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Frank Castle

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Sep 29, 2005
This is an old story of mine. It's a fanfic based on the Trigun anime. Yeah, I know what the the sentiment may be here, but, a story is a story:

"The Doughnut Box "
(a Trigun story)
by Frank Castle

Trigun Chapter I: The Addiction

"Where did he go now?" said Meryl. She lost Vash The Stampede again. This was something that she could not afford to happen. "The man is walking trouble.,"she ewxclaimed.

"Well, maybe he just got something to eat." suggested Milly, the taller one of the duo.

They searched every tavern in the town, with no luck untill they finaly came upon a bakery. They went inside. There they found Vash, eating a doughnut and appearing to be flirting with a girl. "Hi, i'm a bodyguard for hire and i need work. Would you like to hire me? I've got the best aim you have ever seen." said Vash.

"Vash!" screamed Meryl.

Vash, scared from the scream, fell off of his stool. When he got back up the girl was gone. He cried a little.

"Why do you always have to eat these things? Whats so good about them anyways?" asked Meryl.

Vash looked at her with a funny look.

"Are you serious? You never had one before?" asked Vash.

"Well....no. Never in my life. How do you think i keep my beautiful figure?" she said, eyes all sparkly.

"Then you don't know what your missing!" exclaimed Vash. He took a doughnut with chocolote frosting and gave it to her. "Take this and eat it." he offered.

"Well, what could one little doughnut do to me anyways." she thought. So she took it and took a bite of it. Her eyes bulged out. It was so good! She ate the rest of it.

"Sir, can i get two boxes of them?" she asked the clerk. She soon got them and they left the bakery. As they entered the main part of town something happened. There was a gun shot. A man in a black trench coat started fireing random shots into the air.

"I'm Vash The Stampede! If you all don't hand over your money in a small pile in front of me i'l blow up this town!" he screamed. Everybody started giving him all the money they had.

The real Vash had seen enough and went up to him. "Stop this and leave!" he said to him.

"Fool, do you know who I am? I'm The Humanoid Typhoon!" He screamed.

"No your not." Vash said.

"Of course I am! Watch!" he said, before he shot a group of people. Blood and brains went everywhere.

Vash got real pissed. "You bastard....YOU HAD NO RIGHT IN DECIDEING IF THEY LIVE OR DIE!" Vash screamed.

The Imitator got out his other gun and was about to shoot another person before Vash shot it out of his hand.

"NO MORE BLOODSHED!" Vash screamed. He then shot the guy's knees. "Any life is valuble! Even your pathetic life!" Vash screamed, tears comeing from his eyes.

Vash, Milly, and Meryl later left with Meryl enjoying her box of doughnuts.

Trigun Chapter II: The Reason Priests Don't Drink

In the next few weeks the gang traveled, righting wrongs and running from gun fire. Meryl had become fully addicted to doughnuts. In every town they went to Meryl would go to a bakery and buy a box of doughnuts. And it all went to her figure. Her spandex pants showed off her chunky thighs and fat bottom.

Her belly had grown a bit and poked out from under her coat. Her face had grown, she had developed a prominent double chin, and her face had become plump and soft. Her breasts also grew two cup sizes. She finished the last doughnut and looked at her self in the mirror. "This is the price that i have to pay for such good food" she thought.

Suddenly Milly rushed in. She had gained a bit as well. She was about the same weight as Meryl, 250 pounds.

"Vash is gone!" she said. Meryl got a very bad feeling, thoughts of mayham ran through her mind.

"Uh oh, we have to find him" she said as they waddled off looking for the nearest bakery or bar.

Vash meanwhile, was at a bar/grill eating a sandwhich. A guy in a priest outfit sat down next to him.

"Wolfwood? what are you doing here?" asked Vash. The priest took the cigarette out of his mouth and said "My latest mission brings me here. There are a lot of sinners in this town and not a single church here to go to. I'm here to bring the salvation of Christ to this town".

"Thats a real good thing your doing, Wolfwood" Vash replyed.

"But enough of that, lets drink and talk" said the priest. The two ordered two beers and got to talking. But soon they drank their beers and needed more. So they ordered more.

A few hours later they would wake up in nothing but their boxers in an ally.

Trigun chapter III: Strange Cameos.

Vash and Wolfwood woke up to find themselfs in a alley with only their underwear on. Vash had plain white briefs, while Wolfwood had black boxers with little white crosses.

"WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?" they both screamed. They gathered some newspapers and went to search for their clothes. Meanwhile in another part of town two men walked up the street.

They both had Vash and Wolfwood's clothes. The one that had Wolfwood's suit on had a goate on his chin and had geled hair. The other was wearing Vash's red coat and had wavy blond hair.

"That was a good prank back there, Keiji" said the one with the goate.

Keiji just sighed and said "I still feel kinda bad about it, Oji. i mean, they are just bums".

"When I find that punk that stole my uniform i'm so going to beat him up" mutterd Wolfwood.

"I hope we don't run into those bums" muttered Oji.

As Vash and Wolfwood where walking, attracting stares from the crowd, Vash saw something. "Hey, thats our clothes!" shouted Vash. Vash and Wolfwood ran up to them.

