A Dream Come True - by Eager Eater (SSBBW, Magic Growth, Squashing, ~XWG)

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Eager Eater

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Jan 22, 2006
SSBBW, Magic Growth, Squashing, ~XWG - Immense growth follows the ingestion of a mysterious red pill, to the lucky husband's delight.

A Dream Come True
by Eager Eater

One day I came home from a long business trip, tired and exhausted. As I took off my jacket and settled my luggage, I noticed a bright yellow piece of paper with writing on it. I picked it up from the couch.

"Come upstairs. I got a surprise for you."

It was from my wife.

My beautiful, attractive wife Felicia. We have been married over a year now, and it has been pleasant so far. Smooth brown skin, silky hair, bright blue eyes, amazing smile...man, it just makes me happy thinking about her.

She also had an amazing pear shaped body she loved. It was perfect on her. Those yummy hips, thighs, breasts, and that small, bulging little belly make me smile.

Lucky man I am.

I went upstairs to our bedroom, changed into my house wear of a T-shirt and mesh shorts, and heard my wife speak.

"Alan, is that you?"

"Yes, it's me."

Her voice came from the bathroom. She spoke again.

"I'll be out in a minute. Wait by the bed."

Excitement rushed throughout my body. I sat on the edge of the bed, anticipating the surprise I needed from a long trip.

I heard a series of noises. Creaking, a bit of grunting, and soon the bathroom door opened to a surprise I didn't expect.

It was Felicia. My wife. Bigger than before.

She stood in front of the door, flashing that sexy smile on her face that now had the addition of a second chin.

Felicia's body was a sight. Legs and thighs were bigger, breasts stretching a green tank top. And that little jelly belly? Now it's a beautiful apron of fat that was hanging, at the top of her thighs.

"Hi Alan. I missed you so much during these two weeks. I read your e-mail about your 100,000th sale, so I decided to celebrate by putting on some weight for you. 400 pounds of Felicia. Hope you like."

Speechless. Amazed. Exceedingly happy. These feelings were in me at this moment.

"Baby, I sure do."

Her smile widened. "I knew you would."

She walked toward me slowly. I took in the sights as she giggled. She stopped right in front of me, and all I saw was belly. Her belly. My eyes were front and center at the fleshy orb, noticing the smooth skin and deep navel. Then, Felicia shook it wildly. Big bouncing brown belly flesh in my eyes.

I was hypnotized.

"It's been a dream of mine to grow fatter and fatter. And now tonight, I will make that dream come true."

She walked over the dresser and picked up a small red object.

I had to ask. "What's that, honey?"

"The key that will open my dream."

Felicia ingested it. Must have been a pill...tablet...candy?

My wife slowly laid on top of me, pinning me flat on the bed, body on my chest like a warm, toasty quilt. We made eye contact. She smiled. I smiled.

There was noise. Grumbling. Gurgling. Groaning.

It was coming from her belly.

Felicia's noisy belly was slowly growing. Then, her breasts started growing, oozing on my shoulders. Her green top stretched, showing rows of stretching fabric.

"Felicia, are you-"

She put a finger on my lips and said, "Enjoy the sight."

No problem with that.

I looked over Felicia's shoulder and noticed her butt growing, hearing the sounds of stretching restraint from her panties.

Two cheeks rising. What a sight!

Felicia made a small, orgasmic groan and her body began to grow faster.

Butt, belly, and breasts were growing at a brisk pace. Man, I was turned on!

The bed began to creak. I started to feel a bit of the heaviness of her growing body, yet I didn't feel crushed. My breathing and circulation was normal, no pain of any kind. She was growing more softer than heavier.

Suddenly, the growing stopped, and my wife emitted a big, long fart that made her butt explode from the panties, shaking in all of its sexy, naked glory.

"Ooh! Excuse me!" My wife and I chuckled. I never heard her fart like that before.

Immediately, her belly rumbled loudly. The growing continued.

Her belly grew fatter, and as it did, I noticed that Felicia's smile was moving higher and higher from my face. That's when I noticed her breasts.

They seemed tightly constricted from the tank top, cleavage bulging from the top and bottom of the short shirt. It looks like they would really destroy the top; breast flesh was almost covering the top, the straps were sinking into Felicia's soft shoulders.

My wife grimaced. "Ohh, my breasts feel so painful. I need to pop this top soon!"

