The Gastromancer: the Summer Solstice - by Irish Bard (SSBBW, Magic, ~XWG)

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Nov 22, 2007
SSBBW, Magic, ~XWG - Five girls make the mistake of incurring the wrath of witches.

[Author's Note: This is my first attempt at a series of adventures for a character, and the idea of a character who uses devil's magic, who can be kind, but can also be callous, would be a good central character for this story. Please allow me to introduce Mary Growgon, a Gastromancer, whose power will be revealed through the story. I hope that you enjoy her adventure.]

The Gastromancer - The Summer Solstice
Chapters 1 - 10

by Irish Bard

Chapter 1: School Day

The Five were in the cafeteria, Mandy, Mindy, Sandy, Cindey and Candy, sitting, eating some low-cal, low-fat, low-everything salads and bitching about people. Other people, anyone who wasn't under 100 pounds, wore the exact dress code of them (Pink plus anything in the absolute latest fashion), people who had better boyfriends than them (all girls, plus any gay guys, collectively they had only had two boyfriends since year one), people who had more fun than them (due to lack of sex, almost constant dieting and exercising and vigilantly watchful parents, most people), basically, anyone but them. They had been like this for as long as anyone could remember, a small group of cruel, pathetic, tormenting harpies whose giggles could break glasses and who leapt at people's faults like ravening wolves.

Yet people saw no other way of getting along with them. They had been spoiled as children, everyone could see that, as each of their parents owned large corporations (all to do with the fashion industry), so they got what they wanted, when they wanted it, where they wanted it. With this in mind, few of the working populace in the town of Sans Cordania, at the foot of the Rockies, could actually stand out against these horrifically tanned demons. Pretty much the only people who were unafraid of their power were the Goth kids at school.

They all had to be Goths and Satanists, and into death, the Five had concluded. They all wore black, some of them had tattoos, some piercings, all listened to horrible music that was bound to sound truly disgusting, and spoke about strange subjects, not fashion or who was dating who, but about music, games, parties, politics, and other stuff that wasn't natural to talk about. And most aggravating of all, they ignored the Five. THEY IGNORED them, as though they were below the Goth kids!

The Five were currently looking at the Goth kids, or more importantly, the two that they most hated, Alex Zephiryun and Mary Growgon. Alex they hated because he was so popular with girls, and all five desperately wanted to go out with him. Long golden brown hair, yellow shades, dragon tattoo on his back, toned body, charming, talented, and he was loaded! However, he had turned them down on numerous occasions, claiming that they were annoying/pitiful/uncaring/not his type. The last one had stung the most, as the girls couldn't see what there wasn't to like, they were slim, fashionable, obviously sexy. Yet he had stood in front of them with a straight face, with almost no emotion in his eyes, and said casually, "You're not my type, back off, now."

And then the girls eyes' landed on the girl next to him, Mary Growgon. Cow, bitch, lard bucket, slob, fatty were amongst the few names that she totally deserved. She was at least 300 pounds of repulsive fat, with horrible big boobs, wretched big belly, horrific big ass, an eyesore sitting, eating, laughing, kissing, doing who knows what else (obviously not sex, the girls knew that she was far too huge for that). She should just die from embarrassment, but she didn't because she seemed to be happy.

Not only was she a bucket of lard, she was an extremely fit bucket of lard! No one would have thought a girl of such size could possibly do martial arts or athletics, but she had reached black belt in karate and jujistu and came in third out of the entire school in races. She was also incredibly clever, doing much better in her subjects than any of the Five, and doing more. She was better than them in every way, so the Five had a right to try and make her life hell, for being the undeserving bitch she was.

She took all of their torments with a smile, as though they were beneath her. This was the reason they hated her so much!

They carried on watching the Goth kids.

"What are they doing tonight?" said Cindey.

"How should I know?" said Candy, "I'm not a goth!"

"We could play a prank on them!" giggled Mindy.

"One that will humiliate them totally!" said Sandy.

"Yeah!" more general agreement from the group.

"Okay, I'll go and ask them what they are doing tonight," said Mandy.

She walked to the Goths' table, making sure to backhand Mary.

"So, Alex," she said, being careful to make sure that her cleavage was easily viewable, "whatcha doin' tonight?"

"A private meet up at the Witches' Tongue," Alex said curtly, "and, no, you can't come. It's a private matter!"

"Oh, please, can we come?!" pleaded Mandy, something that she did to the best of her abilities.

"You're either deaf or retarded," muttered Mary. "You can't grasp the message you and your troupe of leeches are not welcome."

"Can it, fatty, no one asked you!" Mandy snapped, slapping Mary hard across the face with her bag. Alex grabbed her, fury in his eyes.

"You or your friends come to the Witches' Tongue tonight, and I swear I shall create an end for your little life story!" he snarled. Mandy backed away.

"Weirdos," she thought.

"What did they say?" said Sandy.

"They are going to the Witches' Tongue!" Mandy said, with cruel delight.

"Whatever it was, it must be important for them, because they threatened to kill us if we came!"

"What do we need?!"

"We'll discuss the exact stuff we need during lessons, no one will bother us. It's time to make everyone in that Goth group pay!"

"Yeah, pay for ignoring us and for disagreeing with us."

"Yeah, and for not doing the right stuff!"



The Five set off to plan their next prank in malicious spirits. The Goths watched them go.

"Those girls are incorrigible!" muttered Owen.

"Did you really have to be that cruel?" muttered Timothy.

"Oh, what's the worry?" replied Alex. "Same plan as last time?"

"Yeah, whosever moment they interrupt can do what they like with them," Cateleen said.

They looked at each other, smiling, knowing full well that those girls were not going to go back home the same again!


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 2: The Summer Solstice

The Witch's Tongue was the glacial basin entering into a valley, called so because of the unusually sharp lip entering the valley. In daytime, it was often sited as one of the most beautiful locations for a picnic, viewing the entire of the San Cordania valley in all its glory, and photography students often came here to add another photo to their portfolio before heading off to university.

It was also called the Witch's Tongue for another reason, as it was the place where witches and Red Indian shamans had been burnt in the push west, and tales of demons, curses and ghosts hung around the air at night.

These stories haunted Sandy as she looked around the place; all the trees seemed to have a life of their own, making horrific faces in the dark, and hiding away in the light of the torches. She looked around, quivering like jelly. A twig snapped, and Sandy leapt four foot in the air.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!!!" she whispered.

"Me!" whispered Mindy. "This tar is difficult to carry, I think I might have broken a nail."

"Its alright," Cindey said. "There are no such things as ghosts, it's just that we are going to a place where a lot of people have died. It's like walking through a graveyard on Halloween, very creepy, but nothing is going to happen."

"Will you get a grip on yourself?!" Mandy hissed in the gloom, bringing the torch up to her face and startling them all. "Honestly, I can't believe that you are all such a bunch of wimps! This is going to be the best prank in the history of the world, and you need to get backbones if you want to do this!"

