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May 3, 2014
My New Executive Assistant

It's Monday morning, a new week, and my first day without my longtime personal assistant, Mrs. Alvarez, who had her retirement party last Friday. We'd been together for fifteen years and her departure was a real loss for me ... she knew me better than anyone, my ex-wife, my current romantic interest, my best friend ... anyone. So well that she could finish my sentences and anticipate my every need ... well almost every need!

But she deserved her retirement, spending more time with her husband of forty years, doing some traveling, doting on her grandchildren, and just having some time to herself for a change. And now it's time for me to select a new assistant. HR has been screening candidates and three of them are supposed to come in to interview with me today. I actually think HR is a little scared, since I ... umm, how should I say this? ... am considered kind of old school ... an old fat (and getting fatter) white guy who is occasionally a little politically incorrect.

Don't get the wrong impression of me, however. I'm politically moderate and over the years have fostered the careers of a great many women and minorities. And back in my early days in the company I was thought of as kind of a dangerous liberal, always wanting to change things, like pressing the executives of that day to embrace diversity. But I am a product of my time and do occasionally, albeit unintentionally, come across the wrong way, particularly to the young folks in the company whom I suspect see me as some type of Neanderthal (a well fed one at that).

I've been at work for a couple of hours now and look down at my watch -- it's two minutes of 10 and my first interviewee is due any second now. And almost on cue, one of the corporate HR drones (they all look and act alike, like they are the ones who should really be running the company) appears in my doorway with an attractive young woman in tow.

The HR drone introduces the young woman as Pam Thomas and my initial impression of Pam is quite favorable. Kind of a strawberry blond, nice round face but of fairly trim (but not too trim) build, and a sweet hint of a Southern accent (old school Virginia if I'm not mistaken). But most important, she is confident, articulate, and seemingly quite smart, so much so I think she should probably be interviewing for junior executive rather than executive assistant.

As we talk, I ask none of the prepared questions I'm supposed to. Instead, I have her tell me about herself and her ambitions. Turns out she is from Virginia and went to a women's school there, and I lament the demise of single-sex colleges and express my relief that there are still a few left out there, as I believe they have a place in our educational system. And I share fond memories of visiting her old school on road trips back when I was in college (and think back to one particular young woman from that school whom I dated for a few months many years ago).

She tells me that boys from nearby colleges still take road trips to her old school and that her fianc� is a guy she first met on just such a visit. Although she is 30 (the same age as one of my kids), it turns out they were together for a couple of years in college, then drifted apart as graduation neared, but then reconnected years later when she "finally captured him." Now they are set to wed in twelve months. I'm thinking he is a most fortunate young man indeed.

After about fifteen minutes of conversation, Pam gives me a look of exasperation and mutters, "shoot ... I have something for you and almost forgot to give it to you ... hope it's not too presumptuous of me ..." She reaches into the big bag she is carrying and retrieves a familiar-looking box.

I smile and say, "someone has obviously done her homework!"

She grins back and admits, "I looked you up on LinkedIn and something about your picture just told me that you're a big donut fan!" Then she looks a little uncomfortable and clarifies, "I didn't mean to say 'big' ..."

"That's OK Pam! I am a fat man and I love Krispy Kreme's ... in fact, my old girlfriend from your old school and I used to go to the Krispy Kreme every time I visited town."

"Really? You know that Krispy Kreme is still there!"

"Hmmm, I'll have to remember that the next time I'm in town there!"

Pam hands me the box and I open it, finding the very same chocolate frosted creme-filled donuts that I always enjoyed with my old college flame Lorna. I take one and push the open box back to Pam, asking if she would like one.

"No thanks," she says, "gotta watch my weight or I won't fit in my wedding dress."

"So all for me, I guess."

"Yes, all for you," she says with a sly grin. Then adds, "and more where that came from ... if you hire me for the job."

Just then the HR drone darkens my doorway, to take young Pam away, and I tell her, "I've made my decision, you can cancel the other interviews."

Pam smiles from ear-to-ear and the HR drone gives me a withering glare, so to emphasize the finality of the matter, I repeat, "I've made my decision," and stand and shake Pam's hand and ask, "when can you start Miss Thomas?"


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May 3, 2014
Pam's First Month

My old assistant, Mrs. Alvarez, was a motherly type, and though only ten years older than me, took a very maternal interest in my welfare. A slim woman herself, she was particularly concerned about my weight gain during our years together, which she blamed on my "abysmal" eating habits.

She was particularly disdainful of my habitual consumption of junk food throughout the day, and to hammer home her point, a couple of years ago, had bought me a scale for the washroom adjoining my office and insisted that I weigh myself in front of her. While initially annoyed at her for doing that, I now really appreciate having the scale as it allows me to monitor my gaining progress. But it's a good thing she's retired now as I've had a lot of progress, particularly in the last month since Pam has been my assistant.

I remember weighing in the day of Pam's interview and was surprised to see that I was at 288. Just a few weeks before I was at 280 and had outgrown all of my 46 waist slacks, which had already been let out to become 48's. The brand from Nordstrom that I usually bought didn't come any bigger, but fortunately I found a new haberdasher who turned me on to a brand of high-end Canadian slacks that he carried in sizes up to 54 and which had the added bonus of being made of some special stretchy wool fabric. I tried on a pair of 48's, which with the stretch didn't even need to be let out, and loved them so much I bought five pairs in all different colors.

But now, not quite two months later, the 48's are quite snug, their stretchiness all stretched out due to my recent weight gain. I guess it all makes sense though, given that the scale told me this morning I am now 312 pounds. A 24 pound gain just since Pam arrived! I really must tell Pam to cut back on the snacks she is always bringing me, but it will be a shame as she really seems to get a lot of joy out of doing it ... plus, everything she brings is always so delicious.

I'm still fumbling around in the washroom when I hear her come in and it sounds like she has a bag of something. I suppose I should see what she has brung me before asking her to cut back ...

I open the washroom door and suck in my gut before going into my office, but it is to no avail. Pam takes one look at me and says "stop for a sec boss." She then closes my outside office door and comes over to check out my waistline.

"Boss, I'm sorry to say, but those slacks are looking awfully tight ..."

I stammer a bit, but she cuts me off and offers, "bring in all your slacks tomorrow and I'll take them to the tailor and have them all let out ... that should give you a couple of more inches to grow!"

Before I can thank her, she says, "oh, and I brought you a light breakfast ... four sausage and egg biscuits from Hardee's ... I know how much you love 'em. And for lunch today, I was thinking about ordering you that footlong meatball sub you love from Luigi's ... is that OK boss? I know it's big enough for two people, but you can save the rest for dinner, OK?"

I just shake my head yes, incapable of saying anything. And she adds, "oh and I forgot to tell you, your slacks ... the Ballins from Canada ... I did a little research and you can order them from the factory in sizes up to 60!"

Horrified and delighted at the same time by what she said, I just smile and she turns to go back to her desk.

"Enjoy your breakfast boss ... oh and I'll be back in a minute with a couple of Cokes for you ..."

Pam's Six Month Service Anniversary

I had an email from HR waiting for me when I reached the office this morning, a reminder that it was Pam's six-month work anniversary and that I should take her out to lunch to celebrate.

Lunch? That's exactly what I need in my current state, which is fatter than ever before!

After reading the email, I figure it's time to weigh myself, but wait ... I outgrew the old scale at least three months ago. As a result, I have no idea what I weigh, but I do know that my 54 waist slacks, which Pam has already had the tailor let out, are now quite tight. In fact, I'm really hoping that she has ordered me some new pairs of 56's from the Canadian manufacturer as these 54's ain't gonna last much longer.

That will make four new sets of slacks since she arrived -- first, she had my 48's let out, then ordered me some 50's which soon got let out too. Then the 52's and 54's and soon the 56's. I recall her saying that the Canadian pants maker made them as big as a 60 waist, but at the rate I'm gaining I'll be in those within four or maybe five months. I'll tell you, it's costing me a fortune since those slacks are $195 a piece, and it's also cost me my girlfriend.

She was no lightweight herself, but she finally got tired of me getting bigger and bigger with no seeming end in sight. She left about a month ago after asking me if I knew how much I weighed, and I told her I had no idea. "Well Tubby," she told me, "you've gotta be 400 pounds if you're an ounce ... and that's too much for me!"

I told Pam about it and she did her best to console me ... with food, bringing me even more than usual for the next couple of weeks. And she made it clear that she thought my girlfriend was really shallow for leaving me, "just because of a few extra pounds."

She shared with me the story of her mother, whom some shallow jerk had left back in college because she was a little fat, and whom she'd apparently never really got over. I felt bad for her mom because she sounded like a great woman and had certainly done a great job raising her daughter. I think I said as much to Pam, then jokingly asked, "so is your mom single now?"

"In fact she is ... and I should introduce you two sometime ... I think she'd really like you ... she likes ... umm ... big guys." Then she added, "sorry about that boss," but I responded with a laugh, "Pam, I think I'm beyond big now!" She giggled and said, "that works because with mom, the bigger the better!"

