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  1. Proxl

    surprisingly caloric foods (and ways to make them even more caloric if you can think of it)

    I'm surprised there haven't really been any talks on bubble milk tea, as by itself, because it can get very caloric very quick. Basically, bubble tea is (as I can surmise) 2 parts tapioca pearls soaked in sweetener (syrup, honey, simple syrup (sugar, water), 1 part creamer (milk, heavy cream...
  2. F

    New to gaining, need advice

    I'm new to intentionally gaining weight. I was a kinda smaller girl through high school, then over the years I've steadily been putting on a couple of pounds a year. I'm unsure about how much I want to gain, but I want to know: -what do you like about getting bigger? -what do you like about...