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The Weighty Wager - FArevolt (~BHM, Inflation Machine, Extreme Eating, magic, ~XWG)

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New Member
Sep 19, 2006
~BHM, Inflation Machine, Extreme Eating, magic, ~XWG - three unique ladies make a strange compact concerning the fantasy of an abductee.

**Note that this is my first attempt at this. I have the other chapters plotted in my head, but haven't written them yet. **

The Weighty Wager
by fa_revolt

I awoke to the sound of quiet laughter. I could see very little at first, shadows mostly; my vision was still blurred from whatever they had used to drug me with.

As feeling returned to my limbs, I realized I was tightly bound at the wrist and ankles into some type of large recliner like a dentist’s chair. The giggling resumed as the vinyl covering of the chair squeaked loudly as I struggled unsuccessfully to free myself, and the shadows began to congeal into shapes, three wonderfully massive and beautiful female shapes.

They stood in front of me, giggling, as if relishing some secret joke. To my left stood a short buxom blonde dressed as a chef. Her tall white hat was as spotless as her pink smock which could scarcely hide her huge breasts, each of which was easily the size of cantaloupes and they gently bounced slightly as she laughed. Her face was round and angelic. Her full lips curled up at the ends like a little bow, revealing deep dimples and a cute double chin.

To my right stood a tall brunette wearing academic looking black rimmed glasses and long white lab coat. Her hair was pulled back into a tight bun and she pushed her glasses back up to the top of her nose as she giggled. Her lab coat was open and though she wore a black blouse and black stretch pants, it did little to hide her massive lower body. Her hips were wide and spread out to even wider thighs. Her breasts were smallish and rode high up on her soft tummy that threatened to overwhelm the waistband of her tight pants. Directly in front of me was a gorgeous emerald skinned witch, complete with a tall black hat and striped hose that barely contained her shapely plump legs. The seams on her black leather bodice were tearing as they lost the battle to hold her huge green breasts and swelling belly. Her black tattered skirt rose high to her sides, surrounding her amazingly wide hips and thighs. She seemed to jiggle and shake everywhere as she laughed. Her giggle was sharp and frightening.

A voice from a woman behind me said, “You’re wondering what’s so funny aren’t you?” Her voice was soft and sweet, like a little girl’s voice. Her hand reached around from behind to caress my shoulder. Her skin was bright red like a very ripe tomato and soft. Her arm must have been huge because it covered me as she reached around me from behind and rested it on my shoulders.

As her hand reached my face, I could see her very plump fingers ended with long black manicured nails. She gave my cheeks a gentle squeeze and said, “We have very big plans for you little man…very big plans.”

Her hand ran down my chest and as she very seductively released a button at the top of my shirt, she continued to whisper from behind me.

“You see sweetie, a cook, a scientist, and a witch walk into a bar and…” Each of the women giggled and gave each other a knowing glance. Another button is unbuttoned.

“Well, okay, so they approached me at different times, but they all wanted something. Power, knowledge, influence… it’s all the same to me really, but with the three of them together, I thought I could have some fun.”

Her hand moved down my torso and she unbuttoned another button. “You see, I’ve had my eye on you for a while, honey. Your fantasies drew me to you like a moth to a flame.”

My sight was obscured as her immensely fat arm reached forward and her hand slipped under my shirt to caress my stomach. “You love fat, don’t you? You love fat women. You love fat women getting fatter, bursting their seams, eating and eating until they’re too big to move.”

Her nails dug into my flesh as she squeezed my soft belly. “But I know your real secret. You want to be fat yourself. You want to be so fat you can’t see over yourself, a giant mountain of blubber.”

She giggles a little more in my ear. “And what I really love, sweetie, is that you want it forced upon you, abducted and force fed until you are a helpless growing balloon of fat.” Her arm moved back from me and I could hear ponderous footsteps as she moved away from the chair.

“What… what are you going to do?” I asked, but deep down I already suspected their plan.

