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80,000 cal pills - Just an interactive simulation debate

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John Smith

Well-Known Member
Jan 31, 2015
Laval, QC (Canada)
Okay, I was*recently fallen onto some interesting thread on Quora (whom I suspect highly that it was*asked by a F.A.) from same kind, so, just for fun, I pose there a revised version from my own*:

Imagine there's exists a brand of extra-nutritive pills on the market, each pill able to nourish his/her user with*enough like nutritionnal dosage to sate any average individual at a daily rate (let saying 2-3000 calories per day) . For some reasons, the mass production of pills far much calorically-higher (perhaps reserved to militairy, olympic-range athletes and both bodybuilders and gainers/feedees) begans to invade thoroughly the underground market.*

You're a proficient genius scientist - I mean, a truly XXIth-century*polymath owning an full array of multiple knowledge and inventions, a Modern-Age Leonardo Da Vinci - who got actually in full active flirting involvment with a 5 feet 11, stalky and waif-figured young yet famous 95 lbs lawyer*(in an another instance, a supermodel-lookalike influent person) with, because of*many years of both self-restricted below-the-average low-hydrocarbs diet, studies and profession, a consequently below-the-average active lifestyle and bit to no daily standard training. During a feisty lounge party from one of her close friends*- a railbony female gingerbeard stylist in stylish loose-fitting clothes and who looks strangely like Tessa Munster"s doppelgänger. But in over-220-pounds-lighter*- whom she guested you, the lawyer cladded*into a somptuous Size 0 sleeveless embroidded*gown*is*also followed by her two younger sisters :*the junior -*a*20-yrs old brawny, lean yet massively musculous, 235 lbs gym freak who stand up from her colossal, mesomorph-figured*6 feet 4 all enframing*by a size-10-yet-expressely-tailored-to-her-need*Vintage pencil dress emphazising onto her ginormous guns and thunder legs*but whom the few pictures your romantic involvement showed you recently about her family two years ago where the junior just looked 6 inches smaller and 100 lbs lighter into a yet*softily large-hipped figure, she consume probably some kind of hardcore anabolics to achieve that unwillowy peak of body muscle density*; then the youngest*though also smaller one (5 feet 4), a 18-yrs old Petite,*very slender yet curvy, fairly well-breasted college cheerleader queen in size 2 blossom-printed floral dress*who ran a slighty-above-the-average active lifestyle though, secretly, a much further attraction to daily overindulgence though her quick metabolism cannot help her to gaining some "layers of extra curves" beyond her steady 103-114 lbs*like said her*openly-F.A./Feeder boyfriend while they talk both together about their goal to make hitting her the 400-lbs range.*

Amidst the guests we found also the youngest sister's boyfriend, the whole cheerleading team of that latter one and*few male suitors from the gym the junior sister used to work out.

The party goes on then, after five hours of ceremonial wine toast, heavy snack, beer toast, drunken dancing, skirmish jamming, the woman you're into*surprized to some moment of "cheat meal" - like call her other*sisters when she began weirdly each time she drunk too much to gobble down one third of fried turkey and 35 oz of heavy cream added with chocolate chip, coconut oil, flax seed and strawberry*- then this time away the youngest one surprized in complete eating binge rage with what equaling for 8000 cal in food and a 70-oz*simple heavy cream, *you suddenly realize, no without really understood why or how and even*in spite*youy wobbly sense of focus, there have clearly something wrong and wronger*with your hosts from minute to minute.*
Moon faces. Swollen fingers. Numbness. Seesaw eye pouchs. Nothing such uncannily alarming to the average party-goer's blurred perception.*So went*the earliest*nipple hardenings, fullgrown-like crinkles dabbling in sight*as much quickly it dissipated, hair*looking strangely bit longer-and-longer, hot-cold fever, sweating palms : the evidence only triggered*through a harsh way for everybody while the whole crowd including the D.J. froze, terrifyed when a*deafening noise superseded through the room... the sisters's stomaches, grumbling ferociously in unison. Stepped by a first surge of dense, tight stomach bloating. Then symtomatic heavy water retension through their limbs turning their both calves and feets into sausage-like cankles between-in their sandal heels. Unable to walk normally under their condition, you and few others people help them to trottle groggily till the nearest folding chairs. But, as they rubbes*painfully their distensed bumps, they're done to notice their midriff flesh out outwards more and more tighter into a set of*newly folds sideways their waistband...

