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Aug 25, 2007
SSBBW, XXWG, Gluttony, Force Feeding - An famous actress is taken into a secretive company's hands to be fattened to extreme proportions and a change in perspective.

[Author's Note:] I posted my first story Feeding GaGa a few months ago and can be found here it has some background though not needed to enjoy the story it will help. I can't take full credit for this Mental17 collaborated on this with me. Hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it. There are more sections to this, I'll post them if the response is positive. As a quick side note I used as my author's name from my DA account Moob22, a bit of an oversight on my part, sorry for any confusion.

Feeding Alba
By Moob22 and Mental17

Jessica Alba woke up, lying on top of a large bed, her vision was blurry, but it soon cleared. She found herself looking at a large mirror placed on top of the blank, white sterile looking ceiling. The image looking down on her was a woman that was very thin and attractive. Her large breasts were covered in a tan bra that matched the tone of her skin. Her flat stomach that had won over so many in her movies, which was also was hard to maintain, was missing its piercing. She gazed upon her narrow hips, adorned with a purple colored thong. Her dirty blonde hair was a mess and rested on her breasts. She sat up and pulled up her thong, as it slipped down her ass being it was several sizes too big. The rest of room was rather dull. It was the same color as the ceiling with very little furniture, she slid over to the edge of the bed expecting her feet to hit the bed's base, but they didn't. She hopped off and realized the bed was hovering off the ground; this was not like any rehab center or hospital she had seen before. She looked over to the far right of the bed and noticed a shower and drain, to her left was a long table with a chair at one end, the table went through the wall, the chair looked comfy with some armrests and pillows resting on its sides. In front of the bed was an odd looking device with a pad on the floor and some bands that seemed to hover in the air.

Suddenly Jessica heard a hissing sound behind her and slightly to the left of the bed, she noticed three doors. One was a set of double doors and the other made the hissing sound she had heard. All that Jessica could see was a dark silhouette. Then in came a woman wearing a skin tight burgundy jumpsuit, her brown hair fell over her shoulders framing her thin sharp face, the jumpsuit read F-Tech on the right side and on the left was a nametag; 'Stacie' appeared to be her name. Her stomach was as flat as Jessica's and thanks to the suit her abs could be seen poking out. The suit hugged her hips tightly showing her well toned ass. She was carrying a tablet which emitted a soft orange light; she was busy tapping at it. She smiled, showing off her white and perfect teeth as she looked at Jessica.

"Ms. Alba is it?" Stacie said, almost sounding bored and uninterested. How could anyone not know who she was? Alba thought to herself.

"It is and who the hell are you?" Jessica said some anger in her voice, Stacie just shook her head as a grin appeared on her face, she tapped briefly at her tablet and suddenly what Jessica thought was a wall in front of the bed and table turned into a window. The window over looked a large grass lawn, a forest in the background with pine trees and a highway running along it, the occasional car passed by a large blue jay was picking at the ground for food, it was beautiful.

"Now if you're willing to behave, I'll answer your questions, but I'm sure you're famished..." a yawn from Stacie interrupted her "there's some breakfast on the table. If you are a good girl and eat it all, I'll tell you whatever you want... to an extent." Stacie said to Jessica as if she were a baby. She started to walk to the table, Jessica hated this whole thing but this was the only way she was going to get answers, even if she was in better shape she wanted to make a joke at Stacie's expense, she said it as she watched Stacie's firm ass.

"Whatever you say, lard ass." Jessica said smugly, Stacie smiled she was a fighter and she liked fighters.

"I'll show you a lard ass..." Stacie breathed.

Breakfast was not the kind that Jessica usually had. Five slices of French toast covered in syrup, butter, cinnamon, and some whip cream. Jessica's stomach growled almost like she hadn't eaten in weeks, I could always work it off later, she thought as she sliced a large piece spreading it in the fatty sugary mess that was called syrup. She was through with the first one in about twenty minutes, Stacie moved the next slice on to her plate and Jessica motioned 'no more' to Stacie. Stacie tapped at her wrist, as if there was a watch on it. Jessica sighed, she wanted to know what this woman wanted, she started on the second slice, she took her time, but she noticed that always seemed to have room for just another piece after a long hour and a half, she had finished all of the toast, her stomach looked pregnant and swollen, ready to burst. She groaned in pain as her hands rubbed her aching, distended stomach.

"That wasn't tough was it? Now I'll answer all of your questions." Stacie said walking to beside the chair.

"Where the hell am I?" Jessica said fighting trough the pain.

"In an F-Tech facility, I'm not saying anymore than that," Stacie said professionally.

"Who are you?" Jessica said.

"My name is Stacie Greene and I'll be your coordinator for your two year stay here." Stacie replied.

"Why the hell am I here for two years and what does 'F-Tech' mean?" Jessica said finally.

"Now that's the kind of question I wanted to hear. F-Tech is short for Fat Tech, the company I work for, the reason that you're here is to get fat, extremely fat actually. It's a two year program divided into six four month phases. You will comply with everything I say; I am your free will." As Stacie said the last bit she bent over and looked straight into Jessica's eyes, Jessica looked into her ice cold bluish gray eyes, she realized that Stacie meant every word.

"Impossible." Jessica finally said after regaining her composure. "My body has a quick metabolism, I'll probably gain fifty pounds, but not that many." she smugly said crossing her arms over her large chest.

"Wrong tense Jess. It was impossible. We are able to change your body's abilities to suit our needs. Thanks to that, you'll be a lot bigger than my last patient." Stacie thought about Stefani, her 587 pound blonde client she had fattened for the better part of the last year; Jessica was going to put her to shame. "The wonders of nanotechnology have changed you into a fattening machine. They, as well as some surgeries, have reinforced your bones; they turn everything that you eat into pure fat, no waste, as well as keeping you healthy and keeping stretch marks away. Cellulite though is beyond their abilities as it is fat and we do NOT block fat from forming. We've removed all of your tattoos and piercings, they would only cause problems. Not quite so impossible is it Jess?" Stacie finished.

Jessica couldn't, she refused to believe Stacie, there was no way in hell she would let herself get fat. Suddenly a car on the highway slowed down and turned towards the building she was in. This was her chance. Jessica stood up with some effort thanks to her distended stomach, she ran towards the window and started to bang and scream for help. Briefly a man in the car looked at the window and then turned towards the entryway and disappeared. Stacie came over tapping at her tablet, she yawned as she stood beside Jessica.

"How cute of you Jess. All anyone sees is a brick wall, now let's get you weighed and measured." Stacie said tapping at her wrist making the window change into a large mirror. Jessica slumped down to the floor, defeated, she refused to move. Two large men came through the entrance that Jessica's new 'dietician' came through. As if picking up a doll, they hauled her over to the padded and banded device; no doubt a scale and some measuring "band things." After quickly being hooked up to the machine, Stacie came over holding a box of donuts, she handed it to Jessica, and she looked at them as if they were poison.

"Feed her." Stacie ordered the attendants. They began to shove a donut into her unwilling mouth at Stacie's order. "Hmmm you look like you're underweight." The attendants stopped feeding her midway through her fifth donut and she turned her head to a large mirror. A series of words and numbers appeared on it, the first was her weight 123 pounds, then she felt the cool bands tighten around her as she was fed another two donuts, the attendants stopped feeding her so she could see her measurements 'Bust - 34 inches, Waist - 24 inches, Hips - 34 inches.' "Finish the box, and then bring her to the chair. We need to chat." Stacie said flatly she walked out the door; Jessica meanwhile was working through donuts 8 and 9. Soon the box was empty and Jessica was, with a full stomach, led to the table and placed in the chair. She expected the hulkish attendants to leave but they just placed a firm grip on her arms keeping them pinned to the armrests, soon she heard a hissing sound from behind, this isn't good she thought.

Stacie approached the table she bent over to the side of the chair and whispered into Jessica's ear "Hope you're hungry, looks like your figure can handle it though." She patted her still distended stomach and waved the attendants off, while tapping at her wrist. Suddenly Jessica could feel cold metal bands wrap around her ankles and her arms to the chair, then a buzzing noise coming from the back of the chair. Out came two white mechanical arms from the back of chair in a very organic and creepy way; they rested on the table. Suddenly the panel where the table and the wall met, a conveyor belt appeared and her snacks moved down the table. Snacks were an understatement.

The first of the snacks was six fried roast beef sandwiches, they quickly met the end of the table that she sat at, suddenly the arms shot into action. One hand shot forward to the table to pick up the first sandwich, it then moved towards her mouth, which was firmly shut. The arm looked defeated and backed away, for a second she thought she had a glimmer of hope, then the other arm shot into action grabbing the bottom of her chin, she shivered from the ice cold hands, it's partner then moved back into position shoving the sandwich into her mouth, then the hand around her jaw closed her mouth, making her chew. She refused to swallow the greasy meat and mustard covered bread, it seemed the hands had other plans as the now idle one pinch her nose closed. She couldn't breathe! Soon she swallowed the food and somehow the machines reset opening her jaw and shoving another sandwich in. All Jessica could do was cry at the whole ordeal and the pain in her stomach.

"Awww crying like a baby, while being fed like a baby, there's something poetic about that." Stacie said as she tapped at her tablet, so that more food proceeded out. As the third sandwich was being fed into Jessica's mouth, Stacie started to explain how the arms work. "You should feel privileged being fed by the most advanced robotic arms on the planet. These are based off the human arm in size, shape, and movements. They can be sped up to superhuman speed or slowed down base on my input. They can sense when that flat tummy of yours is really full and will stop until there is enough room to continue. You’re going to get to know these two very well. This one on the left is 'Lard' and on the right is 'Ass'. I think it's appropriate, I'll be back at lunch." Stacie said, Jessica's eyes went wide, this wasn't lunch! Stacie turned away and started to walk away making sure to swing her ass as Jessica watched.

Jessica could feel her stomach stretch out to accommodate sandwiches 4 and 5; the window had reappeared as she started to 'eat' the sixth sandwich. She groaned out loud at the pain in her stomach, then the machines picked up pudding and started to feed her, at least it wasn't really solid she thought. After an hour of eating some pudding and nearly a loaf of buttered bread, the machines stopped, not to give her a break, but because all of the table's contents were now within her aching stomach. She leaned back in the chair as much as the restraints would allow her and dozed off for awhile, she had dreams that she had eaten a baby hippo.

"All tuckered out from the stretches?" she woke up to Stacie poking her stomach which was normal looking now. "Now it's time for the real workout." As the wall panel opened up and Jessica's lunch came out. 'Lunch' was eight giant hamburgers with a milkshake and some french fries. Jessica couldn't believe all the food, then her stomach growled. "Oh nearly forgot, the nanobots work faster when you sleep, you dozed off for a hour, so what would've taken two hours to digest took half as long, they're already working at packing on the pounds." Stacie said, she tapped at her tablet and the arms picked up the milkshake resting between Jessica's legs the other move the straw close to her mouth, after that was done one picked up a burger while the other delicately picked up a handful French fries. Jessica was too groggy to fight and actually hungry, she opened her mouth as the machine made her take a bite out of the large hamburger, then the handful of French fries followed by a large gulp of the cold chocolate milkshake.

Stacie meanwhile was busy tapping at her tablet "Ohhhh you're going to like this." Jessica doubted it but thanks to the machines she couldn't object, a large panel of the wall disappear and a large flat screen TV came out from within the wall, it flashed into life and an image of herself appeared except she looked quite a bit bigger, in them she was easily 200 pounds. "Think of them as something to aspire to, and then surpass. They're pretty realistic, that artist we have is really talented. And there's this." The screen changed to an image of Jessica sitting at the table 'eating' "So you can see all of my additions to your figure easier." Jessica wanted to say something but burger four waited for its turn to journey to her already full stomach. Stacie smiled at her as Jessica's eyes felt heavy and finally her eyes closed. Her dreams were odd ones like she was eating a hamburger that seemed to never end.

"Hi sleepy, you've been busy." Stacie said stetting on top of the table her slender legs hanging off the sides and swinging playfully in the air.

"Busy? What do you me... Where's the food?" Jessica said as she suddenly looked at the empty table.

