The Horrible Bulk (Pt 1-2) - by Kenster102.5 (SSBBW, Violence, Domination, ~MWG)

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Jan 25, 2007
SSBBW, Violence, Domination, ~MWG - a subtle trick brings about expansive consequences

The Horrible Bulk
By Kenster102.5

Author's note: This is my first try at a WG story, it is specifically a butt expansion story, mixed in with violence, and a date gone horribly wrong. I am also looking forward to feed back since it is only my first try. CONTAINS: Mild Violence


It’s Friday, and there she is sitting in her chair, with her blonde curly hair, green eyes, and pink lip gloss. Today she is wearing a pink shirt, and white ruffled skirt, and white heels, and she is teething on her pencil, while she thinks. And who is this you ask? Well at 5’9 and 115lbs, and a nice pair of C cups, her name is Carol, and she is the girl of my dreams. Well the dreams that she becomes the girl of my dreams.

“What are you looking at?”

Oh crap, she saw me, and I quickly turn to my note book and try to make it look like I was reading. Just then, I feel a tap on my shoulder, and turn to the right.

“Hey Michael, you hinted to me yesterday that you were making some kind of weight gain liquid?” he whispered.

Oh yeah that’s, my friend and fellow FA, Ryan, and I have known him since kindergarten.

“Well” I said in a cautious tone, “It should close to being complete, all I need is to do a few more tests and it will be complete.”

“Oh cool, think of the possibilities” he said, and I could see that mischievous look in his eye.

The liquid that I was creating would be refined to only a certain area of the body, mostly below the waist, since I am more of an ass man. If some girl were to drink it, it would cause her fat cells to multiply at a tremendous rate in her legs, hips and thighs, but it would not cause immobility at the same time. But all I needed was some girl, and like that was ever going to happen, to me being such a nerd. The data management ends, and I take one last look at Carol.

As I am about to get into my 1994 Chevy Impala SS, I see a reflection in the paint, and I quickly turn around, and it’s Carol? I quickly feel the butterflys erupt in my stomach.

“Hey, Michael?” she says in her beautiful voice, “I kind of heard you talking about some kind of weight loss formula?”

Wow, this could be the chance to be successful in my dreams. Of all people it’s her, I hope I don’t ruin this.

“Uh, yeah…the formula I am making will hopefully help people in their struggle to lose weight, it is just…” I am stuttering to think of something to say, “It is just…”

“You need someone to test it on? Sure I can gladly volunteer, when can I try it out?”

“Yeah sure…uh” seriously this is not happening, “We can try later tonight, around 11, meet me back here in the science lab, I have a key, if that is okay…?”

"Please don’t blow it Michael, not now." I'm thinking

“Okay, 11 is fine, I will be there” and with that she hugs me, “Oh thank you Mike” she says.

I am so overwhelmed, that I nearly fall over as she walks to her Lexus. I quickly get into my car and race off home. When I get home I just tumble onto the couch, and reflect for half an hour. It took me from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, to get all the ingredients measured and balanced, and then I have just enough time to eat, and gussy myself up, and then pray that nothing bad happens. I close, the metal casing with the vial, and lock the door to my house and head off for. The whole way there I am just clenching the steering wheel, thinking about her.

“Michael!!!” she says ecstatically, and I look up from the counter in the back of the science room to see her come in, wearing a maroon coloured tube top, navy blue jean skirt, that is really not covering her, and black heels, and I was just turning to mush under my white lab coat.

“I really can’t wait to start” she says, and neither can I.

“You sure you want to go through with this?”

“Yes, yes!! I want to lose it all” she said, as I enter in the keypad on the case, and I heard it click open, and I take out the thermos, and pour it in a glass. It is orange in colour, and I added a bit of citrus flavouring to it. I then hand it to her.

“To success” she toasts, and then drinks it down with out any hesitation. Nothing happens in the first few minutes. I am kind of concerned, and I can see the look on her face.

I hesitantly say “Give it a few minutes to soak in.”

Then all of a sudden I hear a loud gurgling sound, like the sound of a water cooler. She then clutches her stomach, and can see little by little her hips starting to expand.

“It’s working, it is such a strange feeling, but I think its working” she says, and just to defy her, the formula kicks in, and she start to expand more rapidly in the ass.

“Michael…Michael…what is happening to me, my legs are getting bigger?” and indeed they were, and her thighs were getting thicker and thicker, and the gap getting smaller and smaller. Her ass was blossoming like a basketball being inflated, cellulite was starting to form on her ass and calves, and her hips were half a meter in width. Then I heard a loud rip, and her ass was let loose from the confines of her skirt, and the division of fat cells became faster and faster. She could still walk, but her thighs were rubbing together.

