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The Succubus's Temptation

Dimensions Magazine

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Sep 8, 2011
(~FFA, ~BHM, contains gluttony, lust, forcefeeding, sexual situations, a demoness)

(A succubus tempts a gluttonous lust-filled man into a eating a huge final meal upon earth -- an erotic exploration of the connection between the pleasures of overeating and sensuality -- and the horrors of being out of control and growing fatter than you wish to be.)

Chapter 1 - So Easy to Tempt

You awaken, tied to my bed. You see me before you, and you harden with arousal. You can't help yourself. I have stuffed you full, you see, and now, I am here to have my fun.

Allow me to introduce myself, hon, for I am not what I appear to be. You see me as a sexy dark-haired woman who has taken you out for a gluttonous meal at the buffet, and now back to my room for a bit of fun in bed.

I grin at you as my body begins to transform. My tongue comes out of my head and forks, hissing at you. My slender strong back shoulders morph into dark red wings, like those of a bat. A tail slithers out of my panties, a tail pointed with a dagger's sharpness. My teeth grow shiny and sharp. Horns grow from my head.

Still, you find me incredibly erotic, my slender waist, my bountiful breasts, my wide hips and thick strong thighs which I wrap about your weakened body, digging my knees into your fat belly.

Does that hurt, lover? Well, you ain't felt nothing yet. I reach for the bedside table, and bring to your lips more cake. Your appetite knows no end, does it, haha? Gluttony without boundaries! That's what you are all about.

You think you just met me tonight, but I have been with you a long time. I am a demon of gluttony and lust, the twin sins which have befallen you. I have been a voice in your head for a long time. I am succubus, sent here to fulfill your fantasies, to fatten your belly, to steal your seed - and destroy your soul, not that you have much soul left at this point.

I return to my sensuous human form as your eyes widen with lust and pain. I appear again as an incredibly sexy woman with dark sparkling eyes.

I have lived long in your dreams, and now I am here to bring to reality your nightmares - the fantasies you have carried in that sick brain of yours for these many years.

You have tried to suppress my voice and my vision, even though I am the only one who can help you achieve your fantasies. We are here for a deal - your soul for your greatest fantasy, and I know what it is, you sick twisted man.

My chance is here now. I am the one who has been whispering in your ear and convincing you to overeat and grow fatter. You thought that was you? No, that was me, darling. You were so innocent when I first saw my opening as you grew into manhood.

You know me well. You have listened to me a lot lately. You are definitely getting heavier, and I have grown louder with every ounce you gained. And finally, I found you eating alone in that Chinese buffet restaurant, and I seduced you so easily with more food and the promise of my body.

I am not that still quiet voice of your conscience - the one they tried to teach you about in Sunday school when you were a young boy, an acolyte in church.

I have drowned out the other voices in your head -- the voice of reason, the voice of willpower, those goody-two-shoe angel voices which tell you how to be a good boy.

I have told you how to be bad, very bad.

"But I don't want to be bad," you say. "I'm a good man."

Correction: You were a good man.

I am the demon of decadence, the sprit of self-pleasure. I represent all that you don't like about yourself - your over-indulgent nature, your carnal desires. I am the real you.

I am the devil residing in you, your own personal succubus. I am your inner demon. I am your greatest temptation, like a powerful sorceress putting a spell on you. I am a temptress bringing you gifts you can't refuse.

You have allowed me inside your head a little at a time the last few years.

A few cookies here. An extra helping of supper there. Some ice cream. Buying yourself a huge cake, and eating it all in one sitting. A late night snack. A trip to the vending machine. A little feeling that you don't need to go to the gym right now.

Yes, I can see in your eyes that you know that I know your darkest secret.

"But I can always go to the gym later, right?" you say weakly.

Wrong. You are never going back to the gym now. The time to pay for your gluttony is here.

Your conscience is the voice of dieting and "eating right" and exercising all the time. Mine if the voice of gluttony.

You obeyed me well. You really had no choice from the very beginning. You worship me and all the pleasure I stand for. I can place whatever thoughts I like in that little brain of yours.

