Enchanted Forest - by Machello (~BHM, Fantasy Eating ~XWG)

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Jul 27, 2006
~BHM, Fantasy Eating ~XWG - with apologies to Lewis Carroll, whose Alice also encountered a talking rabbits.

Enchanted Forest
by Machello

John and Jason were going on a camping trip with four of their friends. It was a Pre collage camping trip. They had just exited high school and wanted to make one last get- together before they went off and parted ways.

John and Jason had always been competitive at everything, they worked out together, driving, games, anything. It was just their nature they were friends for years. They loaded up the cars and the six of them drove north.

John's uncle owned around 200 acres and was allowing them to camp on his plot. He only used around 50 for his horses, the rest was forest. They drove up to his uncle's house and got out and hoofed it to the camp site. John and Jason had the cooler and their stuff. The rest were carrying tents and their supplies. They spent most of the first day setting up camp and gathering wood.

John and Jason went to go look for fire wood as the rest sat around the campfire talking.

"John." said Jason, "I am worried. This will be the last time we all get to do anything."

"Yeah I am worried too. We've been friends our whole lives It would be really sad if I didn't see you again."

Jason spotted something up ahead. "What's that?" he exclaimed

It looked like a table it has two chairs next to it. There was a little floor under it like a deck or a porch. The thing the was more bewildering was the tree next to it. It looked like a little house at the bottom with a window that looked yellow from the light inside.

"What is it", John wondered.

The chairs looked like stumps with chair legs. They were small but not too small John thought as he sat down on one. As he did a small rabbit came out of the house.

"What are you?", Jason yelped.

"I am Piddlefeet, I live here along with my large family in the wood, What's your name?"

Still awed by the talking rabbit they both replied by saying their names.

"Well, John and Jason, would you like to join me for a meal? My family would be delighted to serve you", Piddlefeet said. He had a big toothy grin as he clapped and the table suddenly filled up with the most fattening food.

They had no time to reply. Rabbits were coming out of the house. John saw this and tried to get up but some roots grabbed his hands. The rabbits jumped up on the table, winding their way toward each of them. They got to John and started with pasta. They leaned him back and large spoonful after spoonful was shoved down his throat, some of the white sauce dripping on his shirt.

After the first plate of pasta Piddlefeet spoke up, "Perhaps you boys would like a drink of our enchanted nectar!"

The rabbits stuck a large wooden funnel in their mouths and brought up a large skin of the liquid. There had to be at least 3 gallons worth. Their stomachs had expanded slightly but no real changes. Yet.

The rabbits poured and they poured. Each of the boys girths expanded; their shirts were starting to stretch. After the skins were empty the tree roots let go and the rabbits left except for Piddlefeet.

"Don't worry boys the feast isn't done just time for the fun, the second course."

As he said that the breads and rolls, and cheese moved closer. For some reason unknown to them they both started eating with reckless abandon, More then each other had ever eaten. The rolls went down great with refilling cups of enchanted nectar that was very sweet. More of the pastries and rolls were on the second plate. Cream covered, cream filled, glazed, it all made their stomachs expand.

John had a sizable boobs growing and a stomach to match it. Jason on the other hand was all stomach his shirt had long since ridden up and was over his pants and between his knees.

"Yes, eat, eat it all up. Become big and strong." Piddlefeet chanted.

In between pastries is when John's shirt ripped and his stomach and chest exposed themselves. They were truly a product of beauty as they hung down sagging.

After that part of the meal Piddlefeet clapped and the rabbits came out.

Both lads were still both in too much of a stupor to remember what was happening. But for a second they both tried to get up. Though not used to the new and added weight they both fell on their belly as the stools disappeared. The rabbits then came and held them down.

"AHH, ahh Not leaving before dessert are you?" Piddlefeet cried.

As he said that the rabbits were carrying the large 25 gallon tub of a strange liquid.

"You liked the Nectar, now I think you'll like the creame", Piddlefeet cried.

As he said that they took two hoses and put them both in their mouths. They pulled a lever and the nozzles began to squirt. They both felt the cream tasting very sweet, nice and cold.

"Ahh, yes my boys fill up, fill up good become BIG AND FAT, in our enchanted wood" Piddlefeet cried.

It was three quarters of the way done and both of them felt pretty full.

John was bloated in every way. His pants were on their last stand. Jason was beyond belief, His stomach and chest was sphere like. He probably couldn't get up on his own will power. Johns pants tore as he consumed his last swallow; he was left with just his underwear. Both had triple chins.

The tub was empty and Piddlefeet went around to examine his prize. He first examined John. "John you filled up nice, But you look to hot in all those clothes. Why not a second helping to cool you down."

As he clapped the tub refilled and they opened John's nozzle again. He poked Johns stomach to feel its girth. He strolled over to Jason and jumped on is stomach saying, "My my, Jason you better stay away from the sweets or you'll get big and fat, Oh wait you are. Well in that case".

He clapped and they turned on his nozzle again as well.


Well-Known Member
Mar 6, 2006
I liked it. As a suggestion - it felt a little rushed, maybe your next story take a little slower?


Oct 9, 2005
Hopefully its been cleaned up with the editing - spelling and grammer we can handle; its the originality that's most important. This makes a great children's story

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