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user 131842

FFA/small BBW
May 6, 2022
In the past I always talk about on how I am always using Reddit.

I tried to take a break from it. But lately I needed to look for advice on clothing brands and job hunting tips. Somehow, I always end up seeing a few fataphobic comments. Even in the unexpected subreddits. It's so surreal and fucked up.

Just now there is a thread someone describing job interviews like dating. Which is funny but true. In the comments a dude mentions he scores a certain amount of dates with women. Yet gets zero calls from interviews. Nothing wrong with the comment until in one response he states he won't sleep with fat women.

I know it's just a preference. However I've been seeing so much fataphobia on that platform it's getting ridiculous. I know I could just subscribe to safe subreddits but I don't have an account and I don't want to make one.

Though it also applies to BHM. There is such a high personal vendetta against BBW. Though generally Reddit is a manosphere and hates any kind of woman. Anyways, when I was looking up sizes in Asia. I came across a video of plus size stores in Asia with funny Engrish names. (like fat girl or something like that) I will admit it was a silly video but the comments sure killed the mood. Some tomfool thought a "Twitter whale" would cancel the video.

Of course, I know it's not unique to Reddit. On YouTube I noticed a rise of anti-fat propaganda. Which I don't ever recall seeing in the late 2000's and early 2010's. I mean I do remember the Snorlax insults but that was just a small fraction. Now in the comments you see people who are sheep and for some reason are against people for just being big.

Before anyone says. Yes, I know it's the internet and people have anonymity which means they can say anything they want whatever is on their mind. I grew up on the internet, admittedly. I am just tired of seeing this type of hatred on a community site that has useful value that I can't name any similar site except maybe Discord.

Overall, I will have to resort to videos and books. I am planning to maybe go without Reddit within 8 months. Maybe that is too high of a number but maybe the long length of time will make me a strong person. I thought of getting a flip phone to reduce my screen time.

If I pass 8 months without browsing. Then I may reward myself a haul of LPS toys.

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