"In there Jess. I got some more coming though, so don't worry." Stacie said pointing at Jessica's stomach and then jumping off the table as the wall opened up with some snacks. Jessica looked at her stomach that was full and swollen.

"Did those things feed me while I was asleep?" Jessica said confused.

"Of course they did. How do you think you'll put any inches on your body?" Stacie said looking at the food as it made its way down the table.

"You...you...Bitch!" Jessica screamed out.

"You haven't seen me be a bitch yet, watch your tongue." Stacie said coldly looking straight at Jessica's eyes, Jessica kept quiet as the food reached the end of the table.

Her afternoon 'snacks' were five packs of cookies and five medium tubs of ice cream each a different flavor. Soon one arm was picking up a cookie and dipping it in the ice cream, while other had a spoonful of said ice cream prepared and ready to enter her mouth, she hated all of these fattening foods but they did taste good she thought to herself. After about a half hour the arms stopped to let her body digest, Jessica meanwhile was trying to prevent herself from dozing off, she looked out the window and saw some cars pass by and a bird building a nest across the road, freedom was so close yet so far. Soon the arms were back at work and feeding her again within an hour the table was clear, her stomach she groaned and finally gave in as she fell asleep.


Jun 8, 2009
I was a fan of your first one, and this one is starting out great as well. Keep em coming!


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Aug 25, 2007
"Wakey, wakey, dinner is here." Stacie said, Jessica opened her eyes and saw four boxes of pizza. The arms each picked up a slice and started shoving them into Jessica's mouth. The grease and cheese were falling and dripping off the fattening slices on to her breasts and lap. She had never eaten so much then she had today and she had this sickening feeling Stacie still had more, soon Jessica had finished two whole pizzas by herself, the arms stopped and Stacie walked over to the table and sat on top of it. "Today is the last day you'll ever be thin, it won't be as bad as you think, and that is if you behave." Stacie said examining her well groomed finger nails.

"No...One...wants...to be...fat." Jessica said slowly, the pain of her overfilled stomach laboring her breathing.

"Now that's where you are wrong, Jess. Soon all you'll be able to think about is how big your stomach and ass are, how you can't fit in normal doors, soon all you'll be able to think about is being fat. You'll be bigger than my last client, you will make her look thin."

"Your...last...client?" Jessica said puzzled.

"I'm not allowed to say who she is, but she is still my biggest so far, you'll change that. She weighed 587 pounds." Stacie said Jessica was going to say something but the arms jumped back to life and started with another two slices. "Lard and Ass know how to end a conversation." Stacie said hopping off the table.

Stacie then strutted to the front window, which overlooked the yard and road, Jessica's reflection was seen in the window. Stacie observed the outside while also watching Jessica be fed vigorously by the hands and arms.

"You know, Jess, I think this is the start of something magical." Stacie stated as she smirked maniacally.

Even though Jessica was having various foods crammed into her mouth, she managed to gasp, "How?"

"Well, Jessica..." Stacie stalled, "you're going to be the very first patient of mine to exceed the 650 pound mark, as well as testing out some of F-Tech's latest inventions, clothes and foods. Besides the arms, your underwear and bra are also a new concept. Before the ones you are wearing, we had cotton based wear that required to be made every other day or so as my last client outgrew them quickly. Your thong is of an elastic material, its durable and strong as well as featuring the feel and quality of cotton. It will stretch to accommodate your growing ass with each and every pound you gain from now on."

Jessica was surprised to hear this information, though she wasn't concentrating too much on Stacie's words since she was worrying about "Lard" and "Ass" feeding her. She didn't want to choke though she didn't want to eat the pizza either but she had no choice. She reeled in her seat as Stacie continued.

"Besides the undergarments, our production team is also furthering along with new inventions and devices to help you do tasks easier. When you're a wideload, you're going to need a lot of help to do things. I think of myself as an assistant to your gaining, if not fully responsible, but as far as assisting you to other things other than bathing I can't prove much help. Do you really think I'll be able to help you move when you're over 300 pounds? I don't think so. I'm only 113 pounds and 5 foot five, you know. That'll be a stark contrast once you really start to pack on the pounds!" Stacie exclaimed, half excited and half laughing.

After Stacie's words, Jessica was allowed to take them in, breath and talk with her as the last slice of the third pizza was swallowed. Her stomach ached as she felt contents of three pizzas in her bowels. She attempted to sit up in her chair (Stacie had retracted the restraints) but she slumped back down again due to how exhausted she was, her heavy stuffed belly didn't help. "You need your energy for the last pizza, then dessert. Four meals a day with snacks in between, that'll turn you into a real fat ass." Stacie said looking as a mother bird fed her chicks. She loved nature.

"I...don't...want...to...be...fat," Jessica managed to gasp.

"I already told you Jess, I'm your free will. If I want you to be fat, you will be. Besides look at it optimistically, you won't need to watch your weight, instead you can watch your belly grow, and we are going to feed you good food, you should be happy." As Stacie finished, she watched as the arms started to pick up some more pizza to fill Jessica’s already bloated belly. Jessica quickly passed out from all of the food.

After an hour and a half the fourth pizza had been shoved into Jessica's stomach, but thanks to the nanobots she was still hungry. As Jessica opened her eyes she saw that the window had been replaced by the wall and some lights had been turned on in the room. They lightly illuminated a soft blue like that of Stacie's tablet. Stacie was busy cleaning the hands of "Lard" and "Ass", which rested on the table, Jessica's stomach was back to its flat form. "You should be proud of yourself, not many can eat four pizzas in one sitting, at least at your size. I got you a large hot fudge sundae, if you finish it we'll call it a night, I won't be using these things for it until they're clean." she said as she pulled out large chunk of pizza from between the claws of a hand. The wall opened up and the sundae made its way down the table to Jessica. This sundae was proof of really how fat that she was going to get. It was only one sundae but it was easily half a foot tall covered in chocolate syrup and hot fudge, dripping all over the large vanilla scoops of ice cream, a large plastic spoon was already placed in it waiting for Jessica to eat it.

Jessica didn't know what to do, she ran all of her possible options in her head. She could eat it herself and get on Stacie's good side, or she could refuse to and still be forced to eat it and piss off Stacie. What to do? Jessica decided, as her stomach growled giving away her lie "I'm not hungry." she said crossing her arms across her chest. Stacie had her back tuned to her as she was cleaning the arms, suddenly a clanking sound could be heard as she dropped them on the table, she slowly turned her head around, her usual grin gone, replaced by a serious expression. "Excuse me? Did you say you aren't hungry Jess? I'll change your mind, really need to pack some lard on your ass." Stacie said with no emotion in her voice, she picked up the spoon pried open Jessica's mouth and shoved it, she repeated not giving Jessica a chance to breath. The machines were unrelenting but being fed by Stacie was a different and frightening experience, there was nothing in Stacie's eyes or face that showed that she was human, the machines knew when to stop Stacie didn't she fed Jessica the entire sundae with no breaks, Jessica felt ready to burst, her stomach was throbbing from being so full. "Yummy, huh?" Stacie said, Jessica was in too much pain to say anything smart. "Bedtime, Jess, just think about what you'll be able to eat in the morning."

Stacie gave Jessica a hand to her feet and led her over to her bed, she promptly sat on the edge and scooted to the middle her distended stomach rose up above her she was about to fall asleep when Stacie, tapped at her tablet a small opening appeared in the wall out came a tube Stacie grabbed and pulled it towards Jessica's mouth, the hose looked like a fire hose but the tip was different, she didn't know what Stacie planned with it but it was not going to be good. Stacie placed the tube in Jessica's mouth, and with a hissing sound it made as it made contact with her lips, Stacie gave it a tug and it wouldn't move. "This will keep your stomach full throughout the night and stretch it out, by the morning your tummy will be nice and empty, for about twenty minutes." The lights dimmed and all Jessica could see was the glow of Stacie's tablet "Good night" she said as a quiet hiss could be heard as the door opened then closed again, Jessica heard a humming sound and felt a cool and very sweet liquid fill her mouth and flow into her aching stomach, she cried herself to sleep.

The sun woke Jessica up as it poured through the window, after she noticed the tube was gone she sat up and stretched. Stacie meanwhile was setting up the measuring machine. "Good morning, Jess. We'll get you weighed and measured. Then it's breakfast, hope you brought your appetite." Jessica sighed and slid off the hovering bed and walked towards the machine. Soon she was hooked up to it, Stacie handed her a plate with three cinnamon buns on it each one soaked in butter and icing. Jessica was hungry and ate the first one, she knew what Stacie could make her if she refused. A beeping was heard, then she turned her head towards the mirror, with some of the bun hanging out of her mouth, as she looked at the first number. Her weight, now sitting at 125 pounds, two pounds of fat in one day. She looked down at herself her stomach pooched over her waistband slightly, other than that not much of a change, her measurements now appeared 34-25-34. She sighed as she finished the other buns she was led to the table, and she saw the wall open up and plates of eggs and bacon.


It had been a large binge of fattening food all week and the effects were starting to show on her, her belly pooched out a bit more and her ass was softer and a bit bigger, but Jessica was convinced what was happening was just a bad dream. Her new numbers appeared on the 'Weight 128lbs 35-25-26' those numbers were fake she told herself, this whole thing was fake. Stacie could tell that Jessica was in denial, that wouldn't last. She guided Jessica to the food filled table, I wonder how she'll take it when she realizes that she's fat, Stacie thought.


This dream has to be ending soon, Jessica thought as she munched on a breakfast sandwich while being measured and weighed, it was the end of her fourth week at this impossible to believe place, filled with some of the most fattening and her most hated foods. She just wished that she would wake up soon, this nightmare needed to end. The beeping sound could be heard and the numbers flashed on the window "Weight - 142lbs, 35-27-40" Lies, she told herself. "Now go wash-up." Stacie said looking outside at the rain hitting the road as the trees swayed in the wind. Jessica went over to her bed and unclasped her tan bra, by now the bra was a darker color then her skin. She bent down and pulled her purple thong out of her ass crack and down past her legs, stepped over the thong now on the floor and walked into the shower. The shower had a motion sensor that turned it on to the optimal temperature, she looked at the bucket that had some soaps, shampoos and a washcloth in it. Jessica grabbed the shampoo and started to clean her dirty blonde hair, the soap rolled down her curves, which were more noticeable. She picked up the soap and the washcloth, she started to clean her chest there seemed to be a bit more to it, and she must be going a little stir-crazy or something. As she started to clean her stomach, she noticed how the belly button was deeper and the stomach was softer, that's odd she thought, but she continued cleaning her legs. Her stomach was drooping a little, something is wrong she thought. Jessica continued to wash until her ass was finally next, as her hands started to clean the flesh there, she felt them sink into the soft flesh. Her eyes went wide and her jaw dropped, this wasn't a dream. It was indeed, real.

Stacie perked up as she heard her patient's shouts of terror she walked over to the still running shower, "There's nothing wrong is there?" Stacie said looking at the naked, wet, suds covered curves of Jessica.

"I'm fat, you bitch," Jessica said anger in her voice.

"You're not even chubby yet, Jess. If you think this is fat now, you're in for a surprise," Stacie said smiling

"Easy for you to say, little miss sunshine," Jessica said grasping at her belly.

"What the hell did you just say?" Stacie asked her emotions pulling a 180, Alba had never seen anyone so angry. She tapped at her tablet and two men came in they grabbed Alba's still wet body and dragged her to the elevator. Stacie was standing beside her shaking her head. They dragged her into a darkened room the only source of light was a spotlight over a tank the tank looked like a large aquarium tank filled with something that look like a lighter colored version of syrup, the men led her to up a ladder and tossed her into the mixture. It felt like syrup and was very thick and hard to move through, she tried to get to the ladder but she was too late the men pulled away.

"This tank is filled with a brand new fattening concoction made by F-Tech, I'll let you out of it once it's all gone, it's dimensions are about 7 by 8. Watch your tongue." Stacie said as she started to walk out of the empty room. Jessica wanted out, this goo felt so weird, she dove under the mixture and started to swallow large gulps it had no taste at least. She swallowed as much as she could and took a break massaging her distended belly, she started to cry.

