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Loopy's Lair: Level 2

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Well-Known Member
Dec 14, 2012
Thought I might restart what was essentially my diary here!

Shouting into the void helps sometimes, you know?

I feel the need to share this video:

View attachment 353493031_6048697001905244_6627128343272036522_n.mp4

Poppies are my favourite flowers, for sure. Small friend likes them too.

I've been thinking about some FA stuff recently too.

For a long time, I thought I was only into BHM/SSBHM. But more recently, I've found myself enjoying even skinny-fat/chubby guys too, as long as I like their personality. It's such a strange feeling to me, throughout most of my life I've liked bigger and bigger guys. I still love my SSBHM but it's like the area for what I find attractive has gotten wider lately. Maybe it is just having a celebrity crush on a person that is just chubby that has made me broaden these things? It's interesting, though, right?

Having a celebrity crush in general feels weird for me, hah...

Especially it being a dude.

It's awkward, I never quite know where I fit in in these boards sometimes. The BHM/FFA board is my spiritual home but my panro self wants to talk about girls too. But I feel that isn't allowed here.

For now, I'll show the world the only good picture I've taken of this little gremlin instead of musing, hah.


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