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Anyone else have a problem with size limits on hospital equipment

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Live laugh love always :)
Jul 12, 2011
, Femsle
Hi was just wondering if anyone has had trouble get diagnostic imaging done due to a weight limit size on the machinery... I live in a country where growing obesity is prevalent yet the equipment hospitals purchase are not up to par at least not here where I live... I was supposed to get a Bone scan, had to drive 2 and a half hours to nearest regional hospital that does them, the weather was the pits and my brother had to take me as I don't drive in the snow(yes I am too chicken)... when I got in for my appointment the lady asked my weight and height which I gave her, she left and then came back to tell me sorry the limit for the machine was 300 lbs and she couldn't do the test... so I had to take a day off work, drag my brother through crappy weather, gas here isn't cheap and then they couldn't help me, does this make any sense? I think every diagnostic machine should have a limit of at least a 1000 lbs, i mean I know 300 might seem like a high limit but it really isn't' realistically... guess bigger folks like me don't need those kinda tests... anyone else face this problem?

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