"Young man, do you want to rot in hell for stealing a preacher's uniform?" asked Wolfwood.

"Wait, look! the dude with my coat looks almost like me if i had wavy hair" Vash said.

"Hey, your right. the punk with my uniform looks almost like me if i grew a goate" Wolfwood said.

"Please don't hurt us, we just thought it was a cool prank" Keiji said.

"Well, it would help if you gave us our clothes back." Vash suggested.

"Yeah, sure. This preist suit smells like cigarettes. I mean honestly, what preacher smokes?" Oji said.

Soon Vash and Wolfwood made it back to the hotel in their own clothes.

"Where were you?" demanded Meryl. "It's a long story. But in the meantime, how about some food?" offered Wolfwood. They all agreed.

Wolfwood made a huge feast. hamburgers and french fries, with ice cream for dessert. After a few hours Meryl was so stuffed that she passed out.

"Sure has grown" said Wolfwood.

"Yeah, but I kinda like it. She looks like a more happy person these days." said Vash.

Frank Castle

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Sep 29, 2005
Trigun Chapter IV: Sandman Wanted

So, after checking out of the hotel .Wolfwood joined Vash and the gang in their wondering, helping people along the way, bringing justice to the needy and dodgeing bullets from bounty hunters. As they continued their travels Meryl's weight continuedto go up. She entered one town at a certain weight and left even bigger. She was at 315 pounds when they checked into the most recent inn they were staying at. She had accepted the weight, not wanting to work it off.

Ever since she got so fat she had gotten just as lazy. It was too much work to try and lose it. She went into her room to go to bed. She wrote in her journal:

"Sunday, November 21. These last few months have been strange to say the least. I've gained so much weight. I often times wonder why on earth Vash doesn't have any fat on him. Then I remember about what trouble he gets into.

"Milly has since gained a bit too. Not a lot, but she is getting tubby. Wolfwood has been makeing these excellent feasts. For a priest he is very lenient about the sin of gluttony. Hasn't given me any lectures.

"My stomach now practically hangs out of my shirt now. My thighs and butt have taken a lot of the fat. My spandex pants are straining to keep them in. My breasts have also grown. they are about double D's.

"After I came back from the store with my new bra Vash went through it. I personaly kicked his butt. Well, I must get to bed. Good night journal."

She then closed the book and took off her clothes.

She took off her clothes and put on her night gown. It was very tight on her. She waddled over to her bed and laid down. It groaned under her weight. Soon she fell into a deep sleep.

She dreamed.

She was at a fair and was skinny again. A carny was selling some pocky. She took some and ate it. Soon a hissing sound was heared and she farted loudly. She started to inflate.

Her body began expanding with air, turning into a ball almost. She tried talking, but her voice was funny. Like she had sucked the helium out of a balloon. Vash, Wolfwood and Milly came out. they started playing with her.

First they rolled her around. Then they lifted her up and bounced her on the ground. She was feeling....strange to say the least. They kept on rolling her around. That is untill a baby pin appeared on the floor. POP!

She woke up. She got out of bed and went to the bathroom. She drank a glass of water. Feeling a bit better she went back to bed. She hoped she dreamed of better dreams next time.

Trigun Chapter V: Hard Traveling Heros.

Vash and the gang had just entered the town called April. They came out of the doughnut shop with Meryl and Vash enjoying their doughnuts. A scream was heared.

"Let me go!" said the girl. She was surounded by bandits.

"Where is my money?" said the leader.

"I don't have it" she said.

"Lyeing bitch!" he shouted.

"Hey! whats the problem here?" Vash asked comeing over to them.

"This girl owes me money!" he said.

"Well, trying to force it out of her is no way to get it. look, how much exactly does she owe you?" Vash asked.

"25 million double dollars" he said.

Vash fell down anime style. He got back up and said "Well, why don't you let her go and i'l pay for her. I don't have 25 million but it's what i got"

"How about you just walk away before someone gets hurt." the leader warned.

Suddenly the girl bit the leader's arm and ran away.

"After her!" he yelled. But then Vash got in front of them.

"I won't let you hurt her" he warned. The leader snaped his fingers and his followers got some shot guns out and pointed them at Vash.

"eep" Vash muttered. One of the shot guns went off. Vash dodged the shot and managed to shoot the guy in the knee at the same time. Soon Vash started running towards the gang. The other bandits shot their shot guns.

"Take cover!" Vash yelled.

Milly and Meryl both found cover, while Wolfwood took his cross and used it as cover. Vash ran over to Wolfwood. The cross provided cover for a time. When the bandits needed to reload Vash got out his .45 Long Colt Revolver and Wolfwood got out two of his .45 Auto Handguns from his cross and they started shooting them at the kness.

The bandits went down in agony. The leader was the only one remaining. He took his gun out, but Vash shot the gun out of his hand.

"Leave. Don't ever chase that girl again. Or Something worse will happen." Vash warned. a stream of piss went down the leader's legs as he screamed and ran off.

"Well, i'm glad thats over" Vash said.

