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BBW The County Fair [Feeding, Stuffing, Struggle]

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Oct 5, 2005
A BBW and her feeder go to the county fair! Lots of fun, as she explores all the delightful dishes the fair has. She might be too fat for the fair, but just keeps eating.

The County Fair
by Soundphat

The day has finally arrived!! We were going to attend the County Fair! You were so excited and couldn't wait to get dressed after your giant breakfast. You started to get dressed, and the first pair of jeans didn't fit. The struggle got you winded, and for a moment, you panicked because you thought you had gained again. You then realized that they were the last pair you outgrew .... Phew!!! You checked again and found a brand new pair of size 32 jeans and a cute white top, and then came into the kitchen to help me pack some food for the trip. It was going to be a 30 min drive, maybe 45 with traffic. We packed some muffins, chips, and cookies just in case.

We got in the SUV and headed down the road. I loved watching your belly shake and wobble when we hit bumps and was so glad you had room to sit comfortably. We sold our previous car about six months ago when you no longer fit. With you at 485 pounds now, this one should work for a while. About 10 min down the road, you reached for the muffins and cookies and finished them all in a hurry.

Arriving at the fair, I dropped you off by the front entrance and then went to park. It was a good thing since it took me about 15 minutes to walk back to the entrance from the truck. You would need to save your steps as the fairgrounds were massive, and your waddle was just not geared for distances (or speed). When I returned, you were sitting on a bench, eating some funnel cake with powdered sugar that you got just outside the gate. You were smiling, with some sugar around your lips - so cute!

After buying tickets, we walked in and started towards the main food area. I had to walk very slow so that you could keep up. You were doing pretty well. After about 2 minutes, you asked to stop to look at a map. You were starting to sweat a little and wanted to catch your breath. I told you I knew where we were going, but you had me double-check to ensure we went the shortest route. After assuring you, we continued. We stopping again a few minutes later so you could try some bacon dipped in chocolate. It was so yummy but a little messy. We sat down on a bench so you could eat it without it getting all over your white shirt. You did pretty well, spilling only a tiny bit of chocolate by your collar.

We got up again and continued toward the food. It was so fun seeing all the people and hearing music, sounds from games, and the popcorn machines. There was also an unmistakable aroma from all the foods, animals, hay, and rides. It was a lot to take in. At first, I commended your willpower as we made it past the popcorn. But, I'm guessing you didn't see it?

Arriving at the main food pavilion, we got in line for some of the celebrity chef dishes. The lines were long, so I told you to find a seat and that I'd bring back the food. "Make sure you get something good," you said as you waddled towards the picnic tables. I watched you from afar navigating the picnic table, and I was amazed at how you figured it out. I guess that getting out will be a lot harder.

As I waited in line, I couldn't help but notice how many other fat girls and guys there were. It seems like a perfect gathering place. One woman was holding about four plates and looked to be about your size. Another girl was much fatter, at least 550 pounds, and was riding a scooter. A scooter was not a bad idea with all the walking needed. Her belly was pressing into the steering wheel, and her hips and side belly far surpassed the width of the scooter. It was hot!

The first stand I got to had duck bacon wontons. The wontons were stuffed with duck bacon, grilled sweet corn, and cream cheese and served with a creamy sauce. I knew you would love it, so I picked up three servings.
I picked up bacon-wrapped pork belly, and mashed potato croquettes served on a skewer at the next stand, topped with either home-style gravy, Korean bulgogi barbecue sauce, or sweet chili sauce. I got all three sauces in large cups so you could experiment. I picked up three of these also and headed over to you.

You were so excited to try the food! But you were also a little upset I didn't get dessert. So I mentioned that I thought we could get some later, but I headed back and picked up some Bowl o' Dough, seeing how upset you were. Cookie dough in 3 flavors -- brownie batter swirl, European cookie butter, lemon ricotta cheesecake with blueberries. I got 3 of each.
You had already finished the wontons when I got back and were so excited about the cookie dough. I wasn't quite hungry yet but had fun watching you stuff yourself. You finished the pork belly next, and then you dove into the cookie dough. About 15 minutes later, you were breathing slowly.