"Lay off them, Mandy," replied Candy in an undertone. "We've all got nerves before this, and the atmosphere is just making it worse. You're not exactly doing the brunt of the work here, I don't see you carrying the tar or the feathers!"

"The camera is the most important tool of this operation!" said Mandy, holding up her phone. "If we don't have proof, what are we going to have - exactly the same position with a bunch of leather-wearing morons wanting our blood, nothing is going to change!"

In silence, they pressed on. The basin was not too far ahead, and anticipation was in everyone's hearts. Mandy's eyes were malicious little pricks in the gloom. Light was over the next ledge, as though there was a campfire on the other side. All five ducked behind it, giggling, ready to reap their revenge. Mandy peeked over the ledge.

"Oh no!" she muttered. She ignored their questions and merely pointed over the top, as if to say "come and have a look yourself." The girls did, the reaction was much the same.

"Oh no!"

A huge fire had been erected in the center of the basin, with a spiral of thirteen candles around from the central pyre. The Goth group (which last time Mandy had counted were thirteen strong) were sitting around the fire, chanting a strange song, beating instruments or thwacking the ground with poles. On their heads were large masks made out of wood in the shape of animals, and warpaint on their bodies. A lot of them were wearing a minimal amount of clothing, though shorts, bikinis and various necklaces were the most common forms of clothing.

One person was out in the center of the ring of Goths, a chubby girl of Indian origin with a tiger mask on her head and a tiger tattoo on her belly covered in blue warpaint. She took up position as though she was doing a dance, and the five scoffed, as though someone that big could dance, and started.

To the five's utter amazement, the water out of the stream next to the encampment raised itself and started to flow around the girl, swirling, eddying, transforming itself into a snake and then a bird, and then a school of fish. She finally threw it up into the air, forming a watery bouquet of flowers, before directing it to the river bed. the Goths applauded.

"Okay, Jasmine, that was very good. Delilah, you're next!"

The five gasped; Delilah was the second fattest girl in the school, and naturally, in the Goth group. She walked out, dressed in a pair of shorts, her belly for all to see, a turtle mask on her head and turtle tattoo on her back, covered with brown warpaint.

"For my next trick," she said. "I will provide five victims for the next act."

The five looked at each other.

"What's so special about that?" said Mandy.

"She is just going to pick five random people?" said Mindy.

"That's nothing compared to the thing Jasmine did... whatever it is," said Sandy.

"I wonder what it is?" Cindey voiced.

"By 'five victims,' I think she means us," Candy said. She was currently completely strapped with branches to a tree, which was walking towards the encampment, mimicking the movements that Delilah was making with her hands. "Just a hunch."

The five were bound by various forms of plant life, everything from trees and grass to thorns and poison ivy, and carried to the camp fire. They all looked around at the Goth group, terrified of the stuff that the Goths could inflict. Mandy was about to open her mouth when Alex took off his dragon mask and put his finger to his lips.

"Don't try screaming until all of the town will hear you, because it won't work. Owen, the guy who does sound, rigged this place so no one could hear us."

"What are you?!" screamed Mandy.

"There is no need to shout," said Timothy. "We were going to tell you." He turned to Calum. "If you would provide a dramatic flare for us?"

Calum nodded from under his bird mask and immediately the place was lit up from a fireball that was launched out of his hand, which exploded out into a spiral with thirteen points in it.

"We are witches!" Alex said, blowing the effect away with one flick of his wrist. "The users of primal forces, older than any humans, an art passed down to us and to others from the Giants and to them by the ancient beasts. Seven demonic magicks, four elemental magicks, two primordial magicks, creating the thirteen lores that govern the very existence of the universe itself. We have access to these lores, gave them names, numbers, colours, animal representations." He pointed to himself. "I control wind, the green magic, the dragon's magic, while Owen can control sound, the maroon magic, the siren's magic. The summer solstice is a way of sealing the magic, so it doesn't start to go array, causing all sorts of mayhem in the universe. We must all perform a piece of magic in order for it to be locked away until the next time. It doesn't need to be much, just enough to have it represented, so everything from the summoning of a stone to the creating of a sound vortex is valid."

"But... why don't you spread this knowledge?" Sandy said. "This stuff could benefit everyone..."

"We've tried that on many occasions before!" said a voice. It was most obviously Mary, her figure was recognizable enough, even if it was covered in orange paint, as well as her voice. She pulled of the crocodile mask, whisking her long brown hair around for a bit before staring coolly at the five, who were still struggling, hands on hips in a suggestive posture. "Have you ever heard of Witchhunters? All around the world, people are still being killed for the powers of witchcraft, when they should be trained properly. Normal people don't like something they don't understand or can't get, leaving one alternative, to destroy it." Mandy nodded in agreement.

"Anyway, back to the ritual. If anyone interrupts the ritual, they must be punished, a victim of this magic. If it is just shown through nature, then no one gets hurt, but if it is directed at someone, then the result can be much worse and more effective. If they are not, the ritual will be a failure. The good thing is that the punishment can take place after midnight and the punisher doesn't have to take part in the ritual."

Slightly nonplussed looks came from Candy. "Not the most practical rules, but there we are. We had an agreement that whoevers ritual you interrupted, you would be punished by them."

The five looked at each other, then at Delilah, whose face was grinning maliciously, and started pleading with her to stop, how sorry they were that they ever called her fat, or ugly, or stupid, or whatever they had called her, but please don't punish them.

"It's not me who is punishing you," replied Delilah, "we changed the order of the ritual, we knew you were there so we changed it, skipping Mary's part because she was interrupted!"

"How did you...?"

"All witches can sense stuff coming, through a power called Mantra!" said Clive. "So, the ritual is taking place after midnight, how are you planning to get everything here, plus giving us time before the sun rises?"

"Double release!" said Timothy. "Me and Suzie are going to realize a spell together to make it workable for Mary."

Mary walked up to them, looking all of them straight in the eye. "It's nothing personal, you understand," she said. "Needs must, and all that, and besides, you can consider yourself lucky, my magic isn't fatal!"

"What kind of magic do you do?" queried Mindy, shaking like a leaf.

"Gastromancy!" replied Mary.


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 3: The Punishment Starts

"You're not going to get away with this!" said Mandy. "I've sent a message to every policeman in the town. The moment they get it, they're going to come up here and arrest you all. You'll probably all get the chair, and you deserve it. Totally!"

"Don't care," Mary replied, finishing the knot around Sandy's wrist, tying her to the stake in the ground, "You'll be in a lot more trouble if we didn't do this. More to the point, I doubt that the police will be able to get here in time, considering we have Time on our side."

"It takes one hour to come to the tongue!"

"I know that, but we literally do have time on our side!"

"Can you stop yapping on!" said Anari, the Middle Eastern girl with white war paint and a lion's mask on her head.

"We need to prepare!" said Timothy from under his black warpaint and owl's mask. They took up positions, facing opposite directions, standing straight, the fire at their backs. The five could feel raw power crackling in the air.