“Here’s the bargain I made with these ladies, honey. I will grant their requests if they can make you gain over a thousand pounds of fat in under an hour.”

I tried to struggle against the leather straps, but they were too strong. “They’ll turn you into the gigantic tub of lard that you’ve always dreamed of being, and they get their reward. That’s the plan anyway. If they fail, then… well, I get to have some fun with them. What do you think sweetie-pie? It’s a win-win situation for me, really.“

I heard a loud creak as she must have sat down somewhere in the darkness behind me.

“All right ladies, remember the bargain, you will have one hour to make gain at least one thousand pounds and he has to be able to experience every moment of it. And it has to be real fat, Esmeralda, not a temporary growth spell.” The witch nodded understandingly.

“Oh, it will be real fat,” said the witch, “I made a special potion that will make everything he eats turn almost instantly into blubber.” She walked over to me and placed her hand on my stomach. Her breath smelled like peppermint as she leaned into me, her great green breasts pressing up against my chest. “And I made it with a protection enchantment, so that he won’t accidentally POP!” Her cackling laughter echoed through the dark emptiness.

The blonde chef removed her hat and her thick curly hair shook as she bounced up to my chair. “I’ve had a team working overnight to make two truckloads of all of my most fattening pastries.”

The scientist walked up slowly to join her associates. Her huge thighs made her slacks rub noisily as she approached. “And I have designed and built a delivery system that will allow us to quickly convert all that food into something easily digestible.”

“All right then ladies, let’s see what you’ve got,” said the voice from behind me.

A series of overhead lights flickered on audibly, revealing briefly a large set of steel doors that slid open with unnerving silence. Beyond the doors, there was a large room filled with tall stainless steel rolling carts packed with delicious cakes, pies, creampuffs, éclairs, and other gooey pastries I didn’t even recognize. The smell was marvelously sweet, but just as I was beginning to lose myself in the aromas, I was startled by the sound of a motor switching on beneath me.

My chair started to move forward into the center of the room. As I approached, a metal crate sprung open and seemed to unpack itself into a device that resembled a fancy cement mixer with a pump attachment. As my chair came to a loud stop and then lowered slightly, the device moved closer to my face; it was tipped with a large latex tube that was obviously meant to pump the pastries deep inside me. There must have been a scale built into the chair, because a digital LED display on the device indicated that I weighed 182 pounds. The tube moved closer to my mouth.

“Wait a minute, four-eyes,” said the witch. “Without the potion I made, this machine of yours will quickly bring our little wager to a very messy end.”

She gave another one of her very theatrical cackles, as her chubby fingers uncorked an arcane looking bottle of blue liquid. She grabbed my nose and thrust the bottle into my mouth. The stuff tasted like licorice and burned as it went down. I had a sudden feeling of euphoria and my skin tingled a bit, but the sensation quickly passed.

I heard a clock chime and the sweet voice yelled out from far behind me, “Your hour has started ladies. Time to stuff that piggy!”

The tube began to move again and the witch forced my jaw open so that the tube rested deeply inside my mouth. The scientist attached some wires to my mouth and throat and made an adjustment to the nozzle mechanism. The chef grabbed a huge tray of what appeared to be oversized chocolate éclairs and dumped them into the large spinning barrel at the front of the pump. Almost instantly, I tasted a rush of creamy chocolaty flavors as the entire tray was sent through the tube and down my throat. My gag reflex seemed to be countered somehow by the attachments at my throat, and the huge stream of food flowed right into my stomach, where I felt a strange warmth, instead of a feeling of fullness.

After the second tray of éclairs, I felt a sense of release as the button on my pants must have popped off, and once the sixth tray was dumped into the machine, I heard a loud noise, like the buzzer at the end of a sporting event. I glanced around to see what it meant, but I was overwhelmed by the taste of two dozen apple pies suddenly blasting deep inside of me. I could feel myself grow larger as the fat began to accumulate on my body. A dozen crème puffs made their way down my throat.

