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Nov 5, 2021
Those of you who are library lovers will know that we have several Archive boards in the Library where we store older stories after they have been in Recent Additions for a while. The BBW and BHM archives make up the majority of the library stories but there are also a few other archive boards; Fine Arts, Erotica, Special Interests and Fantasy/Sci-Fi. Fine Arts and Erotica are pretty self explanatory, but what about the other two boards?

  • The Special Interests Archive was made as a home for stories of a more kink/fetish based nature, such as ones focusing primarily around force feeding, squashing, stuckage etc.

  • The Fantasy/Sci-Fi Archive was originally made for stories of those genre's, but over time it has become more of a home to fetish based fantasy work (inflation, unrealistic size, magic weight gain etc). with a lot of the more vanilla stories that happen to have a fantasy/sci-fi setting being put into the regular BHM/BBW board.

Because of this, we feel that combining the Special Interests and Fantasy/Sci-Fi Archives into one big home for kinks would be easier for people to navigate. So, starting today, the two boards will be merged. The title of the board will still be Special Interests Archive, but it will now contain everything focused primarily on fat-related fetishes. Don't worry, none of the stories are being removed and they will all still be available, just hopefully in an easier place to find.

As the Special Interests board is Opt-In only, you will need to ask myself or the site admin if you want access. It's completely free, just let us know and we will sort it for you.

Hope you enjoy!
Can I please be opted in to the special interest archive as well? Thank you!