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Fat acceptance

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Jul 23, 2022
Melbourne Australia
I hated seeing the struggles that the woman who I was with was having in her efforts to lose weight.
It seemed to me that she was being misled by commonly held beliefs about how to lose weight.
At the same she was being judged and criticised by people who believe that weight gain is caused eating too much and not exercising enough. She was virtually being accused of gluttony, sloth and a lack of self discipline.
I can understand at least some of the struggle. When I weighed 120 Kilograms I wasn’t worried about my weight as I ate healthy natural food, very regularly did heavy workouts at the gym and got plenty of exercise. However my friends and family were so concerned about my health that I accepted a diet and exercise program written for me at the gym. I lost a few kilograms but after a few weeks started feeling hungry all the time on my balanced calorie controlled diet. I hated doing the long boring cardio exercise.
My ability to lift heavy weights was no longer increasing. I was strictly following my program but weight loss was decreasing.
I had less energy and soon my weight started increasing.
When my weight had increased to 120 Kilograms I gave up my weight loss goal. I chose to increase my vitality, energy and health instead.
I ate as much vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, olive oil and other natural foods as I wanted. I did short high intensity exercise instead of long boring cardio. People criticised my eating so much. My weight didn’t change much at first but my waist measurement steadily decreased.
I again made good progress at increasing my strength and over about 2 years I lost all that excess body fat.
I would love to help people have good control over their bodies and help them to free themselves from at least some of the unnecessary struggle.
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