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"Dear Fat People....."

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"Bitter Old Man"
Sep 29, 2005
, Male
I'm sure the regular readers here are aware of the fat hating video that went viral last week that starred a quasi celebrity named Nicole Arbour. She goes on and on for almost 15 minutes about how horrible fat people are, etc.

I'm not going to link to it, simply because I don't want to give this person any more views and media coverage than she's already gotten. While her account was suspended by YouTube for hate speech, that little victory was short lived, as her account has been reinstated.

What I got from all of this media coverage is that media does it because it gets reaction from fat people. Gets. It. Every. Time.

And that reaction often comes as a collected effort to send hate back to the person(s) who start it. I think the only winner in battles like this are the media, who gets hits on their website, or listeners/viewers to their media.

While I'm not advocating the abandonment of activism, I think that there are levels of activism that work better than others, and in this particular case I think that screaming negative comments back at Ms. Arbour won't accomplish a thing. In fact it might make things worse. To that end, at least her video had the comments disabled.

With that said, Whitney Thore of TLC's "My Big Fat Fabulous Life" had a pretty salient response to Arbour's hate rant, and addressed it pretty much point by point. IF you'd like to take the time, here's a link to her response:


Just as important, I think that we all need to sit back sometimes and realize that without us (generally the Fat Acceptance community), a self proclaimed "comedienne" like this has no other way to garner any kind of attention, mostly because she has no talent. While I don't generally think much of memes, I do think that this particular one is pretty spot on when it comes to this.

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