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FA 'tells'

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Sep 29, 2005
The great white north, eh?
First, using 'tell' in the poker sense of the word, meaning something you do that gives away your feelings or thoughts.

second, an anecdote.

A few days ago, at an outdoor concert, I noticed a pear-shaped, smaller BBW standing with her (boyfriend/fiancée/husband/whatever), a little way in front of where I was standing with my pear shaped, smaller BBW wife. The music was good, but the group wasn’t all that visually compelling so I was people watching on and off, and so it was that a bit later I noticed he had his arm around her, his hand on her upper arm just below the tip of the shoulder, fingers on the thickest part of the arm, palm more on the soft area at the back and maybe on that soft area on the side just below the armpit. Well, I corrected myself, I often put my arm to pretty much that exact spot, in part for those reasons, but it could be coincidence, right?

A while later I’m looking around again, and how his arm is angled down somewhat awkwardly, so that his hand is right about where the softness of love handles starts, still mostly on the back, but just a little bit more toward the side than where you would be on the firmer part of the buttock.

OK, this could be coincidence again, but 2-for-2 he goes for prime FA spots, plus the size of the woman he is with in the first place, I became pretty convinced that he was an FA.

Then a couple days later, at another concert, a gorgeously coiffed, groomed, and dressed BBW happened to be standing with her guy a little way in front of us. And in due course, he puts his arm around her, resting his hand in that exact spot again. I’m thinking “Wow, spotting two FAs in a few days, pretty cool. I feel like I’m getting FADAR or something.”

Then, as I reached my arm around my wife, to rest it on that point where the softness of love handles just begins, I thought “….and I wonder how many people have ‘made’ me over the years, from the exact same behaviors?

So finally the question: fellow FA (of either gender)—do you have any ‘tells’ (as they say in poker) that you think would give you away as an FA to the educated observer? (other than, you know, always dating a fat person, hugging them frequently, and telling people that you prefer fat partners…..I’m talking the more subtle things here. I’m just meaning this topic in fun, mostly a way of laughing at ourselves for being predictable, but if you want to get into deep analysis, go ahead).

For that matter, non-FA who have observed FA tells, I guess you might have even better answers :)

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