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BHM "Tubby" by LJ Rock [~BHM, feedism, stuffing, overeating, sexuality]

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LJ Rock

Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2005
"Tubby" is a very short story about a BHM with a hot feeder girlfriend who stuffs him relentlessly, causing him to blimp out to double his size. This a a censored version of a slightly longer and far more sexually explicit story.

by LJ Rock

“Someone’s getting soooo tubby,” she said as she poked a finger into the soft doughy flesh that was peaking out from under my shirt.

“Yes,” I said, “I suppose I have been putting on a bit of weight. Is that a problem for you?”

“Not at all,” she replied. “I actually think it looks great on you.”

“Do you really?”

“Uh huh,” she said, nodding her head with a big smile stretching across her pretty face. “I like it a lot.”

Tiffany and I had been dating for just a few months at that point, but already she was taking a hold of me and shaping me into something that she wanted me to be, and it was becoming apparent that what she wanted me to be was fat.

Really, really fat!


She started rubbing her hands all over my plush body, grabbing at my rolls and my newly formed moobs. I had gained so much weight and my body had changed so rapidly that a lot of my friends didn’t even recognize me anymore. My family was concerned for me and my health, but they had no way of knowing just how happy I truly was.

“You know, baby,” she cooed softly in my ear, her lips and her tongue grazing my lobe as she spoke, “the bigger you get, the hornier it makes me.”

I could feel myself getting turned on. I wanted her so badly, and she wanted me too. Reaching around, I put my hands on her bulbous rump, and I began to reach for the waistline of her tight pants to pull them down. “Uh uh uh!” she teased as she pulled herself away from me. “Not yet! You know what we need to do first.”

I knew exactly what she wanted to do first. She led me into the kitchen where she sat me down, and proceeded to fill me up with every manner of junk food that we had on hand. Cupcakes, cookies, snack pies and bags and bags of chips; she stuffed it all in my mouth until my stomach was packed as tight as a drum. I was getting so full that I thought I might burst, but she wasn’t satisfied yet. She wanted me bigger and tubbier.

“Open up,” she said as she approached me with a large three-liter bottle of soda in one hand and a plastic funnel in the other. “This is all going down inside of you, and I want to hear some big old burps coming out you, fatso!”

As stuffed as I was, I willfully complied and opened my mouth up wide for her to insert the end of the funnel. In a moment, a surge of cold and bubbly liquid came rushing down my esophagus, making my belly swell up like a giant ballon full of hot gas. When all of it had been transferred from the bottle to my insides, she yanked the funnel out and I let out a massive gasp for air.

“Come on now,” she chided, “let me hear you. Let’s get some nice big belches out of you, fatty!” She started to lightly drum her fingertips on the surface of my now very bloated belly, causing it to bounce up and down in my lap, writhing and wriggling about like a giant ball of gelatin. I could feel the pressure building up inside of me as the gasses made their way to the back of my throat, ready to erupt.

“I know its in there,” said Tiffany, “it wants to come out!” and she began drumming her fingers just a little bit harder, until finally an explosive belch came blasting out of me, making my lips vibrate and my entire body undulate from the force of it.


“Ooh, big boy!” Tiffany moaned sensuously. “What a big fat piggy you are!” I sat back in the chair, so stuffed I could barely move now. Putting my hand on top of my giant gut, I attempted to massage away the intense discomfort, but to no avail. In less than an hour Tiffany had caused me to blimp out to nearly twice the size that I was when I woke up that morning.

“Oh, baby,” she sighed as she began grinding herself up against my gargantuan abdomen hanging out in front of me, “you’re so big and fat! I want you so bad!”

We retired to the bedroom where we made love for the rest of the afternoon. Later on, as the sun started going down and the room started getting dark, the two of us lay in bed holding one another, just trying to catch our breath. Tiffany had her head partially buried in my meaty chest, and her hand was gliding over the smooth surface of my big tummy.

“I’m gonna make you get so fat,” I heard her whisper. “I’m just gonna feed you, and feed you, and feed you until you’re so big that you take up this entire bed.”

“Then where will you sleep?” I asked her.

“I’ll just sleep on top of your giant belly of course,” she giggled. “You'll be like my own super-sized human mattress.”

We both chuckled, and my stomach started shaking around like it was a waterbed. The thought of laying stretched out in the bed, my body taking up the entire width of it with my gut towering above me and Tiffany bouncing around on top of me made me excited as much as it made me nervous. Just how big could I get? Could I really trust Tiffany to take care of me when I’m too big to even get up out of bed?

Then I thought of all the love we just shared, about the moments in the kitchen, her feeding me and pampering me, making me feel like a king. That’s when I realized, she was already taking care of me, and suddenly I felt more at ease than I ever had before.

“I want to do that for you,” I said to her as I ran my fingers through her soft hair, “I want to let myself get big and fat for you.”

“As if you have choice,” she cackled playfully as she poked her finger deep into my soft pile of flesh that lay before us both. “You’re all mine now, and you’ll get as fat as I tell you to. You’re going to eat, and eat and eat until you’re the size of a house, and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ll pump you full of food and blow you up like a blimp, then I’ll rub lotion all over your giant belly and I’ll be your love-slave forever and ever.”

“Is that right?” I said through a toothy grin. “Well it sounds as if you’ve — *UUURP!* — oh, excuse me. It sounds as if you’ve got it all — *hic!* — figured out.”

“That’s right,” Tiffany said, looking up at me with her big pretty eyes, “it’s going to be amazing. I can hardly wait!”

Neither can I, Tiffany. Neither can I.


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