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  • I really wasn't trying to insult her. My post was just stating that I believe the original video was found on Stormfront.
    re: rep "Heh Heh". I listed to many of the songs posted at various times in my long life. I didn't realize they were old. I was kidding about the Lauder song - age-appropriate joke - but actually it is a good song and good advice. Kinda like a more recent saying "Keep On Truckin'"
    haha thanks for stopping by and saying hello on my page... and the warning of the lady on my page :p I love that my profile page got you thinking so deeply :p Hope you are doing well! :)
    If it was more like a Facebook wall, I would have liked your...post, so to speak. But it isn't, so I'm leaving a reciprocal message, mostly because I get to be the first person to do so. And to note that you inspired a certain someone to take the PM route as well; you've brought it back in style.

    Also: Your profile picture always makes me hungry. Clever.
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