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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Slipping out of the castle, Kila blew her hair from her eyes. She waved to Jaxx, who leisurely stretched out his nose to be caressed. Over the past several weeks she learned his fierce face housed an affectionate heart.

Good morning, little sister.

Good morning, m’lord. She responded with teasing affection, fingers gently tickling the softer scales that edged his nose.

Are you ready to do something different today? He closed his eyes in enjoyment at the touch.

She caressed the inside of his hands as he bore her up. Looser scales made them rough. What are you thinking of doing? She revelled in the feeling of her stronger arms, firmer limbs. Her shorter hair curled around her face.

She had hacked it off herself in a fit of rage, after Stura kept using it to wheel her around like a bola.

I am itchy, Mal is busy, and I miss swimming. We will go to the lake, swim, and I will show you how to take care of this itch. His thoughts had become a little crusty lately – it made sense. She realized he was shedding.

No training today? She suppressed the whine in her voice, resigning herself. Several of the Dragons had taken their own personal time to train her on their own days off.

Life IS training. He had become more and more distracted, spending more and more time at the lake. One of the mages had told her he was more of a sea species, and probably missed the water.

Life is LEARNING. She responded, and he send a chord of affection back at her. For the first time in her life, she felt loved, and it made her try harder to please than she ever had before. It wasn’t just the soft love, it was the hard love she appreciated.

Once Jaxx had learned what she wanted, he offered to help. He was a harder, firmer taskmaster than Stura. His human face was sterner, and he was an implacable ‘mock’ enemy. Stura showed her what it was like to be toyed with. Jaxx showed her what it was like to be hunted.

She also felt, while outside the grounds and with the Dragons, a strange peace. Her irritability fell away, and she was calmer. Or maybe they had broken something in her. They had made her realize how right Malcolm was, and how insufficient she was. They had tempered her rage with a healthy dose of fear and avoidance of pain.

The first time she tried to fight instead of running, Turaz, a Copper Dragon, had bent her over his knee and swatted her ‘til she howled.

When she had lost her temper two weeks ago and let herself get caught, Jaxx had calmly, methodically and coldly broken her arm while gazing unblinkingly into her eyes. He had healed it, but it had been a lesson in pain she would never forget. Running to avoid pain added on a whole new dimension. Once she learned this lesson, they began teaching her offensive measures.

The estimated half a year timespan for their stay was rapidly spinning out to what looked like at least a year, and the Dragons seemed to think her training important, for they never flagged or questioned the validity. Or maybe they were just bored with inaction. Though her mention of them attacking directly and driving her foes off were met with strictures on what Dragons WERE and were NOT. And a human plaything was definitely something they were NOT.

Today, Jaxx settled his massive yet lithe body on the shores of Lake Lota. She stretched while he swam. He was as graceful in the water as in the air, and fast! His dark shape swept rapidly under the surface. Walking out onto the dock, shivering in anticipation of the cold, unwarmed water, she dove in.

Surfacing, she keened briefly at the coldness, then dove under the water. She dove as deep as she could, playfully trying to catch up to the Dragon below her, before flipping and speeding straight for the surface, breaking through with a gasp.

A hard featured, aristocratic faced man surfaced beside her. She took one look at his face and took off. This was training, she realized, and fear about drowning spurned her forward. He might not let her die, but she was very sure if he caught her, Jaxx would abundantly make her regret it. She was beginning to realize there were things in life worse than death.

He was a good swimmer, even in human form. But she knew this lake, inside and out. Making for the sheer cliff face on the diagonally opposite shore, she kicked powerfully, not looking back. Kila couldn’t help but be pleased. She might never have strength, but her endurance had dramatically increased with her training. Reaching the wall, she dove straight down.

She glanced up briefly as she descended, nearly fifteen feet. Her ears rang painfully, and she saw him following closely, grinning at her silly move.

Darting to the rock, she squirmed into a narrow hole, facing upwards towards the rock. It was a tight fit – the last time she had been in here was when she was fifteen.

She kicked as hard as she could, walking along the rock, upside down, with her fingertips. She scrabbled against the rock, flailing. When she tried to go backwards, she bumped into Jaxx – when she went forward she bumped into rock.

She keened in panic, bubbles rising through her clenched teeth, making it difficult to see. Her lungs BURNED. A dull panic was seeping in, as she realized the tunnel might have collapsed, she might really be trapped and die here.

Fueled, she kicked harder and shot into an underwater cavern. Her head broke the surface and she gasped, flailing.

A strong hand cupped the back of her head, and Jaxx kissed her forehead. “Easy, little one,” he murmured, a small smile playing around the corner of his mouth. “Well done!” She let herself relax, and he eased her to shore. He looking about with interest, and sat beside her. “How did you find this place?” He asked, his voice echoing slightly.

“I found this place years ago while exploring,” Kila told him, laying back, trying to catch her breath. “This used to be my secret hiding place…I kind of thought of it as my home.” Raising an arm without getting up, she pointed to a wall. “I even brought bedding, food, tools…I was determined that I was going to run away from home and live here,” She chuckled at the absurdity.

Jaxx rose lightly and investigated, murmuring to himself. When he sat beside her, his face wore a thoughtful expression. It looked like he was remembering something painful, and he cast about with his eyes, as if searching for something.

What, dear one? She asked him, holding his hand. She never had to worry about what she said with him – he could basically read her mind anyway, she had found out. It didn’t bother her as much as she would have thought it. Magic wasn’t as bad as she thought either…at least when the Dragons used it. The thought of mages wielding it still made her panic. She ran her fingers up her forearm. Well, some mages. She was still struggling to come to grips with the atrocity of magic, and the warm conveniences.

He sighed, then faced her. When he smiled, and lines radiated from the corners of his eyes. “I am just surprised, is all.” He answered aloud. The Dragon turned his head, a half smile playing about his lips. He grazed the pad of his thumb over her palm. “If this was by the seaside, this could pass as a little home.” He frowned suddenly.

Kila sat up. “You live in places like this?”

He blinked, raising his gaze again. “Indeed.” He held up a hand, tracing where the webbing would be in his Dragon form. “Aquatic, don’t you know.” Leaning back, he pillowed his head on his forearms, looking up at the dark ceiling.

Shivering a little, Kila squirmed closer. Now that they were inside, he didn’t seem inclined to leave in a hurry. His blue eyes removed from the ceiling to follow her with movements with amusement.

Tentative, she lay her head on his breast, leaning in to his warmth. It felt odd, to be so close to a man. But then, he wasn’t really a man, either. Would Mal be this warm?

“Geoff said that your father banished you both from this lake.” His voice echoed slightly along the walls. “Why?”

“I kept coming back to this cavern,” Kila responded quietly, painful recollections intruding. “Every time Papa looked away I was across the lake and into this room.”

She swallowed. “The last time we were here as a family…I was so determined to get here I didn’t even notice Geoff trying to follow. He almost drowned trying to follow me. Papa was furious…” She had never seen him so angry. “He said there was something evil, something magical in this place, something that kept drawing me back.”

His chest rose and fell with his breathing, and he pet her hair, soothing her until her anger webbed away.


She awoke from her dream, dead awake. Never had the dream been so powerful.

Kila had dreamed the same dream for as long as she could remember. Cold, freezing water pressed against her. An invisible barrier keeping her from the sun. It was so cold, so lonely, wishing she could die.

Gazing wildly about, she carefully detached herself from Jaxx, who still seemed to be slumbering in human form. Still damp, she shivered, rubbing her arms. This time in her dream, she had felt the rocks rub against her sides, felt the water lap at her face. Hunger, ever present, gnawed at her relentlessly. That little spark, always in the back of her mind, was again close. So close. She had almost forgotten that little glow since her father had banished her.

Once Papa had died, she hadn’t even had the time to come back. Shivering, teeth chattering, her eyes fell on the dark water. How had she even got here? She couldn’t remember.

To the left, daylight filtered through the hole that lead to the outside. To the right was blackness. Slipping into the water, she stared down into the blackness. She felt drawn, as if an invisible chord pulled her.

Fear, confusion – everything slipped away as she floundered towards the call of the darkness.


Aug 20, 2007
OH NO! *gasp*

(As distressed as this ending has left me, I can appreciate the suspense technique :p)


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Mar 14, 2012
Just read this all, absolutely amazing! Can't wait for the next update. So glad you're back!

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 9


Starting upright, Mal gasped at the force and panic in Jaxx’s voice. What is it? Are we under attack? He called back wildly, scrambling out of bed and forcing his feet into his boots with groggy panic. Gads it was cold in here!

We have a problem! Jaxx’s presence was rapidly approaching, his panic tightly controlled.

Mal raced into the courtyard, vaulting from the ground onto the Dragon’s elbow, and from there to his shoulders, the moment he landed. For some reason the distance seemed greater than usual, and he almost didn’t make it. Jaxx whipped his head around and boosted his rider, almost launching into the air before he was seated.

Flying without straps was dangerous, especially taking off and setting down. The force of the Dragon jumping into the air almost unseated Mal, and he clung with grim desperation. “What is going ON?” He shouted at the Dragon, who was whipping through the sky wildly, almost drunkenly.

She’s gone! Was the crushed response.

WHO is gone?


Panic closed his throat, and he choked briefly. What the hell happened? Was it Talos? He felt weak, drained. He had spent the last few weeks wondering where Kila was going off to. He knew that the Dragons knew, so he was not worried per say – but her continued absence was beginning to wear on him. For the last month and a half, she awoke early and arrived late. She avoided him studiously, and he knew she was being helped because never once, despite his vigilance, had he seen never her once. She was also avoiding her duties.

This was another trying point. It was time that Geoff would have to step up and take on those duties…but Mal found himself shielding the boy as much as possible. The prince had begun to make a steady friendship with the young Copper Dragon. Their antics and shenanigans had the adults, human and Dragon alike, throwing their hands in the air. Luckily, the sound of their young laughter and shrieks echoing through the halls erased any frowns caused by being doused with water, or finding one’s laces tied together to trip the unsuspecting.

Given the option between forcing the young man to attend the meetings with quiet dignity, or see him laughing and wrestling, he always chose the latter. However, it was taking a toll on his own person. None of his other duties had slackened, and he found himself tired. Bone deep tired. Now she was missing?

Briefly, the Dragon gave him to understand they had been helping her train, and that today they he had tested her in water, and then she was going to scrub him down. Jaxx’s voice was slightly reproachful at his Rider’s neglect. He recounted her entering the tunnel, and discovering the underwater grotto.

Mal would have been angry at the Dragons betrayal, hiding activities from him, but he felt the subtext of the message. His Dragon didn’t just tolerate her, he liked her. Besides, the Dragon was angry enough for both of them.