"But I'll get fatter," you whine.

It is a small price to pay for so much joy, sweetheart. Listen to me. Your face is so handsome. You have become what some call a BHM - a big handsome man.

"But what about all my fat?" you ask as you look at yourself in the mirror on the celing.

Fat is mmmmm very sexy. Don't you see how sexy you are. I love how your sharp jaw has softened, and these creases where you're getting a double chin. I reach out and caress your face, causing you to throb between your legs. I laugh watching your twitching hard manhood jump about at my touch.

You listen to me as I give you false compliments.

Now you smile at your image in the mirror, seeing those lovely grey eyes and that beautiful brownish hair and not really noticing what I have done to the rest of your body lately. It has gotten bigger the last few months. You should have felt your clothes tightening around your body and know how fat I've made you.

You believe me as I flatter you, and you relax just the right amount to allow me to caress your double chin and sweet dimples, as I move one hand to your gluttonous gut.

"I'll explode," you say.

I grab your hardened member and reply, "Isn't that the point, dear?" I feel you throb inside my fingers as I feed you more and more, reaching for a pan of lasagna which I have summoned with my powers.

You take a big sniff of its tempting aroma. I feed you bite after bite, you are just such a willing victim, it makes me smile a big smile as I look straight into your eyes, forcing my evil thoughts to flood your brain and overcome any protests. I grab a jug of milk and insert it in your lips, turning it up, as you swallow quickly.

I hope you don't mind my pet name for you - Piglet. You are my pet and my project, and I have the right to name you as I wish.

Piglet just seems such a perfect name for you and what you are becoming. Like a piglet, you are round, soft and doughy - and you are expanding, getting even bigger and fluffier as time goes on.

And as you grow, so does your appetite.

You hungry, Piglet? I know you are hungry.

You nod your head, and right then, your belly growls in agreement.

Good to hear. Now I want you to eat the lasagna now - all of it!

You look both scared and ecstatic at the notion of eating an entire pan of lasagna. Your forehead furrows with worry.

"I don't want to get fatter."

Yes, you do, my Piglet. You want to please me. With every ounce, you grow more and more handsome. Look in the mirror and see.

You gaze up at yourself again, and, moving inside your mind, I shift your perception from disgust to acceptance to admiration for how you look. I move one hand to your belly paunch as the other forks lasagna into your mouth.

What an adorable body you have! So big and strong! So much more masculinity than you have ever had. The women are going to be all over you. Go ahead, and eat. Words cannot describe how adorable you are becoming.

I rub your belly and see a look of contentment on your face. It's lovely to see that you are so easily persuaded.

Your potbelly is so wonderfully made, and those love handles, yum yum! And, like most women, I am really turned on by your man-boobs. I lean over and suckle on your nipple as you squirm in pain and desire, unable to move much due to your constraints.

I return to feeding you, and you open your mouth so willingly to my entreaties, even though you are stuffed to the maximum already. You can't help yourself. The pain is causing you pleasure now.

"I love this lasagna," you moan between bites. You shut your eyes and smile as you take a bite. You chuckle softly to yourself.

Oh, Piglet, you have the body of a god, the god of gluttony, a lover of chocolate, the emperor of eating - and overeating.

You wince a little, your eyes open suddenly, and I see I may have overplayed my hand. Your conscience and your willpower are struggling hard to be heard. You gaze up at the mirror more critically now.

"Won't other women be disgusted by all this flab?" you ask, as I grab a handful of your middle.

Before the voice of reason can muster a peep, I shout loud enough to echo in your skull.

No, you horny hog! Women love men with some meat on their bones, with sexy strong hefty bodies. Don't worry. Eat. Just as chocolate rules you, your growing beauty will rule all women's desires.

And besides, why worry about what other women think when you have me here? I reach out and grab your hardened member again and start tugging on it.

This soothes any worries you have. You close your eyes and open your mouth. You continue eating and eating until the lasagna is nearly all gone. I am silent now. No need to interrupt you as you plow through bite after bite.

(more to come)

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