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Any european BHM willing to meet a FFA?

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Well-Known Member
Jan 25, 2006
Hi everybody,

I know it's not a dating site, but i've been here for quite a while and i hope that you don't mind...

It's almost half-a-year since i'm single. I had a wonderful relationship with the man i love and we broke up because i couldn't see him suffer because he wanted to be thin and he couldn't see me suffer because i wanted him to stay fat and to get fatter.

I'd be a lier if i said i'm ready to fall in love again - we still see each other, like friends, but we are more than friends deep inside.

But since i re-discovered being FFA while being with him (if you read my previous posts you should know the story), i have to admit that i have never had a real experience - i mean not an experience of being with a fat man, but with a fat and happy about being fat one.

I have never caressed a fat belly without feeling guilty about it. I have never been a feeder. I have never walked a man into a big-and-tall shop. I have never done all the things i dream about.

I feel like a 12-year old virgin really when it's about BHM. I chat with a couple of guys on-line but i have never met a really fat and happy guy in person.

I don't know what exactly am i looking for, but whatever, i'm looking for some real experience with a real BHM - it could be just meeting and chatting, it could be feeding, it could be something else.

If there's a European BHM here willing to visit Milan (or i could visit your you in your city, or we can meet somewhere else!), or not European but living in or traveling to Europe, please drop me a message, let's get to know each other?

I'm a nice and smart person, i'm a good company. I'm just too much worried about being so alone in this fat-phobia world. And i do feel like an unexperienced teenager.

Well, here i am, hoping to hear from you!

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