Jaxx told him that upon waking, the girl was gone.

Not just got up and left, but all traces erased. I feel something suspicious in the cavern, but I have a feeling it is designed specifically to flummox magic senses. Jaxx told him fretfully as they landed IN the lake.

Cold water doused him, and Mal bit back a yowl. He stared at Jaxx’s human form, who had grasped both of his shoulders. “Specifically?” he chattered.

“You need to be strong for this.”

“What?” Mal coughed, snorting water from his nose. What, in this land of forbidden magic, would be strong enough to repel a Dragon without being discovered?

“We have to go through an underwater tunnel,” Jaxx yelled over his shoulder as he kicked off towards a sheer rock face.

Mal froze, blinding panic overcoming him. The last underwater tunnel he had encountered had collapsed while he was in it. He could feel the crushing weight of the water, his lungs burning...The cold, the dark...He shuddered, scrubbing a hand over his face.

But you have me, now. And you have magic to prevent that as well. You are no longer a boy. The dragon told him. That would not have been enough to motivate him – in fact, Mal could only hear a rushing in his own ears, and he realized he was about to black out. He breathed, treading water, until he had a grip on his emotions.

Nodding resolutely, he cast waterbreathing, kicking in the tunnel, breathing slowly and evenly to control his panic. Suddenly, water filled his nose, choking him. He couldn’t get out. He was trapped, he was dying. He couldn’t go forward, or back…his strength failed him, and he scrabbled at the rock like a child. For the second time in Mal’s life, Jaxx took over. All fear, all worry drained away. It was a tight fit, but it comforted, rather than repelling. Breaking the surface on the other side, he was released.

“I’m going to kill you,” He roared at the Dragon, shaking with rage as he stood in the waist deep water. The Dragon kept a hovering and supportive presence in his mind.

Of course Jaxx didn’t take offense, merely slugging himself to shore and fretfully casting about. “She was here last,” he told his rider.

Recalling himself with difficulty, Mal looked about. Some natural light filtered from a hole high above them, and some faint rays leaked in from the underwater tunnel they had just come through. He threw up his hand, casting a light into the dimness. The ball floated up, revealing a vaulted ceiling about thirty feet high, glistening with raw magic. “I think I found our problem,” Mal said, still looking up.

Jaxx followed his riders gaze and cursed foully.

Raw magic was a natural confusion for refined magic – even Dragonic magic. It was like trying to catch a minnow in churned up water. The light sputtered and died. And it made magic unpredictable. Sometimes it crushed, sometimes it enhanced, sometimes it did something else entirely.

Shivering, Mal clapped the Dragon on the shoulder when he trudged back into the water. “This must be the underside of one of the magic fields.” He had never seen so much raw magic in one place. Narrowing his eyes, he gazed about. “What possessed her to come in HERE?”

“She found it long ago. She said it felt like home, and that she was drawn here. I think this has been in her dreams too…” Jaxx trailed off, considering.

“If this is homey to her, she must have the blood of a Bronze in her then,” Mal snorted. When Jaxx looked away, Mal stepped closer. “Jaxx?”

“Not sure. Not now. We will discuss this at length later.” The handsome face turned towards him, anguish in his eyes. “Now, we need to find her. There is something…”

Something about the level of anguish in his face made him pause, but he shook it off. Later. There was no time for that now.Malcolm dove into the water, casting out exploratory lights. Some of them disappeared instantly, fizzling out. Some drifted, out of his control, and others shone brighter and brighter until they made his eyes water. Again and again he dove down, seeing nothing but sheer cliff face except for their entrance.

Using strong spells would be out of the question – if a basic lighting spell was going awry, anything more powerful could kill him. He calmed his heart, breathing deeply, floating on the surface of the water. A vision of her dead body floated in his mind’s eye. He thrust it away. He thrust everything away, slowly easing deeper and deeper into himself.

Gently, he probed the walls from top to bottom. Sometimes his probes hit back hard, sometimes they disappeared. There was NOTHING. Nothing. She wasn’t in here, that was for sure.

“Why aren’t you examining there?” Jaxx asked, pointing to the opposite wall from the entrance. Unfortunately, the Dragon’s magic was too powerful – using it might result in disaster, and so he was forced to observe. It was probably lucky he hadn’t tried anything. The Dragon’s natural sense of preservation had warned him off before he brought the cavern down. The only magic Jaxx could use was his innate magic, like mindspeak.

“I did,” Mal responded, looking at the spot in confusion.

“No, you didn’t,” the Dragon told him, frowning.

Mal sent an obligatory probe out. “Nothing, see? What?” He asked the Dragon, who was eyeing him closely.

“You didn’t probe there, you probed away from it,” The Dragon said slowly. His eyes narrowed. “There must be some sort of aversion spell there.”

Mal felt irritation, looking at the sheer wall. “There is NOTHING there, Jaxx.”

Jaxx tapped his chin, then grimaced with a shrug. “Sorry, friend,” he said.

Mal jerked, but the Dragon had him in his grasp. He was being forced towards that wall. He fought, tooth and nail, but was forced closer and closer. Water entered his nose from his thrashing, and he spluttered, choking. “STOP!” he yelled, coughing and hacking.

Jaxx allowed him to catch his breath, and then, relentless, the Dragon pushed him closer and closer, forcing him to dive. Panic seized Mal as he was forced against the cliff face. The Dragon was going to kill him.

Suddenly, he stilled. His hand went right through the illusion. He heard Jaxx’s shout of triumph through the water as he moved closer. It was a superficial illusion; a one sided image. It was one of the most basic spells one learned – along with the aversion spells. He was being defeated by goddamn children’s tricks??

Jaxx forced him deeper. This tunnel was wide – much, much wider than the entrance he came in. Probably thirty feet across. Mal pushed back on the Dragon, who released his hold somewhat. Casting light, he swam deeper. The tunnel rapidly ended, and he moved towards the surface of the water gratefully. Normally he would have cast an underwater breathing, but the complexity of the spell made him suspect the raw magic might end it abruptly - like the last time.

His head broke the surface, as did his flickering lights. A shoreline was several yards away, and he made towards it. Come on in, the water’s fine, Mal told his Dragon. Wading onto shore, Mal halted abruptly. A woman sat, facing away from him, shaking.

It didn’t look like Kila – the hair was too short, and she was too curvy, and too muscular. This wasn’t the slender ice queen. The woman didn’t turn her head, but he approached her cautiously. He inhaled sharply.

The uncertain light revealed Kila, weeping uncontrollably. Tears rolled from her eyes soundlessly, cascading down her cheeks and dripping from her chin. Mal dropped to his knees, cupping her face. “Gods, Kila, what is the matter?” He demanded, shaking her slightly. She moaned slightly, straining to look around him, to gaze back where her eyes had been locked. Turning, he gaped.

“Help her, help her, oh Gods, help her Mal!” Kila’s fingers clutched at his arms, nails scoring his skin in her panic.

A large blue eye regarded him sadly. The fierce face looked hopeless, half submerged under water. The Bronze was trapped in such a way that her large body was in an adjoining tunnel, and her neck and head were in this cavern. The tunnel was too small for her to withdraw her head, and her neck was barely long enough to reach the surface. Her body was obviously preventing her from moving forward. The amount of blue on her body showed she was still young. The raw magic would have prevented her from using her powers either. She was trapped…for now long? His brain struggled to wrap around the amount of time that would have passed for a dragon to grow in this cavern – like a fish outgrowing its tank. He shuddered, staring.

Footfalls approached behind him, and Mal felt his Dragon sink to his knees beside him. The powerful Dragon crawled forward and touched the large face, hands trembling. It seemed to rouse her somewhat, and the Dragoness blinked her eye, pupil contracting.
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Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 10
Kila scrabbled forward, petting that face. “Why can’t she get out? Why can’t she escape?” She demanded of Jaxx, trying to take the weight of that heavy head herself. Never, in a million years, would she have believed a Dragon was within the lands of her kingdom. Never, in a billion years would she have believed that HER Dragon was here, suffering. It was Veera’s pain, Veera’s dreams she had experienced since she was a baby.

Jaxx caressed the Dragoness’s face. His keen eyes rose, pierced her. Saw. Grim gladness spread over his harsh features. “The raw magic limits her power.” His gaze fell once more to the female, and he murmured under his breath. “So young…”

“How did she even get in here?” Mal asked, kneeling beside them.

Trapped when hatchling.
Her voice was more melodious than the male Dragon’. It was weak and halting, but her sadness seemed to have fallen away somewhat, her curiosity and hope mounting. Finally? My human came for me? That eye tilted towards the men. My mate and his human came for me?

Mal grunted beside her, sitting down abruptly. Why?

“Can’t you free her?” Kila demanded of Mal, shaking his shoulder for attention. That shoulder was wasted, bone meeting her grasp. “Aren’t you a powerful mage? Help her!”

Those silvery eyes turned towards her, looking deeper and more mysterious than ever. His face was almost skeletal, his cheekbones standing out clearly, eyes sunken in the darkness. “We are directly under one of the raw magic deposits. Without going into the details – magic is too unpredictable right now. If I tried to free her I could end up killing us all.”

“We have to do SOMETHING!” Kila cried out, straining towards the submerged Bronze. Mal held her back, wrapping her in thin but still strong arms.

He planted a kiss on her brow. “Easy, deela. She is trapped in Dragon form. She has probably never encountered a human before – but now that she has, with Jaxx’s help, she will be able to change to a human form and swim out shortly.”

“Truly?” Kila stared into his eyes, panic easing somewhat. He seemed so sure. She looked at Jaxx, who was not panicking either. “Isn’t that too unpredictable too?”

“Truly. Trust them.” They sat like that for several long minutes while Jaxx spoke softly to the Dragoness. Suddenly, Mal spoke quietly in her ear. “How did you get in here? How did you even know she was here?”

“I didn’t know.” Guilt ate away at her. “I’ve been having the same dream for as long as I could remember. It was her. I was dreaming of her, trapped, hurting, cold and alone.” She buried her head against his chest, too tired to even cry.

“I had no idea it was more than a dream! I woke up when Jaxx was asleep…I just felt all my emotions kind of…go away? Something – she” Kila corrected herself. “- was calling to me. I realized that there was a hole in the wall.”

His large hand smoothed her hair, his body warming her chilled one. He seemed to meditate quietly, stroking her like a kitten. Her Dragoness, soothed by Jaxx, was no longer a beacon of panic. Lulled, Kila examined Mal freely, languidly. All would be well, now.