When the main host call emergency, thinking they are victim of some unfortunate intoxication, your deductive mind lead you meanwhile to the dinner room where you find three twenty-units bottles of these illegal nutritive pills trailing on the table : the first content fifteen units on twenty, the second eight on twenty then the latter one... is simply empty.*

Each pill contents 80,000 calories. Both the host and the lawyer are furious and threatens to make anything in their power to drag*on you in jail because you are*the suspect number one in this case. You got only one hour to find the most quickly possible a cure capable to nullify the coming-in weight inflation motion effects before their second and last weight/stomach grumbling surge settle up for good.

You must :

- Resolve the lead, guessing who's the truly responsible among the top suspects, how and why ;*

- What are*the both effects and consequences of that current intoxication upon the three sisters?*How many pounds/kilos they'll risk to pack on meanwhile the process and to which bottle the mysterious responsible afforded to each of them?*;

- The service lounge personal have few very large tableclothes at heir provision*in case there occurs any accident. Whom*among the sisters risk soon to need, in any case, to wrap themselves with one of them in case their actual dresses gives up and why? ;

- The sisters are very bit alike each other as much physically speaking as in the ways of life they ran until tonight.*According their different heights, sizes, weights, body types, metabolic rates and lifestyle, what will, to each one, the physiognomical predispositions to distribute their newly extra body weight?*

- Many science magazines and mediatic investigations reports that once the 5000-calories breakdown outmatched, the extra nutritive pills tend to develop some uncanny chemical proprieties at a supramolecular scope*like : heightening brievely both body durability and balance until 20 minutes after the last energy surge ; multiply the calorical quantity of each meantime-in consumed food product following a tot. E pill / E food . 10000 (total calorical quantity in the pill/s divided by the calorical quantity into each food product multiply per 10,000) ; magnify only for some yet-unexplained pattern the benevolent proprieties and virtues of each food product at a near-unnatural state and that at an permanant way*(ex. : cheese is rich in sodium, your bones density gotten heavier. Carrots help for*the sight, your ocular sense got heightened. Cholocate contents high-sugar, you became morbidly diabetic during only two-three seconds before to pile on pounds more quickier and heavier than usual because sugar in your blood is as quicky distribued through your subcutanous flesh as fat mass.*Most fruits are rich in oestrogens & phytoestrogens, just pray yourself you are already a woman...) ;*unbalanced age deceleration/acceleration at an instantaneous motion ; unbalanced body temperature ; blurred mind ;*massive water retension ; heightened pain tolerance ;*multiple hormonal disorders ; hyperthyroidism ; stomach bloating ; heightened starvation ; momentaneous eating binge issues ; obsessive oral fixation ;*then, finally, massive weight gain regarding the calorical quantity in the pill.
Either, the effects manifests far much quickier if the pill absorption is occured via a no-oral way.

- The lawyer suffers to*Body Dismorphic Disorder*since her early teenage days due to few family antecedents which worries her alot : her paternal great-great-greatmother, a tallish 7 feet woman, is historically known amidst the both medicine community and home city to be one of the earliest known studied cases of Extreme Lipedemia-occuring patient. Her maternal aunt, a very Petite yet banana-shaped,*5 feet 3 tall, green-eyed Olympic-range*Junior competitive swimmer, developped both Extreme Steatopygia and Juvenile Gigantomastia*nearly 20 years ago, turning morbidly obese and nigh-immobile only three years after she*retire at 24 years old from sports in same time both G.M.O. & richly Kombu algue-based food products became overdominant on the market. Whom to her two-years younger sister, she's done practically heavy-bottomed and "out-of-shape" during her late puberty days.*Been (until*the younger sister"s unexpected growth surge these last two years) both the tallest and the only green-eyed girl in the family same as despising anything of physically effortful, she immediatly developped eating binge issues quite after her own first growth surge in order to avoid the most possible*the same fate than her likelihood.*

Knowing the genetic background of this family, whom of them risks the most to be strike by their hereditairy legacy and how it would cause on their current weight gaining?

