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Upstate NY: Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Finger Lakes Region...

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May 27, 2007
I'm just back in Rochacha after 10 years in Japan... Those people that know me on this board (or moreso, those that know me OFF this board - lol) know that I'm the original Mr. drink, drink, party, party... annnnnd drink some more :)

Sooooooo... I searched for events in Rochacha, and I couldn't find much (Found a post for events in Schenectady - relatively close - but that seems to be it...)

Most of the other threads I found haven't been updated in 2 years... I find myself wondering (i) who (if anyone) is still up this way and (ii) do you people get together at all?

So I guess there are two parts to this thread...

Part 1: A shoutout to everyone in what I'm going to call the 'upstate area' - this means anyone that, if there were a casual event somewhere between Niagra Falls/Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and say Ithaca or somewhere down south, MIGHT be in range... I'd even include people in some parts of Ontario, CA or Northern PA (please don't take offense at being lumped in with Upstate NY - lol)

Part 2: A suggestion... Why don't we get together and drink? I am NOT one for renting a location and having a formal event... However, I AM pretty good at gathering 5 or 10 of the 'willing and able' and doing a dinner party / drink / bar-hop kind of thing :)

Can't wait to see who's around!


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