She almost felt like she was seeing him for the first time. Drops of water slid down his face with luxurious slowness. She could count every drop. His face was paler, with a few freckles across his nose she had never seen before. Stubble lined his strong jaw, and each of those tiny black hairs caught the light with luster. His hair was now long enough to brush his collar, and she ran her hands through it, sighing longingly at the soft, damp texture. She wrapped her fingers with his hair, watching the drying length slip with silken grace through her hands. Beautiful – but why was he so sharp? She frowned, examining his body.

Mal was emaciated. He looked wane, pale, and sickly in this light. Those remarkable silver eyes were hooded by his brows, sunken, and he looked harsher than ever. His collar stood out with like abrupt slashes. She ran a finger along one delicately, shivering at the feel of his soft skin. Turning, she knelt in front of him, and ran one finger down his nose, through the slight cleft above his upper lip, and then began tracing his lips themselves.

“Kila…what are you…?

Her breasts grew heavy as she imagined those lips closing about her nipples and sucking, nibbling at her soft flesh. His hard body pressing into her. No. That wasn’t right…She frowned, splaying her hands flat on his chest, prodding with her fingertips slightly. He was too thin. She slid her hands down his torso, feeling every rib. Where was that sexy little pocket of softness?

Deela,” he hissed, groaning slightly. “You need to concentrate on me. This isn’t you – this is the Dragons, do you understand? Jaxx has found his mate and isn’t guarding his thoughts. Yours cannot or will not guard hers at all. Their emotions are spilling over. Can you hear me, Kila?”

Mmmhmm. That deep voice was hoarse, and his hands rose to grasp her wrists, holding them from him. He burned her, he was so hot. Those eyes gazed into hers hypnotically, drawing her in…in…Gods, his lips…

His large hands released her wrists, but only to cup her face and draw her away, an expression of pain covering his features. She looped her arms around his shoulders, leaning into him. Her heart and his heart drummed against each other until it seemed like there was only one beat.

“Jaxx…” Mal intoned woodenly, eyes closed, brows furrowed. “…ease up.” His face was twisted, bitter. His lips were compressed tightly, a grim slash across his face.

Cherish, the thought came. From herself, or the Dragons? Vain injunction! She could feel Mal’s awkwardness, his distaste, emanating through every fibre of his being. She eased away, ashamed and cold, as the pressure eased off.

??? Veera sent out, only understanding her partner was in pain. She didn’t seem to harbour any resentment for Kila’s not freeing her over the past two decades. Every moment, Kila could feel Veera’s mind expanding, like a slowly furling sail.

It was all too much! What had happened to her simple life? Slowly lowering her head onto her raised knees, Kila wept.

“Don’t - don’t cry,” Mal told her, patting her shoulder awkwardly.

“Don’t touch me!” She snapped, wrenching her shoulder away. “I know you hate me, you don’t have to force yourself to be near me!”

“What are you…? Kila. Look at me. Look at me, blast you!” He half shouted, shaking her shoulders. He forced her face up to his, eyes hunting hers. “What are you talking about, I don’t hate you.” He said more gently, his brows creasing.

“Yes, yes you do!” Kila shot back, feeling scalding tears slide down her face.

Perfect. Jaxx said in a tone of satisfaction. She’s got it now. We will be off and leave you two to it, shall we? No, it will be fine, dear one. He needs a good beating about the head. He’s been moping for months without her.

“You are NOT helping!” he bellowed, whirling on the Dragon, who was half submerged, ready to follow his mate.

“And you,” he retorted. “Are being an ass.” He dolphined, diving to the entrance. Don’t take too long. We will be waiting on the other side.
Kila stared at Mal’s back, feeling utterly alone.

Not alone. Veera told her faintly. Never alone, now. Cherish, dear heart.

Warmth pulsed, and she felt her tears slow. She wasn’t alone – she would always have Veera. Another pulse of affection, distracted but true. Glancing at the man before her, she didn’t feel any of the antagonism and irritation of before. Finding her Dragon seemed to have left her more at peace with herself – being in Mal’s presence didn’t cause her to gnash her teeth and want to smack him anymore. All she wanted to do was touch his soft skin. Was Veera the cause, the same as with the dreams?

“Mal…” she said, standing. She had never really realized before how much taller he was than herself. His head jerked slightly, but he refused to meet her eyes. He swayed on his feet, breathing ragged. “We need to get you home and feed you, you can barely stand.” She took his hand in hers, and a pleasant tingling started up her hand and into her arm. Somewhere below her belly button, muscles clenched and released in response. He was so thin…why was he so thin?

His silver eyes were swirling, and he sneezed several times. When she touched him, he snatched it free, lip curled. “What is it about you and food?” He swayed slightly, shaking his head, as if dizzy. He peered at her suspiciously.

Kila jerked back, raising her hand to her chest. Her heart thundered under her palm. “I…don’t know?” Why was he so angry all of a sudden? Was he sick? She couldn’t tell if he was sweating or damp, but tremor’s were running through his body. He kept rubbing at his eyes and shaking his head, like a dog that had gotten a wiff of strong perfume.

His face contorted, and his fixed his gaze on her. “Always pushing, always plotting. Always looking for weaknesses. Did you think you had found mine?” He seethed. His big hands clenched and unclenched, the muscles in his neck chording.

“I just wanted you to have something to eat,” she stammered, stepping back from him, a little frightened at this sudden and violent mood shift. He had never, ever seemed threatening. Now, she was beginning to understand why people said he was the most dangerous mage in this generation.

“Are you determined to humiliate me?” His eyes were feverish, glistening, darting. “Tell me the TRUTH!” He roared. “Why did you start with the food that day at breakfast? Why did you keep pushing?”

She was almost bowled over by the force. She found, to her horror, her lips unclosing the exact answer to his question, without context, or ability to explain. “I wanted to exploit your weakness.” She gaped, struggling against herself to speak. Words failed her, and her throat tightened. That was the answer to the wrong question! Why didn’t he ask why she liked it?

He brooded, muttering to himself. He clutched his head with his hands, then stalked closer, swaying. “Why?” He ground out finally, fists clenched. His eyes bored into hers. His beautiful eyes…

“I wanted to learn about you, to gain the control back that you stole, to hurt you.” Her heart pounded rapidly, blackness darkening her vision, sound roaring in her ears. That was only in the beginning! She tried to cry out. I didn’t understand! Veera needed me, she was calling for help! You were the only one who could help! Her lungs burned…What was going on?

His face twisted in pain. “You little b…. I knew it.” A tear leaked out from his eye, which he scrubbed away viciously. “Why Kila? Why did you want to hurt me?” his voice broke, and he grabbed his head again, hissing in pain.

Her heart started pattering frantically, and she clawed at her chest, agony shooting through her at the lack of air. She felt disembodied. “Because I loved you,” she croaked. “And you didn’t love me back.”

She felt something in her chest explode, and the pain stopped.


Aug 20, 2007

I took a page from your book and snuck away from work to read this and OMG I don't know how I'm going to function for the rest of the afternoon! I absolutely LOVE this!

Xyantha Reborn

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Jul 23, 2014
Does it make me a terrible person for wanting to tease you by saying ill post another chapter when you do? Lol!!! "Recipricol motivatio " lol i wouldnt do that, i am just kidding!

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Jul 23, 2014
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Chapter 11
It was impossible to move. She was smothered, dying. Something laid on her, hot and heavy. Struggling, she kicked and pushed, desperate to shift the weight. It lifted, and cool air bathed her body. A cool cloth was then laid on her forehead.

“Can’t see, can’t see,” she whispered, panting. A small ball of light flared into existence beside her, then hung lazily above her. It cast shadows over the haggard face of Mal, staring at her. She recoiled, grabbing at her chest reflexively.

He jerked upright, stumbling backwards as a shuddering exhale escaped his throat.

Gods, she wasn’t dead. Her chest didn’t hurt anymore? She inhaled experimentally. No pain. She looked up at Mal, thoughts coalescing. “Mal,” she said, reaching for him. She tried to get up, but her body didn’t seem to obey her properly.

He let out a whimpering sound in protest, drawing back into the shadows and covering his face with his forearm as he leaned against something. His face was not stern or hard, but twisted in pain. His tall body shuddered as he turned away from her.

“Mal…what happened?”

An aristocratic face peered down at her. “He killed you.” The tone was matter of fact, amused, and reproving.

A ragged inhale, a shuddering keening from the shadows.

She certainly didn’t feel dead. Besides, that wasn’t possible. Kila met Jaxx’s eyes. No. She said, disbelieving. Mal was many things, but not a murderer. Her disbelief made the Dragon smile.

A young, beautiful face appeared beside her – a pale, luminous, and ethereal face. Hello sleepy, Veera told her affectionately. Silvery scars decorated her too thin neck and shoulders like some macabre necklace, and one arm was held awkwardly at her side. The silly mortal used magic in the cave.

Indeed. Mal is ill. He lost his temper and his control. Not that we were helping. Jaxx wrinkled his nose at his mate, who blushed guiltily in response. I was distracted by my beautiful mate, I did not realize the danger. Magic is a funny thing. It is driven by want as much as anything. He wanted to tell you the truth, and it created an inadvertent kind of truth spell…the raw magic amplified and interfered with it. The magic kept infusing you, over and over. It exploded your heart. Such a matter of fact narrative.

“Then how…?” She croaked, coughing.

The magic there was…unpredictable. It… Jaxx seemed to search for words.

Veera supplied a mental image; a star, bursting, and then rushing back in on itself.

Indeed! Jaxx said. Excellent analogy. The magic exploded/imploded…undid itself…sort of. His distraction grew. He seemed to lose himself in his mate’s eyes, then gently tugged her away by her hand. He gazed at her with complete devotion.

Kila tried not to be jealous, eyes searching for Mal.

Bye for now, pretty. Veera wriggled her fingers, distracted by the intent gaze, which caused her cheeks to flush becomingly.

Dragons were so strange. “Mal?” Kila asked again. She managed to crawl forward. “Mal?” she asked again, desperation growing when the man paced away from her like a caged animal. She felt so weak, and the need to be near him was overwhelming. Crawling forward, she lost her balance, tangled in sheets. Before she had time to more than gasp, Mal was at her side, setting her to rights. He was about to spring away, but she threw her arms around his neck, burying her face in his chest.

“Let go,” he croaked. “I can’t…I don’t…” His arms tightened around her, seemingly against his will. He buried his face in her hair, shaking. “I can’t ever forgive myself,” he whispered, pulling back enough to stare down into her face. His face was ravaged. He squeezed her tighter, making her yelp.

