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What online games are you playing right now?

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Active Member
Apr 27, 2011
Hi all,

since there is a fellow video gamer thread, i tought i will start an online pc games thread. last time i played on a console i was a child, since that time i am totally into pc games, even if they graphics wasnt and arent compareable. this shouldnt be a box vs pc thread, but since i love mmos and online games, i would like to know what have you played, what you liked, what upcoming games are you waiting for and ofc your fav game atm online.

i am a big Diablo fan, i played that game so many years and still thinking maybe to dig it out and install it again. Mythos-FSS was my first mmo experience - had so much fun there. My last big and long term game was FallenEarth (lol but better dont lets talk about this one). inbetween i played many f2p and p2p games.

atm i am waiting for Torchlight-MMO (AfterWorldSurvival and Hellgate:R), jep there are many more interesting games like Wastelands, TheSecretWorld, SalemOnline, .. so many yes, ofc DiabloIII...

so what are you playing, what can you recommend, what are you looking for. any interesting beta sign ups around or games in alpha, worth to follow?

i never played wow. i am somewhat always a bit jealous, if i see how big and great the game is, how active people organize RL ingame events, how many guilds are there with special topics (like gender, orientation, fat-friendly,..). i have no experience, but it seems this game is a great oppurtunity to meet like minded people and have fun together.

aww and show some screenies of your main chars plz.

greetings sera :)

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