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Fat statues? Any on your shelf?

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user 131842

FFA/small BBW
May 6, 2022
What is your favorite fat figurine Dims? Do you collect any? Is there one you would love to own?

For me, I am stoked that the Japanese figure company Kotobukiya released a cute BBW figure. Titled "Katie Moon's Trick or Treat."

Perfect timing since Halloween is around the corner! Her gradient pink to blue hair is darling.

Time for some lore to this neon devil. She was originally a garage kit made by the independent group Munchkin. They also made other chubby beauties as seen down below.

"City of Cats"​

"Playful Nurse"​

Hopefully Kotobukiya mass produce the other girls someday. Here's another BBW figure I admire made by a different company.

Sonico's friend Super Pochaco! In a wedding outfit and she is manufactured by Wings. Unfortunately, there aren't any BHM anime figures at the moment. But I could always dream...
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