I was smiling to myself just thinking about that conversation, which was just about a month ago, when Pam walks in, carrying her usual fast food bag, chock full of breakfast goodies for me. But in their other hand was a big shopping bag with something kind of bulky-looking inside.

"What have you got there Pam?"

"Oh, today is my six-month anniversary and I thought I'd give you a little present ..."

"You shouldn't have," I tell her, "after all, I'm supposed to get you something ..."

She hands me the shopping bag and says "open it." As I do, a big grin comes to my face, and I tell her "you shouldn't have, REALLY!"

"Well it looked like you needed a new one, so I thought why not?"

"Thank you Pam, I did need a new one I suppose."

"You're welcome boss ... now I'll set this in the washroom and get rid of the old one for you ..."

Leaving the washroom a few seconds later, she turns and waves to me and says "eat up, I want you to be ready when I finally unveil you to mom!"

Mouth full, I can't respond, but think to myself what the hell does that mean? But it's soon out of my mind completely as this breakfast biscuit is just so good ... I can't wait to eat the other three! Then maybe I'll go weigh myself ...


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May 3, 2014
My "Unveiling"

As I walk into my office this morning, although "waddle" might be a better description of my gait, I think back to Pam's six month anniversary. As I polished off my fourth breakfast sandwich and my third can of Coke, I did venture the fifteen or so steps to the washroom to try out the new scale.

Pam never had told me its capacity, but as I stepped up, it certainly appeared to be a sturdy model, probably at least a 500 pound capacity I imagined (I later found out from her that it was in fact a 600-pound model). To get a "true" measurement of my weight, I decided to strip down to my underwear. I stepped on gingerly, not sure if I would have to contort my body to be able to see the results, and, in fact, I was not able to see the numbers due to my protuberance.

But it turned out to be a non-issue because Pam had procured a talking scale for me! In a few seconds, a loud voice boomed out "FOUR HUNDRED AND EIGHT POUNDS!" Oh my God, I thought, I've gained 96 pounds in the last five months!

And even though my immediate thought that day was that I had to lay off the grub, I haven't. And now, five more months later, I'm not only wearing the size 60 slacks, the biggest that Ballin makes, but I've outgrown them! Pam had made that painfully clear just a couple of weeks ago, when she said she hadn't been able to find any dressy slacks for me in a larger size, so I'd "just have to make do" with what I had. Her suggestion was that I wear a pair of braces (you may know them as 'suspenders') to hold up my britches and just let my belly hang over the waistband until she could find a tailor to stitch me up some 62 or 64 waist slacks. I have to admit, it was pretty humiliating to find out that nobody makes dress slacks big enough for a fatty like me!

As of this morning my belly is hanging pretty precariously over the waistline of my slacks, and I'm thinking that I'm now probably over 500 pounds. But I'm just a little too scared to get on the scale and find out for sure ... and I have resolved, once and for all, to finally do something about my weight, to lay down the law to Pam that she has to stop bringing me so much food!

But as she strides into my office that morning, more confident than usual, she isn't bearing her usual overflowing bag of fast food. She looks at me quite sternly and says, "get up Fatso!"


"Get up and go weigh yourself!"

As I remain seated, she says, "I mean it, go find out how much you weigh!"

Sensing that it isn't a joke from the normally good-natured Pam, I slowly rise and trudge to the washroom, my belly bouncing up and down with every step. While I avoid eye contact, I can tell Pam is laughing at my predicament.

I start to close the door to the washroom, but Pam barks out, "leave it open Fatty, I wanna hear what the scale has to say!"

I feel humiliated, yet kind of titillated at the same time, as I step on the scale and it shouts to the two of us, "FIVE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN POUNDS!" I quickly rationalize in my mind that maybe I'm not really 500 pounds since my shoes and clothes probably weigh at least twelve pounds on their own, after all there is a lot of fabric in my slacks and shirt and underwear ...

But as I exit the washroom, I find Pam doubled over in laughter at how fat I've become ... how fat she has helped make me ... and then I think, perhaps purposefully so, but why?

I look at her, fear in my eyes no doubt, and ask "did you do this on purpose?" She laughs even louder and asks, "me?" "Seems to me you've reached a quarter ton all on your own, Fatty!" Another hearty laugh, and "did I tie you to your desk and force you to eat? NO, I just put it in front of you and you did all the rest ... then you asked for more! I didn't need to do anything because you just can't stop eating ... and now the handsome executive is buried under a mountain of blubber of his own making!"

"But why?"

"Irrelevant," she answers, "oh and I'm giving you my notice ... guess you'll finally lose a little weight without me here to bring you all those fattening treats ..."

"Oh, and one more thing, my mom is waiting outside and I'm ready to "unveil" you to her finally."

"Your mom?"

"Yes, I want her to see you in all your hyper-obese glory."

"Please don't ..."

She just laughs again and says, "boss, you'll probably be interested to know that you actually know my mom ..."

"I do?"

"Yes you do ... she's your old college girlfriend, Lorna McGuire ... you know, the one you dumped because she was just too fat for you ... the one who thought you were Mr. Perfect, the man who would make her happy the rest of her life ..."

"Wait a minute," I plead, "it was nothing like that ... I thought she was perfect ... just not good enough for me ..."

"You're right on that point, Fat Boy, she wasn't good enough for you, and now she's going to discover that for herself ... I can't wait to see her face when she sees that Mr. Perfect has turned into an insatiable eating machine!"

"How is she? I often think about her ..."

"Oh she's great compared to you ... had the lap band surgery last year and has dropped 220 pounds ... just about the same as you've gained Fatso!"

"I'm proud of her ..."

"You know, I almost think you really are ... I mean, you're a much nicer guy than I ever expected ... but you had to pay for all the emotional distress you caused her ... and now it's time for you to find out what it's like to be rejected because you're too fat ..."

"Please believe me Pam, it wasn't like that ..."

"Too little, too late ..."


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May 3, 2014
An Unexpected Outcome

Pam opens the door to my office, leans out, and says, "Mom, come on in, I think there is someone here who knows you ..."

Lorna says, "who could I possibly know here," as she walks in, then takes one look at me, stops dead in her tracks, then looks more closely and finally asks, "Will, is that you?"

And I say, "Lorna, wow, I can't believe it's you after all these years ... you look as beautiful as ever," and she really did, still big and sexy, but maybe fifty pounds lighter than when I knew her in college. I add, sheepishly, "I'm kind of surprised you recognize me with all this extra weight ..."

"Are you kidding? I'd always recognize that handsome face, even with fifty extra pounds (she gives me a wink of the eye) and a little less hair ..."

Pam snickers and says, "more like 300 extra pounds!" And I correct her, "actually more like 320 pounds since I last saw your mom ... believe it or not I was actually kind of skinny then ..."

Lorna snickers this time and says, "you weren't exactly skinny as I remember ..."

"Fair enough," I say, "180 pounds wasn't 'skinny' but you know I put on about twenty pounds while we were dating so I was kind of skinny before that ..."

Lorna smiles at that memory, and says, "you know it really meant a lot to me that you put on some extra weight while you were dating the 'fat girl,' it really made me feel special in your eyes."

Pam is looking on incredulously, and finally can't take it anymore. "Enough of this old home week, this is the man who left you because you were fat, the man who made you cry, the man you thought was Mr. Perfect, and he was just a jerk like everyone else!"

Lorna gives Pam a look of motherly disdain and finally says, Pamela Ann, you apologize to Will for being so rude, right now!"

"But ... but ... after what he did to you ..."

"Pam, this man didn't do anything to me ... we were 20 years old for God's sake ... he was always a perfect gentleman and treated me like a Goddess, but I knew he didn't love me as much as I loved him ... and I knew it was only a matter of time before we went our separate ways."

"But you always called him Mr. Perfect ... and look at him now, he's not perfect ... he's a big fat 500 pound jerk!"

Lorna quickly glances at me and asks, "do you really weigh 500 pounds?" I shake my head yes and I swear she has a look of lust in her eyes ... but then she turns her attention back to her vengeful daughter.

"Pam, Pam, Pam, you know I loved your father, but he was difficult to live with, nothing like Will would have been, so yes, I did call him Mr. Perfect and yes, I was really sad when we broke up. At first I blamed it on my weight, but I eventually admitted to myself that Will wasn't that type of guy ... he actually liked me for who I was ... at least I thought he did (turning to me for confirmation)."

Finally getting a chance to say something, I looked Pam in the eyes and said, "I really fell hard for your Mom ... she was an incredible woman ... and I'm betting she still is ... after all, she did a great job raising you ..."

I look at Lorna, with a bit of lust in my eyes, and say, "I'm sorry if I ever hurt you ... I hope you know I didn't mean to ... I mean that was the last thing I would have wanted to do."

"It took me a while to figure that out, but I know you wouldn't intentionally have hurt me ..."

