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BOTH A Change of Weight

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Jul 27, 2014
(Working on some new stuff and wanted to re-upload some old stuff since its been a while. Also did not realize this was still pretty active with stories until the other day, but I'm glad I checked back in. Hope you still enjoy even if its a second time around.)

A Change of Weight
by yo18

Part 1

It was his last class of the week. The first week of classes was always a whirlwind of syllabi, introductions, and diving into new material. Rob was used to it by now with it being his senior year. He was counting the minutes down on the clock as he sat in the lecture hall. He had the weekend to relax and he was ready for this much needed break after the exhausting first week.

Five minutes to the end he began putting his things away in his backpack when a calculator came bouncing into his view on the floor in front of him. “Excuse me” a feminine voice from behind him said. “Can you grab that for me?” the voice asked kindly. Rob, being as decent a person as anyone, picked up the calculator and turned to return it to the voice that had requested it. Turning to meet the “calculator girl” he was taken aback by her presence. There stood a girl of about 5’5” with curly brunette hair pulled into a messy bun. She had a smile on her chubby cheeks as she received the calculator. Her cheeks, however, where not the only things that were chubby about her. As Rob’s eyes continued down her form she had a large chest that sat on a sizable belly, which looked to be struggling with the leggings and sweatshirt she was wearing. Below this belly she had a large set of hips and thick thighs that dominated her pear shaped frame. It wasn’t hard to tell that her butt had a difficult time squeezing into the tiny old seats of the lecture hall. With everything accounted for she had to be somewhere between 200 and 220 lbs. “Thanks” she said to a Rob who stood with a blank stare on his face. He was blown away by how cute she was.

You see Rob had a little bit of a thing for chubby girls and the chubby girl standing in front him might as well have been his dream girl. Rob quickly snapped out of his trance and replied “No problem” with a smile back. He turned to gather his things, but the urge to know more about this girl took over and he turned back to grab her attention once more. “I’m Rob by the way.” It was a big lecture hall and there were many students that blended into a mass of bodies, which Rob had not taken any interest in until now. “I’m Maria, very nice to meet you Rob.” She replied as they slowly worked their way in the mob of people to the exit. They continued talk as they walked home from campus. Rob found that they were both engineering majors and by the end of their walk they had exchanged numbers in the context of studying and helping each other with homework. Rob was a conventionally good looking guy, nothing out of the ordinary, but he felt he could consider himself somewhat handsome. He was 5’11” and weighed in at 185 lbs. He had short shaggy blond hair. He had an average to slim frame, not super muscular, but enough to be somewhat defined in his arms, chest and legs. He worked out, but nothing too crazy, just enough to stay in shape and keep his weight under control. He hoped that she was interested in a little more than just studying together, but time would tell. They parted ways as they walked to their respective houses.

The next day around noon Robs phone vibrated with a message from Maria asking to study at the coffee shop. “Hey was wondering if you wanted to get a jump start on next weeks assignment. Meet me at the grand café?” the message read. Rob was excited to say the least. “Sure, sounds good. Be there in 20.” He replied and gathered his things to meet her.

He walked into the café to find her at table, her things spread out as she read over something in a notebook. She was wearing a form fitting t shirt that hugged a few of her rolls and stretched wide across her DD chest with a sweater over it and a pair of jeans that seemed to pack every ounce of her curves into them. “Hey Maria” Rob said as he walked up to the table. “Oh hey, thanks for coming” she replied. “I’m so glad I found someone to study with for this class.” “Yeah, same. I would be living in my own world during that class if I didn’t have someone to talk to there.” They laughed and then got started on the assignment.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon they talked and got to know each other as they worked on the assignment. They ended up making plans together to go out later that night as they completed their work. They could both tell by the end of the day that they were interested in one another. Maria was smart, as engineering students tended to be, but she had a fun and laid back attitude that was easy to open up to. Maria liked Robs humor and though he could be awkward at moments he was an overall down to earth guy and only awkward in a cute and nerdy way.

They met out later hat night at a bar near campus and had a few drinks. When Rob arrived he found Maria already there in sexy form fitting blouse and skirt. He imagined pretty much anything was form fitting on her curves. They exchanged pleasantries and got some drinks. The conversation continued to flow and got more flirty with the added liquid courage. Rob would always follow her as they went to get another drink. Her chubby sway mesmerized him. She too could see he was a sweet and funny guy and was just as smitten as he was. Rob walked Maria home that night and kissed her goodbye as she went up into her apartment. It had been a while since he had felt like this about a girl.

Things progressed as they do when two people fall for each other. It only took a couple more dates before he was invited up one weekend evening after a night out. They started making out passionately at the door as Maria fumbled with the key. The door swung wide as they stumbled into the dark apartment and continued to kiss. Robs hands explored Marias body from her back to her love handles to her huge ass that seemed to go on forever. Eventually they made it to the bed and began to strip. He was quick to sling his shirt over his head and shimmy his jeans to the ground. He motioned to help her slid the tight dress she wore off her chubby hips. It took some maneuvering, but the finally managed to free her. Laying there in front of Rob in a matching black lace bra whos cups spilled over and panties that were almost hidden between her belly and thighs he almost lost it right then and there. They continued to play, kiss, and bite as Rob went down on her. He dove between her chubby thighs and began to play with her clit as she moaned in ecstasy. Once she was ready and could not wait any longer she signaled for him enter, with protection of course. Being on top Rob sent wave after wave through her chubby body as they fucked, marveling at the motions until it was too much for him and he finished. That first night was not one they would forget, but similar nights would follow.

At first everything was great. They would study and help each other with schoolwork, they would go out together on the weekends and stay the night at each other’s places. Each was falling for one another, but Rob noticed that in the bedroom Maria started to be more and more closed off from him. He loved cuddling her big soft belly and would knead and grab everything he could during sex, but she seemed to be more and more turned off by this. Eventually this came to a head one night when she pushed his hands away from her chubby belly as they started making out. “Please stop touching me there” she said sternly. The mood was instantly killed and Rob looked confused at her. “Listen I really like you and we’ve been having so much fun, but I’ve put on about 10 lbs since we started dating and its really making me even more self conscious about my body, especially now that I have you here.” It was true, Maria had gotten even chubbier from the day they had first met. Dates out to dinner or making food together at home, Maria knew how to eat. Rob was impressed, but could see how having him around was having an added effect to her weight. Of course he didn’t mind this at all, but he could tell she was upset. Rob consoled her “Maria, you have nothing to worry about I’ve always been attracted to you since the first day we met and 10 lbs or 20 lbs or 50 lbs is not going to change that, I mean it. I think you’re as sexy as ever.” He smiled at her hope she would understand. “I know, I know I wasn’t exactly skinny when we started dating anyways, but over the last few years of college I gained a lot of weight and I kind of wish I could have more old body back. Rob had seen the pictures on her facebook from before. A 125 lb Maria had existed at one point, bearing her midriff to the world and donning skimpy bikinis, but 3 years of college had quickly added around an extra 100 lbs. “I want to lose some weight, will you be there for me and help?” Rob was a little disappointed, but he loved this girl and if this is what she wanted then of course he would support her. “Any way I can help, you let me know and I’m there for you.” He kissed her passionately.
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