It had taken Jessica nearly a week to get through all that goo, and it had changed her figure drastically, she was hauled back up to her room and hooked up to the scale, Jessica was groggy she stayed up not being able to sleep in that goo, all she did was eat more and more of it. The scale beeped giving her new weight 160 pounds, that goo had added 18 pounds to her! Stacie was beaming at the result noticing how Jessica's ass and belly surged out more, she definitely had a potbelly now and her ass jiggled ever so slightly as she walked to her chair and companions 'Lard' and 'Ass'. 'So far so good' she thought.

Stacie's third month had been rather uneventful, Jessica had become a real fatty. She was standing on the scale eating a pastry while being measured and weighed. Stacie noticed how Jessica's belly pooched over her waistband, her breasts were fuller and fatter but they still looked firm not soft. Her hips and ass had gotten softer and her hips were wider. Jessica's ass while softer and starting to jiggle wasn't as big as Stacie had expected. Jessica's face was largely untouched some fat gathering on her neck and her cheeks looked chubby not overtly fat. Jessica meanwhile was worried about her figure, but her last punishment added 18 pounds on to her, and she was starting to like the food she was eating. 'This had to stop' she thought "New measurements are 41-38-47. Not even close to done yet Jess." Stacie said getting her back to her chair and starting the feeding arms. Stacie didn't restrain her anymore, she was eating a lot more and was actually feeding herself occasionally. Jessica seemed to like greasy southern and Mexican food, more than most others as well as having a bit of a sweet tooth. Maybe this is going to be easier than Stacie thought.

The end of phase 1 came sooner than Stacie and Jessica expected, but Jessica's new curves were unexpected by both though. Jessica's face was largely untouched by fat only sporting cute chubby cheeks, her arms were thicker and fatter with some jiggling in her upper arm. Jessica's breasts were rounding and getting heavier from extra pounds. Jessica's belly had two rolls forming on each side of her belly, with the area right at her belly button starting to crease. Overall her belly sagged a little. Over the last couple of weeks her hips started to flare out, with new fat and her ass was rounding out and sagging with a little cellulite showing up on the crease between her thighs and ass. Her thighs rubbed together when she walked, and fat from her thigh and calves were beginning to meet. "246 pounds, 45-45-51" Stacie said bored by the whole thing, Jessica was stunned by her new fattened figure. "First phase done, five more to go." Stacie said, Jessica couldn't believe that she could get fatter.


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Aug 25, 2007
As Stacie got Jessica Alba's 246 pound body away from the scale, she began to talk about her plans for Jessica "You must think that you're huge now? You are so very wrong. That was just the first phase and you've gained a lot already imagine what five more will do? That belly of yours is going to sag, that ass of yours will turn into a real piece of blubber, but let's just worry about making that happen." Stacie said Jessica was just in stunned disbelief she started to walk to the table ignoring her purple thong riding up her ass, and thighs rubbing together. Stacie came over and tapped her on the shoulder "I'm going to give you a massage first." Stacie said, as some attendants hauled in a massage table placing it up against the wall which could turn into a window.

Jessica walked over to the table and sat on top of it, feeling her ass spread under her, the attendants moved a smallish table to the side of the table, and Stacie had some food brought in on it. Jessica's breakfast was four large plates of bacon, eggs, and toast, as well as a tall glass of milk on the side of each plate. "Now take off your underwear." Stacie said coming over and rolling up the sleeves of her jumpsuit, Jessica wanted a massage so she reached behind herself and undid the clasp of her bra tossing it on the floor; she felt her heavy breasts pull her on her back. She reached at her waistband and pulled the thong out from underneath her, it met with its bra companion. "This is full body, okay; we'll start on your back." Jessica shrugged her shoulders and laid down on her stomach, she could feel the warm sun on her back. "Go ahead and start eating" Stacie said putting some lotion on her hands. Jessica picked up a piece of bacon and put it in her mouth, she was midway through chewing when she felt Stacie start to rub her back. Jessica liked the feeling until Stacie started to talk to her.

"Your back is getting a couple more of new inches it seems, not enough yet." she said digging in one of rolls on her back, she then started to put lotion on her ass and thighs giving them a couple of pinches to get a idea of her thick they were. Jessica couldn't do much but she kept eating to ignore Stacie playing around with her new inches. After an hour she got Jessica to roll over and she started to lotion her breasts and belly up, Jessica couldn't help but notice that she ate to ignore Stacie, only adding to her problems. When Stacie finished she got Jessica dressed again in a larger bra and thong, and she led her to the table knowing. As Stacie walked away to start her report for the day, 'That cream was going to fatten her up, but maybe oil was a bit better for it then lotion?' She thought, "I'll make do." she mumbled to herself.

Another month had passed and Jessica was growing ever fatter, she was eating a dozen cupcakes while she was weighed and measured. Jessica looked like she had never been in shape before. Her face had gotten thicker and fatter looking but it seemed untouched, her arms were getting quite thick on her biceps, as fat started to hang off of them. Her breasts were fatter and round started to sag. Jessica's belly was just a bit larger now with the crease in the middle more noticeable and the love handles surrounding it thicker. Jessica's hips bulged out considerably, sporting a new ass that sagged and jiggled as she walked. Overall Jessica looked downright fat, and shoving in a dozen cupcakes was not helping.

"Ooooo 273 pounds and your measurements 48-50-56. I've seen bigger though," Stacie said putting the new measurements into her tablet; she led Jessica over to the massage table. Jessica took her bra off and started to dig between her bulging ass to pull her thong off. Much Jessica's dismay she was getting used to being nude and have her new inches and rolls played around by her. Stacie started to pour lotion on to her back making sure it got in between the rolls on her back making sure they were covered in lotion, then came her ass, which was very full now and cellulite was beginning to show up on it, after a half hour she was working on Jessica's front. Jessica meanwhile was working on pancakes 9 and 10 as Stacie finished up.

"You're getting pretty jumbo. Still you need to add a couple of pounds to that frame." Stacie said grabbing a bag; she pulled out a large pair of green shorts and a matching bra. "Let's see if you can cram that fat ass of yours into this." Stacie said handing Jessica the shorts.

"I'll admit this is sexy, but it's too small for me, and too revealing," Jessica said looking at the green fabric.

"That's why you're wearing it silly" Stacie said untying the already tied bra.

Jessica stood up and slipped the shorts past her legs noticing how her thighs and calves' fat was making bending her knees harder. Her pooching belly was getting in the way as she pulled the shorts to where her waist was underneath her belly. Stacie came up from behind her and pulled the shorts as far up her ass as much as possible. Her ass the shorts resembled boy shorts her ass cheeks hung out of the bottoms while her ass crack was tightly hugged and had the top exposed. The bra went on much easier, but she noticed how her belly hung over the waistband covering the shorts from the front. The bra just covered her round breasts. "Okay now Jess, strut your stuff."

"I might rip the shorts if I walk," Jessica said rubbing the crease of her belly.

"Your point is?" Stacie said taking some pictures of Jessica from every angle.

Jessica sighed and started to walk towards Stacie as sexy as she could she could feel her full ass jiggle as she took some steps with a sudden ripping along her ass crack, her chubby cheeks blushed. "Now turn around and bend over." Stacie said snapping some pictures as she turned around, she bent over feeling her ass bulge out of the new hole in her shorts, and some more ripping sounds could be heard as her hips flesh spilled out of new holes on the sides. Stacie loved seeing her new bulges, 'I'll have to take advantage of this in the future.' she thought grinning at Jessica's full moon. After another hour or so of Jessica embarrassing herself by showing her bulging new curves. As she slipped into her purple thong and bra, she felt her stomach rumble from hunger, she walked to the table and sat in the chair, its arms on the sides were digging uncomfortably into her now fleshy ass, Stacie placed some lunch on it, which was four plates of spaghetti and meatballs. Jessica dug into the plates spooling it on to her fork, while stabbing a meatball, at least this would get her mind off her photo shoot.

Jessica was beginning to feel the results of her fatty body; she sat up trying to ignore her belly falling between her legs. Jessica had no idea what day or month it was, it was just eat sleep eat sleep, yet her body seemed to be keeping on top of things. So much had changed, Jessica tried to get herself to her feet but she was far too out of shape, and she was far too heavy. Jessica sat on her ass, wondering where Stacie was, she looked out her window and saw a truck delivering a large bed, and the workers were trying to not get wet. Stacie came in the room and saw what Jessica's predicament was. Stacie took a second to admire her handy work; seven months of fattening were showing on her.

Jessica was sitting with her arms crossed over her tan bra. "So are you just going to stare at me or what?" Jessica said anger in her voice, trying to mask her embarrassment.

Suddenly two cables fell from the ceiling they had a ring on the ends of them. "These are what are going to be hauling your fat ass out of bed in the morning, Jess." Stacie said smiling.

Jessica sighed and reached for the rings, there was a mechanical whirling and she soon was pulled quickly but gently to her feet. "They could support a small car if they had to." Stacie said walking over to the weighing area, tapping at her tablet as she went. Jessica followed behind her in a slow waddle, her ass jiggling and her belly swinging in front. Soon she was standing on the scale and the measuring bands wrapped around her. Stacie gave her the first of four bags of chips.

Stacie couldn't believe how fast she was gaining, she took a step back checking on her tablet all of Jess' stats. Jessica was very pear shaped it turned out, her face seemed to remain untouched by her new pounds, while she had a double chin now it was just noticeable, her arms were very pillow like - the upper arm fat was hanging over her elbow, when she had her arm outstretched her arm fat hung off. Her breasts were rounder and softer; they would've been quite large if it wasn't for the rest of her flabby body. Jessica's belly hung over her waistband touching on her mid thigh, completely obscuring her underwear in the front. The belly had a thick roll running along her belly button and one on either side of her wide flank. Jessica's hips were very wide and rounded at the edges; they were very soft and jiggled from a slight touch. Jessica's ass was very large and stuck out from behind her, the valley in between her cheeks was deep and very large, and the size of it made her thong disappear. Jessica's legs were thick and difficult to bend while she was standing; the fat of her calves and thighs had since merged.

"Still a little on thin side. 308 pounds Jess, measurements are... let's see here... 54-56-60." Stacie said cheerfully, Jessica didn't show any emotion but kept eating her last bag of chips. Stacie quickly got her to the shower area. Jessica was busy undressing for her shower, she reached behind her back unclasping the bra and letting it slip off her breasts to the floor, without her bra her heavy breasts sagged and touched her belly. Jessica then reached to her sagging gut picking up and lifting it as high as she could so she could pull the front of the thong from between her thighs. The front was a lot easier then the back, put with a quick tug and some jiggling she pulled it out from her ass cheeks. Jessica took a step into the shower area, and started to wet herself down.

"There sure is a lot of you to clean huh?" Stacie said untying her hair from a ponytail letting her long brown hair flow over her shoulders. "There is no way that you can clean that entire ass yourself." Stacie said beginning to slip out of her jumpsuit. Jessica's eyes went wide, as Stacie's thin lithe body entered the shower with her. Jessica tried to assert her independence but she quickly realized that her ass was far too fat for her to clean. "I'll clean back here and you clean up front." Stacie said moving her soaked hair out of her eyes.

Jessica grabbed a bar of soap and started to clean her chest letting the suds roll and drip off of her, she had no idea what Stacie was doing behind her but she could feel soap dip through her ass crack, maybe her back she thought. After cleaning her breasts she got to work on her heavy belly while Stacie was working on her ass, "Oooo look at all the cellulite back here." she heard Stacie say as she pressed hard on Jessica's fat ass cheek, it was hard to ignore her. Now it was time for the hard part, she lifted her soapy belly and started to wash the underside, occasionally her hand would lose grip and let it smack into her thighs sending her whole body into a fit of jiggling and Stacie into a fit of laughter. After thirty minutes she was whisked out of the shower and toweled off by Stacie, Stacie was slipping her jumpsuit on, as she handed Jessica a bigger bra. "I'll give you a hand with the thong in a bit." Stacie said tying her hair back up.

