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My Doctor Blew My Mind Today

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Pleasantly abstruse.
Oct 5, 2007
East Central Illinois, USA
I see my primary care doctor every three months to keep abreast of my various medical issues. Near the end of my visit, I asked him about help with weight loss. I know this is a fraught subject, and me bringing up the subject with a doctor never happens - until today. Normally I am quite militant about my weight, and forbid discussion of it. Recently, though, I'm feeling like I've gotten too large for my fragile health.

So how did my doctor blow my mind? When he RESPECTFULLY went through the reasons that there was nothing he could ethically do as a doctor to intervene in my situation, because I cannot exercise, and take at least two medicines that have weight gain as a side effect. He actually praised me for keeping my weight stable over the last three months. He did say there was one medication, Ozempic, that deadens the apetite as a side effect. Ozempic is a diabetes drug, but somehow does not lower blood sugar if blood sugar is not high to begin with. He also said Medicare would not pay for it for me because I do not have diabetes, there are no approved off-label uses for it at this time, and it is impossibly expensive anyway. Maybe someday. But anyway, I was utterly blown away. I've NEVER been treated as well by a doctor regarding my weight as he treated me today. I've truly found a unicorn.

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