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Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006

Velma Dinkley stood off to the side observing Daphne Blake brushing her hair.

It was natural for Daphne to be absorbed with her appearance, at least that was Velma’s opinion.

After a moment Velma cleared her throat, causing Daphne to spin around.

“Opps, sorry. I didn’t know you were there”, said Daphne in a marginally rueful tone.

“I’m not surprised”, Velma spitefully thought to herself before casting a smile upon Daphne that brought dimples to her cheeks. “We’re only going to check out that abandoned amusement park, there’s really no need for the beauty pageant look.”

Daphne walked by Velma, her gorgeous red mane rolling over her shoulders, an energetic snap in her gait. “I’m not really comfortable about checking out this haunted amusement park without the guys, can’t it wait until later?”

Velma trailed behind Daphne as they entered the front room of the cozy little cottage they were renting.

“Allegedly haunted amusement park”, Velma smiled, “I’m just anxious in checking it out, and anyway, I was hoping for some quality time with you sans Fred and Shaggy.”

“Really?” Daphne’s puzzled expression quite exaggerated, “Aren’t you still a little miffed at me about the warehouse mystery?”

Velma grinned, “Nah, let’s put it behind us.”

“Good for you!” Daphne chimed aloud, “It’s not my fault that the newspapers gave me the lion share of the credit…..”

“You are much more photogenic than me!” Velma interrupted Daphne with a gust of laughter, “I almost don’t blame them. Although I did most of the brain work in solving the case.”

Daphne wrote off Velma in a lackluster mode, “Yeah, I guess.”

Daphne’s eyes locked upon the mirror that hung high above a cabinet and she smiled, “But when it comes to journalist, eye candy always get’s the attention.”

Velma sighed under her breath, subsequently bringing up the amusement park, “Anyway, Shaggy is out with Fred……”

Daphne once again spoke over Velma, “Isn’t Fred the best!”

“Yeah, he’s something”, Velma’s replied, a twinkle in her eyes.

“Soooooo, since Fred is out making public appearances hawking his book on booby traps with Shaggy; let’s say we have some fun of our own.”

Daphne literally ignored Velma as she continued bragging about Fred.

“Fred is the most loyal, dedicated, faithful boyfriend a girl can have!”

Velma tore her eyes away from Daphne yet enthusiastically stated, “He’s one of a kind!”

Daphne stood with her hands over her hips, a bouncy timbre to her voice, “Wow, I’d say from your reaction somebody has a little crush on my man!”

Velma’s body language revealed the truth, arms folded, her body slanting away from Daphne.
Although Daphne took it all in stride, “Aw, you do have a crush on Fred, how sweet! But don’t worry, I’m cool with it. Fred’s a one woman man so I don’t feel threaten by a harmless dose of infatuation.”

Velma nervously ran her hand threw her hair then adjusted her glasses as she uncomfortably wheezed.

“Just a second!” Daphne announced as she strutted toward the bedroom.

Velma noisily sighed, impatiently waiting for Daphne to return.

“Ta-Da!” Daphne exuberantly shouted upon rejoining Velma in the front room.

It was impossible for Velma not too notice the diamond necklace wrapped around Daphne’s slender neck.

“Fred bought it for me, I kind of think it sort of hints of the possibility of the chance he’ll soon pop the question!” Daphne rattled off, “Isn’t it breathtakingly gorgeous!”

Velma bobbled her head, “Sort of, kind of, possible_ whatever”, echoed through her thoughts.

Daphne ran her fingertips over the necklace, boasting once again, “It must have cost Fred something like two thousand dollars and I’m being modest with the price.”

“I’m getting bored”, Velma blurted, “I mean let’s take a sneak peek at that amusement park.”

Daphne held unto her elbow as she used her other hand to tap her lean cheek, “I’m really not too sure, I think Fred should be included and he’s out at the moment.”

Velma needed some leverage in convincing Daphne to venture out to the amusement park. As she squinted at Daphne standing there in her purple mini-dress that accentuated her trim shapely figure, the solution popped into her bean.

“Well, alright, sure, we’ll wait for Fred”, Velma stated with a sugary smile.
“Anyway, Shaggy did mention something about picking up pizzas for dinner on the way back from the book signing. It actually would be a positive move to wait so we can dine with them.”