After Stacie was through with her hair she preceded behind Jessica with what was easiest the biggest thong that she had ever seen, Jessica's ass would disagree as it quickly enveloped it with fat. It was quicker then Jessica could ever do herself. "That wasn't so hard was it?" Stacie said walking in front of Jessica.

"What did I do to deserve this!?" Jessica said tears welling in her eyes.

"Weigh three hundred pounds of course! I only help those that need it you know..." Stacie said rolling her eyes.

"I'm a fat ass, a blimp!" Jessica said letting her frustration come out.

"Oh no Jess, you're not even close yet, now haul that ass to the massage table, I'm going to get the kinks out of you back, lugging that belly of yours doesn't help. Then your ass, am I understood?" Stacie said

Jessica wiped her tears away and noticed her belly rumble, she looked up and saw a small table beside the massage table filled with some breakfast sandwiches and some cream in a tall glass. Jessica waddled over to it grabbed a sandwich and sat on the table she slid herself on to her belly feeling it first spread across the table and then hang over the edges, her flabby hips soon followed suit. Stacie came over started to oil up her back soon her hands were getting rid of all the kinks in her back, Jessica much to her dismay felt her back jiggle with her every touch, soon Stacie had finished Jessica's upper back and moved to her mid-back, thanks to her belly she had some thick rolls of back fat from where her belly's rolls met. Stacie began to dig in between her back's rolls, smacking them to make sure to get some lotion on the hidden areas in between.

"You'd be surprised at what I've done to make you fat." Stacie said smiling as she moved to the area right above her ass. "Those nanobots have turned you into a fat producing machine. Everything that you eat turns to fat, even the bad stuff like cholesterol. The nanobots move it to just below the skin, they are also making it easier on your body to be fat. Your heart is stronger then before this all started and your bones are reinforced. The nanobots are also making it easier for you to move replacing what your muscles do. Think about all the benefits. You never need to worry about your weight, you never have to see a doctor, and all you can do is get fat." Stacie said, Jessica could sense excitement in her voice.

"I don't want to be fat!" Jessica said swallowing a mouthful of cream.

"Too late for that, you are pretty jumbo already Jess." Stacie said reaching in between Jessica's ass cheeks to pull out her thong to where her ass and thighs met. "Not many people your size get as good care as you do, Jess."

Jessica couldn't do much as Stacie pressed on her ass trying to feel for any of the telltale firmness of muscle, if there was any she couldn't find it. Then she started to massage the area between her ass crack and the backs of her thighs. After about ten minutes focused on her ass and legs both Stacie and Jessica were done, their tasks. Jessica rolled on to her side feeling her ass press up against the window wall of her room then she rolled on to her back she placed her hands on the table and pushed herself into a sitting position. With some help from Stacie she turned to the side of the table and slid off. Jessica was full from her breakfast, but it seemed that Stacie would have none of that as her table was full of countless pastries. Jessica only sighed, and to her dismay she heard her stomach groan. Jessica waddled over to her seat was pretty wide she sat down in it, felling her ass spread under her. Jessica reached for the first box of donuts and picked up a jelly filled frosted donut and started to eat. Stacie stood over her smiling.


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Aug 25, 2007
We have quite the lineup planned yet, unfortunately Paris Hilton is out. I feel like she's been done to death, but I could link you to a fairly good story for her if you're interested. If you're curious about our lineup, I'll email you or send you a message.


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Oct 27, 2005
We have quite the lineup planned yet, unfortunately Paris Hilton is out. I feel like she's been done to death, but I could link you to a fairly good story for her if you're interested. If you're curious about our lineup, I'll email you or send you a message.
Oh that would be great, feel free to send me a message!! I'm very interested in your upcoming series, they're quite enjoyable


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Aug 25, 2007
Jessica was mid way through her forth box of donuts when some men came in her room they were carrying a large bed, they set it down near her massage table then moved her old bed out of place, then they placed it in its place quickly hauling the smaller and older one away. Jessica watched what had taken those men ten minutes to do all of this, Jessica couldn't help but wonder what they thought of her. "That's your new bed, if I have anything to say about it you'll too big for it soon." Stacie walking over to it. The bed looked like a really large hospital bed, there were some rails on either side of it, and it was supported by a very solid looking piece of metal underneath. "After your done snacking I'll show you what it can do." Stacie said sitting down on it, she then turned her focus to her tablet.

Jessica managed to finish her 'snacks' after about a half hour, she got up from the chair with some effort. Jessica started to waddle to where Stacie was sitting on her new bed, Stacie looked up at her and smiled, she stood up a lot quicker then Jessica could, she gestured for her to sit down on the bed, which Jessica did. Jessica's ass spread under her and the bed tipped a bit more to her side then she would have liked. "Lie down." Stacie commanded, Jessica obeyed and slid her heavy body and rested her head on the pillow. "This bed has a lot of things that'll help you do things you can't anymore, and fatten you up." Jessica shot her a dirty look, but said nothing. Stacie tapped at her tablet and the bed started to recline to a flatter position. After a few minutes she tilted back up. "That'll make things comfy when you get really big. Now some lunch, I bet you're hungry." Stacie said walking over the door, she pulled in a cart filled with tacos, burritos, burgers and French fries. Jessica was still full from her 'snack' but her stomach still growled, why was she so hungry?

Stacie pulled out a tray that from behind the head of the bed she swung it down in front of Jessica, Jessica shivered as the cold metal touched her belly, and Stacie smiled and placed about half the cart on the tray, Jessica found herself eating without really wanting to. First she picked up a burrito, grease dripping down from it all the way to her mouth, then she picked up a taco with her other and waited to finish the burrito. Stacie tapped at her tablet and some new numbers appeared on the window, these were different than the usual ones of her weight and measurements. "The bed can measure out how heavy your ass is or your belly, won't that be fun?" Stacie said with far too much excitement in her voice.

After a few seconds some words and numbers appeared, Jessica tried to distract herself by eating burritos two at a time, but she was just as curious as Stacie. The first number was of her arms they weighed 12 pounds each, Jessica looked at them the fat of her upper arm quivering as she reached for more food, it didn't make sense. After a little bit she turned her fattened face up to the window the next set of numbers appeared it was for her belly was 42 pounds, no way it could've gotten that heavy that fast, she looked down to where it rested between her legs, it didn't feel as heavy as she was told. Jessica picked up a taco and a burger and quickly shoved both in her mouth, trying to not pay attention to the numbers, but curiosity overwhelmed her, she looked and saw that her ass' and legs weight were up. Her ass weighed 60 pounds, which was disgusting she thought "There's no way my ass could've gotten that fat!" Jessica blurted out.

"It's only going to get bigger if you keep eating like that, lardo." Stacie said bored. The last number came up it was her legs 25 pounds each, Jessica needed comfort food, she couldn't believe she was so fat, luckily Stacie seemed to oblige. Silence set in as Jessica ate, after twenty more minutes she was finished and Stacie tilted the bed so that Jessica could be pulled up. After Jessica was brought to her feet Stacie led her to right in the center of the room, Jessica noticed that the sun was peeking through the clouds and that the rain had stopped. Stacie stood in front of her flat toned stomach pressing on Jessica's large full belly. "Time for an exam." she said her hand grabbing one of her belly rolls.

Stacie knew she going to enjoy this, she was different then Stefani. Stacie let go of Jessica's belly roll, she walked around her to Jessica's wide and large ass, she reached her hand to the cellulite covered area of it pinching the flesh there, it felt like jello. Stacie then placed both her hands on Jessica's ass and she grabbed as much as she could. Stacie smiled as Jessica winced, there was no doubt that is was heavy she let the jiggling fat slip out of her hands, her ass quickly fell slapping into Jessica's thighs making them jiggle and sway. Stacie heard Jessica's stomach growl she smiled as she reach up to the two rolls of back fat that Jessica had. Stacie's hands grabbed them giving them a long squeeze, Stacie noticed that the fat here was different then on her ass while very jello like it had a tad of firmness that felt different then muscle. Stacie let go of the rolls and grabbed at Jessica's arms she lifted them as high as Jessica could go she watched the arm fat trail behind as they moved up and down the fat on them was very pillow like and quite soft, from her wrists to her thick shoulders. Stacie moved in front of Jessica, she could see that her chubby cheeks were red and covered in tears, Stacie then heard her stomach growl. "Hungry Jess?" Stacie said.

"Y-y-yes." Jessica stammered out.

"I'll get you some snacks if you promise to stop crying and be a big girl, okay?" Stacie said her arms crossed across her chest. Jessica nodded her head, Stacie left and came back with a box of pizza, she opened it and Jessica grabbed a piece she wiped her tears away and started to eat, Stacie then cupped as much of Jessica's breast as she could and gave it a squeeze, like her arms her breasts were very soft, trying on more the one occasion to slip out of Stacie's hand, Jessica noticing what she was doing focused her attention on the pizza. Stacie was happy with her charge as she squatted to where Jessica's thighs were hidden by her belly "Lift this." Stacie gestured to her belly. Jessica reached down and grabbed one of her love handles and lifted it enough for Stacie to see her thighs, Stacie knew that she wouldn't be able to hold her belly up for long so she just jiggled her thighs around a bit. Stacie sprang back and noticed that the pizza was gone, Jessica just sighed. "I'm going to get some stuff for our photo shoot, I won't be long be good okay?" Stacie said giddy. Jessica wasn't.

"Jess, do you mind standing in front of the table? I'm going to get some snacks and some supplies." Stacie said as she walked towards the door, Jessica knew that she couldn't escape so she just waddled over to the table, after ten minutes of standing Jessica decided to lean against the table. Jessica turned around trying to ignore her hips and ass grazing the table, she leaned back feeling her ass rest on top of the table partially, she turned her head and looked out the window. She was so close to freedom, but so far, she looked down out her surging belly sighing knowing that she would never see her feet again. Stacie came in with some other men they were carrying some mirrors, Stacie was bringing in a covered cart. The men set up the mirrors at the corners of the table and set up another two behind her. Jessica was a little curious what Stacie was planning.

"Jess, these gentlemen are going to need your help, I want you be able to see your ass so bend over the table and tell them where to adjust okay?" Stacie said picking up some snacks off the cart and placing them on the table. Jessica didn't really see the harm in this so she placed her hands on the table and bent until she could see part of each of her ass cheeks in the mirror, after a bit of adjusting she could see one of them in each mirror, she stood up happy to have that out of the way. Jessica turned around and saw Stacie holding a jar of paint and a paint brush in her other hand. Jessica looked at her confused.

"I want to paint something and thanks to you I have nice and fat canvas!" she said emphasizing the last word. What the hell did she mean? Jessica thought. "Now turn that fat ass around and bend over the table." Stacie said opening up the jar and dipping in the paintbrush. There was no way in hell she was going to let her do this to her, Jessica thought to herself, she noticed a cupcake on the table, she reached for it and threw it right at Stacie's face... she missed.

Stacie had noticed how Jessica's arm gave away her intentions and it didn't take much to move out of the way. "Jess you know how much I hate you wasting food, so I guess I'll have to punish you, boys bring it in." Stacie said trying to hide her anger. The men who had placed the mirrors nodded their heads robotically and two moved out of the room carrying away Jessica's wide chair while the other two placed their hands on Jessica's soft shoulders keeping her pinned to the table, they reached underneath and pulled a strap out and wrapped it around the small of Jessica's back, all she could see in front of her was the many pastries, she reached the find where to get the strap off but she found no such thing, she couldn't do anything about what Stacie had planned for her.

"Now that that is out of the way..." Stacie said starting to hum, Jessica watched as approached her wide and fat rear, Stacie reached for Jessica's thong pulling it out of her ass cheeks and tossing it aside. Then she pulled the paintbrush out of the jar and started to paint her left ass cheek a soft blue. Jessica shivered by the cold of the paint making her ass jiggle "Please Jess I'm trying to make art!" Stacie said from behind. Jessica heard a growl come from her stomach, she needed to get her mind off of this she reached for a donut and popped into her mouth. Suddenly the men came back in carrying a large bench that was clear, there was a metal rod running up the back of it that attached what looked like a headrest what was it? She wondered.