“Gods, you are boney,” Kila complained. Blushing, she twined her fingers into his hair. She looked into his eyes, willing him to believe her. “When I was telling the ‘truth’…I didn’t just…I really like…” She struggled to maintain eye contact. “I really liked…like seeing you enjoy your food,” she compromised with the truth eventually. “I may have started badly, but I liked it…”

He blinked several times, a wry smile half curving one side of his mouth before sadness overcame him. “You wouldn’t like the results of it. I only just got down to a normal size.”

“Normal size?” she repeated disbelieving. “Mal, you are skin and bones, you are hurting me you are so boney!”

He immediately released her, trying to withdraw, face clouding. It was astounding how mobile that face was, when not frozen with disdain or anger.

“I didn’t say let go!” She said, clinging tighter, being dragged along with him. He stopped, staring morosely at the ground. He seemed…broken. She dragged his head down, pressing her lips over his. “I just want you to put some weight on, be healthy.” Shivers rippled down her body, and her nipples suddenly ached at the contact with his body.

“I’ll do anything, I am so sorry,” Mal said hoarsely, tears springing to his eyes. His arms hung loose at his sides, and he blinked rapidly, adams apple bobbing as he swallowed.

“You can’t snivel and be kissed at the same time,” she informed him as she lipped at his jaw, kissing and sucking at his lips. Gods, this felt so right. Why had this taken so damn long? Why was he so hot? Literally hot. He was burning up.

“I’ll do anything,” he repeated quietly. “I almost lost you. I DID lose you.” He corrected himself. The poor man looked desperate until she began kneading his shoulders. He groaned, swaying until his forehead rested against hers.

“Anything?” She asked coyly.

“Anything,” he affirmed in a murmur, eyes closing in bliss.

“Then sit the hell down!” she told him, making him chuckle wetly and settle with her on his lap. “Now kiss me.”

He obliged her shyly.

“Again. Kiss better. Harder.”

He kissed her again.


He growled, splaying one palm on her chest and the other across her ass, pulling her closer.

Sighing in contentment, she gazed around. “Where are we?” Crickets chirped around them, and the walls of a tent flapped lightly in the breeze.

“I erected a tent and got you in here to warm up. Are you warm enough?” He certainly wasn’t. His teeth were chattering.

“Mal, lay down.” Kila pointed to the bed. Huh. Bed in a tent by the lake (she could hear the lapping of the waves). Must be magic. Strangely, the thought only gave her a feeling of relief, rather than terror. How convenient!

He shook his head, a mulish cast to his face, guilt still written clearly on his brow.

“Pleeassee?” When this brought on no change she rose and walked back to the bed and patted it. “I think you should…after all, you do owe me, and you said you’d do anything.” She batted her eyelashes.

He looked a little stricken, then lay beside her without touching her.
Well that wasn’t going to do. Kila covered him with a sheet. Cuddled up to him, she could feel the tremors lessen somewhat. Her stomach rumbled. “Can you…uh….conjure food?” she asked hopefully, laying her cheek on his chest.

Slowly, his hand began to stroke her hair. So like Jaxx, and yet so different. “No.” He said finally. His deep voice was hoarse. “Can’t do food, don’t know why, just a magic thing.” He seemed terrified as her fingers trailed down his chest, down his concave abdomen. “Ugh.” He grimaced, seemingly disgusted.

“What?” Kila asked softly, half withdrawing her hand. He might say nothing, she told herself. But she saw him suck in. “You…you think you’re fat, don’t you?” She was aghast.

His face flushed, and he looked away. “Got a big appetite, gets away from me sometimes,” he mumbled.

“You. Are. NOT. FAT!” She told him, sitting up. She lay both palms down on his stomach. Muscles flexed under his leanness.

He flinched. “You shouldn’t be touching me, this shouldn’t be happening. You are the Queen Regent –”

“Damn that to hell!” Kila cried, tossing her head. “Geoff is more than old enough. I abdicate. Or whatever it goes when a regent steps down!”

“You…you can’t – the war, the agreement…”

Kila brushed his hair back from his forehead. “Geoff loves you, he loves the Dragons – everyone seems to. The agreement will stand. And besides, how much time would I have to be a ruler, when I have both my Dragon and my husband to look after?”

The words slipped from her so naturally. Veera seemed to be intertwined with every facet of her being. She knew that statement was true in her bones. She and Mal were just as much mates now as Jaxx and Veera were. Mal jerked his head in disbelief. Shock covered his face, and he grew even paler.

Why…doesn’t he get it?

Because he is a boy, and boys are stupid!
Veera snapped, obviously piqued with something Jaxx had said or done.

You are awfully bossy for a little hatchling who is fresh out of the cave, Jaxx responded sardonically. OW! He yelped.

Serves you right!

Doesn’t he love me? Kila asked, despairing. Tears rose into her eyes. Why does no one love - The words were ripped out of her mind, trampled on, and discarded to the winds. It left a sucking void for a moment, before it was filled.

I love you, Veera said fiercely. You are mine. Be silent!

Gentle, dear heart, Jaxx chided his mate. Humans are delicate, you will damage her.

She felt raw…but oddly, it was the same sort of relief she had felt after Jaxx healed her arm. Cessation of pain. Something Veera had just done had scourged her soul of rot. She remembered pain…but it was not longer fresh.

There is no food, and Mal needs to eat, Kila said, suddenly filled with determination. She would MAKE him love her!

Yes! Veera cried.

You should go find some, then. That would have been our next lesson anyway. Jaxx told her with remarkable indifference, considering it was his rider. He must have sensed her thought for he snorted. He may be MY rider but he is YOUR mate! Provide!

I am hungry again too, Veera told him hopefully. Provide?

Both females felt him cast his eyes upwards. Females. Here I wanted one, and now I have two to plague me. His tone held only affection, no rancor, making them both giggle.

Kila’s smile faded as she stroked the forehead of the man in front of her. His eyes were glazed over, and he seemed struggling to finish their conversation, but his eyes were slowly closing in spite of himself. He had not mentioned her telling him she loved him. Or said it back. I’ll win you over yet, she told him silently, brimming over with Veera's love.


Watching him sleep was one of the most rewarding experiences Kila had ever had. Veera came in and slept against his back, her face cuddled into the nape of his neck. They murmured to each other over his body, fingers curled around each other. Although she knew Veera was not human, it was like having a sister…which she had always wanted. Kila was curled against his chest, stroking his cheek lightly with her fingertips. A brief wave of jealousy rose over her, seeing the Dragon’s stunning face next to her husband’s, until Veera made her laugh.

You should be, Veera told her smugly without opening her eyes. I am beautiful. Jaxx finds me so, she boasted. He says even my scars are like a beautiful necklace of my bravery. Once I am strong enough I will stay by his side forever. I need to become strong to fight evil by his side.

Jaxx, arriving at that moment, dropped a sack on the floor, causing them all to start. He seemed agitated. “Mine,” he snapped, holding his hand out peremptorily to his mate. “Come, I have real food outside.”

“Real food?” Mal asked, raising his head weakly. Whatever Jaxx responded with made the man gag.

Kila pulled the sack closer, investigating its contents. Plain fare, but a lot of it. “Time to eat,” she told him with mock sternness, pulling out a fresh loaf of bread. She plied him with it, letting him sip at milk at intervals. “So handy,” she commented, examining the container that seemed to keep the milk cool and fresh.

Malcolm looked miserable, like he was undergoing torture. Every bite was taken with extreme unwillingness. He could eat only a small amount before he sunk back into the sheets, weakened.

He slipped in and out of consciousness, sweating profusely. Intermittently, he kicked the sheets off his legs and pulled it back on as his temperature rose and fell. “I hate this,” he murmured at last, coughing a little and shifting as he woke.

“What?” She had been so lost in the domestic scene she was almost startled at the sound of his voice.

“I hate being this weak in front of you. Being sick.” He waved his hand. “I almost killed you, and here you are taking care of me.” He sighed, then met her gaze directly, the fever glaze lessened, and sadness spread over his face. “You need to be cautious. What you are feeling isn’t really your emotion. Your dragon is young, inexperienced. She is cascading her emotions and you are being impacted by them. Don’t do anything you will regret.”

“Sound advice.” She kissed him, making him look vexed. “Now there is the Mal I know. Always angry with me.” She kissed his nose.

He scowled at her, but his tongue flicked against his lower lip, as if tasting her. “Kila, you hate me. You have always hated me. Do you think it is a coincidence that the last time we saw each other you hated me, and the next time you have met your Dragon - the mate of mine - and suddenly you love me? Isn’t that just a trifle incredible for belief?”

“Incredible,” Kila agreed willingly. He looked so damn cute, cuddled up in her bed (oh, her toes curled!), glaring at her like a naughty child. He could have stomped his foot like said angry child, he looked so mad.

“I never hated you, you know,” Kila told him as she offered more bread and milk.

“Just ate. That’s fattening,” Malcolm wrinkled his nose. He offered her a half-hearted glare. “And yes you did.”

“Good, you need fattening!” Kila told him decisively. “And no, no I didn’t. Veera, Jaxx and I had a long talk. They say that the dreams that I have been having since forever were from Veera. She was just broadcasting on all frequencies, basically. I was very susceptible because we were bound. The magic field limited her strength…but that’s why Geoff and I were so desperate to be at the lake. She was calling to us.”

She held the moist bread to his lips, which remained resolutely closed. “When the Dragons came and she sensed Jaxx she started calling out harder and harder but was so weak…my dreams became more and more vivid, but Jaxx says that it antagonized me towards you. It…incited? I think that was the word he used. Her panic and anger and loneliness became mine. By the by - I have never felt so right…did you feel that way when you met Jaxx?”

He opened his mouth to respond. His eyes bulged indignantly as she shoved the bread into his mouth. “You little…” He seemed determined to not open his mouth again, because he crossed his arms across his lean chest resolutely.

She slid the slowly dissolving bread across his closed lips. Milk dribbled down his chin, but still they remained firmly sealed. “What was it that you said? Oh yes. That you would do anything.” Guilt covered his face. Oh well. She’d take whatever advantage she could get. “Eat, Malcolm!”

The look he shot her almost made her peal with laughter. He glowered with ill grace but ate every bit she put in front of him – almost vindictively. “You are going to regret this. You have no idea how slow my metabolism is. I am going to be the size of a house.”

His snapping white teeth made her shiver, and she edged closer. Although still sick and tired, he looked like the food was reviving him somewhat. “Really?” she asked breathlessly, as his tongue accidentally flicked her thumb as she transitioned the last piece of bread into his mouth.

Mal paused, the food held still in his mouth. He turned to gaze at her. His beautiful eyes raked over her face – pupils dilated, mouth parted, breaths coming fast – down to her flushed neck and straining nipples. His mouth dropped open in astonishment, and he jerked back, swallowing suddenly. “Good gods – you are getting off on this, aren’t you?” he demanded, eyes wide.