"Good ... I mean, I have always cared about you ... in fact, I have often thought of you over the years, wondering if you had found the right man and had a happy life ..."

"Well, yes and no ..."

Pam finally had enough and storms out, muttering, "I can't believe this ..."

Lorna and I give each other a look and embrace each other in a hug, followed by a little kiss on the lips, followed by a bit of tongue wrestling like we used to do back in college. Lorna finally pulls back a little, enough to ask, "so you REALLY weigh 500 pounds?"

"Five eleven according to the scale, but that was with all my clothes on so I think I'm really a little under 500 ..."

She laughs and says, "go ahead and tell yourself that Fatty!"

Then she says, "you know, Pam has me set up in the Marriott across the street ... wanna come up to my room like you used to do in college?"

"Will the dorm mother kick me out at 2 a.m. like she used to?"

"Don't worry Fat Boy, I gave her the night off ..."


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May 3, 2014
Marriott Buffet Bound

As Lorna and I stride out of my office, I look over at Pam who seems to be collecting her belongings, and say "Pam, you know I haven't accepted your resignation ..." She glares at her mom and me, and coldly replies, "I'm out of here ... I can't believe you two are picking up where you left off ..."

I walk over to to her, look her in the eye, and ask "don't do anything rash, you don't have to stay, but think about it and stick around until I get back, so we can talk about things ... OK?" "OK," she replies curtly and Lorna gives her a hug and whispers something in her ear that I can't comprehend. "See you later darling,' Lorna tells Pam soothingly as she turns and walks toward the elevator with me.

As we get out of earshot, I ask, "what did you tell her?" "Oh, just that you were always a kind man and not to rush to judgement about you ..."

"Thanks, I really appreciate that ..." and I did. Aside from helping me gain 220 pounds, Pam was a great assistant and I thought she'd make a great executive trainee, with her smarts and personality.

After a seeming eternity, the elevator dinged and the doors opened. And amazingly, no one else was in the car, causing a slight little grin to come to Lorna's face. As the doors closed on his, she parked her still plus-sized rump into one corner and used her hands to wave me toward her. "What do you want me to do?," I asked a little cluelessly.

"What do you think, silly? I want you to envelope me in all that delicious fat!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure, now come here," as she grabbed my bright crimson braces and forcefully pulled me towards her, causing my enormous belly to come crashing into her now rather modest one.

"Uhhmmm, that feels so good ... now push yourself harder into me ... I want to feel the full effect of all that weight my daughter helped pack on you!"

But our reverie is suddenly cut short when the elevator halts suddenly on the 45th floor and a slender young woman gets on for the ride down. She takes a quick look at Lorna then a longer look at me ... then an even longer one as she seems to be focusing on my too-tight suit jacket and my belly hanging well over the waistband of my suit pants, a major look of derision settling over her face.

Lorna actually seems amused by it all, and starts patting my belly as the young lady looks on, not even trying to conceal her disgust. As we reach the ground floor and the doors open, the young woman exits almost in a sprint, as if trying to distant herself from me before she too began to turn fat. Lorna laughs and says, "it's as if she's never seen a fat man." "Probably never one as fat as me," I sigh, and Lorna tells me reassuringly, "you know, before my surgery she would have been looking at me the same way ... you know I weighed 420 pounds then ..."

"I bet you were beautiful ..."

"You ALWAYS knew the right thing to say, but I really needed to lose the weight ... it was taking quite the toll on me ..."

"So you don't miss it?"

"I didn't say I don't miss it! But it was time to finally get in better shape and I love that too ... there are some things I can do better at 210 pounds ... if you know what I mean ..."

"Well, in that case, I definitely need to lose some of this," grabbing a hold of my overhanging belly with both hands and giving it a gentle shake.

"Maybe," she said, "but let's wait a while for that will you? Until we get to know each other again ... I mean ... that belly looks like it would be awful fun to play with ..."

"You think so?"

"Know so, Fat Man!"

I laugh and wonder to myself why I ever let this woman go, then tell her, "you know, I never thought that I'd like a woman calling me "Fat Man" or "Fatty," but I love it when YOU do that."

She laughs at that too, and tells me, "as a fat woman, and YES I am still fat, I would never think about calling anyone else names, but you are just ssooohhhh enormous, I can't resist. And I kinda thought you'd like it ... I just kind of knew that ..."

"I think it's kind of hot ... will you keep doing it? I mean, telling me how fat I've become?"

She shakes her head yes, then adds, "and maybe how much fatter you're gonna get?"

"You'd like me even fatter?," I ask, a bit incredulously.

"It might be fun, Two Ton!"

"Another new zinger -- I like that!"

Just about then, we reach the revolving door of the Marriott, and Lorna takes one look at the door and another look at my extra wide body ... I know just what she is thinking and point to the regular door. Without a word, she nods and opens the door wide for me, swatting me on the backside as I walk through.

My nose immediately detects the smell of bacon and my eyes dart to the corner of the lobby where the restaurant is located. I pretend to want to go to Lorna's room, but she knows better, and asks, "hungry Big Boy?" I give her a nonchalant look as if to say "not really," but she just grabs my hand and walks us toward the buffet.

As we walk in, the hostess recognizes me and enthusiastically says "welcome back Will!" Lorna elbows me in the belly and asks, "come here often Fatty?"


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May 3, 2014
A More Complete Man

"Yeah, I come here once a week or so ..."

Lorna laughs out loud and responds, "from the look of things, I'd guess it's more like three or four times a week!"

With a meek look, I admit, "maybe ..."

And she gives me that look she used to give me years ago when she was a bit incredulous at something I had said or done, and asks, "and that is on top of what my daughter brought you for breakfast each morning?"

I grudgingly shake my head in the affirmative, looking down at my shoes (or rather at my belly, since I can't see my feet anymore from a standing position) as I do so.

Lorna chuckles again, but in a knowing sort of way, and exclaims, "no wonder you weigh 500 pounds!"

I finally get a reprieve from the questioning of my eating habits as the hostess finally comes to lead us to our table, but not before asking "table or booth?" That really gets Lorna laughing and the hostess finally figures out her faux pas. She first heads us toward a table in the middle of things, but I ask her, "can we get that table in the corner ... we need to talk business and could use a little more privacy." "Of course," she said with the smile and led us to the corner.

Finally sitting down, I gasp "oh that feels so good!" Lorna looks on empathetically, and says, "I know that feeling ... walking was a real bitch when I weighed 420 and I can only imagine what it's like at 500 ... still, I miss the extra weight ... it's like part of me is missing ..."

It's then that I realize that there is someone else on this earth who sort of knows the feelings I have -- the love and the hate -- about being so damned fat. And I start opening up, "there certainly were things I could do better before packing on an extra 220 pounds, but you know it's really kind of amazing ... and I really owe your daughter a debt of gratitude as strange as that may sound ..."

"I know, I know ... I want to kill Pam for doing that to you, but is it wrong for me to say that I REALLY like the results?"

I just laugh it off and continue, "it's crazy, but I love the feeling of walking around with all this fat, Pam's fat I suppose, my belly swaying from side-to-side ... the feeling of power ... the feeling of taking up so much space ... the feeling that everyone is looking at me ... and the knowledge that some of them want me and others secretly want to be like me!"

Lorna looks at me with utter lust in her eyes and says, "I know Will ... as crazy as a normal-sized person would think it, I LOVED being over 400 pounds! Don't get me wrong, I hated it too at times, but I felt so sexy at that size ... and I know I'm supposed to feel more desirable now that I've lost 200 pounds, but I don't."

"Oh you're plenty desirable Lorna ..."

"Thanks for saying that ... and by the way, I think YOU are so very sexy ... I mean you are just totally enormous, the biggest man I've ever seen in person kind of enormous, so much sexier than you were as a chubby little 20-year old ... you are just a complete man now!"

"Complete? I guess that's one way of saying it ..."

Still looking totally lustful, Lorna asks, "ready to become a little more 'complete'?"

"What do you mean?"

"You always were a little slow," she sighs, and asks, "what do you want me to bring you from the buffet?"

"Oh, I'll get up ..."

"Let me do the work for you ... just sit back and eat ... it seems to be what you do best!"

"OK, in that case, maybe bring me a few muffins and a couple of boxes of corn flakes to get started ... oh and some donuts if they have them this morning ..."

"Whole milk with your cereal?"

"No, two percent, one percent if they have it ..."

"One percent," she says with seeming disgust, "what are you on a diet or something?"

I laugh and respond, "I find if I cut back on some things it allows to binge on others ..."

"Like eating a pound of bacon?"

"Exactly," I reply with a big smile on my face.

"I'll be right back with the first course Piggy!"

Again I think, how could I ever have let this woman go?


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May 3, 2014
In Her Room

I'm giddy with anticipation as the hotel room door closes behind us and Lorna wastes no time, telling me, "let's get those tight clothes off you ... you look like a stuffed pig!"