Stacie meanwhile was painting up Jessica's other ass cheek, covering it in a ocean blue, after five more minutes it was time for the main attraction. Stacie walked over to the cart and found a jar of grey paint, on her left ass cheek she started to paint on a large tail; she smiled as she heard chomping from Jessica. Jessica was no doubt embarrassed by the whole thing.

Jessica was trying to ignore her now wide and blue ass in the mirrors but it was difficult, with the only thing to distract her was all the fattening treats in front of her. Then Stacie started to quickly paint on the outline of a whale the blowhole of which was on her deep ass crack. Stacie added a bit more detail; Jessica just wanted this to end.

Jessica heard a camera flash and Stacie say "Voila!" Stacie then walked over to the table holding a digital camera in her hands, the image was stunning. The paint was shimmering on her ass still very much wet, the whale spread across her ass cheeks splitting at their own split. She was right she was a canvas. Overall the whale looked really cartoony with a dopey grin on it. "Now Jess, time for your punishment." Stacie said packing up all the paint supplies.

"You mean this wasn't it!?" Jessica said trying to hide the fear welling up inside her.

"Not even in the slightest." Stacie said walking over to Jessica's wide side, Jessica had cleared the table and it rested in her belly. Stacie quickly undid the strap and beckoned her to the very wide glass bench. Jessica thought nothing of it other than the strangeness of it, so she waddled over to it and bent her knees, the bench squeaked as her ass made contact with it. Jessica thought at first it was glass but it was plastic, so it was plexi-glass. The fat of her ass hung off the sides of the bench and off the back, her ass crack enveloped the metal rod with the head rest on it. Jessica moved her belly off her thigh and let it fall between her legs; overall it was pretty comfy she thought.

Stacie moved quickly grabbing a belt that Jessica had not noticed she moved it swiftly under her belly making sure her legs were kept in place, soon Jessica was pinned to the bench. "This is what happens if you are naughty, fat ass." Stacie said, emotion leaving her voice. "This bench has a weight limit of close to 400, your punishment ends when your lardass crushes it. Until then you'll be eating non-stop, you will get your normal meals as well as your nighttime feeding, but on the hour every hour you will have to eat three sticks of butter, if you refuse to then you will be forced to eat them, understood?" Stacie finished. Jessica didn't know what to say or feel, she was going to be huge the next time she could walk if Stacie went through with this.

"I'm sorry!" she stammered out trying to hold back tears.

"Too late for that, Jess" Stacie said loading the table with arrays of junk food. "When you hear a buzzing sound then you eat that butter, if there's a problem I'll be here." Stacie said walking over to a chair placed on the other side of Jessica's table, Jessica couldn't do much except eat; that and she really needed some comfort food. Jessica was midway through a large bowl of nachos when she heard a buzzing sound like a alarm clock, she saw three sticks of butter wrapped up in some foil, she quickly un wrapped them and plugged her nose, she put each in her mouth she waited as they melted and swallowed, then she started back up on the food. That's how it went for the night; she figured that she must have eaten at least 18 sticks before she finished her supper. Stacie came over and placed a straw that Jessica hadn't noticed in her mouth, and then she coaxed her to lean her head against the headrest. Then a cold yellowish liquid came through the straw into her mouth, she fell asleep.

An hour later the buzzing went off and the tube stopped, she woke up and saw three more sticks of butter on the table, she popped them in her mouth let them melt and fell asleep with the tube going again, she was woken by more sticks an hour later, how long could this go on? She thought to herself.

The end of phase 2 didn't mean the end of Jessica's punishment but her body was showing the effects except for her face. Jessica's face had puffy cheeks and a just noticeable double chin, actually Jessica didn't mind her face at all, and the chubbiness of it gave her an almost cute kind of look to it. That was the only thing she liked about her new 363 pound body, her breasts were having a hard time being in her bra, they were very round and heavy causing them to sag on to her belly. The fat of them spilled out of the too small cups. Jessica's arms had lost all definition the upper arm fat hung off of them when her arm stretched out and she couldn't see her wrists or elbows. Then it came to the shelf like belly she had, it sagged between her legs but if she were standing it would be inching closer to her knees. The belly was very dome like and had a separation of belly fat at her belly button, then on her wide sides was two rolls each, making it seem squished in. Jessica looked down at her flaring fatty hips noticing how they hung off the sides be half a foot now her ass she figured had to have followed suit, as she could feel more of the cold metal of the head rest's pole in between her large ass cheeks. Jessica looked like exercise was a luxury she had never known.

"You really are quite fat" Stacie started but the buzzer had interrupted her, Jessica reached towards the sticks of butter she hated to admit it but she didn't mind the taste now. "And to think we've still got over a year left! Won't this be fun?" Stacie said to her tapping at her tablet, Jessica seriously doubted how fun this would be.


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Aug 25, 2007
Jessica had rested her head against the head rest sleeping with the feeding tube in her mouth, she had been on this bench for the last month and Stacie was relentless. Jessica now was measuring time with how much she weighed not actual time. Instead of the buzzing signaling her to eat some of the butter, she woke up to the smell of freshly baked muffins and cupcakes. Stacie was hauling out whole trays through the door that she came through. She was carrying some carefully balanced trays each filled with muffins and cupcakes to the brim, Jessica's eyes went wide at the amount of them, there had to be at least 80 of them!

"A little bit of old-fashioned home cooking for you, Jess." Stacie said smiling at the massive amount of food she had just prepared. "So I want to chat with you while you eat, so I tuned the buzzer off for a bit." Stacie said walking around the table to the other side of it. Jessica reached for a cupcake trying to ignore the groaning protest from the bench as the slightest movement. Jessica quickly popped in her mouth letting the hunger pangs subside. Stacie moved to the empty bench, she placed her tablet on the part of the table not occupied by Jessica's food, and then she sat down.

"As much as you hate to admit it Jess, you are quite fat. But I've seen fatter like my last charge she was quite heavy." Stacie said resting her elbows on the table her hands locked.

There was no doubt about that Jessica though looking at her fattened form in the mirror across, there was no part of her that she recognized, large sagging breasts, a heavy dropping belly, and enormous ass that just wouldn't stop gaining more and more flab. Jessica looked like she had never heard of exercise let alone done any form of it. In between a mouthful of cupcake she asked "Who was your last charge, you said she was a real fat ass."

"Look who's talking? Her name was Stefani and she was at 587 when I finished with her, I've got some pics of her, just wait until you're bigger then she was!" Stacie said as she finished she tapped at her tablet a large image started to materialize on the screen. The image was of a very obese woman wearing a red tank top that just covered her large breasts; the tank top was pushed up by her enormous drooping belly. The woman was turning her head towards the camera with a smirk on her overly plump face, that had a thick neck and very full looking cheeks. Her back was a mass of fatty rolls particularly around the small of it; this was due to her massive ass pushing the flab of her back out of the way. There was a very thick roll pushed up by her ass, on it was the faded word 'Wideload'. The frame could only contain part of her ass, her thick arms with fat hanging past her elbows grazing a thick roll of her back; she was pulling down her underwear revealing a dark valley and a mass of cellulite flesh.

"A real knockout huh?" Stacie said as the image faded, Jessica didn't know what was worse how fat the woman was or how much she enjoyed being as fat as she was. "Don't worry you're future is going be very big and bright! I'll make sure of that." Stacie said grinning, Jessica sighed picking up her thirteenth cupcake. After some silence Stacie started back up "Want to hear some facts about your-" Stacie began but was interrupted by a large cracking sound coming from where Jessica's very large rear rested. Jessica tried to ignore the sound by stuffing her face with muffins and cupcakes, she didn't care what they did to her she wanted off of this bench. "As I was saying I've got some facts about that rear of yours." Stacie finished, Jessica tried to busy herself with eating but Stacie seemed to get to her somehow. "Your ass is about 94 pounds, 84% of it is pure fat, now..." Jessica was finally able to drown out Stacie so that she could just eat and think, finally. At this point Jessica knew that escape wasn't an option, so she just wondered what was next for her.
One week of gaining had pushed Jessica up to a whopping 378 pounds, something the bench had greatly disliked. Throughout the week more and more cracks could be heard as Jessica's very wide ass continued to overflow the bench, it was towards the end of her first week of phase 3 that loud pops could be heard from the legs of the bench. There was a sudden crack the bench started to bend towards Jessica's center of gravity her ass and she fell backwards out of the way of debris but not her embarrassment. Her ass made a smacking sound as her flab smacked into itself, her belly rested on the floor and her ass spread making her appear far wider then she was. The impact of her nearly 380 pound body shook the room. Stacie couldn't believe that she had so thoroughly destroyed a bench designed for heavy set people. Jessica knew she was fat, but her stomach needed to be full but now she couldn't reach the food. Stacie came over shaking her head a wide grin on her face.

"How the hell am I supposed to eat, if I'm down here?" Jessica said her heavy belly growling loudly. Suddenly a man came in he was carrying some metal bars in his hands, he came over to where Jessica was on the floor and placed them where her hands could reach, they made a hissing and sound and he made sure they were stuck to the floor.

"Put hands on the bars and try to lift yourself as high as you can okay, Jess" Stacie said stepping away from the man as her moved in front of her. Jessica put her hands on the bars and making sure to have a firm grip pushed she a whole 4 inches off of the floor, the man moved quickly placing his hands under her armpits and lifting the rest of the way. Jessica was on her feet.

"While they clean up the mess you made I think you should hop in the shower." Stacie said trying to stifle laughter. Jessica had been sitting on that bench for nearly a month and she wasn't used to all her new weight particularly in her ass. Jessica began her slow waddle to the shower, she took a step feeling her ass jiggle and slap in her back and thighs, her thighs followed suit jiggling uncontrollably. Soon enough Jessica had gotten used to the jiggling and made her way to the shower, she reached behind her back taking off her tan bra; her breasts free sagged to her belly resting on it. Luckily her thong was off already so she didn't need to pull it out of her ever deepening ass crack. The water turned on she stepped her fat and flabby body in the shower, the water ran down her naked form dip pining in and out of her rolls. Stacie quickly followed her into the shower, but she was bringing something new.

Stacie was already nude, her in shape body being a stark contrast to her fattened and flabby form. Jessica just sighed conscious of her weight as it pulled on her body. Stacie placed the object she was holding in front of Jessica, Jessica pressed on her belly water trickling down it as she looked at it. It looked like a bench but it was far too small for her massive ass, there were some u-shaped molds in it the molds had jets. The legs were reinforced by some type of metal bracing.

"Here's how your showers will work now. You'll haul that fat ass of yours onto this." Stacie said making sure she was just as soaked as Jessica was. There wasn't much choice on Jessica's end so she did as she was told. Slowly she turned around and placed her ass into each of the u-shaped molds. They were comfy and felt like gel, suddenly the jets turned on spraying into the valley that was her ass crack and the underside of the mass of flesh. Jessica shrieked a little at the force. Stacie then started the normal routine of cleaning Jessica's back and the spare tires on it. While Jessica worked on her breasts and belly. Soon enough Jessica was dried off and dressed.

The men had left what appeared to be an armchair in the place of the broken bench. The chair had its armrests stretched out and the seat followed no doubt to accommodate Jessica. The backrest was rather normal looking but it didn't appear to meet the rest of the chair.

"Your throne your highness." Stacie gestured to the chair no doubt designed specifically for Jessica.

Jessica sighed waddling over to the chair, she placed her hands on the arm rests and slowly guided herself into the seat, the chair made a groan of protest but it quickly ended. The back of the chair started to rise up as the large of amount of ass flesh filled and spilled out of the hole on the back of the chair, it hung out and sagged down, no doubt making her already large ass appear larger. Overall the chair was rather comfy, Jessica couldn't help but smile.

"I'll admit this chair is comfy." Jessica said grinning.

"That's odd we didn't put cushions on it." Stacie said placing Jessica's lunch on the table.