“Please, Michael make it stop, please!!!” she yelled, but it was all muffled by my mind, and all I could do was stare, at her probably 160lb ass, that was becoming the diameter of a small truck tire. Her legs were riddled with cellulite, and her panties were being swallowed up by the ever increasing amount of fat, that it now looked like a thong. Her heels were now starting to crack under the weight. Then the division started to slowly yield, and then finally subsided. I looked up at her, and she started to walk up to me, her face red from crying.

“Michael, I am so fat, what happened?” her voice full of sobs, as she started to stagger closer.

“Michael, answer me!” her voice elevating in anger and despair. “Answer me, NOW!”

I then jumped over the counter, and made a dash toward the door. Not knowing what would happen, I entered the lock code for the reinforced door to the science room, and I then dashed down the hallway, looking for somewhere to hide, then…

All of a sudden, I heard this loud shriek and saw the reinforced door from half way down the hall go careening across the hallway, and heard its loud thud as it crashed against the adjacent lockers. My heart and my mind were just pounding and I remembered that I had forgotten to dilute the steroid used in the formula, so now she was like an extremely large pear shaped quarterback.

“You nerd, I am going to find your weak little self, and grind it to bits!” she yelled, and I knew she was closing in on me, while I was walking up the stairs. I quickly ducked into one of rooms, and huddled under a desk. I heard her heels clicking, and then saw her shadow pause in front of the door. For 2 minutes I held my breath, praying, hoping that she would go away. Then the heels started clicking again, and then faded away. I quickly made my way to the other exit of the room, and briskly walked down the hall.

Just as I was making my way to the parking lot doors, I thought I heard something move, and blindly dashed into a dark room. It was really dark; all I could see was the silhouette of a desk under the light from the door’s window.

“I knew I would find you” a husky female voice whispered. I tried to get up, but she whipped out a butterfly knife behind me and, then slashed it expertly into my left calve.

“Aaaaaawwwww!!” I screamed, as I felt a sharp pain radiate in my left leg, and felt blood staining my jeans, as I collapsed on my right leg. It was only a flesh wound, but so targeted as to immoblize and disorient me from the pain. The lights then came on, and I was blinded for two minutes.

“Get up” she ordered, and she then led me to her car, and drove off with me in the trunk, I was so scarred that I was just paralyzed with fear. I could feel the car stopping, and then accelerate off again. I fumbled and tried to find the emergency trunk release, and succeeded. I only staggered a few feet and I collapsed due to pain, everything started to blur around me and the fade to black.

While I was blacked out, I had this wonderful dream in which I was a little kid, except it ended in a car accident, and I was woken up, by a door slamming, and I was blind folded and sitting in a chair. I was suddenly picked up off my feet, and hurled into a wall or something solid, I was just so disoriented and scarred, I could not tell down from up.

“So! Do you have an antidote for this? Quickly answer me!” she barked.

“I don’t know!” I screamed in agony, and with that I was pushed to the ground.

“Well, then tell me this, can I ever lose the weight?” she asked. I just sat there and thought about how foolish I was.

“Uh…uh…I…I” was all that came out.

“Come on, you can’t be that useless!” she taunted, and I received a punch in the stomach.

All I was, was just a bumbling fool, all I wanted to do was shoot myself. The blind came off my face. I was being looked at right in the eye,

“Carol, I am sorry but…” I tried to plead.

“But what, please enlighten me, before I come up with an idea” she said

“I…I….Love you” I said, bracing for the next blow. I was then grabbed by the shoulders.

“Really!” she said violently shaking me, “Really…You really still love me?”

I was then picked up, and pushed against the wall where she held me there.

“Well Michael, I do love your guts oh yes I do, it is just I don’t know if I can believe you anymore?” she now had this menacing smile on her face, as she slowly start squeezing my shoulder with her hand, and I then was about to black out, when I tripped her to the ground, and limped off.

I was in her house, and by the looks of it, it was a mansion. I quickly heaved myself up the stairway, and took a left, and I ended up in a large bedroom, with this pink bedding…wait a minute pink bedding?

“Michael!! Come out, don’t you want to screw me?”

I quickly started kicking out a nearby window, as the foot steps got closer. I then squeezed myself out with only minutes to spare, as the door swung open. I just ran as fast as I could, and headed toward Ryan’s house.

“Open up Ryan, come on hurry up.” I yelled as I pounded on the door.

“Do you know what time it is?” as I heard him open the locks. I then barrelled myself through the doorway.

“Geez Michael, you look horrible - should I ask how the date went?” he asked.

“Well…you know that weight gain… formula that I created, it now has a name”, I said, as I gasped for breath.