Felicia made a louder groan and her breasts grew faster.

"I want to get bigger, bigger!" my wife yelled.

The bed creaked loudly. I could her the cracking and groaning of the wood. I was now feeling Felicia's massive body pushing on me. However, I didn't receive as much pressure as the bed did, which was weird.

I smiled. As my wife grew fatter before me, I felt like I was in paradise. I am surrounded by gorgeous fat flesh!


My wife made another groan of orgasm. The bed was weakening. Her top was stretching loudly as it seemed to sink inside the increasing breast flesh. My heart was beating faster than usual. All three of these sounds were whirling around in my head.

"Loving it so far, Alan?" my wife asked happily.

I cannot lie. This was the weirdest, most arousing thing I've ever experienced!

"Yes, baby, I'm loving it!" I shouted with glee.

"Good, cause it's not over yet! Ungh!"

She groaned. She grew. I gasped in delight.

"Ohhhh, I want to be so BIG!...Unh!...LARGE...OooOOh...HUUUGE!!!"

Her body groaned.


The bed was crying for help.


The top was slowly ripping. I watched closely as the strands of the straps began to snap, starting on the left side.

BOING! There goes one.


PING! There goes two.

PING! Three.

PING! Four.

One strand was hanging on for dear life. On the right side, four strands immediately snapped, leaving another lone strand of fabric still holding. The breast flesh was jiggling furiously to escape the top.


Felicia was moving around, trying to pop the top as soon as possible. I couldn't help but watch quietly as my fleshy mountain of a wife grew.

There was a quick array of sounds. The bed was wailing, the strands were straining, and my heart was pounding. My wife was in a orgasmic trance.









The bed broke loudly, and the top was finally done for. My face was soon in between one enormous chest of one giant body.

"WHOO! I'm free!" Felicia screamed in delight. She slowly turned over on the other side of the bed, revealing her immensely fat body. She had to be nearly a ton.

Her belly was a mountain! It towered over her head and covered the bottom half of her body. The breasts were enormous, showing some indentations made from the strained top. Her arms, butt, and legs grew quite big. Felicia's face seemed fuller, especially with another chin and nice, chubby cheeks.

Even though she turned over, half of her body was still on me. Hey, I'm not complaining. I grabbed her soft belly roll and squeezed it, noticing how soft it was.

My growing lady smiled. She knew I was enjoying this (who on Earth wouldn't?)

"So, what do you think of the new me?" Felicia asked.

I moved from under Felicia's body and climbed on top of her belly.

"Felicia, you look even better than ever. Your body is so big I can't help but love it! I'm glad you were able to achieve your dream, and I am so attracted to you right now! I love you!"

"I love you too, Alan. I'm so glad you still love me."

"Baby, without a doubt in my mind, I will always love you."

We shared one long romantic kiss, my face resting in the gentle softness of her face.

"Thank you for the surprise, Felicia."

"You're welcome, but it's not over yet!"

She clapped her hands twice and the lights went dim. As for the rest of the surprise, well, let me say this:



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Jun 19, 2007
Sometimes stories put too much effort into explaining the why and the how of the magic. I LOVE the fact that this story is simply the magic, from a blissed out first-person perspective.


Eager Eater

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Jan 22, 2006
Sometimes stories put too much effort into explaining the why and the how of the magic. I LOVE the fact that this story is simply the magic, from a blissed out first-person perspective.

You're welcome! I was actually going to explain the why and how, but I decided to leave it surreal. It's much better that way.


Dec 30, 2005
I rarely post but always read. I finally found the one. Best ive ever read. dont lose sight of the imagination you have. I couldnt have imagined it better. Its basically the exact fantasy ive had for 14 years lol. im curious to see if you have anything else comming our way. :)

Eager Eater

Well-Known Member
Jan 22, 2006
I rarely post but always read. I finally found the one. Best I've ever read. Don't lose sight of the imagination you have. I couldn't have imagined it better. Its basically the exact fantasy I've had for 14 years lol. I'm curious to see if you have anything else coming our way. :)
I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Don't worry about my crazy imagination, it's not going anywhere!;)

If you want to see more of my stories, check out my deviantART:


womble/leprechaun hybrid!
Nov 22, 2007
This is a really nice story

It's all without knowing what the pill actually is, which is a nice change to how most people explain it all (i am a primary sufferer of "Explain all" syndrome), and adds an element of mystery too it. Well done

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