Another month had passed and Jessica was ever bigger than ever, there was no doubt about it. Jessica felt the bed rise up into a sitting position, she turned to the side of the ignoring her arms quivering as she with some mechanical help was pulled out of bed by the hanging loops. She stood still waiting for gravity to pull her body into place, and then she began to waddle over to the weigh-in area where Stacie already was. Jessica stopped near where the step to the scale was and notice that it had been replaced with a ramp, she was thankful for this bending her knee was impossible lifting her legs very high was a challenge as well. Stacie wrapped the bands around her and gave her a box of donuts to eat, there were two more on the side as well. Then the numbers flashed up on the large window overlooking the road, 424 pounds. Jessica could only shake her head at the reflection of the fat woman in the surface of the window.

Jessica's face was a little off with the rest of her body, although fat would've still been a accurate description of it, her cheeks were full and her face had definitely rounded out, her double chin had finally become a full fledged double chin but not like the ones you would see on women her size. Jessica's neck seemed untouched by all the extra weight but it seemed to be the only place that was. Jessica's eyes fell to her huge pendulous breasts; it seemed that the bra served only to cover the wide nipple. They had fat spilling out of the cups wherever it could, and the extra weight of them made sure they had a permanent resting place on her belly. Jessica reached for donut noticing her arms jiggling at the movement; her arms her wrists and elbows had disappeared underneath inches upon inches of fat, the bicep had a thick curtain of fat hanging off, grazing her breasts occasionally. Her forearm was thick and very soft it jiggled with every movement, her wrist buried beneath it. Her hands sported her fat filled sausage like fingers. Her drooping belly it was a mass of rolls and fat it hung low covering her crotch and grazing her lower thighs. The belly itself was divided by three rolls each one very thick there was one on each side of her wide flank, another that spilt her belly into two at her belly button and one just under her breasts. Her belly was rounder and softer on the part that hung where her waist was and the upper part was firmer but just as fat filled. Her massive ass, the flesh chasm that was her ass crack divided the two pieces of cellulite crater mountainous flesh. All the extra weight of her ass made it sag down grazing her thighs as she waddled, the ass swung from side to side making slapping sounds as the two cheeks slapped to together. Her hips were wide, fleshy and had rolls on them. She couldn't see the fronts of her thighs thanks to her belly but the she could see the backs, the fat of them was hanging over the long since disappeared backs of her knees trying to merge with calves. Finally Stacie read off her measurements as the bands retracted and Jessica tossed the last donut into her mouth.

"65-69-74. Now haul your ass back to the table we still have a ways to go yet" Stacie said walking swiftly to the table. Jessica wish she could say the same thing, she waddled her slow and methodical. Thanks to the excessive amount of weight on her body movement was becoming something that detested. The sooner she made it to the table the better, she waddled along towards the table and plopped her ass in the chair it made a groan that she ignored do to the one emanating from her stomach. Jessica shivered still trying to get used to the cold breeze the grazed her giant ass that hung out the back of the chair. This was her first full week partially naked, Stacie had gotten rid of the thong that Jessica usually wore, Jessica hated to agree with the decision but it made sense. First off the thong always was hidden by her enormous ass crack, making it useless, second her belly easily covered her crotch and was getting heavier and heavier every day. There would be no way anyone could see her crotch with it in the way, and third the thong was becoming more and more uncomfortable as her ass filled with more and more fat.

Stacie came over with Jessica's first serving of breakfast, a very large plate with hash browns, eggs, sausage and breakfast sandwiches on the side. "I got three more coming she said walking to an area that Jessica hadn't noticed before. It resembled a kitchenette and it had some counters that were L-shaped along the corner of the room opposite her scale. There were cupboards lining the top of wall and under the counter, there was a very modern stove, microwave and some other pieces of equipment, Stacie was busy making Jessica's next helping. Jessica swallowed hard her large mouthful of hash browns; she reached over to the sandwiches taking a bite out of it, her arm still jiggling from the motion.

Her mouth still partially full she asked "When was the-" she swallowed "-kitchenette put in?" Jessica finished.

"Last night, you've got quite the appetite now; I figured you could do with some home cooking." Stacie said tossing two sticks of butter into a frying pan. Jessica didn't know what Stacie put into the food put it tasted really good, she moved her arm onto the table to prop her head up and she looked out the window, the fat of her arm hung off the edge of the table her forearm's fat obscured the point of her elbow, she tried to ignore the cold metal of the table as it pressed into her belly's middle roll soon her body's warmth overcame the cold. It had rained the other day she so the highway was wet and had the occasional puddle that splashed up as cars came by. Jessica's eyes moved to a bird pecking at the ground looking for food, it picked up a worm and flew to a pine tree nearby the worm was soon split between three hatchlings, and gobbled up. Jessica's attention suddenly snapped back to the table as her fork made a ching sound on empty plate. Jessica couldn't believe it she had eaten her whole plate in at least five minutes. Stacie came over placing the next helping in front of Jessica picking up the empty plate as she left. Jessica couldn't help moved towards the hash browns eating them trying to figure out why she couldn't remember when she had eaten.

Soon enough Jessica was done; Stacie came over and said "Time for a shower slim." Jessica sighed placing her hands on the arms of the chair she pushed herself up, soon she was standing sort of. Jessica's ass which shot out from behind her like a shelf still rested on the chair, Jessica took a step feeling gravity pull it down into its now default position of sagging to her thighs. After a bit of waddling Stacie shouted to her from where the shower was "Come on I don't have all day, Jess"

"Well you try weighing over 400 pounds then?" Jessica said as she reached the shower. Stacie went behind her and undid her bra tossing it aside. Jessica got in to the shower placing her ass in the now usual place for them Stacie got to work cleaning out Jessica's roll filled back and the surface of her ever-inflating ass. Jessica's back showed how wide she was as well as how fat she was from the front. There was always one roll that Stacie seemed to have to play with it was the one just above where her ass met her back. It was very thick due to it being the place her belly rolls met. Stacie seemed to lift and pinch it just to show how fat it was and how much it jiggled. Stacie was soon getting Jessica large breasts back into the confining cups of her bra, when she told Jessica "I've got some things planned next week that I'm sure you'll like, but today I'm going to show you how fat you are." with that she pulled hard on the strap running across her back, making Jessica wince. Jessica waddled herself back to her table noticing how the chair made the usual groaning as she sat in it, she watched as Stacie worked away in the kitchen.

Jessica leaned forward in her chair feeling her belly press into the table and hang off the chair even more, she saw her pull out a blender, and then some milk and ice cream. Then she grabbed a unmarked container and sprinkled some white powder into the mess, she grabbed three chocolate bars and let it blend up a bit, then she repeated once more adding some flavored syrups and sugar as well then she place it with a spoon and a straw in front of Jessica. Jessica moved it closer to her and started to slurp at it.

"Your hair is pretty long; can you tie it back for me?" Stacie asked leaning over the table, she handed Jessica a hair band, Jessica was a little confused but she leaned forward she felt for her hair but her back was too wide and her arms too fat she couldn't reach all of her hair put she grabbed at what she could tying it up. It was a mess though; she couldn't believe that she could not do something so simple. Stacie on the other hand had long since done the task to herself and perfectly as well.

"Something so simple yet you're too fat to do it..." Stacie said as Jessica shot her a dirty look while sipping away at her fattening shake.

"Try lifting your legs."Stacie said coldly

Jessica figured that this would be pretty straight forward, except that she couldn't see where her legs were exactly, she started to try and raise them put her heavy belly was far too restricting she didn't get her feet much more than half a inch off the ground. Jessica started to cry realizing that she couldn't do simple tasks now.

"And to think you'll be a lot fatter yet." Stacie turning to leave Jessica with her tears.

It had been one week since the 'tests' that Stacie had inflicted on Jessica and things seemed to go back to normal with Jessica gaining another 13 pounds pushing her to 437 pounds. Things were normal until she saw that Stacie was setting up some equipment near the kitchenette she was setting up a white curtain around it that made it disappear and then a tripod that had a camera on it. Jessica wondered what she was up to but continued on her sixth waffle. Stacie came over when Jessica was nearly done "I'm doing some photo shoots today so you can show that figure you’ve worked so hard for. When you finish up go over the photo shoot are I've spent the morning setting up." Jessica nodded her head sighing. After about five more minutes she finished she got herself up and waddled over to where Stacie was. Stacie dug a round in a duffel bag finally pulling a very large piece of red lace fabric. She unfolded it revealing a bra no doubt for her.

"I'll help you get this on. Now hold the front up on your chest." Stacie said handing Jessica the massive piece of fabric. Jessica felt Stacie take off her bra and toss it aside from the set, Jessica quickly adjusted it so that it cover her nipples, but it seemed to be the only part of her cleavage that it covered. Stacie walked behind her pulled rather hard on clipped the bra into place.

"All set." Stacie said coming around the front to see Jessica. Bloated wouldn't have suited it. The bra just seemed to cover her breasts, not actually contain all the flesh that was there, they were resting in the usual place on top of her heavy sagging belly. Her legs were becoming more and more obscured as her belly fell lower and lower. Jessica crossed her thick arms on her chest making them seem almost muscular with all the added fat bulging them out.

"Can we start already?" Jessica said frowning.

"I want to lay down some guidelines. You will follow everything I say and maybe for the next phase you'll get a reward; this is the one rule for all the photo shoots. Understood?" Stacie said no emotion on her face.

"A reward? So long as you keep your word I will." Jessica said trying to hold back a smile.

"I keep my word, I promised to make you fat after all.” Stacie rolling her eyes.

"Look over there." Stacie said pointing over a readymade shelf, it look sturdy and shorter then Jessica was. It had only one shelf made of wood that was about three feet wide. "Go over to it and put those hooters of yours onto the shelf?" Stacie holding a camera in her hand by the shelf. Jessica waddled over to it feeling her ass jiggle and belly sway finally she reached it. Jessica sighed feeling her bell press into the legs of the shelf; she cupped each of breasts and lifted only to drop them back on to her belly with a slapping sound. Stacie was laughing, Jessica shot a dirty look at her the weight of her breasts surprised her, after her second attempt she had them over the shelf, she dropped them down on to the shelf with a plopping sound. Jessica then moved her arms down to rest on either side of her breasts, the fat of her arms spilled off the edge of the shelf and touching her breasts own set of fat. She turned to the side that Stacie was on and putting on the biggest smile she could let her take pictures. Stacie took about five or six shots before finishing up.

"Want to see how well you did?" Stacie said beaming. She tapped away at a few buttons on the camera before the image came up of Jessica. Jessica with a grin was standing next to shelf her breasts easily filling the shelf and then overflowing it, she could see the flab of her arms hanging off the edge closest to her belly. While her breasts had fat spilling off where it could and that seemed to be everywhere. Jessica knew that she had a big ass but she didn't realize how shelf like it was it stuck out really far behind her.

"Don't worry you'll be able see this later... ready for the next one? Not that you have much choice." Stacie said pulling the camera away. "Now Jessica same pose as before but I want to change it bit. Lean forward so everyone can see that fat ass of yours." Stacie said looking over at Jessica. Stacie walked in front of her placing a metal bar down, Jessica knew what it was for so she grabbed until she was angled enough to be leaning, she then placed her breasts back down on the shelf, then much to her disgust she realized that there was no room for her arms, she sighed placing her elbows in her breast's fat. Then she placed her head in her hands quickly blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes.

"Jess can you look like you're bored?" Stacie said holding the camera up at her front, she snapped some pictures of her. After a little bit she showed them to Jessica. Jessica saw a brown haired enormously obese woman looking rather bored, even though her breasts were sagging onto a shelf. Her belly was pressing into the shelf at the top and hanging down between her legs and the shelf's own. Then came her back not much of it could be seen but you could tell that there was a thick roll on the small of her back then the shelf that was her ass which peeked out from behind the roll on her back. The ass crack seemed to be a place that didn't get much light anymore just appearing as a thick dark line separating the two fleshy masses that were ass cheeks. The sudden realization of just how fat her arms were although her forearms were fat they were. They were thick not revealing the location of her wrists while the flab of her biceps was hanging off and spreading out on her breasts. There seemed to be fat bursting out of the frame.

