had gotten fuller. "Well, Do you like me at size 22?"

"Yes," I said. "No more false advertising."

"What do you mean by that,"she said. "Your ad said 250, and you finally made it."

"No, my ad said over 250."

I kidded her and said, "Well, okay, I guess you have to gain another pound."

"Only one?"

I reminded her what she said about getting larger, and not being attractive."

"Well,I guessed you missed it, but I noticed this very large woman several minutes after I said it. She was huge--but very attractive. I'm up for a challenge.I want to get as big as she is, and still be attractive. Would you mind if I gained some more weight?"

"Of course not, but I that woman must have been 400 pounds."

"Oh, you DID see her?"

"Yes, do you mind? I hope not!"

"Nope, just verrifying."

I tried to imagine what Mary would look like at 400. The other woman wasn't as busty. I had thought that the trips to the restaurants would shortly cometo an end, but now it looked like at least another year of restaurant crawling. So the night included two full meals, several snacks, and a trip to the clothing store for her size 24 clothes.

The time was going quickly. As the months went by, her weight was steadily climbing, and by the third year she had gone through a few more wardrobes. We were spending more time at home. It was a combination of things--we were less formal--but her climbing weight also contributed. There were less and less things available in the stores that would fit her growing body. Several of the restaurants also had booths. But the nights at her house were fun--we looked through the catalogs and commented on the clothes.

Sometimes she would cook several meals. Other times, we would eat out, and then later she would cook a full meal. But even 2 or 3 meals didn't spoil her appetite for snacking.

We celebrated our fourth anniversary together the night she tried on her size 32dress and 50F bra. She had reached the point of being the largest woman I had ever dated. It was rather ironic that she was both the largest and smallest woman I ever dated.

The next six months were enjoyable. Our love had grown strong, and we talked about marriage. She had really grown large as she headed towards her new goal of 400. She had become a size 56, and she was wearing a 54DD bra. We had continued to spend more time at home, as even the restaurants with separate chairs had become uncomfortable, with her 72 inch hips.

As she hit 390, she started to eat less. The day she hit 400, she announced that she hit her goal, and modeled for me. Her breasts which were so tiny when we met were draped over her large midriff, even with a super support bra. Her tummy was soft, and jiggled a little as she walked. Her hips were huge, which pushed her dress out quite a bit when she stood.

"Well,this is it," she said. "Am I too big? I hope I'm not too small, because this is it."

I asked how she liked it, and she said she liked her new size.She said that she still felt pretty and feminine. She really looked great, but I missed the trips to the restaurants, and helping select her new wardrobes.

Her new size 56 clothes were getting tight. She had always bought clothes ahead of time, so this was the first time I'd seen her bulge out of herclothes. She told me not to get excited. "I guess I misjudged when to slowdown eating. But I'm not going to stay over 400, so enjoy it now."

However, after a few weeks, she couldn't fit into some of her clothes.The rest were pulling at the seems and buttons. She couldn't order clothes because of the shipping time, so she met the seamstress of one of her large friends. She told the seamstress of her temporary problem, and had her make 2 size 58 dresses.

She thought it would be a short time, but after eating even less, she had outgrown the 58's in only a couple of weeks. "I'm still going to get down, it just means that I'll have to diet some," she said.

She went back to the seamstress. "I know just the style and size you need. I'll have them in a couple of days," she said.

Mary, with her dress partially unbuttoned, came to the door as the seamstress drove up. She had 3 dresses. Mary seemed disappointed. "That's not my style," she said.

The dresses were gigantic. The seamstress said that they were meant to be comfortable. "There's ample room, so you won't outgrow them."

Mary said, "But I'm not going to get any bigger. I'm on a diet now."

Mary paid for the dresses, and went upstairs to change. This was the first time she had worn tent dresses. They really made her look fat. But there was plenty of extra fabric, and she did admit it was comfortable.

Each night, she ate less and less, but I could see more and more of the extra slack in her tent dresses being filled by her growing body. In about thrtee months she had gained to 450. Most of the extra weight was in her stomach. Her tent dress had grown tight. Finally, she quit gaining, and she started to lose a little.

She was happy, as she grew back into 54 clothes, but then she started to gain again. However, this time was extremely rapid. In three months she gained back the 50 pounds she lost. But it didn't stop there. She had gained so fast, that she didn't have anything to wear. The seamstress was called,who had made her a special tent dress, with elastic in the arms and across the front. When she hit 490 in three more months , she made an appointment to see a specialist.

She had gained so fast that she had outgrown her seat belt. As a matterof fact, she almost outgrew the car, as her stomach pressed up against thedashboard. But she squeezed in, and rode with me to the doctor's office.She had filled out a very long form, and had complete blood work done. The nurse called her in, and when she got up, two people standing were able to take her spot.

The doctor looked at a long computer print out, based on both the bloodwork and the questions. The doctor told her that her diet had severely damaged her metabolism. "You're a big person, and require a lot of calories to maintain your weight. If you eat too much, you'll gain. But, if you eat too little,you'll lower your metabolism and gain. I can keep you from gaining, but you'll never be able to lose and keep it off. You can try, but you'll be sorry. You could gain another 100 pounds in a short time. You'll require about six meals a day to maintain your weight. Two breakfasts, two lunches,and two dinners. Any more or any less you'll gain."

Mary thought a minute,and then said. "I can't eat two lunches--I don't have time."

The doctor then recommended a snack between her dinners. "But it has to be substantial--a half of box of cookies or a large sundae."

Mary looked really depressed as she sat in her very large makeshift dressin which the elastic had stretched in only about a week. The doctor said it wasn't that bad. "You're quite healthy. And you'll quit gaining.:

Marysaid OK, and we left.

Sure enough, the doctor was right. Mary stopped gaining at 504 pounds.After she maintained her weight for a couple of weeks, she called the seamstress again, and asked for some clothes that looked good, rather than were made to allow extra room for gaining. She also asked for some bras. She had outgrownher bras after she hit 400, and had gone braless.

The seamstress came back with some really pretty dresses, but some weirdlooking bras. "These are special bras I make. Your breasts are too big tobe supported. It would take a steel brace. Your bra size is a 64. I wouldn't even begin to guess the cup size. Since they can't be supported, all wecan do is cover your breasts for modesty. It's a special material that stretches.It moves with your breasts. If you gain or lose, it will still fit. It' sthe same material that they use in training bras.

Mary said. "it figures.I gain almost 400 pounds to get out of training bras, and it looks likeI'm back in them."

I said, "yeah, but not too many training bras comein a size 66."

Several months later, that bra was worn under a size 64 wedding gown.

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