Velma held back her giggle but her arcane grin hinted at the fact that she had turned the screw in her favor.

Daphne’s expression soured, “Pizza_again! Doesn’t Shaggy ever think about anybody but himself!”

“What’s wrong with pizza?” Velma asked already knowing the answer.

“Some of us prefer healthy food, that’s all. What’s wrong with that?”

Velma leaned in toward Daphne, “I do know that if there is one thing about you that annoys Fred it’s that you’re a finicky eater.”

“I’m not all that finicky”, Daphne grimaced.

“Yeah, right”, Velma all but laughed. “You’re fearful of the excess calories that could contaminate your sweet figure.”

“So what?” Daphne retorted, “I want to stay in shape.”

“Oh” Velma teasingly replied, “Are you being cautious because if you gained weight it might take the shine off your relationship with Fred.”

Daphne sneered at Velma, “That’s crazy!”

“Sure it is”, Velma cheekily responded.

Daphne rolled her eyes, “Fine! Alright. I’m not fond of pizza anyway but if you want to check out that amusement park, let’s go now, I want to be here when Fred get’s back!”


Since Fred had commandeered the Mystery Machine Velma needed to rent a car to drive out to the abandoned amusement park.

The drive wasn’t very long, however, Daphne’s continuous prattle about Fred and how they were the most popular - best looking couple ever, made it feel like it took forever.

Velma stopped the vehicle just outside the gates in which the females had to squeeze through.
Daphne slipped through the chained cyclone fence with ease, exception to pausing for a brief moment to maneuver her breasts through the gap.
It took Velma a little more effort, alternating between pushing or pulling her body through.

Daphne giggled at one point, “Getting a little chunky there are we! Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t wait for the guys to get back, the last thing you need is pizza.”

Daphne failed to notice Velma’s stale glare or overhear her mumbling, “Laugh all you want, cheesecake; you’ve rubbed my nerves for the final time.”

Naturally the amusement park had vastly deteriorated, rusty rides and boarded up concession stands among the tumble weed and tall weeds.

Daphne pushed back her luminous red mane, “Okay Velma, where do we go from here?”

Velma pointed toward a row of dilapidated building that housed such amusement park standards as the fun house and the house of mirrors.

“Might be fun to check out those buildings”, Velma giggled.

Thus Daphne strolled along side Velma who was leading her directly toward The House Of Mirrors.

“You’ll find this particularly amusing, pardon the pun, I know I will”, said Velma as the females advanced through the house of mirrors.

Daphne kept a straight face as she nodded.

Ultimately reaching a gigantic looking glass covered with a large white sheet, Velma favored Daphne with a few details.

“Through my research which is always top notch, I uncovered an interesting gem about this mirror. Call it rumor or folklore but this mirror has a macabre power.”

“I think we’re in the folklore business, what’s so special about the mirror having macabre powers?”

“I know you enjoy looking at your reflection, so have a peek!” Velma chimed as she tugged the white sheet off the mirror.

The large mirror owned a mahogany trim, weird symbols carved into the wood.

Daphne stepped closer to the looking glass, “I admire the handiwork, I wish it weren’t so big though, it would be neat having it when Fred and I set up house.”

“You’re so sure Fred’s going to propose to you?” asked Velma with an inconsiderate smirk.

“It’s on his to do list”, Daphne beamed a confident smile.

Velma stepped in front of Daphne, the cute red head sandwiched between her colleague and the mirror.

“This is where the macabre part of the story comes in, Daphne. The mirror can influence history, tweak reality for whoever is smart enough to discover the correct hex.”

Daphne slowly turned around, “Hex?”

Velma placed her hands over her hips, an eccentric smile over her lip as she elevated her chin.

Velma began warbling an insane chant, Daphne crinkling her nose, stepping away from the mirror.

“What was that all about?” Daphne inquired once Velma had finished the chant.

Velma ignored Daphne’s question, “I’m going to show you just how the mirror works.”

Upon snapping her fingers, Velma’s appearance radically changed.

