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An Ode To FAs Everywhere...

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Gaining Goddess

Well-Known Member
Oct 3, 2005
I posted this on these boards a few years ago but since the old boards are gone and there are new members here daily, I thought I wolud post it again...

Way back when I first opened my site and was astounded by the magnatude of so many gracious fat admirers that graced my inbox with so much appreciation, I wrote a little diddy to reciprocate my gratitude....I think its about time to post it again to remind all the gentlemen out there how much we appreciate them.......it went a little something like this.............

For those of you who adore us
And admire our every pound
You grace us with your tender touches
To our tummies round

Your hearts so full of compassion
To acknowledge the beauty within
And best of all you worship us
As our figures are not thin

You marvel at our suppleness
And how we jiggle and bounce
Offering life's delicacies
As we devour every ounce

You bless us with your adornment,
Decency, charm and wit
You always show excitement
When our clothes no longer fit
You continually hold us in high regard
And treat us with much respect
In awe of your appreciation
You give more than we expect

Your passion is astounding
Your souls so full of pride
Your real men with dignity
With absolutely nothing to hide

With Much Love,

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