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Torrid's new extended sizing!

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Ditz Extraordinaire
Oct 5, 2005
West coast, baby!
For anyone who might not know (and I'm sorry if it's been mentioned and I didn't see it), Torrid's now going significantly bigger with a lot of their clothing. They introduced a size 5/5X quite a while back, but now they go to a 6/6X, which is generously sized at 66-70" bust, 60-64" waist, and 72-76" hips. I really wish I'd had this at my disposal a couple of years ago, but maybe some of the lovely ladies here can take advantage of it. :)

Their sizing runs bigger than it did years and years ago, if it's been a long time since you've checked it out. I have an old size 4 tee that fits significantly smaller than their new 4s; I'd say the size charts are pretty accurate for the Torrid brand clothing, so make sure to look it over. (Torrid also runs a bit bigger than other brands, in my experience, though they aren't hugely far off as the size number gets smaller. It's more that the bigger sizes seem to be a lot bigger. For instance, I could wear Torrid 28s when I was wearing 30s and 32s from other places, but I can pretty much wear 24s from everywhere, now, though Torrid's a bit looser.)


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