"What kind of magic do they do?" asked Sandy.

"Black and white magic," said Alex. "The two primordial lores, the art of the watcher and the walker."


"Time and space!"

The two suddenly took up different positions, both legs spread to shoulder wide, Anari crossing her arms, bringing her open palms to her shoulders, Timothy's arms wide, one open palm, one closed fist.

"Take your sweet time, guys," muttered Alex. "We have half a minute before midnight, after which we are truly in trouble."

The movement came out of the stillness like a shock.

"Mass move!" said Anari, snapping her arms straight, palms down. Six tables of food appeared out of nowhere, stacked high with cakes, meat, and various other foods, the smell making everyone's mouth water. An enormous cauldron landed on the fire in a shower of ash and burning splints, spilling its contents of blood-colored liquid everywhere, with a few bits falling out.

"Time lock!" echoed Tim, slamming his fist into his palm. The entire area shimmered, outside everything stopped moving, even birds were caught in mid flight.

"Things are all ready for you, Mary!" said Calum. "Let the punishment begin."

Mary walked over to Mindy.

"I'm going to choose you to be punished first." she said. With a deliberate pause, she drew a weird sign on Mindy's belly in the blood-colored liquid. It was the shape of a large spiral, ending with two dots. She walked over to the cauldron, dipped a ladle in it, and proffered it to Mindy.

"Drink up," she said.

"What is it?"

"A magic potion, what the hell do you think it is?"

Mindy tentatively drank it. Suddenly, a huge wave of hunger came over her, a gnawing, growling, seething hunger, that needed to be sated or she would die! Mary mercifully cut the ropes around her wrists, and Mindy leaped towards the tables, eating, chewing, stuffing, drinking, gorging in an orgy of destruction. The buttons on her shirt pinged off and got swallowed in the chaos, shortly followed by her shirt, shorts and underwear. Cakes, casseroles, candy and cookies were gobbled; meat and mints were munched. Fully two tables had been emptied of contents before Mindy's hunger was sated.

She stood up and looked at the destruction to her image and to the tables. She now was massive, weighing at least 700 pounds. Her belly was a massive gelatinous sheet over her knees; the mark had vanished. Her breasts were rounded bags of fat, the thumb-sized nipples hard with effort. Her titanic ass was forming a massive cliff over her meaty thighs, throwing part of her body into darkness. Her three chins wobbled and she began to cry.

"Did I do all this?" she whispered.

"You did, you fat cow!" crowed Mandy. The others hesitantly laughed with her. Mindy made vain attempts to conceal her body from view, trying to reach round with her fat hands to cover her boobs, but to no avail. Mary patted her on the shoulder.

"It's okay, Mindy, its over now. If you want, you can watch the rest. Be happy that I went easy on you," she whispered. She turned around to the four.

"This is the power of Gastromancy!" she said, stonily. "You are being punished by me. Don't try and humiliate your friends, you'll only be next!"


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 4: Lenience

Mindy was sitting with the other witches, on a bed of soft mushrooms carefully provided by Delilah, wrapped in a large blanket provided by Anari, and watching Mary preparing reap her punishment on her next. Despite it all, being over seven hundred stone and a stomach weighing roughly three hundred, she was actually enjoying herself. It was the first time that she had seen magic happen, or anything like this before, stuff which people would truly die for. Mary was preparing her next victim.

"Candy, you are one of those people who it's just impossible not to feel some resentment for. You were the one who canceled the prom in junior high because of fears of a terrorist plot, which was really you in the chemistry labs. You really should be more careful when you're making explosives not to use so many beauty products and be the only girl in the class who carries them. I don't do this out of hate, but I'm not going to be as lenient as I was with Mindy."

"You call that lenient!" exploded Mandy. "You turned our friend into a great big ugly cow! How is that lenient, you fat slut?"

"Shut your trap, Mandy," growled Mary. "Trust me, I've got something special planned for you; another outburst like that, and I might have to turn up its power to fatal levels!"

Mandy shut her trap at this threat. Normally death threats wouldn't phase her, but Mary was suddenly in the position to very easily carry it out. Mary herself drew the same sigil on Candy's belly that she did for Mindy, dipping into her cauldron and taking some more of that potion, proffering it to Candy.

"I'm not drinking it!" refused Candy bluntly.

"Pity," replied Mary, "I was going to think that you would have wanted to save yourself the trouble. But if you refuse," she turned to Alex, "could you just move that table on the right with the other two?" Alex nodded and spun around, shifting the table over to the two next door, the content teetering. Mary turned to Candy, grinning wickedly.

"I've got to eat too, you know," she said, and took a swig at the contents of the ladle.

She leaped, mouth first, at the tables, guzzling, gulping, gorging, grinding, gnawing, stuffing herself full of all the food on all three of the tables. Mandy smirked; this was proof to everyone that she was a complete and utter pig. Slowly she moved her hand to her pocket, trying to grab her phone to take a picture, or even better a video of it!

"Stop!" said two people, the first one being Calum, a knife-shaped fire on his finger tips. "If this gets out, you will all die, horribly!" The second stop came from a struggling Candy, begging out for mercy for Mary.

Candy was swelling up, each new moment getting bigger and fatter, her eyes looking around, wide as the size she was becoming, and strained at the contents of her stomach. She was becoming predominantly pear shaped, her hips and arse filling out into huge proportions, while her stomach was not far behind. Soon her legs couldn't take the strain and she collapsed on her bottom with an almighty thud. She cried out, but her mouth seemed to be full, and, her eyes rolling into her head, she was reaching her limit. Calum shot Alex a look that said any further, and Candy could be dead, or even worse, could explode and ruin their clothing.

"All done," Mary said, wiping the last bit of chocolate sauce from her mouth. Candy collapsed and breathed, too shocked to react. John kindly obliged, and a forest of legs moved the fallen Candy to the side to rest up with Mindy.

"Okay, next victim. Might as well get all the lenient punishes out of the way."

The look on Mandy's face made John's choice to clamp a third hand over her mouth. "Want me to give them some extra mouths?" he said.

"No, I've got it covered," said Mary, placing some bones around Sandy and stepping inside. "Barrier activate!"

An orange barrier burst out of the bones, forming an eight-walled cage around Mary and Sandy.

"This is one of those barriers that nothing can get in or out?" asked Sandy.

"Yeah," said Mary. "To tell you the truth, Sandy, I'm a little sad that you had to come up here."

"What? Why me?"

"You're the only one out of your group who I actually liked."

"You mean you wanted to be friends with me?"

"How could I not want to? Out of all of them, you were always the one who got pushed about the most. Mandy was always a bitch to you, Candy often belittled you, Mindy only really did anything to stay on the right side of Mandy, and Cindey was always upstaging you on purpose. You were always treated like a groupy, which is sad, because I can sense something in you."


"Magic! You're just as much of a witch as the rest of us!"

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, every bit, you're a definite user of geomancy, I can sense that magic in your veins!"