- The folding chairs contents a set of armpits and can support until 2,6 times the average woman's poundage. Knowing these elements, whom among the three sisters risk to found herself/themselves stick on soon into the chair/s and if the case occurs, whom of them risk either to found herself/themselves lay on the floor once these same sets knocle under their overunyielder-and-overunyielder poundage?*

- *With the aid of your great knowledge and proceed*to a rush-against-time set of experiments*in order to find a serum capable to nullify the weight gaining proccess of the three sisters. Meanwhile, the both main host & lawyer's close friend (one of the main suspects) , who kept one's eye on you, decide to leave you an minute in order to refresh herself in the diner room by - for some weird reason typical from a drunk party-goer - throw off a half-empty bottle of beer upon her hair, not without noticing the bottle seems moist while she touched it then the alcohol beverage freed an inhabitual aroma. Few dozen of seconds later, she came back to the neighouring personal service's diswashing room which serves you like*makeshift lab,*a whole allmost empty jumbo-sized 64-cupcakes box from one hand, an goat's milk glass to an another then every, single, symptom related to the intoxication including a ballooned tummy. After have quickly lorded to her few questions about what she did during her absence here, you immediatly understood EVERYTHING*then begged to her to not drink her glass. The stylist snobily ignored him and rush her pouring before you can take out the beverage from her hand.*
The next second, her top torn off in rags when her whole upper body frame, from the head to her sticky waistband, bursted out two dozen of size clothes larger while her legs remained unchanged but not for longer while she moved strenuously in his direction firstly on*a groggily step then, staggeringly, heartpace after heartpace, into a less-and-less unbalanced, a plodding, a ponderous swaying, a laborious waddle, either a somewhat unsteady shuffle because of her Michelin mascot lambs melting tremendously each other all in kept the pace between her butterball, shelf buttocks and her globular apron belly flopping down lumberingly at knees lenghth, bouncing back and forth in a perpetual*jiggly motion. The skinny Tessa Munster just vanished in a couple of eyelids underneath a 500-pounds, bigger*doppelgänger.
According your opinion, did the stylist purposely expose herself to the risk of chemical contamination or not? Your answer*determines the conclusion of your investigation.


Here the simulation play*rules!! :

- This short story lasts into a realist world alike to our real verse. Thus the means in order to made these pills are as much realist : no ridiculously-fattening foods or items just to justify the Weight-Gain-Ex-Machina-plotline, no forbidden tasty chewable food products granting by inhumanly-inflatable-juice-making proprieties producted by some weirdo Britishmen and his Liliputian slaves, no House Candy, no possessed fridges, no reality-warping Photoshop, no Jane Sue Syndrome,*no Magic, well just no some fan outerwordly*hazardous or sentient implying of fantastic order from anywhat*;

- Thus, your explaining must dealt into a down-to-earth, scientific*frame : Biochemistry, Organic chemistry, Molecular biology, Surface science,*Pharmaceutics, Biology,*Bioengineering, Nanotechnology, Molecular engineering, Quantum mechanics, nutritionism, ect.*
However, I afford to any imaginative or somewhat interesting mind the right to use any radical/extreme/unmainstream/"pseudo" science-related (reverse engineering, psionism, Alchemy, energy medicine, Naturopathy, Tetratology)-given explaining at the SOLE condition he/she give the same kind of rational explaining than this YouTuber by example did about*the use and nature of "Magic" in the movie "Dr Strange" (*https://youtu.be/drXGJ3ZZdvc*) ;*

- People may debate about the either why and how or why not and how doesn't from that topic ;

- Find by yourself who's the responsible of that drama. If the play turns too much difficult after 20-40 comments, I will give few extra leads in order to help y'all to determine the truly responsible.

- According you, did that kind of food supplement is realizable*in our current technology? Why or why not?

Mind and enjoy!!!

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