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when will there be more fat sexy couples?

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Dec 21, 2006
obviously any fairly cute girl over 300 is desired by more men than admit it, not to mention 150-300 today in the usa. very few men who love more food and fatness with their sex are admired by women especially very fat ones. i suspect there are more gay and les fat sexy couples than straight.

of course fat women are more appreciated as the big mama with lots of stored up food to convert into babyfood in nursing etc. men are traditionally supposed to be lean mean hunters that put meat on the table. but if you are wealthy and not a prude about being thin and rich etc. you might indulge all your passions and still be a mighty breadwinner for a huge hungry ssbbw. you would have a lot in common if you are both glottonous fr food , fleshiness and satisfaction of both primal desires.

the questiom is now that big fat sexy women are so popular as lovers whe wil men be free to be smart rich sweet loing sexy big fat men who are king sized and be appreciated as manly and the male version of ultra feminine ssbbws?

unless both are over 500 and not very flexible there is no reason why a normally endowed fat sexy man 250-400 would be less able to enjoy hot fat sex with a woman the same size. if you say thinner is easier for sex then why not two 100-150 lb lovers? of course thin sex is more fast and furious and fat sex is more fat comfortable and primed for culmnation of desire. if a fat cmfy woman wants a thin man or vice versa thats cool. really total monotony er monogamy is rare and open relationship is more durable than serial monogamy.

so aside from the stus quo nof very few fat hot couples of the opposite sex, why arent there more who really love to eat a lot and get hot and relax and enjoy the fat sexy chemistry together. are fat women and men who only want the other sex thin looking for validation by a 'normal' lover to prove they are not just fat slobs settling for another fat slob who is desperate enough to accept them? is that social cliche still so prevalent? maybe. any ideas?

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