Her brown hair grew in length, rolling over her shoulders, taking on a wavy consistency.
Velma’s plain features upgraded within the classical beauty category while her figure became voluptuous and curvy. Furthermore her nerdy glasses were replaced with fashionable eyewear, and her baggy sweater and skirt swapped for the very same purple mini-dress that covered Daphne’s body.

Daphne blinked, “Wow! Amazing!”

Velma whirled around, taking much pleasure in exhibiting the fullness of the transformation.

“Well, are you speechless or what?” Velma haughtily stated.

“Well, yeah”, Daphne replied with a candy smile, “You did manage too improve on your looks but I think you went to the far extreme, don’t you think?”

“Nope!” Velma’s loud voice echoing through the House Of Mirrors.
“I look utterly scrumptious and then some. But Daphne dear, don’t you think it’s awfully tacky for both of us too be wearing the same dress?”

“Definitely”, Daphne uttered, “I know how much you admire my look but_.”

Velma obnoxiously spoke over Daphne, “Obviously this style is much more flattering too my figure than yours.”

Velma snapped her fingers, Daphne now stood in only her bra and bikini cut panties.

“Hey, my clothes!” Daphne stridently peeped.

“I wouldn’t worry about clothes for the moment, chunky”, Velma replied with a crooked smile.

Daphne maneuvered her body into a dramatic pose, showing off her attractive female attributes, “I’m not at all chunky!”

Velma tapped her chin, “Remember what I said about the mirror being able to revise history.
Just imagine if you weren’t so vigilant about watching your weight, if you habitually dined on fattening food, pizza for example. Matter of fact, what if you were immensely fond of pizza!”

Velma snapped her fingers and just like that Daphne began piling on the pounds.

Her cute face filled out, rounding out her features and inflating her cheeks while she developed a bloated second chin. Daphne had always been somewhat top heavy but the additional pounds amplified her breasts size, causing her heaving hooters to strain the bra’s material, wilting a tad lower, the tissue becoming fairly squishy.

Daphne developed a portly potbelly that protruded beyond the confines of her protracted panties, a red stretch mark from her navel downward.
Her hips widen to a small degree but her ass became soaked with fat, blossoming in chubbiness as it hovered over her blubbery thick thighs.

“You ruined my figure!” Daphne screeched at the top of her lungs, “Change me back, now!”

“No can do, Fat-ne!” Velma maliciously laughed.

“You see, history has been reinvented, whether you like it or not, you’ve always been a chunky gal with an unruly appetite. Fred, Shaggy, everybody else won’t have any recollection that you’ve been different. Except you and me that is.”

“Then I’ll do it myself!” a bit of a squeal registering in Daphne’s angry voice.

“Go right ahead”, Velma casually replied.

Daphne snapped her fingers, “My figure is back to normal!”

Nothing happened.

Daphne repeated the drill, the results lacking.

“This is your normal figure for one thing”, Velma smiled, “The other thing is that you weren’t paying attention and don’t remember the chant.”

“Oh Velma, please, explain the chant or change me back on your own.”

Velma rolled her eyes, “I knew your weren’t book smart but you’re proving yourself to be a complete ninny. History has been altered, I’ve always been the eye candy member of the group, you’ve been the heifer. But um, I think a couple other adjustments are in order.”

Daphne cradled her flowing round gut, a positively frightened look distorting her cute yet fat face as Velma snapped her fingers.

Daphne’s long red lock were shorten into a sloppily manufactured bob hairstyle which accentuated the circular shape of her face and doughy chipmunk cheeks; and her skin lost it’s golden tan hue, becoming milky white.

“Velma, this isn’t funny!” Daphne cringed, “I look ridiculously dumpy like this! How can I possibly be a member of the team now?”

Velma spoke in a calm and collective manner, “Still holding unto your vanity. A shame but I presume in a few months, maybe a year tops, your get used to looking dumpy. Fat and dumpy.”

Velma continued as she moved in closer to Daphne, “And don’t worry about not being a member of our team because you never were. You’re basically our assistant, answering our fan mail and running errands.”

Daphne emitted a long drawn out sigh, “I’m stinking fat, I must weigh over 200-pounds.”

“Well, close enough”, Velma replied with a funky smirk, “And another thing, I believe you have something that belongs to me.”