I couldn’t see myself, but I could feel my stomach swelling up, rising higher and higher. After a huge platter of Boston crème pies shot inside my growing belly, I felt another sense of release as the seams of my pants must have ripped apart.

“How does it feel, darlin’?” The sweet voice seemed to whisper inside my skull. “My piggy is starting to look a little plump.”

The brunette, who had been monitoring the machine, moved away from me and began snacking on one of the huge chocolate éclairs. I heard the buzzer ring again and this time I realized what it meant. I could now see the LED display on the machine. I had just hit 300 pounds! I must have been 200 on the previous ring.

“118 pounds in six minutes. You’re right on schedule fat boy.” The scientist rested one hand on my growing belly as she pushed another huge éclair into her mouth with the other. She turned and rested her huge ass against me on the side of my chair.

“You’re almost”, she said with a chocolaty grin between the two bites it took her to finish her third éclair, “... as heavy as I am.”

“Hey brainiac!” The blonde yelled as she and the witch crammed a gigantic wedding cake into the machine. “Stop stuffing yourself and keep an eye on this contraption of yours!”

“Screw you, Betty Crocker.” She shifted herself off of the chair. “My device is working perfectly.” she said indignantly as she quietly shoved a fourth éclair into her pretty mouth.

I tasted the most delicious banana cream pie, as the witch dumped it into the machine. I could feel the brunette’s hand rub my belly as it rose higher and higher. After the thirty-fifth banana cream pie, I heard the buzzer once again.

“Four hundred pounds. You’ve got me beat, fat boy.” The brunette slapped my blubbery side, but as she looked at her watch, she said, “However, you are a little behind schedule. 218 pounds in fifteen minutes.” She made an adjustment to the device. “We need to pick up the pace, ladies.”

“Well then give me a hand with this,” said the blonde, who had used a hand cart to bring over a five-gallon tub. As she and the brunette struggled to dump it into the spinning chamber, the witch grabbed my huge belly with both hands and rested her head on it.

“Ooooh, you are just too yummy! I could just eat you up! HAHAHA!” Her bosom nearly jiggled out of her bodice as she stood back and cackled. I tasted the rush of what was in the five-gallon tub, warm tapioca pudding, gallons and gallons of it. I felt another sense of release as what was left of my shirt and pants must have finally been torn to shreds by my ever growing body. I could begin to see myself rising up into my field of vision. My belly was a giant fleshy orb rising up in front of me like a gigantic ball of dough.
The buzzer rang once more, as I tasted chocolate pies. My arms were swelling at my sides and I could feel my stomach spread out over my lap, and then came dozens and dozens of cream puffs and profiteroles. I tasted something very sweet and creamy, with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon.
I heard the witch say, “What was that, anyway?”

“I made it up. I don’t have a name for it, but it’s really fattening.”

The buzzer rang again.

I heard the sweet voice again inside my head. “How does it feel, darlin’? You’re blowing up like a balloon. Even if you could get free, you’re too fat to move. You can’t get away now, sweetie. They’re going to keep stuffing you and stuffing you until you’re a helpless mountain of blubber.”

The buzzer rang once more. The LED read 700 pounds. The scientist was at my side again. She leaned up against my side, sinking into me slightly. She was eating yet another éclair. I felt it somewhat ironic that I found it exciting that her tummy seemed to be straining the waistband of her pants, when my own was inflating out above me, growing larger and larger.

“Mmm, these are so good. 518 pounds in thirty-two minutes, and we are back on schedule. You are halfway done fat boy.”

They must have gone through the cake section, because I tasted Devil’s Food with raspberry filling followed by an assortment of white cake. I could no longer see over the growing mound of my belly. The buzzer rang twice during the cakes. I felt someone releasing the bonds that held my feet and hands.

“You’re way too heavy to get away now, fat boy,” said the brunette. She ran her hands over my belly. “I kind of like you this way. You’re my big helpless slave and I’m your mistress of fat.” She smiled a devilish grin as the buzzer rang once more.