"Stuffed?" I asked. "far from it." you said as you tried to heave yourself up from the table. Uh oh. Your belly was stuck and wouldn't let your leg raise enough to get out. I had suspected this wouldn't be easy. You tried again, leaning to the side. Better, but it was so hard to raise your leg! I let you regroup and then helped you by pulling your leg out and to the side. It worked, and you got up sweating and winded. "Ugh. that was so tight!" you said. Let's see the animals!

You were much fuller than you led onto, as your waddle was much slower, and you were breathing heavier. I hated to see you uncomfortable and suggested we sit for a break. You happily obliged. "Wow, it's sweltering here," you said, panting. I agreed but was honestly glad I was wearing a long sleeve shirt. 65 degrees is not hot to me.

After you caught your breath, we made our way towards the animals. On the way, I noticed a stand in the distance and knew we had to stop. Fried Butter Balls. I chuckled. I had to see you eat those fat bombs. You couldn't believe they had them and were so excited to give them a try. I got you three servings, and we sat down. "OMG these are good!!!" you said in between bites. "Get me more". I did, five more. You were eating like the pigs we were about to see.

After eating those, you felt full. Let's sit here and listen to the music. The arena was close by, and a band was playing. I said we could go in, but knowing the size of the arena seats, I agreed we should chill and relax. There were picnic tables closer, but after the earlier fiasco, the bench was a much safer bet. I rubbed your distended belly, and we leaned into each other. So comfy!
About an hour or so later, we passed the heavy machinery section. You joked about needing the forklift to carry you around. Haha. Getting tired from all the waddling today, you were not happy. You saw another fat girl waddling that looked to be in a similar place. Who knew that you needed so much athleticism to attend the fair? We passed a log flume ride, which looked fun; however, it would require way too much energy. It was also unclear if you would fit in the seat?

We arrived at another food court, and you declared it time to feed. You sat down on a bench, and I picked up a bunch of treats. Cheeseburgers with Fried Ice Cream, Deep-Fried Mashed Potatoes on a Stick, Krispy Kreme Hamburgers, Foot-long hot-dogs, Fried Oreos and Fried Twinkies. You were pleased for sure with my choices and made your way through them without breaking stride. You especially loved the deep-fried potatoes and Krispy Kreme Hamburgers. So I went back and got you three more of each.

You were feeling very stuffed now and just wanted to go home. I said that we needed to see the animals. You agreed and began the short slog waddle to the barn area. I noticed you now had ketchup, mustard, and sauce on your shirt in addition to the earlier spilled chocolate.

We finally got to the animals and grabbed a seat fully winded. You saw that there was Fried cheesecake, and despite being stuffed, you just had had to try some. You told me to get one. I brought it, and after the first bite, you held up two fingers. "two more". Wow. this was sooo good.

I noticed your shirt was a lot tighter because your belly was so distended from all the calories during your multiple feedings. You honestly looked like the pig who won the blue ribbon. Both of you were super fat and glowing!

After seeing the animals and eating the fried cheesecake, you waddled over to the gondola. / aerial lift ride that carried fairgoers across the grounds. You were soooo relieved that you wouldn't have to walk back!!! I was a little concerned about the weight limit in the car. Anyway, it dropped us right by the front gate. We got out, or should I say, struggled out as the door was a bit of a squeeze for you.

I left you at the gate and went to go pick up the truck. I was hungry and grabbed some peanuts. When I returned, you had a bag. "What's in the bag?" I asked. "Oh, just some food for home" you said. You had picked up deep-fried avocado, cream puffs, sweet corn ice cream, and some Fried macaroni and cheese. "Awesome," I said, knowing that you would likely polish them off tonight.

"What a fun day," I said. "Yes, let's come back tomorrow," you replied before falling asleep on the short ride home.
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