"So that means you can..."

"No, it doesn't change the situation, but just to say, if you ever feel like joining us, Delilah would be happy to take a pupil."

Sandy could have almost jumped for joy. Finally, she could be someone! A chance to shine, to be able to move nature itself, pure magic, and to have some friends who really cared about her!

"Wait, there's more!"


"The punishment!" Mary produced a small tassled bag. "I got this from a friend named Alice, who went into the realm of the fairies and brought back some fairy dust. This is a potent magical tool; it's meant to not only increase your magical power, but to also gain weight. Only a fully trained Gastromancer, or a Fae, could use this. This is what I'm going to use on you, Sandy."

Sandy stood up,

"Anything else I should know?"

"Yeah, Alice said that it gave her a very powerful orgasm and she only used a thousandth of what I'm using."

"Bring it on, then!"

Outside, Alex looked into the chamber. It was the first time he had seen Mary use Fairy dust; he hoped she knew what she was doing. He knew as well as anyone, Alice being his cousin, that Fairy dust was a dangerous tool if used wrongly. Too much of a dose could kill someone if they weren't in the Fae world, literally ripping their body into pieces. He looked into the chamber, and saw Mary sprinkle the powder onto Sandy - now for the moment of truth.

Sandy started to swell, and at the same time, started to moan. She fell to the floor, her clothing slowly bursting off her as she grew. Unlike Candy, she was top heavy, and her huge breasts burst forward, just waiting to be fondled, the nibbles standing up like sentries. Her milky thighs seemed to call out to him, as she lay there moaning, groaning, begging for more. Her belly filled up, making her seem like a delicious apple, just waiting...

Suddenly a shock caught him in the butt and he leaped three feet into the air.

"Jasmine, was that really necessary!"

"Stop ogling her like some kind of pervert!" Jasmine replied, hitting him across the face with her water whip. "She doesn't need you to be drooling over her while she is changing! Isn't that right, Delilah?"

"Hmm?" Delilah hummed, snapping back to reality after staring at Sandy's orgasming form. "Sorry, I was miles away."

Suddenly the barrier collapsed. Mary stepped out, wiping her nose.

"I trust everyone had a good show," she said, looking round at the group of witches busily looking away so that she couldn't see them blushing. "Can someone get Candy and Sandy a blanket before we all become beacons to satellites? Remember, the show's not over yet!"


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 5: Chewing Gum and Mind Walking

Mary walked towards the cauldron, a grim expression on her face. Alex knew by that expression that she was going to use something from the darker side of gastromancy. All magics had two sides, he knew, like his own - wind that was useful, and wind which was harmful. If Mary was going to use one of the organ spells, she obviously was going to take the punishment seriously, and do a lot more damage to Cindey and Mandy than he originally thought. He didn't feel much pity for either, and by most of the witchs' records, those two deserved it the most. However, if Mary was going to go that harsh on them, then some of their torments might have got to her.

Out of the cauldron came an orange gunk, sticking to Mary's hand; she squished it, it felt warm, the right temperature. She turned around, ignoring the smell, and walked over to Cindey.

"You're very good at performing, Cindey," she said. "Or, more correctly, you think you are good at performing. You have a habit of thinking that you are the only one in the world with talent, which can be very annoying for the rest of us who are trying our best."

"Oh, please!" said Cindey. "Your 'best' is pathetic, a mere sideshow. If you could really do anything, you would follow me to learn more!"

"Remember the talent show?" asked Mary, ignoring this. "Remember how it was only booked by you, for you, and people left after the first performance? Our band had spent weeks on the top of that list, and because of a little cock-up, like you rigging it so that only you could perform, we missed our chance. We even had to cancel a deal with Roadrunner records because we couldn't perform. We only spent weeks, more spent months rehearsing, practicing, creating and getting ready, turning up to find that you had dominated it like the possessive control freak you are! This is a little something from me." So saying, she stuffed the orange gunk into Cindey's mouth. "Chew, bitch!"

Cindey tried to spit it out as the stuff was disgusting, but it stuck to her mouth.

"What is this stuff?!" she cried, through gagging and a full mouth.

"Whale's blubber!" Mary replied, "Enchanted whale's blubber. You chew it, it makes you fatter. It will stay in your mouth until you've reached the weight it wants. You won't eat or sleep, and breathing will be difficult. You'll end up dying of starvation."

"I'll die then!" replied Cindey, turning around as far as her stake would allow. The next thing she knew she was face down on the ground, her frail body under Mary's full three hundred pound body.

"Let's play a little game, then!" Mary cooed with malice; the Goths leaned in, this was going to get interesting. "I've got at little spell of my own," she held up a piece of leather. "This is elephant skin; the more I chew it, the more I will take on an elephant's physique! The way to avoid yourself being crushed is to chew the whale's blubber until you get me off!"

Cindey smiled, as world-class chewing gum champion, she started to chew. Once she got over the taste and the smell, it was just like normal chewing gum, and began to get into the same routine.

She kept on chewing, and chewing, and chewing. She felt Mary get lighter and lighter, and grinned. Now to prove to her that she was, in fact, the most talented person there. Once she had gotten this stuff out of her mouth, she will simply sit on that bitch Mary, and that would be the end of this stupid ritual. All the Goths will be locked up like they so rightly deserved, most will probably get the chair! The idea of seeing their smug faces roasted to the skulls was so pleasant that Cindey forgot completely about it.

"Good job, Cindey," said Mary's voice after a while. Cindey could hear footsteps coming around. Was it that elephantine bitch ready to admit that she lost?!

Mary stood in front of her, completely normal. No tusks, no trunk, no leathery skin, nothing elephantine about her. She smiled sweetly at the dumbfounded Cindey.

"But how...when...what?!?"

"Did you really think that that was real elephant leather?" Mary smiled at the almost spherical twelve hundred pound Cindey. "The magic wouldn't have worked anyway. It hadn't been in the cauldron. Now, what say we get you to the side with the others."

She waved to John, who made thousands of small arms to carry the dumbfounded Cindey away to the other three. Mary turned to the crowd, who cheered her. "Ladies and gentlemen, the final spell is very dangerous for both me and my victim. if you see me going too far, don't hesitate to try and bring me out of the trance." She smiled. "I've decided to stretch my mind-walking legs!"

Reaching into her cauldron, she fished out a brain. It was a fairly large brain, but not quite human size; the grey matter was oozing out. Mary walked over to Mandy and sat cross legged across from her, looking her dead in the eyes.

"This is going to be hell for you!" she said, "I'm not going to like it much either, because it's a fairly gruesome spell, and it's going to mess with your mind completely."

"Then, why do it?" Mandy snarled. "Is it because you are a bitter little bitch, hanging around with all your Goth friends just because we didn't let you in our group in the first year?"

"No, that was actually the best thing that ever happened to me," replied Mary. "No, Mandy, it has got to be done, to put you through a fraction of the nightmare you have put others through. It's not revenge, it's justice!" She took a bit of the brain, and the two went out like lights.