"I AM a stuffed pig ... I can't believe you kept filling plate after plate even after I told you I was full!"

"Hah, you just said you were full, I knew you weren't even close! Kinda like when you used to take me to Krispy Kreme back in college ... you thought you were gonna see the fat girl stuff her face but you were the one who did most of the eating ... you'd order two dozen and I'd eat maybe eight then you'd finish off the other sixteen while we were still in the parking lot!"

That brings back wonderful memories of youthful metabolism and shared gluttony and, as I rub my sore belly through my shirt, I exclaim, "those were the days Lorna ... no wonder I gained twenty pounds in six months dating you!"

As she pulls my braces off my shoulders and my slacks fall to the floor with nothing to hold them up, she reminds me that she gained some weight during that relationship too, scolding me that I was "a bad influence," since she had lost fifty pounds just a few months before we started our relationship.

As she works on unbuttoning my shirt, I say, "you told me you'd lost the weight, but you never would reveal to me how much you weighed ... care to tell me now?" As she gets to the last button, she finally reveals all -- "I was 270 when we met and I gained back fifteen dating you, what do you think about that?"

"Wow," I said, "you REALLY were fat ... I mean 270 plus 50 is 320 pounds!" Although I said it in jest the result was the same as if I hadn't ... a hard, but playful, slap of her hand across my top belly roll, creating waves of fluttering fat ...

"And who's the *** now, Fatty?"

"That would be me, I suppose."

"Yes it would! Now walk over to the window for me."


"Go ahead and do it, then walk back ..."

I do as instructed and can tell that Lorna is really enjoying the view of my fat belly and moobs and cheeks and jowls wobble with each step I take. And as I conclude my trip around the room, she has one more command -- "now lift that belly up ... if you can!" I do and she giggles at just how much fat there is, and commands "now drop it Fatty!" More giggles and "do it again!" And "again!"

She seems totally in awe of my absolute obesity and finally lets me stop lifting and dropping, exclaiming "I swear you are even fatter with your clothes off ... absolutely the fattest man I've ever seen ,,, so much fatter than Fred ..."

"Your ex?"

"Yes him, but don't interrupt me ... I mean it's just so hot seeing all that fat ... I'm so turned on right now ... get thee to bed Fat Man ... I mean it, right now!"


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May 3, 2014
A Secret Revealed

We lay in bed after a surprisingly frisky romp for two people our age and a combined 700 pounds, talking about things past and present, but mostly past, rekindling fond memories and revisiting difficult moments alike, and I suspect some surprises are in store for both of us.

As Lorna rests her head on my shoulder with one arm draped over my belly, I muse "you know, as long as we dated, it's kind of amazing that we finally just ... you know ..."

Lorna laughs and says "let's just call it 'it'!"

"OK then, it's kind of amazing that we finally got around to doing 'it.' I mean we dated for like six months but you were such a good Southern Baptist girl, I ended up walking around with blue balls all the time ... I mean you could have looked up "sexually frustrated" in a Psych textbook and my picture would have been there!"

That causes her to playfully twist one of my nipples (which hurt like Hell) and exclaim, "as I recall it, I wasn't the only Southern Baptist virgin in the relationship ... I mean we were only 19 years old and it was just too soon ..."

I laugh at that and tell her, "I think you heard me wrong back then, I told you I was a Virginian, not a virgin!"

That gets another laugh out of her, and I continue,
"and as I recall we did a lot of things that good Southern Baptists shouldn't do ... hell, we were naked and rolling around on your dorm room floor the first night we met and went about as far as you can go without doing 'it'!"

"Almost," she emphasizes, and continues, "I wanted to save that for my wedding night ... that's what I was told girls were supposed to do ..."

"I recall you mentioning that a couple of times, just when I was hoping that I'd finally convinced you to be my first! And not only did you say that you were saving it for 'your' wedding night, you said 'our' wedding night ..."

"I know ... I know ... but be honest with me now, did that have anything to do with ..."

"With us breaking things off?"

"Yeah, that ..."

"To be honest, that was a lot for a 19 year-old guy to absorb ... I mean it scared the bejesus out of me ... you know I thought the world of you, but no guy that age wants to be thinking about being tied down for the rest of his life. So, yes it did get me thinking and I probably made a foolish 19 year-old decision ..."

"I understand Will ... it probably was overly impulsive of me to say that ... besides ...

After an uncomfortable silence, I finally ask "besides what?"

Lorna raises herself up on one arm and looks at me quite sheepishly and finally says, "besides I wanted you to be a little fatter first ..."

My eyes grow wide and I say, "what?"

Lorna laughs and tells me, "you weren't the only fat admirer in the relationship!"

All I can say is "wow," and she continues, "I was always the fat girl, my whole life, and every guy I ever dated seemed to like me only because I was fat, but you ... you seemed to really appreciate me for who I was ... sure you liked my fat but that seemed to be more of a fringe benefit than the reason for us being together in the first place ..."

"But why did you want me to get fatter?"

"This probably sounds silly, but I had always dreamed of being with a man who was my equal in everything ... intellect, kindness, you name it ..."

"And weight?"

"Well, yes ... I wanted someone as big as me ... at first I thought maybe if you got as fat as me, maybe you'd never leave ... but as I've gotten older I've discovered it's really just my preference. I like big guys ... REALLY big guys and you, my boy, are REALLY big now!"

"So I take it your ex was a big guy too?"

"He was ... he weighed about 300 pounds when we met, as did I, and he ultimately got up to 400 or so."

"So was it instant chemistry?"

"No, not like it was with you, but he seemed like a nice guy and I thought we could have a comfortable life together ... and we did, having two wonderful children."

"Not to be nosy, but what happened?"

"It's not nosy if you tell me what happened with your marriage ..."

"I will ..."

"Well, in my case, I found that my husband not only loved me, but also loved other guys if you know what I mean ... "

"Ouch, that hurts ..."

"Yes it did ... a skinny little chaser from work got his hands on him and has packed another hundred pounds on him ... and I'm afraid that's where Pam may have gotten the crazy idea to find you wherever your were and wreak a little revenge ..."

"Why me?"

"This is only speculation mind you, but she knew how sad it made me, and I made the mistake of saying that I never would have had to endure the pain if I had married you ... that is if you hadn't left all those years ago. I know it was crazy for me to say that, but I think it may have sunk in and she wanted to get even with you for denying me the happiness she thought I deserved ..."

"Lorna, I'm so sorry to bring up bad memories ... and if I caused any regrets ..."

"That's OK ... God knows, it was my ex who was at fault, not you ... and I don't bear any grudges about times past ... remember, we were 19 and people that age have unreasonable expectations ..."

"And sometimes make mistakes," I add, hoping my meaning will be clear.

"Don't worry Fatty ... you are forgiven ... I'm just happy we were able to connect again ... this was fun ... shoulda done it years ago!"

Relieved to be absolved of past sins, I laugh, then it occurs to me to ask another question, "since I'm already being nosy, mind if I ask another personal question?"

"Sock it to me, Fat Boy!"

"Well, if both you and your ex were in the 400 pound range, how did Pam end up being so trim? I mean I inherited my weight from my parents, and I met your mother once, so I know you did too. So how did Pam avoid the family curse?"

That brings Lorna to laughter again, so much so that she is having trouble regaining her composure. Finally under control, she hops out of bed and goes to fish something out of her purse, finally retrieving a photograph. As she shows it to me, it looks like a picture of Lorna in college, only fatter and with more modern clothes and hairstyle. Finally it hits me ... it's Pam!

"How long ago was this taken?"

"About two years ago before she had the lap band procedure and lost 250 pounds, then she had some surgery to remove all the excess flesh ... she looks spectacular now, doesn't she? So good that's why I decided to finally have the surgery."

"Wow, I never would have imagined ... and now she's getting married, next month right?"

"That's the great thing, she's been with him for years, long before she lost the weight ... he's really a lot like you Will, a nice considerate guy who adores her ... only he didn't leave ..."

"That hurts!"

"Don't worry Fatty, I meant it when I said I forgave you a long time ago ... now we just need to convince Pam that you really are a good guy and that she shouldn't quit her job."

I just sigh, and Lorna gets a delicious grin on her face. "What?," I ask.

"Oh I left out what might be the best part ..."

"What's that?"

"Again, this is just a theory, but I think she may have been experimenting on you as a prelude to fattening up her fianc� a bit more!"

"She's a fat admirer too?"

"Oh God yes, maybe worse than me! Her poor fiance has packed on a hundred pounds since they met -- he used to look kind of like you did when we dated in college, definitely less than 200 pounds, and now he's probably about where you were before Pam got her hands on you ..."

"Sounds like the guy never had a chance," I chuckle.

"Not a chance!"


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May 3, 2014
Smothered In My Blubber

Still lying in bed, Lorna reaches for her phone on the night stand and dials Pam's office line, as we had planned.

"Pam, we'll be back in the office after lunch and I want to talk to you about quitting. I don't think you should do it and Will doesn't either ..."