Velma snapped her fingers, the diamond necklace now situated around her neck.

“My necklace!” Daphne screeched.

“Wrong, this is my necklace”, Velma informed Daphne, “Fred gave it to me just the other day. You see my tubby princess, Fred and me are an item, you’re just a friend to him.”

“I thought we’re friends, how could you do this to me”, Daphne began to blather; “You wrecked my figure, and stole my man!”

Velma firmly grabbed Daphne’s upper arm and forcibly pulled her toward the mirror, “You still don’t get it, in this reality Fred was never your man!”

And with that Velma vigorously pushed Daphne toward the mirror.
Velma began a new chant, the mirror darken, a hazy cloud streaming from the looking glass, circling around Daphne while the darkness revealed a porthole which drew Daphne within the boundaries of the mahogany frame, producing a vacuum in which Daphne couldn’t escape.


The next thing Daphne knew, she was no longer at the amusement park in the Hall Of Mirrors but planted on a lumpy mattress in one of the cottages. Not the original cottage that she had rented with Velma but a completely different one.

Daphne looked around the room, it was a complete mess. The bed linens were askew, clothes scattered around the room, empty soda bottles and McDonald’s bags all over the place, the nightstand littered with pie boxes.

Rolling unto her belly, her podgy breasts bobbling as she advanced upward, Daphne slowly directed her well-fed body out of bed.

Daphne released a disgruntle sigh as she inspected the flabbiness of her figure. Daphne’s fuller figure hadn’t changed with one exception. Instead of her stylish bikini briefs, she was wearing very pedestrian looking, hip high cotton panties that accurately rounded out her portly potbelly.

It was then the bedroom door opened, Shaggy in the doorway, gazing at Daphne as if nothing was unusual concerning her appearance.

“Hey, I knew you were sleeping, well like, Fred’s book signing was a major sensation.”

Daphne covered up her bulging knockers, “Shaggy, don’t you notice anything different about me?”

Shaggy replied with a simple shrug of his shoulders, then continued where he left off, “Fred took Velma out to some fancy restaurant too celebrate, I know that’s not your cup of tea so I took care of dinner for us. I brought back two large meat lovers pizzas!”

The very mention of pizza caused Daphne to drool, subsequently causing her stomach to gurgle.

“I’ll meet you in the front room”, Shaggy added with a wide grin.

The very thought of clothing herself didn’t enter Daphne’s mind, all she could think about was eating, and thus she wobbled out of the bedroom as fast as her roomy thighs could take her.

Daphne took a seat on the sofa, her podgy belly pouring over her lap, her pulpy fat thighs merging together.

“Here, this one is yours”, Shaggy pleasantly grinned as he handed Daphne the large pizza.
In rapid fire session, he produced a napkin for Daphne to wipe off the drool that had flowed from her lips to her chin.

Daphne flipped opened the pizza box, “This is too much ….. I can’t eat all this ….”

“Yeah right”, Shaggy comically snickered.

Daphne closed her eyes and drew in the pizza’s tasty aroma, her appetite ever more aroused she greedily devoured the first slice without a second thought.

Daphne ran her tongue over her lips, uttering a barely audible yummy sound.

She slipped her fingers under the next slice, pouncing on it in a sloppy manner, her fingertips covered with sauce as was her lips and chin.

Loudly chewing, she tried to slow her feeding down, delicately nibbling for less than a minute.

A third slice and then the fourth.

Shaggy volunteered a minor amount of small talk; Daphne listened but was far too absorbed with eating to respond.

“Oh by the way”, Shaggy began to say; “Velma gave me a list of errands for you to do tomorrow while we’re investigating that haunted amusement park.”

“Huh?” Daphne blurted.

“Like, no big deal, Daphne. Just try to get out of bed before noon and you know, take care of the errands before answering the fan mail.”

“Out of bed before noon?” Daphne questioned before gobbling up the final slice.

Shaggy chuckled, “It isn’t impossible!”

Daphne squinted at Shaggy, for some odd reason she remembered that she rarely got out of bed before two in the afternoon but it was worse. She was incredibly lazy.

“You might want to wash some clothes while you’re at it”, Shaggy suggested, “There’s a nice Laundromat not too far from here.”