"Stand that fat ass of yours back up we got some more shots yet." Stacie said moving away from Jessica. Jessica pressed on the shelf and scooted her legs back up then she lifted her breasts off of the shelf. She turned and saw that Stacie was standing near a bench that was far too narrow to hold Jessica's wide ass. Jessica waddled over to her and stood beside the bench.

"This one will be simple. Just lift that belly of yours as high as you can." Stacie said squatting down near Jessica's wide hips.

Jessica couldn't see all of the mass of flesh that was her belly but she reached for it anyhow. Jessica felt along the ridges and indents that were her belly's rolls until she found one thick one near her belly button she grabbed and lifted as high as she could. Not very had it seemed the lack of exercise for her arms the girth of her belly made it difficult. After a little bit she heard Stacie say "Done!” Jessica let go hearing a meaty slap and then slapping sounds as her thighs and ass jiggled from the sensation. The picture was even more embarrassing; even though Jessica was lifting her belly as high as she could she couldn't help but notice how it still covered her crotch. Though it did prove something that she had suspected, she had a lot of cellulite on the fronts of her thighs too. She couldn't think of anyone fatter then she was.


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Aug 25, 2007
"Last one then some 'light snacks.'" Stacie said holding out the camera to Jessica. Jessica grabbed it trying to hide her confusion. "You'll be taking this picture from your perspective. No slam that sack of lard..." Stacie pointed at her belly. "... On to the bench." Stacie finished.

Jessica moved to the bench looking at the polished finish on the wooden seat, she placed her hand under her belly and lifted it. She couldn't help but notice how dough like her apron of belly fat felt when gripped from the underside. She guided it down to the bench hearing a slapping sound as it impacted it. Jessica felt its weight spread out on it the fat getting wider and wider until her belly spilled off the edges of the bench then it drooped down another few inches. Jessica tried to stifle a tear, but it slipped out.

"Ahhh you big fat baby. Now hold the camera up on your chest point it down and take some shots of your belly." Stacie said giggling at Jessica. Jessica held the camera down pointing it at her white doughy belly that occupied a bench and took three pictures. Then she handed the camera to Stacie and moved her belly off the bench.

"Good girl now I've got you some donuts, snack away on them while I get you changed for your next shoot. Eat as many as you want but I want you to finish four boxes minimum." Stacie said pointing at a food cart. Jessica waddled over to it, she need to distract herself, she had a feeling things were going to get worse.

Jessica opened up the first box grabbing a donut and popping it in her mouth, she was hungrier then she thought as her pendulous belly growled in anticipation of the food. She was midway through the third box when Stacie came over and suddenly took off Jessica's bra and threw it aside. "I know you must be famished and your figure can handle it but I need you stop eating and help." Stacie said. Jessica swallowed the donut in her mouth quickly and then tossed in one more, Stacie came around the front holding up a large piece of white fabric, it looked like a very large vest, there seemed to be no way to close it from the front, the sleeves were short and there was no collar. The shoulders had some padding on it seemed. Stacie flipped it around to show a purple oval with "I'd still weigh 437 pounds in space." written on it.

"What do you think?" Stacie asked actual curiosity in her voice.

"I like it. It'll be kind of cool doing a space shoot. What do you need me to do?" Jessica asked trying to ignore her begging belly.

"Just hold your arms out behind you and I'll slip this over those fat arms of yours."
Stacie said walking behind Jessica. Jessica soon felt the material slip past her forearms then her fat covered biceps finally reached her wide, thick shoulders. Jessica knowing that the vest was on went back to eating. Stacie came around the front making sure all of Jessica's fattened breasts were within the vest, and then she went about making sure all the quivering fat of Jessica's biceps spilled out of the sleeves just right. The sleeves came midway down her biceps force a lot of her arm flab out past her elbow.

"Okay now I'm just going to tie back your hair into a ponytail and we'll start."
Stacie said walking behind her with a hair tie. Jessica was already on box four with number five not far behind, she had noticed how much she was able to eat now, and then again she was 437 pound woman after all. Stacie had to lean into Jessica's ass to tie up her longer brown hair into a long ponytail that fell across her back.

"There we go all set!"
Stacie stepping away to admire her handiwork. Jessica looked far too fat for the kind of vest she had on. The vest just covered her generous cleavage but the open front didn't leave much to anyone's imagination. Jessica's heavy sagging belly was in full view hanging over her crotch all her many rolls shown for the whole world to see. As usual her thick wide ass was also uncovered but Jessica seemed to no care anymore.

"Okay, the first shot I want you the bend over and I'll take some pics of that belly apron of yours."
Stacie said backing away to make sure that she had her 'space warrior' against the white background. Jessica waddled into position and took a deep breath, bending over wasn't too much of a problem but supporting herself and getting back up would be. Jessica placed her hands on her hips and started to slowly bend over with every inch she went she felt her belly slip lower and lower, soon she was at a 90 degree angle, her belly swaying back and forth with her breathing, her breasts were hanging down but thanks to the vest everything was covered that should've been, but still a lot of her cleavage could be seen, she thought that holding in this position would be hard but her ass acted as a good counter-balance to her swaying belly and breasts.

"Nice physique. Now on with the show. Place one of your hands on your back near your ass, while other can cup some of that belly fat."
Stacie said smiling as she adjusted the camera's lens. Jessica moved her one hand behind herself she felt around for a roll to distinguish where her ass was she soon found the one on the small of her back, her other hand stretched down meeting the end of her thick belly she cupped some of the flab in her hand trying to ignore how it flowed out between her chubby fingers.

"Now give a grin like 'you like what you see?'"
Stacie said holding the camera up to her eye, she snapped some pictures and took a chance to look at them, every single one of Jessica's roll covered belly could be seen and they were all hanging the look on her face made her seem like she didn't care that she was over four hundred pounds. Stacie smiled at the shot, and her handiwork.
"Okay a few more shots then we'll fill that belly up."

Jessica dropped the expression on her face and placed her hands on her hips feeling them sink in, she slowly started to straighten back up. Finally she was standing a semi normal stance again. Jessica moved her hand to her belly giving it a rub as it growled for more food, she wasn't too surprised that she got hungry so quickly anymore.
"The next pose will be easier on that fat ass of yours. All you have to do is place one of your hands on those flabby hips of yours and shift your weight to one side. Your other arm can just be limp." Stacie said moving towards where Jessica's fat rear jutted out from behind.

Jessica placed her hand on her hip trying to ignore how her bicep's hanging fat touched her forearm or that her hand sunk rather deep into her hip, she couldn't feel anything but fat all the fat that had accumulated there. She shifted her weight to one side, feeling her hip bulge out more then she thought it could, as she stopped her ass cheeks seemed to jiggle into one another, she heard Stacie take some pictures and shout out "Done!"

Jessica moved her hips back to their normal position then she crossed her arms on her chest, Stacie came over with the camera on its screen was the recently taken picture of Jessica. All of Jessica's back rolls could be seen and seemed to be squished up by her thick ass, her ass appeared even larger thanks to the small screen. Much to Jessica's horror her ass was getting so heavy that it was starting to sag down grazing the backs of her thunderous thighs. All the added flesh to her wide hips drooped and hung off her hips, where the bones were supposed to be. Jessica knew she was fat her belly drilled in that fact, but she didn't realize how huge and flabby her ass and hips were.

"Haul your ass to the chair and we'll get some food in that sack of lard you call a belly." Stacie said walking over to a bench.

Jessica looked at it, Stacie called a chair but it was extremely wide, it looked sort of like a very big airport seat, it may have been one at one point, but it seemed converted to something that Jessica could sit on. Jessica waddled over to it and let gravity sit her flabby ass into the seat, which it soon spread out and filled pressing up on the back of the seat and the spilling over the top of it, as she got herself seated her hips spilled over the sides of the bench and hung down off of it, her belly fell between her thighs and she could feel it touch the spread out flesh of them. Jessica was quite comfortable on the bench, the last one she sat on was the polar opposite, and it even gave her back pains after.

"This shouldn't be that hard just cross those legs." Stacie said moving to the front of the bench making sure she got all of Jessica in view.

Jessica placed her hands on the spread out flab of her ass and hips to sturdy herself, and then she realized she had a problem, her belly. She reached over with one of her hands lifting the drooping flab of fat from its place in between her legs, she moved to rest on top of her thick thighs but part of it wanted to settle in between no matter what. Much to her surprise lifting her leg over the other wasn't as hard as she thought it would be. She felt her thigh graze the underside of her belly and scrap along the top of her other thigh, she cringed as the cellulite on her lifted leg bumped into its companions on her resting thigh. Soon she let it rest on top feeling the flab of it hang off the sides of her thigh which was squished down and spread out more now that its load was doubled.

"Now look off to one side, like you see something on the ceiling." Stacie said holding the camera up to her face, thanks to her belly she couldn't see much of Jessica's legs but you could tell they were crossed as her calves pressed into each other. After a couple more shots Stacie wheeled over the cart to Jessica and handed her a box of éclairs, then she went back behind the bench and removed the back of it. As Jessica filled her stomach with her third box of éclairs Stacie undid the ponytail and took the vest off.

"Time to show everyone all that flesh!" she said cheerfully, Jessica picked up another box and started eating two at a time. Stacie moved behind the seat and took off the back of it letting all of Jessica's fat ass spill and hang off the back. Unbeknownst to Jessica, Stacie was taking some pictures of Jessica's flabby ass as it hung off the bench. Her back was bunched up into even more rolls than usual; some of them hanging over the others while her ass seemed to shoot out, her ass crack looked squished and seemed to curve up to the thick roll on her back. While all its extra weight hung down touching the underside of the bench, her breathing sent ripples through it jiggling with waves of pulsating fat moving across it. Stacie let Jessica continue to glut herself as she set up the next set.

"Hope that tummy is all full!" Stacie said demeaning patting it, sending ripples through it. Jessica shot her a dirty look not over the comment but over the fact that she had to stop eating, she found herself actually enjoying all the fattening foods she was eating, but as her body showed there were some unwanted side effects. Jessica placed her hands on to her belly pressing it into her thighs, she pushed up and soon she was standing. She turned around and saw what looked like a big ottoman; it had a brown leather seat and short but sturdy looking legs.

Stacie standing beside her said "Go and have a seat on the footstool, I suppose ottoman, but to your ass it’s a footstool." Jessica looked at her and started her slow waddle to the ottoman; she couldn't help but notice the slapping sounds as her ass cheeks slammed into each other. As she reached she bent her knees and felt her ass touch the seat, from there gravity took over and she sat down on it. Stacie smiled at the image, Jessica's ass and hips were so huge that not only did they spill off the edges of the stool but they hung down the sides of it covering them in her pale fatty flesh. The legs of it held but they were the only part of the stool that her ass and hips did not envelop.

Jessica had a personal rule against nude shoots but at the rate she was gaining weight and the fact that all clothing looked like it wasn't like there she didn't have much choice, she just hoped people didn't recognize her double chinned face. She sighed as she felt her ass warm up the once cold leather, Stacie moved behind Jessica and to the side, she was standing near where Jessica's left ass cheek hung off the side of the ottoman, then she moved a bit more to the right near where the cellulite covered surface of her ass cheek was.

"Now I need you to look at me, but give me a look like I just caught you doing something. Oh nearly forgot, put your hands on top of that ass shelf of yours." Stacie said adjusting the zoom on the camera.

Jessica turned her head as far around as she could, to see where her ass was, she could see some of the rolls on her back but most of her ass thankfully. She moved her hands to the near where the roll on her back, then past her deep and dark ass crack, her finger slipped inside by accident. Finally she could feel the orange like texture of her ass cheek. She placed her hands on it feeling them sink into the fat. She felt the hanging fat of her bicep rest on her forearms, and hang over them a little. Jessica took a deep breath and turned towards the camera, looking as surprised as she could. Stacie snapped some pictures and mumbled "That'll have to go in the album." to herself.