“Oh wow, give me the juicy details” he said.

“Dude, it didn’t go as planned, and she is really pissed, so could you please find me a hiding place, please?”

“Let’s go to the basement, it would be safer there” he said as he led me into the down the stairs into the basement lounge.

A few hours later I had told him everything, concluding, “So I really don’t know what to do, I am afraid she will get fatter.”

I glanced at the clock and it was 3:00 on that Saturday morning.

“Don’t worry bud, you can crash here, I will make sure nothing will happen to you,” he said enthusiastically.

(Continued in post eight of this thread)


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Jun 19, 2007
Really cool. Am I twisted, or is this story full of funny stuff? I laughed my ass of (if you'll excuse that choice of words). It seems pretty realistic --notwithstanding the fantasy component -- in terms of the woman's response. A girl is growing against her will, and she gets upset? who would imagine? Great start, looking forward to reading more.



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Nov 22, 2007
Really cool. Am I twisted, or is this story full of funny stuff? I laughed my ass of (if you'll excuse that choice of words). It seems pretty realistic --notwithstanding the fantasy component -- in terms of the woman's response. A girl is growing against her will, and she gets upset? who would imagine? Great start, looking forward to reading more.

no, your not sick, I found it funny as hell if it was full of comedians.

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Oct 22, 2005
Although I had a problem with the height/weight issue of the young lady, I thought it was funny.


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Jun 28, 2007
You have my attention. I like how you stared it out though I thought you could have used a couple of personifications when describing her. Man this is like a horror story. a hot sexy potential dangerous horror story.


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Jan 25, 2007
Author's note: This is part two of my first try at weight gain literature, hope you enjoy it, and comments and critiquing is okay. Lots of ass expansion in this story, and a bit of violence and domination(but not of the courtly love type).

Sorry it took me quite a while to get the urge to continue and finish.



It was 3:15 A.M. I looked at my knife wound; it was a big gash with a large bandage and gauze on it, I would definitely need stitches and quick before I got an infection. Ryan was driving me to the hospital in his Toyota Matrix, I just sat back, just lying there, and just reflected on what I had done, and how I would ever be able to ever get through the rest of my life.

We were at a stop light at Millwood and Sutherland waiting for the light to change, even though it was a deserted intersection.

“Hey Ryan, is that you?” I heard a female voice calling.

“Oh crap…Michael get under the blanket on the floor of the car, it’s her. Quickly, she is walking over,” he whispered.

I rolled off the seat, and got under the blanket, and just had a small gap to peer out of.

“Hey Carol…How are you doing today? Did you change your hair?” Ryan sheepishly said.

What is he trying to do, get me killed with that “Did you change your hair”? She was now leaning against the door, and was eyeing the blanket. Her face had gotten a bit larger since when I last saw her.

“Why thank you”, she said kind of coldly, “Have you by any chance seen Michael this morning, I asked for him to meet me at my house, so then he could help through my all-nighter, you know how exams are coming up soon. So have you seen him?”

“Uh…No, I heard that he was going to stay and finish a chemistry project of his in the science lab,” he said with a bit of a stutter, and I could see the suspicion in her face.

“Oh crap, I am late for an appointment at SunnyBrook hospital, I will give him your message, and it was nice talking Carol and nice hair.”

“Well, nice seeing you Ryan,” she said with a smirk on her face. As he accelerated away from the intersection; I was cautiously peering out the back, and could see her looking over her shoulder with that smirk as if she knew I was in there.

We then got to the hospital, and we were there for 2 hours while they stitched my leg. We got back to Ryan’s place and it was quarter to 6 AM, so I just crashed on the sofa until noon when I woke up. I said goodbye to Ryan, and said that I'd felt better if I went home. My leg was still throbbing. When I got to my house I peered over my shoulder and looked up and down the street, there was no sign of Carol. I then checked to see if my door was still locked, luckily it was. I felt so reassured that she did not have a clue where I was that I let out a big sigh.

I closed the door, and went over to my fridge and got a nice cold beer. I then sat down and was starting to watch TV, when I noticed I forgot to lock the back door. I then see somewhat of a shadow in the light coming through the door window.

“Oh crap!”

I ran to the door, and was about to get my hand on the deadbolt, but was knocked to the ground. The chain was still on the door, and I had enough time to get up.

“I still have a score to settle with you my friend,” she said. The chain breaks off and I start to run down the hall, and close the door behind me, but the wooden door is no match for her, and she busts right through it, like a truck rumbling down a highway; man I am still wishing I diluted those steroids.

“You have nowhere to run you little man, you're mine now.”

My leg seizes up in pain again, and I get tackled to the ground. She then places a ski mask over my face, and ties a rope with my hands to my back. I black out again and wake up in what feels to be my bed, and I am sitting against my backboard/.

