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Well-Known Member
Jun 5, 2013
somewhere on the road
I am looking for actual dreams. Not win the lottery, marry a celebrity, be able to fly....dreams. When you sleep dreams.
I do not dream very often but when I do it is more often than not very wierd.
Here is one that I had the other night.

My current wife were living in the house that I grew up in as a child. (She has never been inside). I was off in a bedroom and she calls me into the living room asking where the tv remote is. She then goes to the kitchen. The tv is set up on the floor directly in front of the front door with the cable box on top and flowers in a vase. Like it was there long term. The only other door leads out to the backyard. I see a female mannequin dressed in a cheap Halloween maids outfit sitting on the couch. I also see a Chuckie doll. (Chuckie is from a horror movie series)I pull Chuckies shorts down and lay him over lap and raise her arm like she is about to spank him. And call to my wife.... And thats when I wake up.

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