"Get up Jess, we got a few more shots then we're done for the day." Stacie said walking to the front of Jessica, Jessica got herself standing and turned to where Stacie was standing, it was the old massage table, Jessica was far too fat and wide for it now. Stacie pointed at it, and Jessica waddled towards she felt the cold metal press into her sagging belly, Stacie tapped at her tablet and the table lowered down so that Jessica didn't need to lift her heavy legs on to it. She turned herself around and sat on the table her ass hanging off the other side as it spread out underneath herself. Stacie tapped at her tablet and the table rose back to a normal height.

"Now lay on your belly." Stacie said picking up the camera, Jessica slid up a bit and guided herself on to her belly, it spread out with all her weight pressing on it, the many rolls spreading out and then hanging off the edges of the table, her breasts were pressing into each other but were mostly hidden by her girth. Jessica's very thick ass rose up above the rest of her showing of how much of a shelf that it was, it didn't help that her back's rolls pressed down on it making it seem even bigger than it already was.

"Okay prop your head up in your hands." Stacie said moving in front of her very fat charge. It wasn't too hard but for the second time today the softened points of her elbows were pressing into the fatty flesh of her breasts.

"Now give me a big smile from a big girl!" Stacie said raising the camera to her eyes; Jessica followed the orders, giving a wide toothy grin showing off how her once sharp cheekbones were gone.

"That's good, waddle that fat ass over to the window once you're off of the table." Stacie said.

As Jessica made it over to the window Stacie told her to "Press your ass up on the window."

Jessica heard a loud growl coming from her heavy sagging belly, she was famished, but she knew that the sooner that this was over the sooner she could eat. She shivered as her ass pressed up on the window, she bent over to better hold herself, and Stacie seemed to have left Jessica to press her ass up on the window. If Jessica could turn around and look past her fat cellulite covered ass she would've seen that Stacie was setting up a camera and tripod.

Jessica's ass was very full and thick even with her pressing up on the glass her ass could still be pressed up even more. The parts that were pressed up spread out underneath her, all the cellulite on it and on the backs of her thighs could be plainly seen and the dark chasm that was her ass crack.

After another five minutes Stacie returned "Okay well that's enough I'll get that bra on and then you can sit and fatten up your ass up even more." Stacie said walking over to Jessica with the large piece of fabric. As she had her bra put on Jessica could only think of one thing (beyond her hunger) 'How much fatter did Stacie want her to get?'

Stacie had said that she had something nice planned for Jessica today and had told her that she should lie in her bed on her stomach. After about twenty minutes Stacie came over with a large tray filled with pastries ranging from cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and éclairs. Stacie went about setting up a TV table and putting the tray on it, she went about setting a second table and placing a large metal cup filled with an ice cold milkshake.

"So what's the 'treat' for me then?" Jessica asked reaching for a cupcake her arm fat trailing behind.

"A nice old massage." Stacie said from behind Jessica. She went over to Jessica and gave her hand mirror. Jessica looked up at her confused. "So you can see what I'm doing." Stacie said.

Stacie went and grabbed a set of rubber gloves, specially made but Jessica didn't need to know what made them so special. They created oil that felt and looked like massage oil but reacted to nanobots like the ones in Jessica. The already copious amount of fat in Jessica would get even softer. Stacie looked over at her charge as she pulled the gloves on. The scale this morning had given her weight as 466 pounds, something that Stacie had to keep in the back of her mind, with her weight added in the bed could collapse. Jessica far too fat for a lot things like her bed, the way that Jessica was laying even further showing it then when she would lie on her back. Jessica was reaching for the milkshake, Stacie noticed how her bicep's fat quivered and jiggled grazing the bed's metal frame.

Stacie approached the foot of Jessica's bed, her legs were spread out as far as was possible but her thick, thunderous thighs touched as far down as her knees, so having her legs 'spread' out meant having her calves spread out. With all her weight pressing down on her belly and breasts the spread out under her, the fat of her stomach very clearly hanging over the sides of the bed, her hips even more fatter then her stomach had flab hanging off every section of the bed it could the flab that was hanging was coated in the dimples and craters of cellulite, then came her very full ass, each cheek rose high above her body covered in cellulite near where her thighs shot out to form her ass. The deep separation that was her ass crack received no light whatsoever and it seemed it would never again.

The massive girth of her ass and its size was affecting the fat on her back, particularly on its small. Three rolls had formed on it each one was impossible to miss, they seemed to be pyramid shaped, the one farthest up her back was enough to grab, one a little farther down was similar to the ones that she had 200 pounds ago, thick but something you would expect, then came the last one it was by far the fattest and thickest one she had, it hung down onto her ass' shelf..

Stacie moved over to Jessica's back and clambered onto her back. The bed made an ominous groaning sound, something that worried Stacie more than Jessica. Stacie didn't move as the bed continued to groan finally it stopped. Stacie started to massage where Jessica's shoulder blades would be if not covered in inches of fat.

"You've gotten so fat over the past year, but I know you have it in you to get fatter and fatter." Stacie said sinking her hands into Jessica's flesh. Jessica meanwhile was using the hand mirror to look at what Stacie was doing, it seemed that Jessica's ass made a good back rest, as Stacie was leaning against the shelf and Jessica seemed to not notice until she saw it.

"I still have a year to make into 'all the woman you can be', believe me you'll want to be as heavy as you are now when I'm through with your fat ass." Stacie said moving her hands to the middle of Jessica's back; she noticed some small rolls on it, caused by her belly.

"I can't imagine you ever driving a car again." Stacie said.

Her mouth full Jessica responded "No-mmph thanks to you."

"I'm not the one stuffing your fat face right now." Stacie retorted pinching one of Jessica's rolls hard.

"By now you should know that to get fat ass of yours through a door it’s going to have to be extra wide and no doubt double doors, even that might not be enough and of course chairs are not really chairs for you anymore." Stacie scooting even farther down Jessica's back, her own back pressing even more firmly into Jessica's ass.

"I get it I'm fat fine. At least I don't have to show it off or anything." Jessica said turning back at Stacie.

"A girl with as much extra flesh as you will no doubt show it off no matter what you do." Stacie said as she oiled up the three rolls on the small of her back, she grabbed the middle roll and started to slap it into its companions, Jessica's face flushed red from embarrassment. Even though she was getting used to how fat she was, it seemed that Stacie found a new way of drilling it in, and Jessica hated every minute of it.

Stacie began dipping her fingers between her back's rolls, making sure to get oil in between. Jessica hated the squeezing sound that the rolls made as one oil slicked roll pressed into another.

"Okay, I've got to get some more oil for that ass of yours and some more treats for you." Stacie said getting off the Jessica's flabby back, and hopping off the bed. Jessica knew better than to tell Stacie that she was full, and that her weight pressing on her belly was hurting with it so stuffed, but she decided to anyhow.

"S-s-tacie, I'm, uh sorta full?"Jessica croaked looking past the fleshy domes that were her ass, even then all she could see of Stacie in the kitchenette was her upper body, and her waist and stomach were obscured.

"Oh Jess, don't be silly you're not going to maintain a figure like yours like that." Stacie said busy making something out of Jessica's sight.

"I know I massively fat, but come on when I'm full doesn't that mean something?" Jessica said she thought she was sure she was making headway.

The cheerfulness in her voice vanished as Stacie said "Jessica, your job is to eat everything I put in front of you my job is to make you very, very fat. Nothing is negotiable, over the last year I've turned you into a real fat ass, and I won't slow down, no matter what you say. When I say you've had enough, you've had enough." Jessica knew she had lost and turned her head back towards her pillow.

Stacie came back over to the bed carrying a huge tray of fast food, lots of French fries and 15 very large burgers and another milkshake, and then she went around the bed to where Jessica's thick fat legs were sticking out from her massive ass. Massive was a good way of describing it. At this point each of the thick sacks of flesh that were ass cheeks occupied half the width of the bed and then some, the fat of her hips hanging off. Stacie couldn't help but notice that she seemed to be outgrowing everything. She smiled at her handiwork.

Stacie crawled on to the bed and spread her legs across Jessica's own. Jessica could feel how firm Stacie's thighs were, her own were a stark contrast soft and so thick bones couldn't be seen let alone felt. After a little bit she went back to eating the huge hamburgers, even though Stacie was the reason she was so fat, it did mean that she devoted more attention to her, something that Jessica hated to admit she liked. Things were quite and Jessica was content until Stacie spoke up.

"You really have a fat ass." Stacie said her hands pressing into the cellulite cratered hill that was her left ass cheek.

Sarcastically she replied "Really I hadn't noticed." she then grabbed a handful of French fries and started to eat them.

"Women like you don't know it but there is a reason why you're ass is so fat." Stacie said getting oil between the separations.

"Well you made it that big for one..." Jessica said casually.

"I could've but this.." On 'this' she patted Jessica’s right ass cheek sending ripples through it and her thighs ".. Is all natural." she finished.

She resumed her massage and conversation "You're ass is so huge because you’re lazy. You've always been lazy, I just made it easier for you to gain weight. You were always destined to be fat and lazy, I just brought it out in you." Stacie finished calmly pressing her ass cheeks into the backs of her thighs. Jessica wanted to cry or say something but she didn't know what to do, so she picked up another burger.


Jessica woke up as the sun poured through the window, she felt the bed rise up into a seat as it did her many rolls were pulled down into their normal positions. She wiped away some of the sleep from her eyes and saw Stacie standing at the foot of her bed looking at her tablet.

"So how's my fat ass today?" she asked beaming a smile at her.

"Fine I suppose, what are you so happy about?" she asked crossing her arms over her very generous cleavage.

"It’s been one year since you've been here fatty. The hard stuff is out of the way now so we can take it easy for next year. Before I tell you what I've got planned we need to weigh and measure you." Stacie said walking with a spring in her step to the side of Jessica's bed.

With some effort Jessica turned her heavy body to the side Stacie was on until her thick legs were over the sides and feet touching the floor. Jessica reached for the hanging cables, and Stacie started to tilt the bed. At her weight the cables alone were not enough to hoist Jessica so that she was standing. The bed made groaning noises and some pops were heard coming from the hydraulics but with all the machinery at work she was pulled to her feet. Even more so then before gravity pulled on her heavy frame all the loose flab hanging where it could.

Stacie walked slowly along with Jessica, her waddle was slower now thanks not to her weight but how much bigger everything was on her, it really upset her center of gravity. Her belly swung back and forth like a pendulum jiggling and slapping sounds could be heard from it. Her ass smacked into the cheeks and her thighs rubbing as far down as her knees slapped into each other.

"We've made good progress over the last year, but believe you'll be getting a lot fatter over the next year. This year was tough but next year should be easier, and more fun." Stacie said as she guided Jessica up the small ramp to the scale. Stacie got the metal bands around Jessica and brought over three boxes of donuts, Jessica dug into the first one and nearly had it finished when the scale finished its calculations.

'482 pounds' Jessica's jaw dropped at the number and finally she saw herself in the mirror and a TV screen (so that she could see her backside via a camera)

Jessica's body was very wide tear drop shape, her face was very full and puffy looking, and her cheeks were beyond chubby, looking constantly stuffed. Her neck had been replaced by a thick double chin. Jessica's arms were thick, heavy and jiggling with the slightest movement, the fat of the bicep was very pillowly and it hung off her arm grazing her breasts easily. The breasts were huge round and sagging, resting on her belly. The bra was becoming more and more useless, it couldn't support the weight of her breasts and it seemed to only cover the nipples, but it at least gave her some semblance of decency. Jessica's belly was huge and round, looking like she was full not hungry like she was. There was a huge crevice near the top of her belly button that gave her lower belly a apron like look to it. The lower belly hung to just above her knees were obscuring her thighs. There were three rolls on each side of her belly meeting on her back into three large rolls, the largest one hanging on top of the shelf of her ass.

Jessica's ass was huge and full, it sagged down enough to rub on the fat on the backs of her thighs when she walked. Her ass stuck out far behind her , covered in cellulite, her legs were equally thick and elephantine no doubt to support the immense weight they had to carry. Her knee and ankles long since disappeared.

'Measurements 69-73-78' The screen read out. "Wow what a fat ass you have Jessica, of course we've still got a year left." Stacie said, admiring Jessica's very fat backside. Jessica needed to stop this and quick.

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