Daphne used her forearm to wipe her greasy lips, “Huh?”

Daphne uncomfortably wheezed upon realizing that she was no longer a member of the team but their personnel assistant.

“Oh, you might as well get used to this place too, we’ll be staying a while”, said Shaggy.

Daphne unconsciously began massaging her belly, a habit that had a calming effect.
“Why’s that?”

“Fred and Velma are moving on after we explore the amusement park, they’re going to New York City to promote Fred’s book, who knows how long they’ll be gone.”

Daphne heaved a melodious sigh, “Ohhhh Fred.”

Shaggy sternly gazed over at Daphne, settling what remained of his pizza on the coffee table; he slid his body next to Daphne.

Shaggy’s voice cracked a couple of times as he kindheartedly conveyed, “I know you’ve been smitten with Fred for a long time but you really need to like, put out the torch. Fred’s a one woman man, so you got to realize, Fred and Velma are a couple for keeps.”

Daphne did detect the affection in shaggy’s voice, her pert smile that amplified the chubbiness of her cheeks indicated the fact. However, her eyes zeroed in on Shaggy’s pizza.
“Um Shaggy, are you going to have that last slice?”

“Be my guest”, said Shaggy, leaning over and then dropping the slice into Daphne’s grubby hands.

Daphne gluttonously gobbled up the slice, failing to notice Shaggy momentarily exiting the room.

Daphne brought her heavy limbs upward, sprawling over the sofa, licking her fingers.
In truth Daphne was indeed embarrassed by the manner and the amount of food which she managed too consume, and was unquestionably uncomfortable about her overweight appearance.
However, her tummy was full and that was all that mattered, along with a nap.

Daphne had just closed her eyes when Shaggy returned.

Hey, I have something for you!” Shaggy announced, his hand playfully tapping Daphne’s bulbous belly.

Daphne opened her eyes and in slow motion, dragged herself up into a seated position.
“You didn’t happen to bring me pound cake?”

“Better! Much better, see!”

Shaggy grinned, bestowing Daphne with a necklace.

It wasn’t in the same league as the necklace Fred had originally given Daphne that Velma now owned. It was inexpensive and a little tacky looking. Made of some kind of cheap metal with irregular connected loops.

However, Daphne felt somewhat impressed and she giggled in a high pitched tone.

Shaggy walked behind Daphne and asking if he could place it around her neck.

Daphne instinctively placed her hands over her heart and gushed, “By all means.”

Shaggy placed the necklace around Daphne’s thick neck, and she couldn’t dismiss the electric vibes as his fingers skimmed her skin. Daphne purred.

Shaggy walked around the sofa, inching as close to Daphne as possible and smiled, “Looks far out cool on you, Daph!” Shaggy then extended his hand and softly pinched her second chin, “Compliments your cute double chin.”

Daphne blushed, “What’s the occasion?”

Shaggy parked himself next to Daphne and took hold of her chubby fingers.

“Well I’ve known you for a long time, I kind of think, it sort of hints that maybe we can take our friendship to the next level.”

“Well the necklace is breathtakingly gorgeous and I do like you….”

Shaggy grinned, Daphne continued, “If you really like me and want to take our friendship to the next lever, could you do me a favor?”

“Whatever it is, consider it done!” Shaggy enthusiastically replied.

“Run out and pick me up some pound cake while I take a nap!”, Daphne chirped.

Shaggy responded with a smile, playfully tapping her bloated belly before leaving for the store.


Months went by, Daphne occupying the small cottage without a qualm. During this time she devotedly answered the team’s fan mail and ran all types of errands, despite never officially seeing Fred or Velma. It was better this way, after all Daphne’s virtual around the clock eating and sleeping far into the afternoon caused her too gain a redundant amount of weight.
Shaggy was the only real friend she actually had, steadily keeping her company unless he was on an assignment with the team.


Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006

A loud knock on the door, Shaggy answering post haste.
There stood Fred and Velma. Velma looking outrageously attractive in a snazzy blue mini-dress.

“We’re so excited! We couldn’t wait to tell you and Daphne the news!” Fred announced in a booming voice.