“We don’t have to stop at half a ton, you know. We could keep going and going and...” The device made an odd grinding sound.

The rush of what must have been a couple dozen of the best cheesecakes I had ever tasted began to slow slightly and then ceased altogether. The brunette looked at a panel on the side of the device and started turning some switches.

“What’s going on? What the hell is wrong with this stupid gizmo?” The witch was suddenly at the side of the brunette.

“He’s not fat enough yet. He’s just over a thousand!” The blonde was at my other side, her pink smock was now covered with stains.

“1042 actually,” said the brunette, “but he still has 140 pounds to go.” She looked very worried.

“Can you fix it? We’ve still got ten minutes!” The blonde was almost in tears now.

“I don’t know. Your stupid cheesecake overloaded the intake mechanism. I’d have to replace the gear assembly. There’s not enough time!”

“Screw it then!” The witch grabbed a handful of crème puffs. “Let’s do it the old fashioned way!”

The brunette managed to remove the tube from my mouth, and once she moved the device away from my face, she and the witch crammed my mouth full of crème puffs and éclairs. I tried to chew and swallow as quickly as I could, but I was having difficulty keeping up.

“Here, I have an idea!” The blonde approached with a huge pastry bag and shoved the tip in my mouth. “It’s crème filling!” She squeezed nearly a gallon down my throat. “Grab that tub of frosting over there! I’ll fill some more bags!”

The brunette frantically crammed éclairs in my mouth, while the witch and the chef were busy. After the second bag of crème filling the buzzer rang once more.

“1100! We’ve got four minutes left! We’re not going to make it!” The blonde was hysterical now, frantically squeezing a bag of chocolate mousse into my overly packed mouth.

“You’re on your own sisters! I’m outa here! HAHAHAHA!” The witch suddenly vanished in a puff of green smoke. The brunette was shoving frosting into my mouth on one side and the blonde was squeezing mousse into it on the other side. I was so totally helpless; all I could do was swallow and feel myself get larger and larger.

“He’s almost there!” The brunette yelled and reached for another bag, when I heard the clock chime a second time.

“Time’s up ladies!” I heard that sweet voice again, but this time it was right behind me. The women slumped back away from me. “Oh my... 1158 pounds... you were almost there. You must be very disappointed.”

“What... what happens now?” The blonde looked stunned, while the brunette licked the frosting from her fingers.

“We get to have some more fun, but that’s for another day. Don’t worry ladies, I’ll be in touch. At least you didn’t try and run away. That really pisses me off to no end. But don’t worry, Esmeralda will get her just desserts.” She giggled quietly as the ceiling seemed to open up and the two women dissolved like wisps of smoke sucked up into a fan, and soon the ceiling went back to normal.

“Well, well, well, how do you feel, Tubby?” She placed her hands on my shoulders and kissed the top of my head. “Is it everything you hoped for? You’re a mountain of blubber, a helpless balloon of fat. Now what do you do?”

She was right. I was totally helpless. My belly loomed above me like a weather balloon and my fat arms were pinned by their own weight. I could wiggle my fat fingers and toes, but other than that, I was totally immobile.
I licked the frosting off my lips. “What are you going to do with me?” My voice sounded odd, and it was hard to speak.

“Well, you see, the rules are complicated, but since we never actually had an agreement; I’ll eventually have to return you to normal and let you go. Eventually, that is.”

I felt myself getting lighter and I was now able to move my arms and legs, but the feeling didn’t stop. I found myself rising up into the air like a real balloon. My belly hit the ceiling and I jiggled all over. I felt like a Thanksgiving Day parade float as I looked out at my gigantic spherical mass. I felt a rope being tied around my ankle. My head bumped a lamp as I was pulled back into the darkness.

“Where are you taking me?”

“Well, I have some unfinished business with Esmeralda I think you might enjoy. You never know honey, we might be able to make a deal after all.”

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