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Easter Food!

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Feb 17, 2009
Easter food , Pesach food, Ostara food etc. Happy Easter 2023.

Homemade mini salmon pastries, trial run batch.
The doughroll form learn this one from my daughter when she was here.
Dough crust recipe is from my very old BHG Cookbook edition 1977 bought in the 70s. In my teens buy kitchen items.
Roll out dough very thin near circle/round scoop up together upwards in fluid motion roll wrap twist to shape into ovals with crimped edges.

Filling of pastries : can of salmon drained, lemon juice, olive oil, capers, green olives, mini tomatoes, red bell pepper, shallot, spring onion, smoked spanish paprika de la vera, few raisins for a hint of sweet, few drops chili pepper sauce, parsley salt, dried dill, milled black & white peppercorns.


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