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Favorite Pick-up Lines

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Have you ever heard/used one of the following?

  • "Your parents would never approve of me.... so let's not tell them."

  • "What color of panties are you wearing?"

  • "I never had a dream come true until the day I met you. "

  • "I hope our kids eyes are as beautiful as yours"

  • "So....How do you like me so far?"

  • "With a body like that clothes don't do you justice.."

  • "Do you like your eggs scrambled or fried? Why? I want to know how to make them in the morning."

  • watch another guy get shot down then walk over and say "Aren't men just **bleep**holes?"

  • "Have I died and gone to heaven, cause you look just like an angel"

  • I never use/go for lines.

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Well-Known Member
Jul 13, 2008
Granted they're mostly used in bars but I've certainly heard them elsewhere. Do you have a favorite? Do you think they're all too cheesy?

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