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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Ahh, that delightful pain of wanting to get through a story as quickly as possible because you can't wait to know what happens, but at the same time it's so good you never want it to end!

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Chapter 12

Mal stared at her, flabbergasted. “No,” he said weakly. “This is just the Dragons.” He didn’t believe in coincidences. Somehow, he and his Dragon met their respective mates – who happened to be paired, it didn’t always work that way – and his future wife said she loved him. After despising him for months. And then she is not only tolerant of his body, but actually seemed to…have the same…tendencies?

This was too suspicious.

She must have seen that suspicion because she chuckled and kissed him, smiling reassuringly.

His stomach, unused to that much food, ached acutely. Which was arousing him. He shifted, flushing at his strong reaction to her. She also seemed too…comfortable, sexually. She kissed, touched…when had the ice queen ever had this kind of experience?

“So, when did you get so much experience with men?” He regretted the words instantly, but jealousy was scalding him. The idea of her lips on another man’s, or his hands cupping her breasts…his fingernails bit into his palms.

Instead of the frosty blast he expected, she giggled. Actually giggled. “People called me the Ice Queen, but there was a boy or two that wasn’t afraid to be frostbitten.”

His vision darkened. Jealously scalded him, and only cleared when she giggled and spread her body beside him, moulding her curvier form into his.

Mine, he echoed Jaxx’s sentiments with a growl.

Yours, she agreed clearly, affectionately.

He started. It was rare for humans to be able to communicate with each other like this – usually it was limited to your own Dragon - or if the person was experienced, most Dragons. Her mental presence was like a balm on his aching soul – he could feel her contentment and affection clearly.

Grasping her face between his fingers, he turned her to face him more fully. Who? Who touched you? He demanded of her, letting her feel his jealousy. Instead of receiving an offended look, her eyes softened as they regarded him.

She shared the memory of some innocent, clandestine kisses and touches many years ago. Nothing special, just curiosity being explored.

He calmed, but remained surprised at her calm warmth. She must have been communicating with the Dragons like this for a while…her messages were too clear and concise for anything else.

“I don’t think I am always calm…” Kila responded aloud, puzzling through it. “I just think right now, here with you, I am content.”

Mal felt his chest ache. This was just a passing thing. The joy of finding her Dragon combined with the overflowing emotions was influencing her. As soon as Jaxx and Veera got their emotions under control she was going to return to her previous self. There was no way he could bear that. “You know nothing,” Mal told her bitterly, turning away.

“I do know something…” Her breasts pressed into his back as she spooned him, sliding her arm over his side. “I can sense your emotions now. I always thought you hated me, but I can tell you now that you like me. I can feel it.” Her palm slid across his stomach, taut with the meager meal.

Mal inhaled. Her touch was like brand. That little hand splayed across his side and gut, and began to rub lightly. It was heavenly. Her lips almost touched his ear as she said,

“And I can feel how much you like this.”

It was probably having just opened the bond with Veera, but her emotions were open to him. Keeping himself more guarded, he probed her. Nothing was hidden, nothing was secret with her. She really did like it. She had been anticipating seeing him full and touching him for months. She thought he was too skinny, and loved – what she considered – his tiny tiny little tummy he had sported at breakfast. He grinned into his pillow. Jaxx was right. Who would have guessed it? She was a little vixen at heart, and she did like old fatties.

He rolled over to face her. Well, if he was messed up at least she was too.

“You are much more handsome when you don’t look so grim,” Kila told him, nestling closer and kissing his collar bone. “Which is very good, because I plan to make you ecstatically happy. And how convenient that we don’t have to go through months of proving our love to each other - we can just get down to the business of being together.”

He grinned.

She seemed startled at the expression, and her lips parted. She whistled. “Yeah. Wow, you are so…”

“Fat?” He felt his cock twitch at the word, and was again reminded of how distended his gut was.

“As if,” the former queen regent snorted, flicking his full tummy, which let out a grumble.

“Hey, careful, you are going to make me be sick!” Mal protested. He looked into her eyes, frowning slightly. “I just…don’t know. This is too fast. It doesn’t seem real. It isn’t believable.” His hair was soft against his hand as he rubbed his hand over his head. How long would it take Veera to rein in her emotion? How long did he have with her before she reverted to herself? Would it be long enough for him to make her fall in love with him for real?

“Says the one who can make light appear from his fingertips?”

Mal snorted. “Any child can do that.” He flicked his fingers in demonstration, and another light flickered out.

“A child?” Grinning, Kila copied him mockingly. “Oh yeah, I can’t!” Her amazement was equal to his when light flew from her fingers as well. She jerked back, and it winked out of existence.

Well. That was interesting.

“So…uh. I take it you have magic in your background?” He tried to keep his tone conversational, but felt his brows climbing. He was having trouble concentrating, eyeing the shadows between her breasts. She had filled out in the past weeks, both with flesh and muscle. Her body was a contradiction of taut and lush. It made him want to explore every inch of her with his hands and his tongue, to see exactly which parts were firm and which were soft…

“No! We never did…We were the victims of magic, we didn’t practice it…” Kila mumbled, staring at her fingers in disbelief, and holding them away as if the offending appendages might burst into flame at any moment.

Sitting up was hard, but not impossible. He wrapped her fingers in his own, rubbing her palm gently. “What did happen? I heard stories of some sort of calamity…” Hope had risen in him, unbidden, and he quenched it ruthlessly. Don’t hope for the future. Deal with the present.

She rolled her shoulder, meeting his eyes briefly. “I guess it isn’t much of a secret. Grandma and Grandpa were burned alive in their beds by a mage.” Her face paled somewhat, fingers twitching. “They say they screamed for hours, and nothing would put them out.” Kila shivered and leaned into him.

The feeling of manly pride he experienced in her seeking his comfort was nothing in comparison to the feeling that washed over him at actually accomplishing it. For, she immediately relaxed, turning her face into him, and letting out a long sigh. He tucked her in close, and she murred in response.

After a pause, she continued. “Papa outlawed magic after that. It was his first decree. Magic hasn’t been used since then.”

Her reluctance towards talking about it was understandable – and it also provided clarity about her reaction to magic, as opposed to the population in general. He struggled for a moment in a brief debate with himself before slowly saying, “Kila…surely you must know that outlawing something doesn’t really prevent its use…it just makes it more expensive to obtain, and adds tantalizing risk?”

Kila sighed. “I figured as much, after you came. People took to it far too quickly. You mentioned something to the effect in passing, and after that I realized more and more – that people must have never stopped using it, or at least the conveniences it brought. I suppose I didn’t want to admit it.”

She kissed his chest, rubbing the muscles with her thumb. It hurt a surprising amount – he must have been holding a lot of tension in his chest. “You said that I was only a figurehead –”

“I didn’t mean it, not like that,” Mal broke in, eager to avoid a fight. If this was a passing moment, he was going to enjoy every moment.

“No…you were right,” Kila said, lips turning up wryly. “I was so….absorbed in my own self importance…I guess I figured if everyone loved Grandma and Grandpa, they wouldn’t have used magic, and respected Papa’s wishes. That using magic would be disrespectful to me. Stupid, childish way to think, eh?”

“Not so silly as you might think…” Mal kissed the top of her head. “More and more, as you and Veera become closer, you will realize how…” He struggled for a word. “Petty? Humans can be. How simple. They have a very strong tendency to see what they want to see, and nothing else. Remember, magic is just a tool. A knife can be used to kill, carve, or eat…and magic has many uses too. I am not going to lie – magic can be a horrifying, terrible force, especially to non-magic folk. Your Grandma and Grandpa must have been some sort of mage, or had some sort of latent ability. Magic is generally passed down in bloodlines – which causes a lot of elitism and problems…”

“So, why couldn’t they protect themselves?”

Kila seemed calm, so he continued, trying to choose his words with care. “Although I said any child could do it a few moments ago, I was exaggerating. It is a simple spell, but without the ability to take magic and direct it, nothing will happen. Magic is around. Like water – sometimes it exists in big repositories, like you have here. Sometimes it flows in strong streams, sometimes in trickles. And even though you can’t see it, water is in the air too – and so is magic. But that magic isn’t always strong.”

Mal closed his eyes, sliding his fingers through her shorter hair. It smelled of the rose water she had bathed in. “In order to work larger magics, you need to be able to have a source, either internal or external. Maybe your Grandparents didn’t have enough energy to fight back, or maybe they didn’t know how to counter it, or maybe the other person was simply stronger.”

Kila seemed to absorb this. She was quiet so long he was almost drowsing off when she finally spoke. “So power is important too. I’ve heard you are very powerful.” She peeked a look at his face.

Mal smiled and kissed her forehead softly. “Indeed I am. And no, I will not try to hide that behind modesty. I am a battle mage, and one of the leading mages at my university. I obtained full status by sixteen. I have used magic to wound and to heal – although healing is not my strong suit. Ironically, I can blast down half an army, but healing a broken finger will lay me out for a day. Rest assured, deela, I have more than enough power to protect you.”

“And I have magic too.” She still seemed to be wrestling with something.

“What is it? What troubles you?” Mal asked, kissing her lips softly. Despite knowing that she was going to hate him later for any liberties he took, he was unable to stop himself. The contact made his chest stutter. The soft flesh of her lips pressed against his and parted expectantly. It took all his strength to pull back. Do not make her regret this. This isn’t her wish. Remember that.

Her eyes slid closed and she smiled. “When you do that? Absolutely nothing. No…I was just thinking about what I was going to do. Before you came, my life purpose was clear. Ruling for Geoff, then supporting him when he took power. Now, I don’t know what I am, what my purpose is.”

Mal understood the feeling. “It is a major shift in your life. Generally, we riders get sucked into our Dragon’s plots. Occasionally we side track them, in cases like the one we are in now – war and politics. As soon as Veera is stronger, her sense of duty will impel her to go forward and do good – I know, it sounds trite, but their idea of goodness doesn’t always map to ours. They might burn down a village or dispose of a ruler, but they don’t exactly help old ladies cross the road.” He yawned, and then yawned again so hard his jaw cracked a little. “Ouch.”

“Sleep,” Kila urged, tugging him down to lay with her.

“Do you promise that you will be here when I wake up?” Mal asked her. Her lush little body squirmed against his as she settled, making him half groan with pleasure. Her beautiful face peered up at him. He had never realized how lush her lashes were. Her heartbeat pattered against her neck, and he swept his thumb along her pulse with a smile. Mine.

A smile overspread her face. “I promise,” she said simply. “Where you are, I am.”