A little silence on Lorna's end as it sounds like Pam is talking angrily with her mom, then Lorna continues, "just hear us out, that's all I ask, and we'll see you in a couple of hours."

As she hangs up, I tell Lorna "we can go back in now if you want ..."

She just gives me a wicked grin, something I'd never really seen when she was a naive 19-year old church kind of girl, and tells me, "I have other plans for you Fat Man!" Now it's my turn for a wicked grin and I ask, "what do you have in mind Mother Thomas?"

"Well," she says, "remember back in the day when you always begged me to lie on top of you?"

"I do, and I couldn't exactly say it back then, but I loved the feeling of having all your weight on top of me ... it was such an exhilarating feeling!"

"Well Tubby," she smiles, "it's my turn and I want to be completely smothered under all that new blubber that my daughter so naughtily helped you pack on!"

"But as you used to say when we dated, 'I'll crush you for sure!'"

"And, as you used to lie to me, 'nonsense, you'll be as light as a feather!'"

"Yeah, only I weigh like 230 pounds more than you did back then ..."

"Stop talking Two Ton and bury me in all that blubber!"

"If you insist ..."

"I do."

But I find that I've gotten too fat to roll over easily, so instead I have to roll myself off the hotel bed and onto my feet and ask Lorna to slide closer to the side of the bed. Once positioned, I gingerly plant one knee beside her, causing the mattress to sag considerably, then most ungracefully throw my other leg over hers and my hips are now straddling hers.

"Hmmm," she moans, "you're nice and heavy and you really haven't even put your weight into me yet ... "

"Are you sure you want me to do this?," I ask cautiously.

She looks kind of exasperatingly at me, and commands, "put your weight into it Fatty ... NOW!"

So I lean forward and plant a hand and arm on either side of her shoulders, hoping to spare her the full brunt of my tonnage, but that doesn't last long as my upper arms simply aren't strong enough to hold myself above her for more than a few seconds. She sees my arms buckling under my weight and laughs heartily at my plight and finally wraps both hands around my neck and with surprising strength on her part pulls me down upon herself, my belly hitting hers and my moobs hitting her boobs with the seeming force of an atomic bomb!

Lorna audibly gasps for breath as my full weight comes down upon her and I fear I'm hurting her and start to squirm to get myself off of her. But to my surprise she holds me down and gasps, "don't move ... let me feel your fat burying me!"

The whole thing is giving me a raging hard on and I hold her face in my hands and give her the most passionate kiss I've done in years. She tastes wonderful and feels wonderful and I decide I want to be with her for the rest of my life. I even venture to tell her something I never did when we dated ... "I love you ..."

"I have always loved you Fat Man," she replies most sweetly, "and it feels amazing having you on top of me ... now I know how you felt with me on top all those years ago ... but ..."

"But?," I ask.

"But it is kind of hard breathing with a quarter ton sexy beast on top of me ... so would you mind getting off me Sweety?"

"OK babe, I'll try to roll to my left and maybe you can help to push me from the right?"

And after a couple of attempts I am able to roll off and land beside her on the bed but not without a noticeable creak from the otherwise seemingly sturdy bed frame.

"Whew," Lorna exclaims, "that was amazing! I mean I've had 400 pounds on top of me before, but I weighed 400 pounds then myself ... but it nothing compared to just now ... you are just amazing Will ... so enormous ... so gluttonous ... so sexy!!!"

"You're pretty amazing yourself Lorna! I mean, even though your daughter helped pack over 200 pounds on me, it was all worth it because it brought us back together."

"I know, I could just kill her for doing that to you, but I gotta say I love the results ... now what do say I climb on top of Mount Fatmore here like I used to ... only this time you're gonna get some action Big Boy?"

"Wow," I exclaimed, "six months together and I never got any action, now twice in one morning?"

Lorna giggles at that and replies, "as I said, I wanted you to be fatter first, and you my boy, are really REALLY fat now!"

"And lovin' it!"


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May 3, 2014
Back In The Office

I wander back to the office around 11:30 with Lorna in tow, a bit tired from all the physical activity of the morning and a bit hungry, with the big Marriott buffet breakfast beginning to wear off.

Alone in the elevator, Lorna wraps her arms around me as far as they will go and pulls me in for one of the best kisses I've had in ages, enough to get things stirring again downstairs, which is quite an accomplishment for a guy my age and without the benefit of pharmaceuticals!

Finally we reach the 49th floor and straighten ourselves up before the door opens, Lorna wiping lipstick off my face and tucking in her blouse. We still must look a little dissheveled though as a couple of people give us strange looks and one of my fellow VP's flashes me a sly little grin and a double thumbs up as we walk by.

As we walk through the door to my outer office, we see Pam sitting at her desk with a huge scowl on her face at the sight of her mother and me together, while Lorna is just smiling like a Cheshire Cat, beaming from ear-to-ear, not doubt recalling our torrid lovemaking back in the hotel room. She whispers in my ear, "go in your office and leave us alone to talk for a bit," and I do as told, telling Pam, "I'll talk to you later." She just glares at me so I hightail it for safety ...

I walk over to my desk and sit down to relieve my legs and back, the padded desk chair groaning loudly as I settle in. I start to pick up my phone to check voicemail, but then I hear loud female voices from the outer room, mother and daughter obviously having it out over me. It settles down for a bit then picks right back up again and, at the next lull, I decide to creep over to the door and see if I can hear what is being said.

I lean my ear against the door but really can't make out at all what is being said, that is until it heats up again. But I swear they are not arguing, just talking out loud, and I get the distinct sense it is all for my benefit, ask if to make me think they are arguing. Very strange ...

Still unable to really comprehend what is being said, I decide to throw caution to the wind and open the door just a crack and that's all it took. Even though they are still talking in hushed tones, I can sort of make out what they are saying now ...

Obviously Lorna is telling her daughter about our little exploits in bed, as Pam exclaims loud enough for me to hear, "twice?," and with a giggle, as if trying to imagine anyone in bed with someone as large as me.

Then I think Lorna whispers back, "I knew I shouldn't have told you ..."

And Pam seems to respond, "it was TMI mom and now I can't get that image out of my head!"

But then I swear I hear Pam ask her mom, "so Mom, did I do OK executing your plan?"

A sudden rush of shit goes to my heart, and I think 'did she really just say that?' And what does that mean?

Then I hear Lorna's hushed answer, "you did great baby girl ... better than I ever expected, he's absolutely perfect now," then she giggles and I'm pretty sure she adds, "or will be after we pack another couple of hundred more pounds on him ..."

My head is spinning totally out of control and I'm getting ready to ease the door shut again, not sure I want to hear anymore. Only Pam laughs out loud and I hesitate, barely able to make out her next words, "with his appetite and your cooking, that shouldn't be a problem Mom!"

Lorna seems amused by that, and replies, "oh yes, you should have seen him at the buffet -- you turned him into a perpetual eating machine my dear -- just like I planned, only better!"

My legs are buckling now and I wonder if I'm going to pass out. My God, I think, I'm not just the victim of a vengeful daughter, but of a mother-daughter conspiracy! Just what do these women have planned for me?

And will I like it?

As I trudge back to my desk, I think, "whatever it is they have in mind, maybe it won't be so bad ..." And my stomach rumbles, reminding me it's time for lunch ... I hope Pam ordered something for me!


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May 3, 2014
Double and Triple Chins

A couple of minutes later Lorna comes bounding through the door with far more energy than a woman her age, and who used to weigh 420 pounds, should. I'm really kind of jealous that she has so much energy and that I have so little in my current state.

"So," she starts, "Pam and I fought a little, and I'm sure you heard it, but she came around to our way of thinking and she is not going to quit." "That's good," I responded, still trying to figure out what angle those two were up to with me. "And you'll be happy to know," Lorna continued, "that Pam is ordering us a nice big lunch, so why don't we move things over to that nice leather couch of yours ... maybe we could pick up where we left off at the Marriott ..."

While I am still suspicious as Hell about my old girlfriend's intentions, it was awfully fun frolicking with her at the Marriott, and I respond, "that might be fun but you'll have to help me get out of this chair first!" She giggles, her oh so genteel Virginia accent coming through, and says "poor little fat boy, too fat to get up on his own" and extends both hands to help pull me up, then giggles again, "you know that was me not too long ago, back when I weighed 420 pounds."

As we walk toward the couch, I tell her, "I would have loved to have seen you at your peak." And much as she did when we dated years ago, she responded, "no you wouldn't -- I was all boobs and belly and butt, all squishy, no one wanted to see me like that!" "But you forget," I tell her, "I ALWAYS thought you were beautiful, didn't I used to tell you that?" "You did, and that was one of the biggest reasons I loved you ... that you were such a convincing liar!"

"I'll tell you a little secret Lorna ..."

"What's that?"

"I wasn't lying -- I thought you were beautiful and still do."

