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Fat teases

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Well-Known Member
Mar 28, 2008
Has this ever happened to you??
When you tell people you are an Fa, they fatflirt with you??

I had a friend that when they knew i was an fa, would wait till people were out the room and say stuff like "ooft i've gained loads of weight recently" or "i weighed myself recently and i had gained a stone..i cant stop eating cakes" SERIOUSLY!!
At first i thought it was a coincidence but it happened ALL the time..

Also there have been a couple of people that have gained weight when i told them my preference and they were thin, I know that is going to make me sound arrogant..but it happened.!?

Has this kinna fatteasing happened to anyone else?

ps. If GD is reading this, it was a long time ago and is no one you know! :happy:

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