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Abbott 'blames fat people for obesity'

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Pam Poovey's Stunt Double
Sep 30, 2005
South of the Tweed
Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott blames overweight people for their obesity, his NSW counterpart says.

NSW Health Minister John Hatzistergos said Mr Abbott had told him obesity "was a self-inflicted illness".

He said Mr Abbott's attitude toward obesity was the reason behind a lack of federal government action on what was a fundamental health issue.

Mr Hatzistergos renewed his call to Mr Abbott to reconsider his refusal to join a states and territories working party reviewing the role of food marketing and advertising.

"I ask him to reconsider his position," Mr Hatzistergos told reporters.

"We need cooperation on the major issues, particularly when it comes to questions of marketing, advertising and promotion.

"These things fall into the bailiwick of the commonwealth and we need their involvement and their leadership.

"The responsibility for a lot of the communication issues rests with the federal government for this fundamental health issue."

Why must fatness or obesity been seen as a disease that has to be cured?

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