I think I see a little tear in her eye, making me think perhaps she and Pam don't have anything too nefarious in mind, except maybe making me a bit fatter. As we sit beside each other on the couch, she brushes the tear from her eye and looks at me like no woman has in a long time, a heartwarming kind of gaze, kind of like I'm the kindliest man in the world. Finally she asks, "so what was so beautiful about me?"

I answer without hesitation, "this my sound a bit odd, but I loved your double chin, it was so sexy and just looked so perfect with your chubby little cheeks and dimples. And when you smiled ... that just took my breath away ... and now, even though you are so skinny, you still have the same beautiful face, dimples and rosy cheeks, and still just the hint of that sexy double chin!"

"That's funny," she responds, still beaming, "because I think YOU are incredibly sexy now and maybe the sexiest part about you are your chins and fat cheeks and dimples!"


"Really! Even though you were chubby back then, you had a square jaw and no hint of double chin, but now you've just got this amazing triple chin, with your old chin sitting atop a nice little mound of fat and that mound sitting upon an even bigger mound ... and what's totally sexy is that you've got this whole thickness thing in the back of your neck, not a big roll like so many fat men have, just a sexy thickness that wraps around and joins with your chins ... it's like your beautiful face is resting in a nest of fatness!"

"I'm not sure how to take that ..."

"Oh, it's a good thing," Lorna exclaims, "here take a look at yourself," and she pulls the compact from her purse and opens the mirror and hands it to me. "Go ahead, take a good look at that face ... all that glorious fat that keeps you looking so young ... you are a very handsome man ... don't you agree?

"I dunno ... I'm awfully fat ..."

"No, as you used to tell me, you're beautiful, just a total sexy beast! And if you weren't, would I be doing this?," as she leans over across the broad expanse of my belly and starts nibbling at my ear lobe, then moves her lips down to my neck as if trying to give me a hickey (shades of teenage make-out sessions!). "Wait a second," she says, "let's readjust," and lays back with her head against one of the arms of the couch, then spreads her legs wide, and invites me to lay down atop her. "Are you sure?," I ask cautiously.

"Get on top of me you beautiful hunk of man!"


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May 3, 2014
I Was Thinking

As I kinda figured, Lorna is only able to take my weight on top of her for a couple of minutes before I have to roll off, and end up on the floor with a huge thud! But instead of laughing at my predicament, she eases off the couch and lays her body on top of mine.

Only she is doing it slowly and sensuously, starting by straddling her long legs just south of my belly and caressing my belly with both hands, then gradually lowering her torso onto mine, planting her face between my moobs, nuzzling them through my dress shirt, then moving a little further north to nibble on my chins. Though still fully clothed, I find myself moaning in a low tone at her tender touch, and beg her to kiss me.

Lorna cranes her neck but her lips can't quite reach mine for some reason. She squirms her body a little, but still unable to quite reach my lips, explains the problem to me ... "Darling, you know I just love your belly, but right now it's in the way!"

That gets me laughing and I plead with her, "just plant your butt on top of it and kiss me dammit!"

And she does, and it's crazy, but even though she still weighs 220 pounds she feels barely weightless on top of me. She does have to readjust her legs because they aren't wide enough to straddle even my lower belly, finally figuring out that if she plants her knees just south of my apron and grasps my shoulders with both hands she has enough leverage to finally lock her lips with mine.

And it's divine! In seconds we are engaged in a full on make out session, just like we are 19 years old again. It's enough to make all of my fears and suspicions about her and Pam, and whatever their plans may be for me, disappear. Well ... maybe almost disappear. But I gotta say, it's great and maybe worth gaining another couple of hundred pounds for ... maybe.

After what seems like an eternity, Lorna finally comes up for air and I take a deep breath too. "You know what I was just thinking about?," she asks. "What?" "Well, remember how we used to make out like this, only it was you on top, not me?" "How could I possibly forget?"

"What I remember the most was you getting so hot and bothered and unable to do anything about it, your erection so painfully showing through your tighty whities ..."

"And finally I would start dry humping you through your panties and so wishing that we didn't have that little bit of fabric between us ... wasn't that driving you crazy too ... I mean it had to be ..."

"You were definitely driving me crazy ... and I've often wondered if things would have been different for us we had done ..."

"It," I finished her sentence for her, then continue, "but let's put that behind us, what's past is past, and the future is ahead of us."

Lorna gives me a quick but very sensual kiss, then pulls back and says, "speaking of the future, I was thinking ..."

"What were you thinking?"

"I was thinking, and mentioned this to Pam too, that I'm off for the summer and don't go back to teaching until mid-August ... and Pam needs some help with the wedding next month ... and her place is so small ..."

I get a big smile on my face and finish her sentence again, "and you thought it would be a good idea to move into my place for the summer?"

"You always could read my mind ... and yes, I'd like to move in with you at least until the wedding."

"Stay as long as you like!"

"You may regret saying that because people tell me I'm a really good cook and you'll probably get a lot fatter if we're living in the same house!"

I grin at that thought, and suggest, "if your cooking is that great, maybe you can add back a few of the delicious pounds you've lost ..."

Lorna laughs at that thought, and tells me, "I don't think so ... it's YOUR turn to be the fatty in this relationship!"


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May 3, 2014
Lunch and Other Meals

Our blissful rolling around on the office floor is interrupted by a sharp knock on the door and Pam announcing "lunch has arrived, are you two decent?"

"Give us a moment Honey," Lorna shouts back and pulls herself off me and starts ticking her blouse back in her skirt. I, of course, am having trouble getting up off the floor and Lorna has to give me a hand, actually both hands. Finally back to my feet, I tuck my shirt into my pants as best I can, slip my loafers back on, and yell in Pam's direction, "you can come in now."

"I can't believe you two," Pam snarls as she walks in the door with three Wendy's bags in hand, as she obviously visited the location in the lobby of the office building next door. "Three bags," I say, "good you brought some for yourself." Another snarly look on her face and a sharp rebuke, "no, a salad for Mom in one bag and two bags of junk food for you ... you know, so you can keep up your regimen ..."

"Pamela," her Mom says sharply, but I swear I see Pam give Lorna a little wink of the eye and Lorna return a coy little smile to her daughter. Geez, I think, what are these women up to?

Anyway, Lorna and I sit back on the couch and open up our bags and I find that there are what appear to be four doubles in their, even though the most I can usually handle in one sitting is two. I look at Pam with surprise in my eyes and she just snarls again, "wait a minute and I'll fetch you something to drink, a Diet Coke for Mom and I'm thinking three regular Cokes for you boss ... after all, you've got a lot of food to wash down there."

Before I can say anything, Lorna says, "that will be good dear, then maybe you can leave us alone to talk some more ..."

"Fine!," Pam says in a huff and scurries off to fetch our Cokes.

"You'll have to forgive her Will," Lorna says soothingly, "she is just having trouble getting used to us together." "That's fine," I respond.

Soon Pam is back and Lorna and I each pop the top on our cans and dig into our lunch. While she picks at her salad, I tear into one of the Wendy's doubles and polish it off, then start on my second. "Easy there Big Boy!," Lorna says in jest, then continues, "you know, it wouldn't hurt for you to have a salad once in a while -- I've actually come to like them since I lost the weight." My mouth full of burger, I look back and her then she at me, and she says "nahhh, not gonna happen is it?" with a big laugh. I shake my head no with a big smile on my face.

As she continues to nibble and I start on the third double, Lorna asks, "do you have anything to eat at home?" After I finish chewing and take a big sip of Coke, I answer, "not much, just some milk and cereal." "OK then," she responds, "give me your address and your keys and I'll make a run to that new Wegmann's and stock up for you ... and when you get home tonight I'll have a nice big dinner waiting for you and maybe a decadent dessert or two."

Mouth still full, I shake my head in response, and Lorna laughs and tells me, "from the look of those chins wobbling, I'm guessing you think that's a good idea, huh Fat Boy?"

"That would be great," I mumble, mouth still half full, "so nice of you ... you can get my address and extra set of keys from Pam ..."

Lorna leans over and kisses me on the forehead and says, "OK then I'm off, see you tonight ... and don't snacking between now and then ... want you good and hungry for dinner ... alright?"

Mouth full yet again, I shake my head yes, and she leaves, her salad half uneaten. As she walks out my office door, I ponder my fate with this woman and wonder if I'll be able to keep my weight under 600 pounds ... particularly if what she told Pam was right, that she'd like to see me 200 pounds heavier still. Thinking about it just gets me stirred up downstairs and I think maybe I'll have to retreat to my private washroom ... but after I finish this fourth double!


I trudge into the house, open the door and am greeted by the wonderful aroma of home cooking, something I'd not encountered in years as my ex was never much of a cook. I detect a pot roast with onions and other veggies cooking in the pot and rolls baking in the oven and proceed to the kitchen to confirm what Lorna is fixing for me, only to find her buck naked except for a too small apron wrapped around her!