Mandy's mind was not pretty. A huge torture chamber, full of various instruments of torture, racks, thumbscrews, iron pokers, manacles. Across the room, a large room with "Gossip" written on the front stood there like an ominous idol, waiting to be opened and unleashed. In the center was Mandy, strapped to a large and uncomfortable dentist's chair, struggling against the belts holding her in place.

"Nice place," said Mary, standing next to the chair. "You really should get together with John, he's got a bondage fetish."

"Shut it, you gelatinous pig!"

"Thank you, so good of you to use my formal title." Mary began to walk around the room. She looked at the various instruments of torture with interest. She walked across the room, looked in the desk of drawers entitled "Schemes", pulled out a dusty tome entitled Dreams, and flipped through it. She looked at the appalling dreams that Mandy had experienced, all represented by childish drawings - tying people to the ground and putting pins underneath their nails was one, another involved heating buckets of rats on people's stomachs. All were labeled with different people, "Jodie," "Alex," "Mary," "Delilah," and many more. Mary finally got to the end, and pulled out a black envelope, entitled "My nightmare."

"You enjoy this sick stuff?" Mary looked at Mandy, sitting there proudly like a cockerel. "You enjoy torturing people like this?"

"I do it to whoever and whatever I want!" replied Mandy.

"What has Annette ever done to you?"

"She only got a better test score than me in year three."

"She studied hard for that, and even now she has almost no social life because of you! And yet you still want to torment her!"

"I and the other four should be number one, we are perfect! We don't take being bettered lightly, and once this is over, your 'hell' will have only just begin. I'll make sure that... hey, don't open that!"

Mary walked over to the Iron Maiden, which had been rocking for quite some time. There were muffled pleadings to be let out. Mary opened the door, and looked inside. There was a small child, the age of four, with Mandy's features. She was dressed in a pretty little flowery dress, with sandals and her hair combed back. Her entire body had bruises and cuts all over; her leg had been broken and was going gangrenous. She looked up at Mary with innocent eyes, one black and puffy, the other with a small scar down. She smiled, revealing broken and missing teeth.

"Hello," she said sweetly, "my name is Mandy, what's your's?"


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Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 6: Mandy's Two Selves

Mary stared at the small girl rubbing her arms, blood coming out of cuts and dripping on the floor.

"This is you!" she said quietly. "This is your former self, I recognize it from the pictures from kindergarten, twelve years ago."

"Who are you?" asked the former Mandy, looking up at her with big eyes.

"I'm a friend," Mary quickly comforted her. "I can use magic powers, don't worry."

"Are you going to stop that witch?" asked Mandy's former self again, hiding behind Mary's considerable form away from current Mandy's evil glare. Mary could have laughed at the irony, instead, her fury overrode all possibilities for humor.

"You did this?" she roared. "You did this to your former self?!"

"So what if I did!" retorted Mandy's current self, eyes glaring at both Mary and at her former self. "I have every right, this is my own mind!"

"What made you change from being such a nice girl into being the monster that you are now?"

"It was my mother!"

The three stood there, current Mandy defiant and maliciously grinning, Mary looking at her, cynical and unmoving, Mandy's former self cowering and shivering at the mention of the word.

"My mother!" continued current Mandy. "She was absolutely right about everything I did. She made me eat well to stay slim, she told me that everyone was out to get me, and only to let a few people close to me, and it worked. Most importantly, she told me to get rid of anyone in my way by any means necessary, this was to make me stronger and better than anyone else!"

"She was horrible!" former Mandy screamed. "She keeped our toys away from us unless we played with those rubbish dollies. She burned our teddy bear, Sniffles, when we were four because we took it to kindergarten. She made us eat that yucky green stuff to keep with her reputation, it made me want to puke! Worst of all, she stopped us playing with all our friends, saying that they were beneath us, and we shouldn't be playing with them. They were just like us, normal people, Just like us! Or have you forgotten everything that dad taught us!"

"Dad was weak!" current Mandy retorted. "Mum told us that. He deserved what he got, he deserved to be left with nothing, because we were superior!"

"You're only saying it because Mum was a career-obsessed bitchy white supremacist!"

Everything finally seemed to click for Mary.

"So, you believed your mum after your dad was kicked out."

"There was an argument," continued former Mandy. "Apparently Dad was half Jewish; Mum took it very personally, and sued him for not telling her. She won, leaving Dad with nothing. He was distraught, and hung himself later. Mum then slagged off all that he did publicly, costing the magazine a lot of money and losing her job thirteen years ago. She spent the rest of her time making us into her perfect daughter. There was only one time we chose to rebel, and that was for stopping us from playing with everyone else. She beat us until we were bleeding, locked us in our room, and starved us for three days. We had a fight, here, in our mind. That witch, the one which was loyal to Mum, won, and I, the one who spoke out, was locked in there, to be tortured, watching myself become a slave to that woman!"

Mary turned around to current Mandy. She was now furious, but her anger didn't yell and storm, her anger was the kind that she channeled, harnessed, and used to deadly effect. She walked over to the black envelope, broke it open, and took out the picture. It was another childish drawing, a picture of a large funnel-like object with Mandy underneath; she was probably fifteen hundred pounds at least by the drawing, with someone controlling the valve.

"It's time we payed her back for torturing you so!" she said.

Clamping her hands together, she shouted "Mind alter, Activate!", and ate the picture. The set up of the picture was duplicated in Mandy's mind, and the torture chamber was gone, to be replaced by a sunny garden. The funnel was a strange set up, like a fountain, but seemed to be spouting chocolate milkshake. Current Mandy was underneath, her mouth in the nose of the funnel, mumbling threats.

Another Mandy was holding the switch. She looked much more friendly than the Mandy that Mary knew. She was dressed in a pair of baggy trousers, with a pink t-shirt, which seemed to fit and show off her figure. She was average size, compared to the stick-thin current Mandy, and her face seemed used to smiling, and was beautiful without makeup.

"Your Mandy's other self after gaining a bit of control," Mary said.

"Yeah," said the Mandy at the valve, "I just need to turn this, and it will happen."

"No," said Mary, "you need to massage her belly in order for it to work to its fullest, and to stop her exploding, and becoming an omnispirit."

"Thanks," said the dominant Mandy, smiling, pulling the level, darting over to the other Mandy's stomach, which was already beginning to look swollen. Mary looked into the other Mandy's eyes, full of hate for everything that Mary stood for, magic and free will.

"You brought this upon yourself, Mandy!" Mary said, slowly walking away, and beginning to mind walk out. "You could have not listened, you could have stopped yourself! But you chose not to."

"You won't get away with this, Mary Growgon!" shouted the bitch Mandy. "I intend on getting you back worse that you can ever imagine, just you wait and see!"

The last thing that Mary saw before crashing back into her own body was the other Mandy trying to jam the bitch Mandy's mouth back under the funnel.