It was impossible not to clutch her to him. “As much as I love your sweetness, don’t try and be something you’re not, just to please me. I like fighting Kila, too,” he mumbled into her neck. Tears pricked his eyes at the thought of her coldness soon returning.

“I got some of that sass kicked out of me by the Dragons,” Kila said ruefully, stroking his hair soothingly. “And they showed me how little I matter.” She clutched at one of her arms and shuddered a little.

Now what was that about?

Shaking his head a little, he swallowed his fears for the present, allowing sleep to pull at him. “You matter to me.” Malcolm said, hooking a hand into the waistband of her pants to prevent her leaving while he was sleeping.

She responded by kissing his forehead. “What does deela mean?” She asked softly as his eyes closed.

“Little love.” He cracked his eyes open to find her gazing at him, tears almost overflowing her soft eyes.

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Chapter 13
The sunlight was gorgeous. Kila turned her face upwards, allowing the light and warmth to bask her skin and bones. She wandered along the shore line, grins slowly overtaking her face no matter how she repressed them. Combing her hair with her fingers, she pulled the strands out to dry.

Veera and Jaxx lolled about in water together at the far end of the lake. Mal was sleeping in the tent after another meal. And everything was perfect. Or, it would be, once she tied up all the loose ends with her regency and handed everything over to Geoff and his councillors.

That bit of business would, she hoped, be concluded swiftly. The need to devote herself to the Dragons and Mal was almost overwhelming. Mal especially needed her in every way. Poor man!

Kila walked into the forest by the edge of the lake to relieve herself, humming under her breath. As happy as she was with this turn of events, she couldn’t help but feel a bit of guilt that she had completely abandoned all her responsibilities to go play soldier in the woods with the Dragons.

Yes, she understood that Veera had been calling her. Yes, she understood that the Dragons were mates. Yes, she understoof that a wikkle human like her couldn’t have stood a chance against the events that had been set into motion.

Regardless of the cause, it was her Mal that had suffered from it! He was wasted and weak, and it was only over the past day she had been able to gather that he, and he alone, had taken on all the responsibilities. Her love for him glowed warmly, but her respect and esteem for him were rising up quickly. She had never really had the opportunity to sit down and talk with him for hours on end. Not only was he intelligent, but he also had a deeply ingrained streak of responsibility.

She walked deeper into the woods, deep in thought. He could have easily have dumped everything on Geoff, but instead he seemed to have allowed him to play and be a child. He had taken on every care himself - with defences, offences, and then the day to day running of the kingdom. It had obviously been too much for him, and he was a fool for trying. But, that was her Mal, and she adored him for that effort. The affection he seemed to have towards Geoff also gladdened her – he spoke highly of her little brother’s attitude, strength, and abilities.

She pushed aside a branch, moving deeper. The past few hours she had felt a kind of itch to get out of the warm tent and into the shade of the trees. Now that she was here, she felt adventurous, and walked deeper.

A large opening, almost a field, was just ahead. She could see that the glade was edged with beautiful flowers. Would Mal like to see flowers woven into her hair? She grinned, picking up her pace.

“Mal…” She closed her eyes in bliss, savouring his name on her lips. He still didn’t believe it – and she couldn’t exactly blame him. From his perspective, she was there one day, horrid. The next? In love with him. The Dragonrider couldn’t know the amount of growing she had done with the Dragons – couldn’t comprehend how stifled her existence had been. In retrospect, the cramped feeling she had was a reflection of Veera’s situation.

Something about that whole thing bothered her. Jaxx had ignored her when she brought it up…but how did the Dragon live, decade after decade, trapped in a passage? How did she even get there in the first place? It was a mystery she was still trying to puzzle out.

Then there was also the whole ‘bonding’ thing. Beyond any personal revelations and changes to herself alone, there was also Veeras influence. Jaxx had informed her that Mal wasn’t bonded to him as deeply as she herself was to Veera. He had confessed this after she had queried why Mal didn’t seem as close to his Dragon, and very reluctantly.

It seemed Veera had indirectly influenced her since the moment she was born. Once the barriers separating them were down, their minds were open and ready to be intertwined. Apparently, Jaxx hadn’t been able to locate Mal until he was in his teens, and had been unable to ‘shape’ Mal properly. From what she could gather from reading in between the lines - she was the equivalent to a puppy, trained from a young age, Mal was an older dog, adopted with all his faults.

Jaxx had snorted, shrugging his shoulders. You compared yourself to a dog, not me! However, you are right - I had to adopt mine ‘as is’, faults and all.

To which she had retorted that Mal was perfect.

Veera had seconded her motion, telling her mate, All he needs is to realize how wonderful my Kila is. He is being silly. He thinks I am influencing Kila and that once I get distracted – BAM! She will ‘revert’!

Jaxx seemed perpetually surprised by Veera, especially when Kila seemed to find her most relatable and funny. I am beginning to suspect that finding your human as young as you did, combined with your circumstances has caused you to live vicariously through Kila. You are very…human, at times.

Veera had raised her head. You do not think I am perfect? She had asked in a small voice. You desire another Dragoness?

The speed that he backpedalled had made both females laugh. No! That isn’t what I meant! You are a Dragoness, you should know that you are perfect!

Of course I am perfect, Veera had told him smugly. That is what we call a guilt trip. Ha!

Jaxx had looked flummoxed, mouth gaping, wings slack.

Now, Kila knelt on the grass in the clearing, collecting wildflowers. She would braid them into her hair, and let Mal mess them up as he ran his hands through the style. The way his hands touched her…she felt her nipples harden in response to the thought. It was almost equalled by frustration though...

It could only be hoped that time would convince him that she was his. For now, she could barely tempt him to kiss her. When she probed, she only got a vague impression of him not wanting to take advantage of her, and that he needed to protect her from herself – and from him. Several times he had felt her pulse as if making sure she was alive - his guilt still rode him heavily for what had happened in the cave.

He had always seemed so imposing, standing tall above her. He seemed broad, powerful, and immovable. Now, he seemed thinner, weaker – and on his back, more approachable. He was so tired he couldn’t do much at this point than eat and sleep, but he was gaining strength rapidly.

Mal looked so peaceful when he slept. He slept like a child – head lolled to the side, arms and legs akimbo. Although he was emaciated, he was eating again. And despite being proud, had allowed her to feed him the last few meals. She took a lot of pleasure from it – from the way his eyes lit up, to the way he licked his lips…to the way he licked her fingers clean…

She loved the way his strong jaws moved as he chewed, and the way his eyes swirled more slowly the fuller he was. The knowledge that he secretly enjoyed eating was liberating. The impression that he found the idea of becoming heavier arousing…was erotic.

Damn. Her smile faded in a pout. She couldn’t braid these in - her new bob style was too short! She let the flowers fall with a sigh. Standing, she dusted her hands off and raised her head. Oh well. Maybe she would just head back and snuggle with Mal on the beach. Maybe she could convince him to splash around with her.

A green dragon head was before her, and she started back, tripping over her own feet and landing on her behind. The sudden jolt knocked the hair from her lungs, as well as surprise. She had never seen a dragon that colour before, and gagged as some sort of biting chemical smell wafted off of it.

A long, slender, forked tongue emerged from cracked jaws, tasting the air around her. Hello, little pretty, it told her. A frill stood up from his snout, all the way down his body to his tail. The large body moved, the head staying still. And what are you doing in my forest? The green colour and patterns on its scales had made it blend into the glade perfectly. Even now, her eyes watered, trying to determine where the forest ended and its body started.

“This isn’t your forest,” Kila told it absently. “This is my forest.” She couldn’t recall this dragon among the others at the castle, and something nagged at the back of her mind.

Is it indeed? The large frill waved a little. And who might you be? Be calm, he advised her.

A familiar sensation pressed down on her, and Kila realized with dawning dread that this Dragon had cast some sort of truth spell on her and cut her off from Mal and her Dragons.

“Kila Twinspire, Queen Regent.” Damn, damn, damn. This wasn’t one of their Dragons. When had she started thinking of them as hers? Jaxx would smack her at the thought.

Indeed? He sounded languidly amused. He couldn’t seem to hear her general thoughts as well as Veera or even Jaxx could. The huge head reared back, pupils contracting. He tilted his head from one side to the other, examining her. Fascinating. Why are you in my forest?

“I wanted to pick wildflowers to braid into my hair.” Please, please let him keep asking the wrong questions! At least her heart wasn’t bursting this time.

Do your people know you are here?

“No.” She wondered briefly at that response – but she supposed it must be true, if she answered that way. There would be no immediate help from that quarter, it seemed.

Interesting. Then I suppose… That long tongue lashed near her face. I suppose that they wouldn’t notice you going missing right away. How long would it take your guards and your passel of mages to notice you were gone, do you think?

She inhaled, caught a lungful of caustic fumes, and hacked for several moments. “Several days.” Though hopefully Jaxx, Veera and Mal would know sooner…

Why would it take them several days to notice their ruler had gone missing, pray? His voice hurt her head. It rang like a gong and lashed where it didn’t ooze. It was nothing like the musical sounds she was familiar with.

“I’ve been sneaking out for weeks to train to fight. They are used to me being gone for a while.” Her only surprise was how calm she was staying – then she recalled the Dragon had told her to be calm, and was somehow enforcing that.

It made her wonder, suddenly, if Mal was right. It didn’t feel like a forced calm – it felt like genuine calmness. Could Veera be doing something similar with the happiness and love she felt for Mal? Was it all an illusion?

And who would you be fighting against, and why?

“The Talos, because they want our magical deposits.”

Well… Kila could feel amusement coming off of it in waves. Here is your opportunity to meet your enemy face to face. Come here. As her body moved jerkily forward, the dragon wrapped a single finger around her in disdain.

When he lurched into the sky, Kila cried out in pain and horror. Every time she had flown, the Dragons had taken care to hold them in their hands in a protected way, like she was an egg they didn’t want to drop. This Dragon had her snagged by one digit slung around her hips, making her head and feet hand down towards the rushing ground. That ground was disturbingly close. He seemed to stick to the top of the trees, skirting the ground for a while as though attempting to avoid detection. He also wasn’t taking care not to cut her, and the rough scales of his feet and his claw had sliced her open in several places. Warm blood seeped into her shirt.

The obvious enjoyment he was taking at her discomfort only made it worse. She gritted her teeth. “Where are you taking me?” She called out, determination coursing through her.

His long head weaved to face backwards and underneath it’s own body to regard her, still flying straight. I am taking you to the Talos camp. You, my pretty, will make a much better prize than a meal.

“Prize?” she shouted back against the whipping wind.

Indeed. I don't fancy my new forest being burned to the ground, Was the only response.

