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Cute FA things

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Well-Known Member
Sep 29, 2019
New england
I remember there being a tumblr page shared awhile ago called cute-feedism-things. Basically it was a place to share the sweeter, gentler side of feedism. That said, most of the posts on there were very fetish-specific. I thought maybe making a general thread here might be a fun idea! Basically just share something about being an FA (or receiving affections from one!) that makes you smile or you feel is cute or positive. No real rules, just general positivity.

I will start things off! A little while ago, my lovely lady and I went on a short hiking endeavor in a nearby bog. It was very fun, we had a great time. As we were leaving, we saw a couple with their dogs. One looked to be a labrador, the other was a big fluffy white one (probably a Samoyed). I turned to my girlfriend and said "I want the big fluffy one!!!", to which she replied "is that what you said about me?" 🤣
She was so proud of herself at getting me to laugh at one of her fat jokes.😄

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