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'The Whale'--New Brendan Fraser Film

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Well, bless your heart!
Sep 29, 2005
This looks interesting, but also worrisome and problematic.

Fraser's role in The Whale has him playing a 600 lb recluse trying to reconnect with his 17 year old daughter. In the articles I've read, he says the costuming was cumbersome and extensive. He's being very tight lipped about the film itself, though. Fraser's career has been lacking in recent years, which he has been very candid about, but this film is supposed to be his big comeback. Interesting.

I know many are going to complain that a 600 lb (or close to it) actor wasn't hired to fill the role. I'm one of those people. The idea of putting an actor, even an actor whose already sporting a fat body, into a fat suit to make them larger instead of hiring an actor whose actually the size the role calls for is anathema to me. But in this instance I'm torn because I know how good Brendan Fraser is and I have a lot of faith he will bring a humanity to this role. Problematic.

As with any film whose main character is very fat, this is going to get the fat haters up on their soapboxes. I can practically read the op ed pieces now. I already know of at least three people in my life, all of whom know how much I adore Fraser, are going to be burning up my phone, using this movie as an excuse to yet again discuss their concerns for my size and "health". Not to mention the discussions on the morning talk and entertainment shows. Worrisome.

Silver lining: the hoopla surrounding this will mean more Brendan Fraser on my computer, tv, and movie screens. I just love him and I hope this does help to bring him back to super star status.

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