Suddenly, the entire world seemed to shift, condense, and melt. Before her gorge had time to fully rise up, it stopped. Below her were line upon line of tents. There were some dragons in the sky as well as on the ground, and none of them were of a metallic tone. The Talos camp. Within moments, the Green Dragon had transported her a hundred miles away, at the edge of her border.

Reaching for Veera and Jaxx had no response. Instead, for the first time, she felt the Green’s mind acknowledge her attempt. If she raced back, he might realize she knew mindspeak. If she didn’t stop, he might figure out how to get more information, like where the Dragons were or their numbers. Her only alternative was to mentally trash around desperately, with no direction.

After a moment, she felt his mental observation slacken, convinced it had been a momentary thing caused by her panic.

She was supposed to avoid capture; now that she was caught, what was she going to do?

Xyantha Reborn

- Actually Very Tame!
Jul 23, 2014
Chapter 14
Kila felt them probing her mind again, and fell deeper into herself. She couldn’t fight against it, and she knew that if the Green one ordered it, she would spill her guts. If the Red one ordered it, she would slit her own throat.

The smaller White Dragons in the camp came several times a day to menace her. They seemed almost seemed half feral, snapping and snarling. They rarely spoke to her, and when they did they seemed…slower. More one dimensional. More like a human…though that was where the similarities ended. The other Dragons seemed to treat the Whites similarly – a Black Dragon had physically clipped one with its wing this morning, causing the smaller Dragon to careen into another White, who bit it fiercely.

She had thought she hated the Whites the worst – some mornings they pressed their noses up to her tent. Their breath caused the fabric of the tent to stiffen, and the ground slowly became covered by frost. She was always cold at night, and they took delight trying to freeze her to death.

That was until she met the Red Dragon. Although the comparison would have horrified them, she was reminded of the most vicious, avaricious human. It was greedy, cruel, and delighted in making her do things against her will – from washing, eating, to touching herself, or touching it.

To top off all its other charming qualities, the way every other Dragon deferred to it made her tremble. It was obviously the strongest dragon here, in its prime. It had its eye on the magic deposits. She got the impression the Red’s arrival was relatively recent, and the camp was abuzz with activities.

Even now, she sat quiescent at the Dragon’s feet, unable to control her own body. They didn’t need to tie her up because with a harsh brush of one its thoughts, the Red had been able to persuade her anything it desired. She wasn’t even sure if it was a male or female, because it had only commanded her, never conversing with her, and held itself aloof.

Her biggest fear was that she would be forced to reveal information against her will. They didn’t even need to torture her to get it! The past forty eight hours had been spent in a whirlwind of mental planning, and observation. There was nothing else that could be done, as her body was no longer her own. What could she do? She couldn’t reach any of her Dragons, and she was physically stuck here. The past two days the Red had been distracted, but the last few hours had shown it was taking more of an interest in digging for information.

Red, because that was how she thought of it, swung its cruel looking head towards her, resting its jaws upon its front feet like a cat. “Come here, little human.” When she stood before it, the smell of sulfer was almost unbearable. “Do you remember how you came here?”

“The Green Dragon brought me?”

“Yes. Fortunately for you, he decided to make an offering, rather than devouring you. Live to see another day, as the saying goes!” The Red was capricious, sometimes devolving into brooding silence, and at others becoming as chatty as a Bronze.

This was the first time it had spoken to her, and she dreaded the sudden attention. It seemed that one of its powers was persuasion – if it could be called that. All it had to do was tell her she wanted to reveal everything, and she would.

“Tell me, little female,” it hissed, the room heating. “How many Dragons are there at the castle? How many men?”

Inspiration struck her. She might be physically trapped here, but her mind was still her own. She had no idea of the consequences, but she knew from her experience with Mal in the cave that her consciousness could be separated from her physical body. Without ‘her’ in her flesh, perhaps the Dragons couldn’t make use of her?

“Twenty,” she responded evenly. “And I do not precisely know. I did not manage the men directly.”

It seemed to sense her equivocation, such as it was. “Ah well, no matter. Humans are so weak that even in droves, they are of little threat. Perhaps I will allow the Whites to gorge on them.” Swinging it’s huge head closer, it dropped its voice to an insinuating purr. “It would please me,” Red said softly. “For you to be honest. Why don’t you come, sit, and talk with me? Perhaps we can come to some sort of arrangement for your freedom…?”

The pressure had begun to build. Allowing her physical self to be pulled forward, she wheeled back on her mental self, ripping them asunder. A physical and mental roar assaulted her senses as the Dragon realized what she had done. Quick as lightening, red gaping snapped at her – not at her physical self, but at her other self. She shot up, out of reach. Those huge eyes seemed to follow her movements, but were unable to fully see or arrest her.

Fleeing, she raced towards the mountains that marked the castle. Briefly, she wondered what would happen if her physical form were to die while she was out of it.


A labyrinth of thoughts were all around her, tiny pinpricks of light. The first beacon she arrived at fluttered in recognition.

Kila?! It nearly shouted. It was Stura, the Bronze. She could tell from his voice, but also the oil and fire ‘feel’ of his mental presence, stronger than ever. Oh, I am happy to see you! Where have you been?? How are you here like this? Did you learn this recently? I love spirit walking, don’t you?

She was enfolded in his presence - immediately cocooned and sheltered. She felt his affection, and worry. It had taken her a while to get here. So many fascinating things had waylaid her progress – watching a steam burble through some rocks. Watching a shepherd sleep on the side of a hill. When she finally roused herself, she had simply appeared at the castle. Physical space seemed to limit her as little as it had the Green.

Green? Stura seemed to freeze, coil and seethe. Veera, Veera! He shouted. I have Kila. She isn’t with her body. I have anchored her for now, but she keeps drifting.

Kila? Several mind voices queried at once. She felt each unique Draconic presence more strongly than ever, and the mental capacity of the minds laid before her was staggering. Sliding along some of those mental channels, she realized why Dragons thought so little of humans – because they were so limited.

Their initial surprise at feeling her examine and ‘piggyback’ on their thoughts caused some confusion, some chuckling – but they all allowed her to do so in the most indulgent fashion.

Sweetling? Veera called. Her mental presence might have been considered rough around the edges compared to the older Dragons, but Kila realized how advanced it was in comparison to herself. Oh, the poor dear has had a shock. Let us see to this, she clucked in a motherly fashion, Jaxx hovering behind her.

Opening her mind was easy, but it made her lose focus. The longer she was away from her body, the more detached Kila felt. She felt each of them place a tiny, burr like anchor into her. It caused the floating feeling to lessen, but increased her awareness of them.

Kila, Jaxx said softly. I need to read your memories. Can you think in detail about what happened the past several days? He felt her acknowledgement and began the process of going through her memories.

In return, Kila gently touched his. His surprise was evident, but he allowed her to flit along his thought processes.

If Kila was in her physical form, she would have wept at the beauty of it all. The most uncanny thing was that Jaxx almost seemed to be able to split his presence into multiple places – to think and to speak on multiple subjects at once. It was considered normal for him to be simultaneously speaking to herself, Mal, Veera – while having part of his consciousness leagues away, watching a rabbit give birth. Why? Because he had never seen a rabbit give birth, and it was something new.

Instead of feeling insufficient, as she knew many of the humans in their lives felt, she felt honoured to be granted even a portion of their extended notice. Veera radiated pride in her human at her discoveries – and in many ways they did consider them like dogs. And Kila could now see why.

The Dragons roared – their rage and anger was almost overwhelming as they watched her memories.

Kila, tangled up in Jaxx’s memories, was almost bowled over. She felt the rivers of his consciousness overwhelm her and was sucked downstream into his thought processes. Unlike humans, who thought very linearly, the Dragons thought on multiple, interconnecting courses.

If Kila could predict a few moves ahead in chess, the Dragons could predict the mathematical probabilities of every move possible, the likelihood of it being played, and every subsequent impact to every other move. The implications were staggering.

Gentle, gentle! Veera keened. Her mind is breaking!

With obvious difficulty, Jaxx reigned himself in. She needs to be anchored to another human, he bit out. None of us can afford to limit ourselves right now. The entire mass of Dragons were roiling about, seething like a sea of angry – well, Dragons. Mal is worried out of his senses about her. I think we can anchor her to him for now.

Mal. Unbidden, the thought swept through her. Immediately, she pulled towards him. Kila let her consciousness fade from their group, hearing them only in the background. Allowing her primary focus to centre on the form of a man in his chamber, she watched him with avid interest.

Looks like she is taking care of that herself, Stura commented with a chuckle. The smart little creature is already figuring out how to split her consciousness! Alright, Tuz and I will go scout ahead. If what she saw is correct…


Mal stopped in his tracks, staring up at the corner of the room. “Jaxx?” He asked, all the hairs on his body rising as a presence filled the room and began to observe him.

It’s Kila. No time to talk. She is separated from her body, we know where she is.

“Then I will go with you to find her,” Mal vowed, walking towards the door, desperation and hope simultaneously clawing at him. He was halted by Jaxx’s distracted reply.

She needs to be anchored to a source. Without her body she could easily lose focus and dissipate. You need to stay here and keep her being human

The mere idea of losing her ripped a roar from his chest. The presence hovered closer, and he felt a cool mist like feeling against his skin. “Kila?” He called, clutching at the air in front of him uselessly.

You need to do whatever is necessary to keep her with you, here
. Jaxx told him firmly.

Veera broke in. If she loses her anchor, she will be gone forever, do you understand? Do whatever is necessary, for as long as it is necessary. Then they both left.


“Kila?” Mal asked, hearing his own voice crack. The presence in the room was so different to the Dragons, and so similar to Kila that is was spooky. “What do you want me to do?” Of course no answer was forthcoming. Desperately, he raked his mind for ideas. What could he do, that would consume all her attention?

Tearing his teeth into the rest of his bread, he was startled to feel her attention grow even more intense. He could almost see, almost feel her delicate fingers touching his waist, tugging as his loose pants.

Gods, that was it.

Every time he put something in his mouth, he got her unblinking attention. Nearly sprinting to the door, he half shouted for food, and lots of it, now!

Whirling, he looked up at the spot where he could sense her. Voice raw, he touched his tummy. “Kila, you have to stay with me, ok?” Feeling her attention still fixed on him, he slowly raised his shirt, revealing his flat stomach. “You have to watch me eat…I’ve been so hungry without you.” He felt silly, but then aroused. That feeling of her touching him occurred again, and he felt his cock jump. “This is going to be so big and round when you are through with me, won’t it?”

He would say anything to keep her here, no matter how foolish it made him feel. The past few days had been an agony of suspense. The only thing keeping him from going mad was the knowledge that both Veera and Jaxx could tell she was alive. Now, to have her here, like this…It was so close and yet so far.

