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Cost of cpap machine? And big medical expense rant.

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Well-Known Member
Oct 3, 2005
, Female
My husband needs a cpap machine, and found out from our health insurance company that we have to pay $300.00 up front and an additional $50.00 a month in equipment rental fees. Does this sound right?

It's not optional, so we have to cut back on something to work it into the budget. But my god, we're already spending $500.00 a month for prescription and specialist visit copays and medical financing payments. And I need at least $500.00 more to deal with abnormal cervical cells within the next few months. And that's not even counting the several hundred dollars worth of dental copays I need to save two of my teeth. And if either of us get sick or hurt, we have to suck it up unless it becomes potentially life threatening. No new glasses prescription anytime soon, either.

I fucking hate that I have to just let my teeth go and fight with my husband over whose serious medical condition gets addressed first and which has to wait and hope for the best. His sleep apnea is so severe that he needs the cpap today. But he's afraid I'll develop cervical cancer if I keep putting off the office procedures to address the abnormal cells so he hasn't confirmed the order yet.

Fuck it, maybe we'll flip a coin. And my cardiologist says stress will increase my risk for another stroke. If he doesn't clear me to drive and start looking for a full time job when I see him tomorrow, I'm going to have a nuclear meltdown in his office and stroke out on the spot.

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