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Advocacy human rights Healthcare Canada please help

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Jan 2, 2020
Toronto, Canada
Not sure where to turn. 49 years old and its fully closing in on me. I could avoid things before or ignore. Now that I can’t I don’t know where to turn for help. There seen to be no humans rights issue or its a grey line if I’m denied health care due to my size. I used to blame myself. So full of shame thats why I kept quiet. Its hard for me to go into details right now even though this is a safe place. But today I was told I would not get a new scooter ( even though I desperately need one ) because the government does not fund the ones over 400lbs . There is alot more serious stuff going on but I’m not ready to fully open up about it if anyone lives in Ontario and knows how to get helpfor advocacy please reach out to me.
Thank you

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