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Nov 22, 2007
Is it just me, or has everyone lost interest as soon as I went into Mandy's past and tried to flesh out her character? Does the forum prefer if i write about stock characters, or may I expand my characters, so to speak?

Sorry, its something I've noticed, my story has gone further, developing and made slightly more interesting, and the amount of responses are about as huge as a grain of sand...

come to think of it, the Recent additions have been rather quiet. where has everyone gone?


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Jun 21, 2006
Just be patient. We're just eager for the rest. When you post in so many segements you have to expect some comment dropoff.

You can't expect us to constantly be there telling you how great your work is coming. Just trust in it and when it's finished you'll get more comments.


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Apr 27, 2007
Is it just me, or has everyone lost interest as soon as I went into Mandy's past and tried to flesh out her character? Does the forum prefer if i write about stock characters, or may I expand my characters, so to speak?

Sorry, its something I've noticed, my story has gone further, developing and made slightly more interesting, and the amount of responses are about as huge as a grain of sand...

come to think of it, the Recent additions have been rather quiet. where has everyone gone?
I can sympathize. When I wrote Lizz'z Country Cafe back at the end of November I got a total of 1 (count it 1) response. I went a little fast with the story but the lack of intrest kind of cooled of my ambition for writing.

But keep trying, sometimes finishing the story DOES get a response for more of ones writing.

As to the story at hand, great so far but the suspense is sharpening it's claws and getting ready to come after me. :p


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Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 7: Cheers!

Mary awoke from the trance and proceeded to down the glass of beer offered to her by a concerned Alex.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah!" Mary replied, looking round, saw everyone sitting around the last table.

"What's that for?"

"A feast!" shouted Calum, already grabbing a chicken leg and gnawing on it. "Come on, It's a party!"

"Don't start without her!" snapped Jasmine followed by the snap of her water whip.

"How was I?" muttered Mary,

"Sounded like you had awoken her other self, she was talking to herself with her own voice! It was perfectly normal until you got her other self in the picture; Jasmine almost had a fit when we heard that her mum was a white supremacist! Anyways, she's currently over there, in the middle of a identity crisis and dead to the world, nothing we do can get anything from her."

"How's she doing?"

"Looks about 1500 pounds, but I'm not sure."

Mandy's entire form looked covered in fat. Her clothing had long been blown off, her belly flopped down in front of her like a fleshy apron, her tits the size of basketballs drooping beside it slightly. She was sitting flat on her five foot arse like a plush cushion, tree trunk legs out to the side to keep her balance. It didn't help the atmosphere that she was dribbling, the spittle running down her triple chins. Mary looked at her, then turned to the other four.

"Listen, if you want, you can join us up at the table," she said. "There is enough to go around, and it'll be fun, trust me! John knows some drinking games if you want to join in."

"NO WAY!" said Cindey and Candy, sitting firmly next to Mandy. "You've done enough damage, Mandy knows who are true friends are!"

"Besides, we have hard work to get back our beautiful bodies, stuffing our face isn't going to help!"

"If you're sure," sighed Mary, and she and the other two walked to the table. Whisking her glass off the table, Mary raised it up high. "TO TONIGHT!"

"TO TONIGHT!" chorused the assembly.

The food was delicious, Sandy wasn't sure what was the best, the casserole, the beef, the cakes or the sweets! It was all so nice. Mindy sat there, drinking and getting chatted up by some grey paint-wearing witch whom she later found out could control shadows.

"This is really great!" she said. "Do you do this every year?"

"Summer solstice, winter solstice and the equinoxes!" said a defeated Mary. "Most of our festivals are like this, with the exception of the winter solstice; that's much larger!" She belched, a green cloud came out of her mouth, cackling, flying over to a third base busy Mindy and blowing a raspberry in her face before exploding.

"What is going to happen next?" asked Sandy.

"Well, there is one spell left to do, and that's a secret, and then, we'll probably find you all a place to live. Your mum isn't too fussy about weight, is she?" Sandy's mum, long contrary to her daughter, was involved in large women's fashion and was one herself. "She might take you all in, but first, we need to heighten that magical power of yours! Delilah's delighted to teach you."

"Yesh!" said Delilah, a happy drunk.

"My advice is to finish this last spell!" said Timothy. "I'm sensing my time lock is getting weaker; I can probably hold it long enough for you to cast another spell, then it has got to go!"

"Okay, okay," said Mary, jumping up. "Sandy, Mindy, you got to head back to the others. This spell involves all of you!"

They went back to were Mandy was still sitting dazed and confused; the two disgruntled sidekicks also sat.

"Enjoyed pigging out with your new friends, traitor?" snapped Candy.

"Oh, shut up," muttered Sandy, feeling empowered enough to stand up to her friend for once.

"Ladies, listen!" Mary said. "I've chosen this spell to test your bonds of friendship a little. Having been inside Mandy's mind, I am a little unsure about how strong this friendship is, so a test is in order." She unveiled a small sweet leftover, one tiny, insignificant little Mars bar, still in its wrapper.

"This Is The Mars Bars of DOOM!" she said, striking a dramatic pose. "See Cindy, I can do impressions! I have enchanted it with a little spell. It will allow one person and one person only to lose all of their weight and go back to their original size, but it also causes the other four to triple in size at least!" she looked around the five. "Are any of you willing to betray your friends for a chance of getting back to your old selves? Can you truly feel you can call yourself a friend after you have done this? So, Which one of you is willing to take this and eat it!"

There was a deadly silence, as all of the group looked at each other, daring each other to eat it, daring them to go and betray their friendship, something they had treasured since year one and had endured all the way up till now. Who was willing to throw that all away? Which one of them was such a disloyal friend that they would gladly break their group for personal freedom!

A voice came out.

"I'll do it!"


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Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 8: Vengeance and Fate

Mandy waddled her way towards Mary, snatching the Mars Bar out of her hand, unwrapped it with a swift swish of her hand, and glaring wickedly at the other four.

"You would betray your friend for this?"

"Yeah, who cares about them!"

"Obviously your bitch side has gotten hold," Mary said.

"She's gotten control back and a good thing too!" retorted Mandy, jabbing Mary in the ribs. "There is a little you could learn about finishing a task, fatty!"

"Mandy, how could you?!" shouted Candy, stunned. "After all we've been through?!"

"We're your friends, Mandy!" said Sandy. "You remember."

"All the way since year one we've been with each other!" called out Mindy.

"We've always been friends!" pleaded Cindey.

"Friends!?" replied Mandy, slowly. "Yeah, I know what they are. They're weaklings, too scared to do anything on their own, too reliant on other people to get anywhere on their own. I've realized what my mother was teaching me all this time. Those who rely on others are weak, and I have been relying on you for long enough!"