Shaggy welcomed the couple into the cottage, informing them, “I’ll get Daphne, make yourselves at home.”

Shaggy made a bee line to the bedroom, closing the door then addressing Daphne who was laying in bed.

“Fred and Velma are here, baby, they have something to tell us, sounds important.”

Daphne placed the practically empty pound cake package on the nightstand, “Fred and Velma here? My oh my, they haven’t seen me in, jeepers, an astronomically long time!”

Shaggy commented while fumbling through the pile of clothes for something that Daphne could wear, “It hasn’t been that long, but I suppose it’s been a while.”

Daphne clutched her tremendously big belly, “Golly gee whiz, I’ve gotten so huge, they’ll be flabbergasted and then some!”

“Well I think you look beautiful”, Shaggy admitted with a cheesy smile upon holding up a ridiculously large plus size gown.

“Are you aware that I’ve tipped the scale at over 300-pounds”, Daphne squeaked, “309-pounds to be exact, and that was a month ago. I know I’ve gotten fatter since then.”

Shaggy rolled his eyes and comically grinned, “More to love, darling.”

Shaggy handed Daphne the gown, “I’m going to entertain our company while you get dressed.”

Daphne tilted her head, “Gosh, Shaggy, okay.”

The dress was a pale purple hue, long sleeves with a flowing white apron attached.
Something an old world milkmaid would wear while carrying out her chores.

Daphne slowly squeezed into the gown, the escalation of her weight since the previous time she wore the dress made it a tight fit.

Daphne’s red mane had grown out, dangling over her shoulders, it was a disheveled mess.
Her face significantly rounder, her cheeks all the more fatly, her natural chin literally enclosed by the pulpy tissue that advanced the fullness of her second chin.

Daphne managed to stuff herself into the gown that revealed her bell shaped figure in its entirety.
Her ass had mushroomed into a bulging backfield within humongous proportions, equivalent too her enormous belly that protruded outward, her abnormally broad hips were drenched in flab while her gigantic thighs rubbed together. The weight Daphne put on didn’t spare her upper arms that had become rather soft and pudgy, much like her breasts that had reached the D cup stage but without the firmness slid over her copious belly.

Daphne didn’t bother taking a glimpse of herself in the mirror to check her appearance. She was indeed fat, seeing what she looked like couldn’t conceal the fact.

The couple seated next to each other on the sofa, Shaggy standing near by as Daphne wobbled into the front room.

Oddly enough she wasn’t greeted with gapes or stares, almost as if Velma and Fred expected her to be this heavy.

“Let me help you into your chair”, Shaggy politely volunteered.

The chair was speciality made too accomadate Daphne’s imposing girth, a little well worn, the cushion sunk in due to the heaviness of Daphne’s wide - ample bottom.

“Hi Fred, Hi Velma”, Daphne discreetly smiled, a little miffed at Velma’s slender figure, even more because she was the culprit that reinvented her history.

Shaggy stood behind Daphne as Fred announced the news, “We’re engaged, Velma and I!”

Daphne wasn’t the least bit surprised, managing to peep, “Super-duper”, albeit not exactly thrilled with the news. Shaggy ran over and congratulated both of them, after a few miniutes of social harmony, Velma asked to speak with Daphne in private.
“Girl talk, that type of thing“, Velma grinned.

Thus Fred and Shaggy hightailed it outside, providing the females with some privacy.

“Don’t I look, well”, Velma audaciously smiled, “Stunning to say the least. Look at my engagment ring, it cost a pretty penny and this is a real diamond.”

“It’s totally bad enough I’m a blimp, do you really need too show off!” Daphne retorted.

Velma slid her hands over her svelte waist, “Oh, it’s a foul feeling being on the receiving end now is it. You used too brag blue streaks of arrogance when I was the smart dorky girl and you were the babe.”

“You got Fred; I’d really like you too change me back if you’re through with your fun!” Daphne rattled off.

Velma tapped her cheek, “Isn’t this amazing, quite profound. You don’t mind me being involved with Fred, being slender is more important. I really thought you’d be rid of your vanity a 100-pounds ago.”

Daphne remained silent as Velma drew closer to her.