"Ahem..Vash? Look around" said Meryl. Vash looked around to see what had happened as a result of the fight. There were many holes on the buildings and broken windows as a result of Vash's fight.

"We had better get out of here before the people try to kill us." Wolfwood suggested.

And so they ran off to the next town. There something terrible would await Vash. Something evil.

Trigun Chapter VI: The End of Everything.

It had been a few months after the incident in the city of April. Vash and company had been on the run (in Milly and Meryl's case waddle) ever since, going into one inn for a night and leaving in day, after packing up enough food for all of them (which most of it turned into feed for Milly and Meryl of course. During these months Milly and Meryl's addiction to doughnuts became more and more intense. it was like what crack is on our world. becuase of this their weights grew.

They had both reached 500 pounds. Milly, was the more bottom heavy. her thighs were huge and flabby, rubbing togather when she waddled, which caused a burning friction in between her thighs. Her butt was huge, each cheek as big as a man's torso and was also so huge that it created a shelf for people to place beers on. She wasn't accustomed to manuvering it with agility. Because of this if she made a strong turn she would knock something off a table. Her top half, besides having a belly with two rolls, was still normal (face,arms,breasts).

Meryl, 500 pounds as well, was fat all over. Her legs were chubby, with little dimples for knees. Thighs were just as huge as Milly's, straining the spandex, one more pound might rip them. Ass was so huge that she needed three chairs just to sit right. Her stomachy was huge, flowing out of her shirt, went down to her lap creating a belly apron. Breasts.....

"Lets just say she doesn't were a bra *Frank chuckles mildly to himself.

Meryl's upper arms were like loaves of bread in shape, her arms thick, and her fingers chubby. She had a round fat face, huge chubby cheeks and a triple chin. All and all they were both massive.

They entered the town of December for some lunch, Meryl and Milly having eaten all of the food they had. What they saw shocked them. Everywhere there were dead bodies. It was a complete massacare. And, in the center was a man dressed in white.

"Hey you! Who did this?!" shouted Vash.

"So, the lord was right. If i killed these people the devil would come to me" said the man.

"You did this? Why? They didn't deserve this!" Vash said.

"In order to draw the humanoid typhoon here for me to kill" said the man.

"You dress in white, thats only reserved for saints. You are no saint!" Wolfwood said.

"Kill yourself. And say a prayer while doing it. Hail Mary will do" said the man.

Suddenly, Wolfwood began to pray "Hail Mary full of grace..." he began as he got out two guns from his cross, a look of fear on his face. He could not control himself.

"Wolfwood, no!" shouted Vash as he tried to stop him.

"Stay still." said the man.

Vash, Meryl and Milly froze.

"The lord is with thee..." said Wolfwood as he put the two guns to his head.

"NO,Wolfwood, no!" Vash cried.

"blessed..." said Wolfwood before he pulled both triggers. BANG! went the guns. Wolfwood's blood splatered on Vash.

"You're free"" said the man.

Vash, Milly, and Meryl unfroze. Vash wiped the blood from his face. He got out his sun glasses and put them on.

"Meryl, Milly, get out of here" he said.

They both waddled off, crying becuase they lost their friend.

"You bastard" Vash said to the man.

"No, I know my father, it's my mother thats the mystery. The lord came to me in a dream, telling me that if i killed these people in this city you would come here and I would kill you. Why does the Lord wish for your death? Simple: You're a monster. Death and chaos follows you. The Lord has assined me to be the killer of the monster. Now, you must be wondering how I killed your friend. The lord gave me the power to make people do whatever I say agenst their will. But don't worry. I won't use it on you." he said, clearly insane.

"Then i must defeat you." Vash said. Vash drew his gun and fired.

The man dodged the bullet.

"Yikes, he is almost as fast as me" Vash thought, before a bullet was fired at him. He dodged it.

They continued to fire and dodge each other's bullets. Vash's machine gun poped out of his left arm and he started fireing a hail of bullets.

The man ran away from him, taking cover. Soon, Vash's machine gun ran out of bullets. Both Vash and the man took out their revolvers and shot at each other, their bullets clashing with each other.

"Forget this, i'm going to kill you the vast way!" Vast thought as the top half of his revolver poped off, revealing a sparkling light. .

The energy destroyed the man's clothes and his gun began to change into an angel arm. Vash activated his and his began to change as well. Both of their beings began to charge, a ball of energy forming.

"May God forgive me." thought Vash.


Meryl and Milly, away from the war zone saw a huge blast of light and a loud explosion. When it ended there was a mushroom cloud over the city. They rushed down to the city. The city looked like it got nuked, rubble was everywhere, with Vash and the man nowhere in sight. They began to try to search for Vash, picking up rocks.

Suddenly Milly found something. It was Vash's arm. "Meryl! i found Vash!" she shouted. When Meryl got there they began to tug on the arm. With one last tug they pulled the arm out......only to see Vash wasn't there.

"AHHHHHH!" they cried before passing out.

Somewhere, down benith the rubble was Vash The Stampede, armless and missing one leg. He had finaly found peace.

The End.