There was a rap, and several servants approached. He yanked his shirt down, stalking forward. They appeared spooked – a quick glance in the mirror showed Mal that his eyes were whirling crazily and magic sparkled around his clenched fists. Trying to smile, he ushered them out.

There was a lot of food on the table, and his capacity wasn’t exactly stellar, what with him starving himself. Now there was an odd source of regret. If only he had stuffed himself, and not denied himself at every turn, he would be able to eat more, keep Kila more safe by distracting her longer. He snorted at the irony, closing his eyes.

Mal braced his hands on the table, gazing down at the food. “You can hear me, I can tell...” He swallowed, closing his eyes against his tears again. “I don’t know how I am going to eat this without you…I want you to be here so badly.”

His voice broke, and he covered the sound by stuffing a piece of potato in his mouth. “I’m going to be so round,” he said, rubbing his hand along his stomach, feeling intensely foolish and praying that this was the right thing to do.

Mm. The thought came from her. She seemed enraptured, one hundred and fifty percent of her attention focused on him.

“Kila…” He whispered. “I wish you were here to feed this to me…I’d eat so much for you.” He sat down, undoing his pants. “Just…stay with me, ok?”
She did more than stay with him. Consciousness whirled, and he felt the world slip out from under his feet as he brought both of them into a voluntary hallucination.


Kila raised a spoon to his lips, wriggling forward eagerly. He blushed at her intense scrutiny, swallowing awkwardly. She fed him another and another, each one bringing her closer and closer until she was resting on his lap.

He growled happily, hands splayed across her ass, kneading. “I’m getting full,” he told her seriously. He groaned at her pout. “You are going to be the death of me,” he grumbled. His stomach felt round and heavy, bowing out sturdily.

“Just a few bites,” she coaxed, drawing the glazed pastry across his lips.
His felt his eyes narrow and inhaling deeply. “You are evil,” he told her, spanking her sharply. “Bad, bad, bad girl!”

“Ohhh,” Kila gasped, wriggling. “I am a bad girl,” she whispered him, holding up chocolate pudding in the other. She squealed as he spanked her harder. “But you are a naughty boy too…”

“You little…” He licked his lips, feeling vulnerable. Mal glanced down at his stomach, then met her eyes. “Are you sure about this? You have no idea…this is going to get out of control,” he told her, nibbling on the pastry and then her ear, making her moan.

Her hot breath panted against his neck, making his balls tingle as he took a big bite out of the pastry. He swooped down – well, leaned down awkwardly around his stomach - and tongued fallen crumbs from her cleavage.

“I’m going to get so fat,” he whispered guiltily, biting his lower lip. His pants were already creaking with the strain.

“It’s your punishment,” She had gasped at his words, then again as he fondled her breasts until they were clear of her bodice. “For almost killing me.” His rough palms grazed her sensitive peaks. She moaned, tangling her fingers in his hair. She rocked her hips against him wantonly.

He could feel her dampness through her clothes, and he pet her insistently. Inspired, he grinned evilly. Mal drizzled the pudding along her nipples, sucking them hard. She writhed under him, watching him with heavy lidded eyes. He let her right breast go with a wet pop. “I didn’t almost kill you, I DID,” he swallowed. “If we hadn’t been in that cave…” He sighed, and his gut heaved.

She palmed that round lump softly. “It was the magic field. But by all means, lay on the guilt,” she panted, pulling his hand back to her covered sex desperately. “We will add it to your punishment. There is some apple pie on the dresser.”

He paused, shyly peering into her eyes. “You’re really serious,” he murmured at last. He felt his cheeks warm. “I really don’t think you understand…” He got up, walking across the room to her dresser. His stuffed little tummy bowed out. He stopped in front of the mirror. “I don’t know how you find this attractive,” he said wonderingly, brow furrowed.

Kila rose quietly and slipped her arms around him, hands caressing his tummy from behind. She held up the weight in her hands, letting it go with a bounce. She pinched around his belly button, almost screwing his navel with her finger in an incredibly dirty and sexual gesture. “You are so skinny,” she grinned from behind him shyly and slipped her thumb back into his belly button. He gasped as she squeezed the softening tummy with one hand, the other caressing and gently pinching his hip. That round prominence seemed out of place of his otherwise lean form.

“I want you to be nice and plump.” She sucked the lobe. “I want your belly to get so big that it hides your cock.”

Mal bucked against her hold in surprised lust. He gazed at his reflection, cock twitching. Good Gods - how many pies would he need to eat for that to happen?

“Soon”, he whispered, “my chest is going to soften and turn into mounds of fat…my nipples are going to get big and sensitive.” He couldn’t contain his shudder of delight as she tweaked one. “My hips and thighs are going to get so wide – and my thighs are going to rub together when I walk, and they will take up the whole chair when I sit down. Would you like that?”

He twisted around to kiss her, causing his belly to bulge out and a tiny roll to form under his chest. Mal nibbled her lips softly. “Which is probably good, since this belly is going to reach almost to my knees, and will need some support.” She shuddered, guiding his hand into her pants restlessly. “Seriously, my love…this is probably the skinniest I will ever be again.”

Luminous eyes met his and she brushed her lips against his ear. Her little panting breaths were hot and moist, making him shudder in expectation.

His mate slid her little tongue down his neck and blew on it, making him shiver. Lusty little wench. “I want to stuff you so full every day that all you can do is lay back and let me ride you…Or maybe I’ll force my piggy to climb on top of me.” She lifted the little chub around his belly button, fingering it thoughtfully. “You’d be so fat you’d have to lift your gut to get into me, and rest your big belly on me.” She undid his pants and slid his underclothes down to his ankles, tonguing the slit in his crown on her way down.

It was too much. “You’re crazy,” Mal told her roughly, trying to ignore his now throbbing cock, pointing at their reflection like a salute at her words. “Tease,” he accused her, slightly uncomfortable….but more than a little intrigued.

Kila smirked, spanking his bare ass. “Eat the pie, fatty. You wanted my attention…Now you have it. Keep eating. Is the big mage afraid of a wittle chub?”

He groaned. It was so deliciously humiliating. He was going to be too fat for his mage robes. Too fat to do more than pleasure his woman, make her come so many times she was mindless from the feeling. He turned to reach for the pie, belly sloshing and gurgling. It was starting to really hurt, but he would do it for Kila. He was halted by her little hands on his hips, holding him back.

Black eyes met his over his shoulder, and she licked her lips sensually. “I want to see you eat it without your hands.” She swallowed nervously, then bit her plump lip. “I want you to bend over and eat it right out of the pan. I want you to watch yourself do it as I suck your big cock off. I want you to see what a bad boy you are being, how round and juicy every bite is making you.”

Mal was so horny he could barely think. Resting his forearms on her dresser, he spread his legs for balance and lowered his face into the sweet crust. He turned his face slightly, watching as Kila went from fingering his burgeoning love handles to kneeling before him. “I’m going to screw you so hard you scream for help,” He told her viciously as she met his eyes in the mirror.

“Promises, promises,” She smirked before taking his shaft into her mouth. She cupped his tightening sack in the other, caressing the skin, balancing his balls on the tops of her fingers. The other hand occasionally plucked at his belly button, which slowly had less and less give, or jiggled or patted his sides.

That stomach was distending. Already full, leaning over and relaxing caused it to swell outwards and downwards, stretching and tingling. She suckled him softly, causing him to thrust into her mouth demandingly.

In the mirror, he could see his stomach reddening as it stretched, and the feeling was so painful and so arousing all he could do was fill his mouth, grinding his hips against her red bow mouth desperately, vision darkening. He hit the bottom of the pan. His nose was covered in apple pie filling and he was sweating copiously. “God, I’m so fat,” he panted, laying a disbelieving hand on the taut flesh. It was hot and tingling beneath his touch.

“Keep eating,” Kila demanded, pulling away. The intensity in his balls was increasing, and the cold air against his shaft was shocking. “Or I’ll stop!”

Casting about soon revealed another pie, which he dove into, face first. That hog in the mirror met his gaze, grunting and shuddering. He met his own eyes before rolling them closed in bliss, eating mindlessly.

He paused, a huge burp rumbling in his gut. When he relaxed with an exhale, he could only watch in delighted horror as his gut, burstingly full, sagged and rolled down heavily. He couldn’t have tightened his muscles if he tried.

Slowly, almost as if in slow motion, that pale, swollen sack of flesh met the top of his wife’s shining black hair. Her eyes rolled back in her head and did something with her tongue that hand him bellowing and spurting his load into her mouth uncontrollably.

Her little fingernails bit into his backside as he came, taking every drop. He was shocked by her tenderness as she cleaned him up with a moist towel. He was so full he could only stand, legs spread, belly lolling out before him, sweating.


Mal was finding it hard to breathe. At some point, he had taken off his clothes, and his spent shaft was still clenched in his hand. He was leaning over the dresser, and the sheer weight of his gut was so painful he could only pant and writhe as he hardened again.

Only crumbs were left of the veritable feast. “Kila?” Mal gasped, terror surging through him at the thought of her having left. His face felt sticky, and he wanted to die of mortification.

Immediately, she responded. He couldn’t figure out how she was managing it without having a corporeal form, but he could almost feel her hands gently his gut, and he felt her arousal like a physical blow.

It hurt. “Careful,” he yelped, legs shaking. “I think I went too far,” he whispered. He wondered if that fantasy had been all in his own mind, or if she had somehow contributed to the event. All he could think of right now was how uncomfortably stuffed he was. He tried to straighten and failed.

“I can’t move,” he said in disbelief, gazing down at his middle. It looked like he was pregnant in the last trimester. The slightest shift made him squeal in pain – doing nothing to mitigate the ‘pig’ comments. It took a quarter of an hour just to lower himself so that his forearms were on the table, his gut cradled against his thighs. The feel of his cock being trapped below his gut – even if it was only because he was bent over – was making him harden again.

Mal couldn’t feel her presence in the corner anymore. It seemed to be wound up inside himself firmly. “Are you going to stay with me, deela?” he whispered, face pressed against the wood grain of the table.

The response was impish. Maybe…if you keep being a good boy and finishing your meals. I suppose it depends on…what you going to have for dinner?

He panted, his shaft shooting even harder at the thought of eating again in a few hours. “Gods, Kila,” he managed. “You better get back here quickly, or I will be too fat for you before long! You’ll have to roll me down the stairs…”

Or maybe you will be just, barely, plump enough…

Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. She is totally focused on you. Hopefully, we will be able to extract her within the week. Jaxx broke in, obviously distracted.

Mal shuddered, shifting his body side to side so that the underside of his engorged middle stroked his shaft. Oh Gods.

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