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Anticipating health pitfalls

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Sep 24, 2014
The West!
I am one of those people carrying, according to "weight charts," 76 extra pounds, but who has never had anything like high blood pressure, pre-diabetes or the like. The only thing I can report is occasional breathlessness and some lower back pain over the last two years (I've gained 17 pounds) but I combat it with swimming and biking and (some) weight lifting. I don't eat a ton of sugar or crappy foods - my weight is result of letting go and eating as I wish, which means more calories than I need, especially at night after work when I might have a full meal and go straight to bed. I'm not trying to gain weight but if it happens I'm not gonna freak out. (In fact, sometimes I'm very pleased when the scale goes up, as quite a few people here are!) I also don't have any diabetes or cancer in my family, which I'm told is one of the prime things to look for - what did your grandparents die of? (Both my paternal grandparents died in their 50s of A) Stroke and B) Heart attack)

But both Grandmas lived into their 90s, ate all the bacon they wanted their whole lives and never exercised!

I do wonder if I should do this or that to keep my health on track - other than losing weight. Thoughts welcome.
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