And she looks wonderful. Even when younger and heavier, she had never had a big belly, carrying her weight instead in her arms, legs, and butt ... and those sexy pudgy cheeks and double chin. And now, though considerably thinner, she still has very sexy rounded upper arms, nice pudgy thighs, and a seriously delicious rump. Plus some very healthy breasts, though a bit saggier than I remember ...

She sees me come in the kitchen out of the corner of her eye, and exclaims, "your Wegmann's is wonderful ... such a selection ... so many things that can make a person so very fat!"

"You mean me?" "Of course, I mean you -- I'm though with being so fat, but you my love, are just getting started!"

"So what have you got to make me fatter?"

"You should ask what don't I have! I'm fixing a pot roast and mashed potatoes and the big yeasty dinner rolls ... oh and a small little salad for you. And for dessert, I didn't have time to make anything, but I bought an apple pie and a chocolate layer cake and some vanilla and chocolate ice cream ... oh and a couple of dozen donuts that you can have tonight or in the morning ... and all the fixings for a big breakfast in the morning."

"Oh my God," I exclaim, "I'm gonna weigh 750 pounds by the end of the summer!"

"That wouldn't be so bad, would it? And speaking of that, do you have any suits big enough to wear to Pam's wedding?"

"Pam is letting me come?"

"Of course, you're my plus one ... or maybe more like a plus two," she giggles.

"As you saw in the office today, everything is a bit tight nowadays ... you know, after Pam."

"Well then, we'll have to get you a new suit ... and I have just the right tailor to fix you up! He used to make all my exe's suits as he got fatter and fatter, and he should be able to get something whipped up for you in a couple of weeks -- we'll just have to drive back to my house on Saturday and I'll set up an appointment with him."

"OK, I guess."

"Fine, that's settled, now open up the fridge and grab that platter of shrimp cocktail I bought for you ... it ought to tide you over until the main course!"


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May 3, 2014
The 90 Minute Drive

It's Saturday morning and I'm driving Lorna back to her adopted hometown, actually the same town she went to college in and where I met her all those years ago. It's a hundred miles away from the big city and the 90 minute drive is bringing back all kinds of memories from my youth ... memories of when I was comparatively thin (I was never but so thin!) and she was cute fat girl whom I was maybe a little (OK, a lot) embarrassed for my fraternity brothers to see me with. I think about how shallow that was of me and I am totally embarrassed I am with younger me. And I muse about how much easier it would be today, when I see thin guys with fat women and vice versa all the time, so much less stigma than there used to be ...

Of course, nowadays she is the one who is probably embarrassed to be seen with me, a 500 pound plus tub of lard who outweighs her almost two-to-one. And I ponder that if Lorna and Pam in fact had been out for revenge, it was probably not totally unjustified, as I let stupid things like that get in the way of our relationship back in the day.

But if she was out for revenge, she's done a good job of masking it this week, feeding me extravagant meals then acting like a total tigress in bed afterwards. And if she's embarrassed to be seen with an extreme fatty like me, she hasn't show it, as she has posted pics of us together on her Facebook page. Amazing really, I think, as I look over at her in the passenger seat I see a really beautiful woman, some loose flesh here and there from her 200 pound weight loss, but really quite stunning. She definitely deserves someone better than me!

She has dozed off, so I turn my head for another admiring glance. I always thought her beautiful, even though my college friends who did catch glimpses of us together begged to differ (she wore a pink dress the night we met and one of my fraternity brothers referred to her as a "pink Zeppelin," quite cruel of him). If only they had known how great she was ...

And though I would have loved to have seen her, and be with her, at her 420-pound peak, she looks amazing now that she's down to 220, as the pudge that is left over is in all the right places (or did I mention that already?). What is totally and completely turning me at this particular moment is that she is wearing a floral sleeveless dress, showing off her upper arms which still have some significant heft to them. They aren't flabby upper arms, like mine are now, but firm and round ones that just beg to be squeezed ... and I'm thinking more than just a little about her magnificent buttocks too which are still nice and rounded, containing just the right amount of cellulite.

As I find myself staring at her, the car next to me honks as I've apparently drifted into his lane, and that awakens Lorna. "Anything wrong?," she asks. "Nope, I just took my eye off the road for a moment to stare at you." "Me?," she asks, "nothing to see here." I look over at her again and said exactly the right thing ... "you just don't realize how beautiful you are, do you?" She smiles and says, "remind me to keep you this time ... and you look pretty awesome yourself, that big prosperous belly, so big you have to slide your seat all the way back to drive ... now that's what I call sexy!"

"Even though I don't have any clothes that fit anymore?"

"Particularly because of that," she answers and pats me on the belly, "I just love to see that big old thing hanging precipitously over your belt, it just totally turns me on Fat Man! In fact, I'm gonna kind of miss seeing it like that once we get you the new suit made up for the wedding. Oh, and I almost forgot, there is a DXL in town, so we can go there and see if they have some bigger pants and shorts and shirts for you -- what do you think you are now, maybe a 66 waist?"

"I dunno, maybe I can strip down when we get to your house and you can measure me ..."

"Is that all you want me to do," she says with a sly look on her face. I look sheepish and say, "well, we should have a little time before my appointment with the tailor ..."

"You are so predictable .... I just hope I have a measuring tape big enough, I threw away my really long ones away after I lost all the weight I guess I never figured I'd have a quarter ton boyfriend who might need to be measured!"

"Hah hah," I said, "a six foot measuring tape should still work, I don't think I'm as big around as I am tall ..." "Yet," she said with a snicker.

This seems as good a moment to ask as any, so I say, "does it embarrass you to be seen with someone as fat as me?" Her answer sends my ego soaring, "of course not, Baby," as she leans over and kisses my cheek, "in fact, I want to parade you around town today and tomorrow, showing everyone just what a hunk I'm seeing now ... I'm talking about strolling down Main Street hand-in-hand with you this afternoon, going out to dinner at the fanciest restaurant in town tonight, taking you to First Baptist Church in the morning for the Pancake Breakfast, and hitting the most popular brunch spot in town as we head back -- I want EVERYONE to know that this handsome fat man is mine, all mine and I'm not letting him get away this time!"

With a relieved look on my face, I joke, "yeah, I'm probably too fat to run away, thanks to Pam!" But Lorna's response surprises me, just a little, "yep, remind me to thank Pam for that sometime ... she's a REALLY good daughter ..."


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May 3, 2014
Lorna's Living Room

As I go up the slate walkway to Lorna's stylish 1950's rancher, it occurs to me just how much by belly is flopping up and down with each step. But I guess I shouldn't be surprised as my old 58-inch waist khakis are cinched way up underneath my overhang leaving a whole lotta overhang hanging out in front.

What I am surprised about is that my polo shirt is long enough to still tuck into the khakis, just barely, so that it really accentuates the size of my lower belly. And out of the corner of my eye I can kinda see Lorna checking out the show and I swear I see a little bit of drool coming from her lips!

A bit distracted, it takes her a while to fish through her purse to find her keys and the alarm fob. As she stands in front of the bright red front door pushing down the alarm de-arming button, I come up from behind and start grinding my belly into the small of her back while holding her hips in my hands. I detect a little moan and ask, "you like me doing that don't you?"

"Maybe ..."

"How about now?," I ask, as I spin her around to face me use my belly to back her up against the locked door.

"Oh my ..." she squeals, as I trap her helplessly against the door leaning into her with my full weight. I laugh at her predicament and muse, "just think, a couple of hundred more pounds and I'll probably be able to completely envelope you!"

"That's my dream Fat Man!"


" ;Really! But right now, the neighbors are probably staring, so let's get you inside and get those tight clothes off!"

I take a couple of steps back and let her pivot around and insert the key in the lock as I bump her in the back with my belly again. "Stop it Fatty," she squeals again, but I keep pushing until she is through the door and when she's finally through I give Lorna another big belly bump, almost knocking her off her feet, as I reach for the door to close it with one hand and use my other to help steady her.

She spins around and playfully slaps at my belly, exclaiming, "I think Pam invented the perpetual motion machine ... just look at thing ... it never stops wobbling does it?"

"I know! And it's crazy, but I love the way it has a way of moving even when I'm standing still ... but I REALLY love the way play with it and really get it wobbling and shaking and shimmying. It's SUCH an erotic feeling ... and ..."


"I know I should be mad, but I'm kinda glad Pam helped me to get this fat ... and to help get me back together with you."

"The first part was deliberate on her part, but I don't think the second part was ..."

Knowing that might be a lie, I pretend otherwise, and exclaim, "whatever, I'm just glad I'm back together with you ... very fat and very happy!" Before I can say another word, she has grabbed a hold of my shirt with both hands and is tugging it out from my khakis, past the obstacle of my moobs, and over my head. And she proceeds to grab huge handfuls of belly, lifting and dropping it time after time and sucking my moobs as she does it. I slowly start backing her up to a nearby couch and, finally sensing that she is near the edge, give her another big belly bump to send her sprawling.