She took her first bite of the Mars Bar. The others instantly felt the pressure, the fat, flowing onto them, like it was being poured out of a vat. Sandy fell to the floor, her bulbous breasts dragging her down like anchors. Mindy's enormous stomach forced her off her feet, her arms and legs flailing against the tide of fat. Candy, unable to keep her legs steady, slammed onto her titanic arse, growing insidiously larger by the second. Cindey gave a gasp as her knees and elbows were swallowed by her circular form. Mandy's body strunk, her entire being halving in weight. Mary looked on in utter amazement at the lack of loyalty in Mandy's heart.

Mandy took her second bite. Genuine fear crept into Mary's mind. She hadn't planned for this to happen at all. The four girls were fattening up at an incredible rate, and Mandy was enjoying seeing them suffer! She scolded herself that she shouldn't have let Mandy at this, the sadistic cow, it was making her win both ways. They were scared, she was slimming, and there wasn't a thing that Mary could do about it.

She tried to prepare a counter charm, drawing the Sigils on the ground quickly, before the girls exploded. Mandy landed top of her, smothering her charm and ruining her chances to help the others.

"You're not interfering with my fun!" she said, stuffing the Mars Bar down her throat.

The girls swelled to huge proportions. Cindey seemed to be doing a flesh-colored impression of Violet Beauregard; only her eyes and hair could be seen from the top, her stubby hands and feet slowly waving for help. Candy's bum had completely taken dominance of her form, cradling the rest of her body like a seat. Mindy's body had become blobbish, suspending her completely, her eyes looking out from her fat face with horror. Two enormous round breasts, followed by a bigger and rounder Sandy was what was left, unable to move, except to rock slightly.

"YOU BITCH!!!!" came the chorus from all of them.

"Call me what you like," snarled Mandy, "you can't do anything now! You're stuck up here, to be humiliated for the rest of your life!"

She let out a cruel laugh which echoed through out the canyon. The Time lock lifted, and suddenly and instantly the bird started to fly again, catching its prey and flying off. Mary came back after talking with the goths.

"We're leaving!" she said, grabbing her cauldron and walking off. "You clear up your own mess! Don't do anything too bad, as Karma can come and bite you on the arse!" She walked off. The Witches' Tongue had two entrances, the back way which they had all taken, and a scree slope, visible to everyone in the town and up at the Tongue, most of the goths were heading down this way.

Mandy sat down with a stick and began to prod and poke her former friends.

"Stop that!" "Leave me alone!" "Why did you get so mean?!" All fell on deaf ears as Mandy sniggered to herself. When she saw that the goths were a fair way away, Mary walking slower because of her extra encumbrance, she turned to the four and blew them a kiss.

"I'll come and visit you," she mocked, "when i need to laugh at ugly, fat cows who can't do anything!" She laughed and waltzed off.

Fury built up in the minds of the four; fury at The Goths for ensnaring them in this way, fury at Mary for punishing them so cruelly, and most of all, fury at Mandy. She had the idea of pranking the goths in the first place. She had been the one who had turned them into laughingstocks, She had been the one who had laughed at them while they were going through this torture, and it was her who had betrayed them! Slowly, the four started to rock, backwards and forwards, side to side, any way they could to get movement. Slowly they teetered on the edge for what seemed like an eternity, then gravity took hold.

The four crashed down the mountainside, scree, rubble, trees and animals either jumping out of the way or smashing against their forms. Branches whipped them, stones stung them, the ground grazed them; they didn't care, they pounded on, bouncing down the hill like demented balls of anger and fat. Nothing could stop them! Their target, the traitor, was losing distance fast. A final bounce, and they were all on top of her.

The last thing that she saw before Mandy's spine cracked into pieces was her friends' faces, doing what they should have done many years before.

The four had had their revenge, but there was no way to stop. Shouts of rage soon became cries of fright as Mary alone stood in their path, her back to them, rummaging around in her cauldron. Something told the girls that this was the end of Mary, the only one who could make them thin again.

"MARY, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 9: Passing On

Mary had heard the four crashing down long before they had reached Mandy, and had used her mantra to sense their intentions long before that. She carried her cauldron for as long as she could, then placing it down, looked at the other witches.

"You guys sense it?!" she asked the other witches quickly.

"Yeah," said Anari, "I'll get everyone to safety."

"I want the four to have a home," Mary said flatly. "They have suffered far too much! They need a home where they can live for some time, I'll hold them off, and you get a decent place soughted out."

Anari nodded, gathering those who couldn't travel easily close by, and stamped her foot, snapping them from view. Alex was already floating on a cloud, looking down at Mary.

"I hope that you know what you are doing," he said. "Not many witches survive this much strain on their magic. You've used up a lot of your power as it is."

"This has got to be done!" replied Mary, stoically. "No two ways about it. Either we do this, or we fail as witches."

"I've seen many things," muttered Alex, "Fae, Firbolgs of Britain, Vampires, Aliens, and other witches. But I doubt any of them has the determination you do!" He looked into her eyes. "Good luck!" he said, and flew off.

Mary plunged her hand into the cauldron, rummaging around for what she needed; time was slowly closing in. As she heard the crash of Mandy's spine, she grabbed the bull's heart and the bones of the tiger, pulled them out, quickly sealing the top of the cauldron with a anti-spillage spell. She heard the cry of the four, telling her to run. She bit down hard into the heart, the juicy blood spurting out over the ground. She saw the silhouette of the four bearing down on her, took up a strong stance, spun around, and placed her palms against the oncoming force.

The valley seemed to explode at the contest of forces. Momentum and velocity of the four urging them on, but the magically charged power of Mary's strength forcing them to stop. There was a blast as though from a cannon as all the energy and power gained from the four dissipated into the valley. Then all was quiet as the four fell back down onto the ground with a loud slap and Mary cracked her wrists.

"Ouch," she said, "that always gives me a stiff wrist."

"We are so, so sorry!" cried Sandy.

"We killed Mandy!" sobbed Mindy.

"We could have killed you!" howled Candy.

"We're murderers!" moaned Cindey.

"Oh, don't be so melodramatic!" muttered Mary. "Look, here are four bones magically enchanted; they should enable you to be mobile, and if not, Alex will be able to airlift you out of the way. I'm going to settle a score with Mandy!"

She walked off, back up the trail of destruction. The four quickly chewed on the bones, hating the way they cracked and splintered in their mouth, but they could already feel some mobility coming back into their limbs. Alex swooped down, grinning a maniac grin.

"Who wants to ride my magic cloud?"

Mary walked over the Mandy's body. Though the girl was still breathing, she wouldn't be for long, too much had been damaged. Mary was completely out of power, only able to do mundane actions, and any kind of first aid was beyond her. Mandy looked up at her, her eyes clearly visible even though her head was bleeding.

"She got control," she said, "you know, my bitch side, she got control, and now look where it has ended us up."

"Who am I talking to?" Mary said, sitting down, bringing Mandy's body up so that she wouldn't need to strain herself.

"Both of us," Mandy replied. "Somehow we've fused, we know what we've done, and we know we can't change anything. At least my bitch side is good at one thing, and that is not being afraid, even of death." She looked at Mary, "Do you know what happens when we die?"