"Man these are really good and tight knots." I think to myself. The mask is taken off my head and I see her just sitting there beside me, continuing to file her nails. She is wearing a black blouse, and a new white ruffled skirt, and new white heels. Man, her ass has gotten bigger I note to myself as I see that large shelf of a ass trying to ooze through the chair, the skirt even though it was larger was fighting to cover her massive ass and tree trunk thighs covered in cellulite on the back.

“Where did you learn how to tie knots like that, and where did you learn how to use a butterfly knife?” I asked cautiously.

She then flips out the butterfly knife and starts to play and around with it, and does different tricks with it.

“I was in Cadet’s at one point, and learned how to do stuff like this, and also how to be a marks women,” she said with a bit of a mischievous smirk, and I then start to wonder about my life and how dangerous yet hot Carol is. She then starts waving the knife around in front of my face, and I feel really in for it now.

“I am so sorry for what I have done to you, I am sorry that I lied to you! Please, don’t kill me!” I say in a defeated voice.

“You’re sorry?” she chuckled, “Did I hear that correctly? That you’re sorry you lied to me?”

Her anger started to build.

“Sorry, is not going to cut it, you have really need to try another word or several, and see what happens,” she coldly said.

“Well…what else can I say to show how willing I am to make up?” I ask in an uncertain tone.

“You are going to have to earn my love, and that might take a while. You still love me, right, or was this entirely a prank,” she asks and it sounds sarcastic to me.

I cautiously think about answering.

“Wow, you are so slow in answering questions. Do you still love me?” she taunts me.

“Yeah, very much, I think you’re beautiful, I am a fat admirer and so I think you’re beautiful,” I said with a bit of confidence.

“You’re a fat what? You think I am hot, and you love me?” she asked with a bit more intrigue in her voice.

“I am a fat admirer, someone who likes fat chicks, and I love your pear shape body, and…” I am then cut off.

“Down boy, that’s all I wanted to hear,” she taunted again.

Man I am starting to hate this position I am in, a teenager trapped in his room with a very beautiful girl, except unlike everyman’s fantasy, the beautiful girl could kill you in any second and not feel any remorse since you made her ugly in her opinion.

She then gets up from the chair and walks to the bed, and takes out her knife again, and flicks it open. She then turns me over, and pins me there. I can barely breathe.

“What…what are you doing? What are you doing to me?” I am starting to get frantic here.

“I am going to kill you, I am going to slowly shove my knife into your back and gouge holes into you, and watch you bleed, I am going to kill you verrrry slowly,” she says in a very menacing voice.

“Really, I am sorry, I am sorry. Help…Help…Help!” I can feel the blade poking me, I am starting to pray.

“Oh Crap, Oh Crap! I am going to die!” I yell my lungs out. I then close my eyes. I hear something being cut; I think it’s my flesh.

“There, its done, very painlessly, you’re dying, the blood is trickling out of your back,” she says in a serious tone.

Nothing is happening, I am able to open my eyes, I don’t feel any pain, and I don’t feel any blood. I can move my arms now, and I sit up and feel my back, and I don’t find holes.

“Wow, you were squirming so much! I can’t believe how scared you were, man it is just so funny,” she then starts laughing. I then glance up to see her holding the rope.

“Why did you untie me?” I ask.

She then starts unbuttoning her top.

“What are you doing?” I say, beginning to realize she really isn't going to kill me but just wanted some payback. But where is this going?

“Don’t you want to see what I have become? Don’t you want to see what you have done to me?” she asks, and she then takes off her top and starts removing her bra. I see her beautiful c-cups become free from her bra. Then she starts unbuttoning her skirt, and then pulls it down. Her legs, oh those beautiful fat legs, appear in all their cellulite glory, jiggling as she starts to remove her white panties.

I continue to ogle at her, her panties are slowly removed, and she then waves them on her finger, and her hips are now released from their confines. She then turns around, her ass is so spectacular, and those cheeks are two large semi-truck tires, jiggling and full of cellulite. I'm getting as stiff an erecton as is probably possible.

She smiles, then comes over to the bed and pushes me down, and I had my first time getting it on with a girl, and it was great. We both climaxed at the same time, and it was just great. But man she was heavy; I was having a hard time keeping my self from sinking into my bed. We relax, lying next to each other on the bed.

“Wow, you weren’t too bad for a virgin,” she panted.

“So, do you want me to order some pizza?” I asked.

“That would be great right about now, also order some breadsticks, I am so ravenous right now,” she replied, not a trace of anger or concern about her size evident.

Life as I see it is going to be a lot different after this day.
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