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2010-2011 NHL Thread

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Well-Known Member
Jun 27, 2007
Well, we're on the brink of another NHL season. I'm already fatigued with salary cap talk, fantasy pool talk, etc... Meh! Let's get to the games!

Once again it looks like many are picking San Jose to break through this year and at least make the final. Same old story. Same with the Caps...Chicago was a wise pick last year, but who'd a thunk that Philly would rebound in the playoffs and only be two wins away from the Cup?

Out of the Canadian teams, the consensus is that Vancouver has a good shot at the Cup this year...Calgary made some bewildering moves. (preseason record aside, let's see how they do during the season...) Edmonton should still suck, but the kids are alright. They have a LOT to look forward to. Montreal should've kept Halak, but it will be fun to watch Price sink or swim. My Sens? The usual...deep lineup, nothing decent in goal. Hoping for a miracle there, or at least some consistency...

Toronto sucks no matter what they do...

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