surprisingly caloric foods (and ways to make them even more caloric if you can think of it)

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Mar 30, 2019
in dis binch
I'm surprised there haven't really been any talks on bubble milk tea, as by itself, because it can get very caloric very quick. Basically, bubble tea is (as I can surmise) 2 parts tapioca pearls soaked in sweetener (syrup, honey, simple syrup (sugar, water), 1 part creamer (milk, heavy cream, half and half, coffee creamer, dairy or nondairy), 1 part sweetener, and 4 parts tea (or really any clear liquid of sorts). These sorts of drinks can easily reach 300+ calories for a 12oz serving usually with just whole milk and by replacing the milk with heavy cream and for the tea itself, you can go far with this in terms of calories by just adding a lot of sugar as pointed out here, but make sure your tea is strong if you go here, and if you want some something that will help with gaining beyond calories ,try some stuff like dandelion root, gentian root, chamomile, alfalfa, Chen pi, blessed thistle, fenugreek, cannabis and there are surely more, but at the very least all of them have the effect of being appetite stimulants and some of these also serve as digestive enzymes so there's that) It can be made even more "ridiculous" and what are some other foods you know are by themselves surprisingly caloric but you know ways to make them even more caloric by substituting certain ingredients for higher calorie equivalents?
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