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Would You Like to Be Super Sized? - by JP

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WG Story Drone

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Oct 12, 2005
BBW, XWG: Here’s a darker tale of forced transformation from a writer who specializes in this type of story . . .

Would You Like to Be Super Sized?

By JP​

Jenna was heading home from her Sorority that she was pledging at. It was a late but light night of hazing, chores, and over all humiliation, but ultimately it would be worth it she figured. She had a lot going on in her life right now, including cheerleader tryouts in a month, which being in a sorority only helps. Right now though, one of her main concerns was that she was so hungry. She served dinner to all the girls that night, but didn't have the chance to eat anything herself. Ordinarily she wouldn't do it, but she was seriously considering stopping and getting some fast food. Dorm food was fattening enough, but fast food was the last thing she needed. However, she was so hungry! And she could always work it off in the gym with a few extra minutes on the treadmill. Now the only problem was, was there any place open after 1AM?

She walked past several restaurants and fast food places, but they were all closed. She could actually hear her stomach growling and began to despair that she wouldn't find anything and would have to go to bed hungry, when she saw a small burger place across the street. It looked like any number of fast food places all over the US. Slightly 50s looking, cheesy decor, a little small though and it had no drive thru. That wasn't too surprising, in a college town many places didn't have drive thrus. It was called 'Eddie's Place, Home of the Super Sizer!'. Jenna couldn't recall seeing this place before, and she did pass by here rather often, but it also looked like it was brand new, and with how small it was perhaps she just hadn't noticed it. But most importantly it looked like it was still open! She weighed her options. In all honesty, she should just go home and go to bed and eat in the morning, eating at night was one of the worst times to eat. Her stomach growled again, almost as if it knew there was greasy and satisfying food nearby. The decision was made for her, she looked both ways and then crossed the street. The place was empty of customers, which was a little strange, an all night burger place could clean up with all the late night partyers, but then again, it was only Wednesday night, or rather Thursday morning, maybe that was it. Inside she could see just one person working behind the counter, looking like he was preparing to close. When she reached the door she saw that she still had some time before it closed, she was thankful that the grill and kitchen were right behind the counter in plain view, otherwise he might spit on her food for making him cook so close to closing, she remembered her own time working at a pizza place near closing time (not that she ever did that, well just once).

The door rang a bell as she came through, but the man, an older fellow maybe in his late 50s with gray hair, had already seen her coming and put his mop down to greet her with a warm smile. She was a little surprised that it wasn't a college kid, maybe this was the owner or something. The place was immaculately cleaned, and the tables were all bolted down with similarly bolted down stools next to them. The counter was chromed, while the table tops were a plain gleaming white. Behind and above the counter was the menu, nothing too surprising, your typical burger joint, with some ice cream desserts. He wiped the counter with a rag he pulled from his apron pocket. "Welcome, I'm Eddie. Here for a late night snack?" he said continuing his smile. That was a change, actual service with a smile, even this late at night. Jenna couldn't help but smile back, this was a different kind of place than she was used to, but then again she tried not to eat at places like this too often anyway, it wasn't easy to keep her figure trim enough for cheerleading by eating burgers and shakes. It didn't look like they had salads here either.

"Hi! Yes, being a little naughty I guess." she said with a slight giggle. "So you're Eddie? That's neat. I usually don't eat this late, but I missed dinner and I'm pretty hungry."

"Ah, that's not good." said the man. "You're still growing, shouldn't skip meals. Well what can I get you?" said Eddie, slinging the rag over his shoulder with a little flourish, where it landed in the sink. Jenna smiled again and even gave a polite clap of her hands, to which the man gave a slight bow.

"Well let me see." The burgers that were shown looked delicious, juicy, thick, covered in cheese and picture-perfect condiments. The same went for the shakes and fries. And just as she thought, not one thing was diet-worthy. "Hmmmm..." she continued.

"Might I offer a suggestion?" inquired the man, with a slight mischievous raise of his eyebrow.

"Shoot." she said, still looking at the menu. Maybe something on the kid's menu...

"Try the Super Sizer. It's the best value. And it's oh so good."

She didn't see it on the menu until the end, all it said was 'The Super Sizer!' in big fat letters, with a price tag of $4.50. But it didn't say what was in it, or have any pictures, which was strange, because everything else had them. "What's in it? I don't see any pictures." she wondered aloud.

"That's because it has to be seen to be believed." said Eddie. "But, it is incredible."

"I dunno. Sounds like a lot of food, and I was just looking for a snack." she said. Though it did sound good, most likely it was just a big burger and shake and fries, like most places had.

"Well you'd really miss out. Plus you look like you eat salads and cottage cheese all the time. Bird food! You know you want it, something extra, hmmm?" she couldn't tell, but the man was being just a bit suggestive she thought.

"Well..." she figured what she didn't finish she could always bring back with her. Her porker of a roomate would eat it, or any of the boys stopping by would also. Eddie smiled, he knew he had a sale.

"Come on, it's great. Here, just answer me when I ask OK? 'Do you want to get Super Sized?'" said Eddie. Jenna didn't notice the strange look in his eyes because she was digging into her pocket for her money.

Jenna smiled at the question as she looked up, Eddie's strange expression already gone. "Huh? Oh...OK. Yeah. Super Size me." she said as she put down a $5 bill on the counter. Eddie swooshed the money away with a flourish and had it in the cash register and returned with her two quarters in change almost like a magician doing a trick.

"Great." said Eddie. "Go and have a seat. I'll bring it out to you in a jiffy." as Jenna pocketed the .50 cents. She continued smiling, he was quite a salesman, you just didn't find places like this any more. She passed the clean garbage receptacles, and picked up some napkins and a straw. She picked the nearest empty table, sitting in the booth chair, rather than the bolted down stool across from it.

Once seated she looked up to ask Eddie a question, but he must have gone in the back or something, because he was gone. "So...um...Eddie, when did you open this place uuuUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPP!" the last was turned into a prolonged shriek as her booth suddenly descended into the floor. She tried grabbing the table but wasn't fast enough, and seconds later she felt cold metal encircle her ankles, pinning them to the booth, and then belts shot out from behind her shoulders, crisscrossed in front of her, directly between her smallish breasts, and buried themselves into the seat next to her hips. Her hands flew to the belts, but couldn't budge them as she screamed again. She was held fast to to the seat now, and another set of belts flashed out from the seat directly behind her arms, they looped back once they were around her biceps, and then scooted down, forcing her arms off her chest and pulling them back to the booth itself. The belts continued sliding down her arms, pulling her arms with her, until they were like cuffs at her wrists, and her wrists were pinned next to her hips. She continued to struggle, so frightened she no longer was able to scream, just managing startled grunts and unintelligible sounds. Finally, metal rods encased in leather padding sprang out on either side of her head, about ear level, preventing her from thrashing her head, but more straps followed. One flew right above her eyes, and encased her forehead, pulling her head back and holding her still finally. And at last, small metal arms descended from the rods on the side of her head, they were still a part of the rods keeping her head from moving to the sides, but they were slim and robotic, almost spidery looking. They had an appendage at the end that looked like a wide C shaped clamp, and these clamps pressed themselves to the sides of her jaw, making a perfect match. As soon as that happened, all her useless noise making stopped, and her jaw seemed to hang limply, out of her control.

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