Once her delicious backside is planted on the couch, I start pulling off her sneakers and then her mom jeans while she starts tugging off her t-shirt. She waves me closer and I reach for her granny panties and start shimmying them down her thighs and calves as she kicks her legs high. Once the panties are off, I position her feet in the crease between my top and bottom rolls while I sensuously massage her calves which are surprisingly strong, likely from the fact that she used to carry around over 400 pounds.

As she massages my rolls with her feet, I deftly reach between her legs with thumb and forefinger and start gently massaging another body part, gradually increasing my intensity until Lorna Is purringlike a cat. When I sense she can't take it any longer, she moans, "let's get those pants off Fatty," I release her from my grasp and, knowing the drill, lift up my belly while she sits up and starts tugging at my extra-long belt. Belt finally undone, my khakis just slide off my hips and to my ankles, and Lorna reaches for my underwear.

"Top or bottom?," I ask, as is also becoming our custom.

Lorna just laughs, "this old couch isn't big enough for you Fatty, let's move this to my bedroom."

Hopping off the couch, she says, "second door on the left down the hallway there," and starts heading toward the kitchen. Amazed, I ask, "where are you going?"

"What do you think?," she looks at me incredulously, "I can't let you bang me on an empty belly! I've got a quart of Chubby Hubby in the freezer with your name on it!"

"Oh right," I grin, "but make it fast will ya?"


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May 3, 2014
Tailor / Client Privilege

Lorna dropped me off in front of the tailor's shop in the small downtown, Haim's it said in big red letters painted on the plate glass storefront. I was kind of glad to see that there are some constants in life, as pretty much every tailor I had ever run into over the years was kind of an old world type, Italian, Greek, or Jewish in heritage, who had been in business for years and knew exactly what to do with scissors, thread, and a bolt of cloth, some of the last of the old school craftsmen.

And I'm not disappointed when I walk in the door and see Haim sitting behind a big desk, a man of maybe 75 years, somewhat portly (but nothing compared to me), and an absolute sartorial masterpiece in a light blue glen plaid sportcoat, white shirt, and jaunty red tie. The guy looked like an absolute pro and I knew I would be in good hands for crafting my suit for Pam's wedding.

"Welcome," he boomed in a baritone voice, "you must be Lorna's new beau, she said you'd be coming in today." "How did you guess?," I asked with a laugh. "Well, if you don't mind me saying, Lorna likes big boys and ... you my boy, are ..."

"Fat!," I answered for him. I continued, "it's really amazing that you have a tailor shop in a town this size, I mean there's what, only twenty thousand people in the town and maybe only ten thousand when college isn't in session?"

Haim smiled and said, "ah but men travel far and wide for my suits, and we're only fifty miles from the big city and my prices are so much less than the bespoke tailors there -- I end up doing quite well for a small town tailor."

"Did you make that sportcoat you're wearing?"

"Of course!"

"Well it's a beaut, I'd love to have you make me one in that fabric ..."

He quickly sized me up and said, "regrettably, I only have about half a bolt of that fabric left and I just don't think that is enough to do justice to a man of your ... majestic proportions."

"Hah!," I laughed, "that was a very diplomatic way of saying that!" Then I asked, "do you get many guys my size in here? Lorna said it was one of your specialties, big guys that is."

"Oh yes indeed, being a college town we seem to have more than our share of ample men, then I have quite the clientele that comes from the big city, you know with all the big dinner parties and entertaining, that place just seems to be crawling with men over 300 pounds."

"But how about my size?"

"Well Lorna did say you are over 500 pounds now, and there aren't quite as many of those in my client list ... let me think ... I'm thinking maybe a half dozen or so ..."

"If you are allowed to say, who is your biggest?"

"I can't share names of course ... that would violate tailor-client privilege (he said with a laugh), but my heaviest client currently is 650 pounds, at least the last time he was in a couple of months ago. But I imagine he's bigger now, that wife of his is a relentless feeder ... much like your Lorna!"

"So my girlfriend has a reputation?"

"Oh God yes!"

"What about your tailor - client privilege?"

"Ah my boy," he sighed, patting me on the belly for emphasis, "Lorna has never actually been my client!"

We both laugh heartily at that, then Haim continues, "you should have seen her ex -- he started out a relatively trim man, then made it to close to 700 pounds over the years."

"700?," I asked incredulously, "she told me he was maybe 450!"

Haim paused, knowing he'd probably said too much, then adds, "that was after he lost some weight ..."

But then he patted me on my meaty upper arm and said, consolingly, "but I kept him well dressed throughout and we can do the same for you, at reasonable prices I might add." Then he adds, "perhaps you can now become my heaviest client ever ..."

I'm speechless and he grabs my upper arm and leads me toward his fitting room in the back, telling me, "now go in here and take off your clothes, except your underwear, as I have to take a series of exacting measurements to make sure we have the exact right fit for you. I'll wait outside and you can call me when you're ready."

As he's walking back through the door to the front room, however, he pauses and turns back to me to say, "I almost forgot, I always keep donuts back there for my clients, so make sure to have some ... I bought an extra dozen knowing that you're Lorna's beau!"

fat hiker

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Oct 25, 2005
Ottawa, ON
"Then he adds, "perhaps you can now become my heaviest client ever ..."

This kind of line holds out so much promise - I hope this story continues.

I really, really enjoyed reading it!


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May 3, 2014
Lorna's Bra Fitting

As I start to head out the door of Haim's tailoring shop, he calls out, "and perhaps before too long you can become my heaviest client ever ..."

I laugh and tell him, "if Lorna has her way with me, I probably will."

Haim looks at me wistfully and says, "I look forward to that ..."

Once out the door, I dig into my pants pocket to retrieve my cellphone to call Lorna to let her know I'm finished. She answers on the second ring and before I can say anything, she tells me, "I'll meet you out front in a minute ... I'm a block away and can see you ... you're just so big you're taking up the whole sidewalk!" Then a click and the phone is dead.

I turn around and see her walking at a brisk pace, amazing really for someone who not too long ago weighed over 400 pounds ... she just has so much energy now and I have next to none ... except when I'm eating or making love to Lorna!

She catches up to me in no time and says, "great timing ... I have one more stop to make, down the street another block ... think you can walk that far? Or should I just roll you?" she adds with a laugh. "I think I can make it a block!," I bellow.

But as we continue down the block, we walk by an ice cream parlor and Lorna can see the look of sheer lust in my eyes, and she says sympathetically, "I suppose we can take a little break before my last stop ..." We walk in and I press my belly against the glass trying to see what flavors they have, and Lorna whispers in my ear, "the Chocolate Decadence" is to die for, I used to eat it all the time ... back when I was really fat."

The middle-aged woman behind the counter, I assume she is the owner, turns around and says, "oh hi Lorna, haven't seen you in ages!" They exchange pleasantries, and then she asks, "and who is this handsome hunk?" We exchange greetings and then she says, "you know, we really miss Lorna around here now that she's gotten so skinny, but maybe YOU can be our best customer now, what do you say?"

Lorna and I both laugh then Lorna tells her, "I need to get him to move here first, but if he ever does, this place and The Custard Shoppe across town will have record profits!" "Please move!," the shoppe mistress begs me pleadingly, as she hands me my triple-scoop. Then she asks, "what will you have Lorna?" Lorna just responds, "a glass of water if you will ... don't want to get fat again like Tubby here!"

It only takes me four minutes to polish off the three scoops (Lorna timed me) and I wipe my mouth with the napkin, bid adieu to my new friend, and head out to Lorna's last stop. "Where we going anyway?," I ask. "Oh, to my bra fitter, need a new one to hold the girls in at the wedding." "Do you really need me to go?," I plead, and she hushes me, telling me it will only take a few minutes. Then she adds, "she also carries sexy lingerie and toys, so you might like it in there ..."

As we walk in, the owner greets Lorna like they are old friends, and I get an introduction. The owner, Shirley, sizes me up and says, "this must be the new boyfriend I've been hearing about around town!" I blush a little, then blush a little more as I spy some of the things she has sitting on the shelves of her shop. She sees me staring at one item in particular, a leather flogger, and says, "when I've finished fitting Lorna, maybe you two can step into the changing room and try out some of our toys!"

Soon she takes Lorna by the hand and leads her into the back to be fitted and I browse the shelves, thoughts dancing through my head as to what Lorna and I could do with some of these things and completely clueless to what others of them were intended for.

A few moment later, the two of them step out and Shirley sizes me up again. I probably look a mess as it's pretty warm inside the shop and I'd noticed that my shirt had big sweat marks under my moobs. Shirley just turns to Lorna and says, "you know, this guy should be the one getting fitted!" That made Lorna snort like a pig and she broke into a huge belly laugh, finally responding, "you know you're right, let's take Fatty into the back and get him measured!"

Looking none too pleased, Shirley pats me on the back and says, "I don't mean for a bra ... though that would be fun ... but for something a little more fun." "What's that?," I ask, cautious but curious too.

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