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Delphinum natare doces
Jun 14, 2014
my scent
unknowingly I watch you
your grip so firm
long tender fingers
holding, cupping me
your lips lower
eyes transfixed
halfway closed
the softness of your face
betraying your innermost

lashes touching lashes
as your lips tremble at the
touch of my flesh
the cool of me against
unbearable warmth
lips touching me losing
against, into my silkiness
your tongue - so warm
your softness matching mine
long wide strokes
you encircle me
flow over me
licking, circling
lapping me into you
the headiness of me drifting up
into you

so full so wanting
you I surrender
giving of myself fully
my sweet nectar
on your trembling lips
painting my sheen
dipping your brush
stroking me over and over
shivers of desire

lapping me up
taking me down
lower, tongue tighter
faster, me spilling over
what your heat does to me
nibbling, tender nips
you set me free to my
innermost being
lips encircling me
tongue tormenting me
such sweet strokes
sucking me
wanting me
driving me to my very last drop
coming so free
I surrender into you
feeding your hunger

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