"Some say you pass on into another world," Mary said, "Like this one, with good and bad stuff in it. Others say we just rot away like normal animals and switch off, so to speak. Some people say we come back as other people, or animals, or plants even. I tend to disregard the idea of heaven and hell, you can never have total good and total evil."

"I'll be the one to find out," Mandy replied. "My only regret is not telling my mother how much of a bitch she is."

"There might be a way!" Mary said, thinking quickly. "My friend, Nick, the shadow witch, is able to revive the dead, as long as their souls are sealed in one of these." She held up a skull-shaped stone, poorly carved given Nick's failure in any kind of art. "You'll be able to be his spirit, you'll be able to live as long as he does, help him, and most importantly, you can haunt you mother one last time before you pass on." She looked into Mandy's eyes, fighting back tears. "Please, do this for yourself, your friends, for everyone who knew you, and most importantly, do it for me, old friend! Ever since we played together in kindergarten, I knew you as a friend, and felt that no matter what you became, you would always have a place for me in your heart. Today has confirmed that fact, that we were still friends, no matter what your other self told you. So please, do this for our old friendship, and do it for the woman who destroyed you."

"Let's...!" said a strained voice from Mandy's throat. Mary placed the stone over Mandy's heart. Suddenly, a grey wisp floated out of her body, arching up slightly, headed by Mandy's face, then being pulled back into the stone. The skull's eyes lit up, and it was still. Mandy clutched onto Mary, Mary came in close, to hear her final words as a human.

"Thank.... you....

Mary sat back and howled. A long and sorrowful howl, a howl for an old friendship, and a howl for a death. A howl that wrenched at the very core of her being, shaking every fiber into submission to weep at everything. No vengeance came from this howl, only grief. It was something that woke up the people in the town, thinking that some wolves were killed in the avalanche. It was heard by the witches and by the four. The four began to cry, along with some of the more emotional witches. The sterner ones simply bowed their heads in sorrow, some saying some strange prayer for her soul. Nick looked on.

"Another new person to take care of," he said sorrowfully.


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Nov 22, 2007
Chapter 10: Home

Mary carried her friends to where the other witches had set up camp. Most were busy working on the project, currently hidden by a vast clump of trees, while others were relaxing. Anari was cooking some breakfast. She looked up and quickly ran over to Mary.

"I'll take that dead weight off your shoulders," she was going to say, but only got past "Dea..." before Mary glared at her. "I've began to make breakfast, are you sure you don't want any?"

"No!" Mary replied. "All I want is to know that the other four are safe! Are they?"

"Yes," said Anari, "we've just managed to get the grove set up. It is a pity that we couldn't create it as a place to hang out, but I'm sure they will let us."

"Good." Mary calmed down a bit. "Oi, Nick!" Nick looked around, Mary threw the soul stone, and Nick caught it. "Do to it as you see fit! Make sure she gets her last request realized."

Nick nodded, sat down, and began to communicate with the stone, entering into a trance-like state. Mary ditched her cauldron and walked into the grove.

Inside was a scene of absolute tranquility, full of greenery, tall trees giving a natural covering from aerial interferences, but it seemed that Delilah was showing Sandy how to use Earth magic and shaped the trees. In the center was an enormous pool, lined with rocks, filled with water, with small streams going in and out (Mary knew that Jasmine had something funny about keeped water flowing its natural course). Off to the side was an large pool of similar construction with heated water, a large stove, a similar sized vegetable patch, a group of fruit-bearing plants, and a number of trees that had been changed into benches and chairs. Alex flew down, grinning.

"Looks good, doesn't it?" he said, "I'm jealous just being in here." He looked at her tear stained face. "Listen," he said, comfortingly, "Mandy died because she made some choices, isn't that the way of things? You did the right thing to keep her soul sealed in a soul stone, the last thing we need is another unfulfilled soul turning into a demon, But it's going to happen to us all. You, me, even these four, and no amount of magic can change that, or raise the dead."

"Is there anything I should know about this place?"

"Yeah, we managed to grab ourselves a magic well!"

Mary couldn't help but smile, liquid magical power, they could perform one more spell for free, she could do one more thing for the four.

"Has anyone shotgunned it?"

"Yeah, Tim, your too late."

"What's he using it for?!"

"Eternal youth spell, only going to work for those four, though, we don't want any more fiascos with Fountains of Youth."

"So as long as they bathe daily in the pools, they remain looking eighteen until their dying day?" This was better than she thought. "What about food; they can't survive on vegetables and fruits for the rest their life."

"Animals are often attracted to this spot, so if the four are willing enough, they could survive for a long time here."

"This is better than I thought!" Mary said, finally collapsing to rest, drifting off to sleep to the sounds of "Left, right, arm up, down, turn!" coming from Delilah's mouth.


The witches took Mandy's corpse back, saying that she got crushed in the rockslide. She would have been buried for good if they hadn't been up there organizing an outdoor gig. The townsfolk asked where the others were, and the witches replied that they were lost up in the mountains, and had no idea where they went. They didn't explain the new area of forest, but they advised not to go there.

Mandy's mother, Mrs Jessica Voleder, received the body of her daughter, along with her final words, from Mary. She was so outraged at them that she assaulted Mary, and got their bodyguards to beat her and her "little gang of thugs" up. She was so much of a miser, she didn't even provide a tombstone for her own daughter, and the one that's there today was a gift from her friends.

Two weeks later, the townsfolk went up to the grave, and there they discovered the four. The awe inspiring beauty of the place, along with its inhabitants, overwhelmed most of the people there. Siren's grove became an attraction to San Cordania, along with regular visits from the witches and their families.

The four ended up pleased that they followed their friend Mandy up into the mountains to play the prank on the goths, for they now felt calm, happy and peaceful, and it showed through, making them benefactors over the town, rather than overlords.


"I'm leaving," said Mary, three years later. The remaining witches goggled in amazement.

"We thought you would be here forever!" said Calum.

"I've decided that I need to see the rest of the world," replied Mary. "I need to travel, like we did in the past, travel around to tribes to cure and help them. I've always fancied going to Britain; Alex has told me it's a wonderful place, now that the Firbolgs have taken over, I wouldn't mind seeing it for myself. Then maybe to Romania and catch up with a penpal, Alexa, apparently she's become a vampire."

She looked at the others. "Surely, we should all move on, The four at Siren's grove have told us that they will be able to hold the fort here as resident witches, so we should really go out and see the world for ourselves."

"You're right," said Anari. "I need to get home to Ohman, some stuff needs researching."

They walked off to pack their stuff. The next day they got into their cars and onto their bikes and hit the open road, out of the mountain town, into the open world, to discover new, amazing things.

One decided to be a show off and flew away on a magic carpet.

Thats the end of this story. But, if anyone wants to write about Mandy's revenge on her mother, then take it up as a challenge from me!

I'll be busy on my next story, featuring a Samuel L. Jackson look a-like


Oct 9, 2005
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