“Let me examine the changes to your figure first hand”, Velma said with a syrupy grin as she placed her hands over Daphne’s substantially chubby belly.

“Wow, Daphne, your belly is like a huge ocean of blubber, I can actually feel the waves of flab as I press down.”

In a speedy manner Velma cupped Daphne’s boob, “Your breasts are simply saturated in fat!”

Finally Velma ran her fingers over Daphne’s corpulent chipmunk cheeks and plump second chin, “Exquisite in exact detail, plainly exhibiting the results of overeating. I must admit, Daphne, I knew you would become heavier but you’ve surprised me.”

“Your appearance betrays your gluttonous appetite and sedentary lifestyle”, Velma added with a thundering chirp, “You look very much the conventional fat chick!”

“If you’ve done with your fun, change me back!” Daphne grumbled.

“Even your thighs have bulges!”

Daphne sneered at Velma who sweetly smiled, “Your history has been completely changed, it’s not going to happen but I kind of think we can agree on a couple of things.”

“Huh?” Daphne chided Velma, “I’m over 300-pounds, I constantly eat and my clothes are ridiculous! I can only fit into jumbo size panties!”

“Listen to me, Daphne”, Velma soothingly spoke, “Things aren’t all that awful for you. You’re a far better assistant than you were a member of the team. I mean the fan mail goes out on time, you’re halfway decent in doing research and commendable with our errands.”

“Um Velma, if you’re trying to make me feel better, stop. You’re making me feel like a lackey.”

Velma continued in complete perkiness, “You enjoy sleeping, surpassing 10 hours in bed on a normal day, and you’re certainly fond of eating. Haven’t you developed a huge fondness for pizza, pound cake and cheeseburgers? If you were thin, you would have to deprive yourself and I really think you’d rather be fat.”

Velma could tell that she was reaching Daphne by her reflective expression.
“Furthermore, although I have Fred and were the utmost -cool - exciting - popular couple there is, you do have a shine for Shaggy. True or false?”

Daphne bit her lip, replying in a geeky tone, “Um, Shaggy is cool in his own way, and he like, treats me like I’m special and says I’m cute and beautiful and stuff like that.”

“So then you’re getting used to your size?” Velma asked.

“My size, no. But golly, it does make me feel better that Shaggy isn’t bothered by it.”
Daphne gazed over her butterball belly, “But being honest, I still feel dumpy looking_.”

Daphne paused briefly then giggled, “Darn it, Velma, you’re totally cosmic correct about all the food I love, dieting now would be a hassle.”

Velma nodded, “I can assure you that you’ll eventually accept your size, it’ll still be some time and you’ll gain another 75 or 90 pounds but by then you won’t mind your fuller figure and Shaggy will still find you appealing.”

A lopsided smile appeared on Daphne’s face as she squished the top portion of her belly, “Snookies! I suppose that’s reasonable!”

“And don’ worry about those two skinny teenage girls who giggle behind your back whenever they see you”, Velma causally stated, “I didn’t revise their past but I did tweak their future in a big way.”

Velma winked, and Daphne’s belly quivered as she laughed.

After a short while Fred and Velma broke company, Shaggy dutifully inquired if Daphne wanted to return to bed while he ordered diner.

“Cancel that, mate!” Daphne giggled, “I’ll sit up for a while but um_.”

“What, Daphne?” Shaggy smiled.

“Give me a little smooch before ordering the pizzas!”



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Jan 20, 2009
In the cartoon series Daphne and Shaggy became a couple as did Fred and Velma. If you remember Daphne and Shaggy teamed with Scrappy and Scooby through several of the later incarnations. In one episode they ran into Fred and Velma together at Mardi Gras who were also a couple. People forget this stuff I guess....


Sep 14, 2012
Hearing about Daphne's transformation in the new movie: http://i.imgur.com/vqMOTbo.gif

Then the reveal it wasn't real (as per usual in most Scooby Doo stories): :mad:

This story really comes through, though. Great stuff, Matt.

Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006
BigFatDani & Lust,
I appreciate the feedback, thank you. I was indeed inspired by the Scooby-Doo cartoon -film to write this story. I was thoroughly disappointed that the weight gain plot line with Daphne was a trick although I kind of expected it.

Cheers, Matt