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BHM A Quick Expansion

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Jan 11, 2021
Manawatu, New Zealand
This story I will label as fantasy but it is so close to the true event I worry myself.

It is a quick simple story.

It is a story of rapid weight gain.

Parts of it is written as diary entrys.

A quick expansion

It was after not being able to adjust my wieght down for a long time I decided to try the opposite. How much change would I like to try I questioned myself. A conversation I had overheard earlier in the day was two woman discussing a persons build, as square.

"He is, as wide, as he is tall." the cruel taunt went. I must be close to that I was thinking.

I went home and stood against the door frame and with my hand on top of my head placed it against the door frame. I stepped away with the tape measure in one hand and placed it against the palm of the hand against the wall. I walked my hands down the tap measure making sure it did not shift until I got tto the bottom. I looked t the measurement of 63 inches. I still had not grown any since 14 years old.

I wrap the tap around my midsection and it came up 10 inches shorter. Hmm I could do that in a month I told myself. I shall have it done by ANZAC Day.

"What a I going to eat to achieve this.", as I said tis to my self I looked through the kitchen cupboards seeking the fattening foods. Just like the fridge there was plenty but this had to be something super fattening.

I have to go to the supermarket and see what is in there. I had never brought bulking up agent, as I had never thought about going to the gymnasium. Now I was thinging about buying some for bulking up without muscle building.

As I stepped into the garage I saw most of my answer. Custard powder now that is high in calories and not to hard to eat. It was left over from an abandon school camp. No one wanted it so I put my hand up. "Should I mix it with bulking powder or just eat it own its own?"

I decided to eat it on its own so I had to learn how to mix and made it. Youtube has everything; however it does not tell you what went wrong, when it ends different to the video. It was very different.

It tasted right just a bit runny. I decided anything extra eaten would put weight on so I should added this one thing to my diet. For one week I added 1 litre (about 4 cups) of custard; eaten through the day, every second day. I was around 54-inch waist at the end of the week.

This is a 4-week plan and not 10 weeks so I knew I had to crank it up. An extra litre is a lot but spread over the day it did not seem too much. I found a fattening agent made from cheese by-product online used for cattle. It was $18 for 2 twenty-kilogram bags, which was more than I needed.

The following week I increased to eating 1 litre of custard every day while I waited for my stock feed to arrive. The result was instant 57 inches at the weeks end.

I was please with 3 inches in a week but I was already halfway through the time. I had been to a health shop and brought some bulking compounds and on the last day of the week successfully mixed it into the custard. I was going to have to step up the intake. I tried 1.5 litres on the second day and 1 on the others.

I felt heavy and the extra was noticeable but 4 days in I was doing 1.5 litres every day. With the one week to go I re-measured myself and I had only put on 1/2 inch. The cattle supplementary feed had arrived and I decided to add a cow dosage to my custard.

It is easy to eat. Not dry. Do not need to drink with it Heavy but not bulky. Empty calories billions per litre. Does not cause issues like diarrhoea.

I am now doing 2 litres every day, as I was mixing 4 litres in each batch. This was noticeable but I want to be 60 inches 5 feet by ANZAC. I knew I was not going to make 5 foot 3 inches in time and moved it to the end of the month.

The daughter of the local bakery had noticed the extra 4 inches and commented. I told her I was trying for my height in circumference but I am having trouble eating all the calories every day. She told me that she had a solution and talked me into her coming around that night.

She arrived at the time discussed with a litre of custard left over at the shop. She had doped it up with something that relaxed the stomach but she also rubbed oil onto my abdomen. This helped with stretching skin but also relaxed the abdominal muscles.

It was my first day of 3 litres of custard and it got through it all with her help. It seemed effortless and fun with her playing, massaging all my padded area with main attention on my ballooned belly.

Something did change. I am getting a thicker layer of fat on the rib cage. I want the fat to go to the abdomen only. I want no expansion of the thighs, hips, and bottom or man breasts. If the fat keeps going to the ribs I said to Kelly I would reduce quantity to see if I am pushing too fast. If fat stops going to the ribs I will increase to 3 litres every day.

She told me that my waistline would fatten in no time at all. She said she just did not want me to get sick of it and asked my to try condensed milk as well. She also said it is my genes that will decide where the fat goes. She personally loves seeing an even distribution of fat across the body and the jiggle is so beautiful on men.

It is 5 days to the end of April. May day is my target to reach 63 inches around the middle. Yesterday Kelly gave me a dish (200 X 200 X 100 mm) 256 cubic inches of Trifle to eat. The lass who gave it to me physically aided the food down with belly massage oil.

I woke up the next morning quite full still. Today I will have to miss today's extra and some of my normal unless Kelly knows how to push the food through.

I have discovered that measuring increase size is not that easy. My daily intake is about 7500 calories and I have dropped down to 57 1/4 inches. The sag of the underneath of the belly although I never measured at start looks like it has increased.

The clinic I go to scales stopped at 160 kilograms. I exceeded that. Measuring past a size is difficult.

The waist is sagging apron so volume measurement is meaningless, as the volume is in different location.

The only legitimate way to measuring is perpendicular to the spine but the belly is not shaped that way after 1 inch forward of the hip. The bulk of the weight sits in the lower portion of the abdominal area between hip and belly button and that sinks towards the knees.

I have a friend who has a tilting wheel. This wonderful device allows limbs to be strapped to it. It is the safer version of hanging from a bar in wardrobe. I can go from horizontal to vertical but also be rotated up side down. It can rotate a person upside down for long as required and then upright them again.

When the wheel is described as horizontal it means it is flat like a table. Mounting the wheel is the same as getting on a bed. Then the wheel is tilted to become vertical with the person rotated up right.

For the purpose of resettling the belly in a non-dropping state does not require going all the way to vertical like many of the things it is used for. At 65 degrees to Horizontal it works correctly. The belly in the upright position lower portion that has the majority of the bulk sags. Rotated upside down and the bulk part heads towards the chest. It does not move over the solar plexus but sits from hip to belly button.

In this position taking a measurement perpendicular to the spine gives the true diameter of the abdomen.

The expansion is right angle to spine. No one else measures that way so it will be meaningless however I will get the difference since February in the next few days.

During the initial rapid growth period I found my stomach muscles was not keeping up with supporting mass while sleeping on my back giving a squash sensation on my innards. I was enjoying that. The muscles were good for the first 20 minutes and tired out succumbing to the load bearing down.

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